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Omg Iv only had sex with one guy as was with the same guy for four years and he never once made me orgasm.. I thought maybe it was me that i wasnt as sensitive down there as other girls or something..anyway I know now that he just wasnt doing it for me because last night I had a really naughty cam session with a guy from manchester..he was really fit and in great shape especially for his age(59)
He said he had a thing for school girls so i put on an old school uni that fit me when i was 14 but makes a great slutty outfit now. the skirt barely covers my bum as i always wore it short anyhow.
after teasing ad stripping and really getting him hard I took out my new vibrator and omfg it is very good , he climaxed a bit soon but I soon had him hard again by sucking on the vibrator ,showing him how i can deep throath a cock and playing with my pussy.
when he was hard again and stroking i inserted back inside my now dripping wet vagina turned it on the highsest setting to vibrate and worked my clit with my free hand we where screaming all sorts of nasty stuff at eachother when my legs started shaking ike crazy Id never felt such a rush surge through my body it was magical and even tho the house was empty the nieghbours must have heard my moans of absolute pleasure
next thing I know i had to pull the vibtrator out as my pussy started squirting huge amounts of liquid like never before (has never happened to me before)
it shot so hard and fast that i couldnt avoid my laptop and i coverd the screen
that really turned my cam partner on and he came again too
im so happy iv realized I can have orgasms and cant wait to experince my first one with a guy during sex
thats if I ever find a guy who knows how to make me

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