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Sore N Happy

The weather has stayed good for a few weeks now and after the last blog about wanking myself stupid outside I had really wanted to be fucked good n hard in the same place,was a serious itch that needed scratched anyway,I use Glasgow Gumtree to set up meets with horny guys,so seeing as I had some time off of work,set up an ad for a meet outside so I could be fucked,had the usual bunch of pic collectors and knob heads but did receive one from a guy who said he was from Beith which is the town next to my home town and is also right next to the loch as well so I said ok and told him where I would be if he turned up,so I left the house and made my way to the meet up point,he said he would be on his mountain bike and that it was red in colour and that he would be in his cycle shorts and top both yellow with a blue stripe on the arms so that I knew he was the right guy,anyway had been at the meet point for about 20 minutes when I saw a guy on a bike comung towards me,red bike,yellow clothing looking good and my horniness went up a few notches,the bit I was at had some benches and he stopped got off his bike and looked around there were a couple of other people there,sitting talking and enjoying the views,I was too this guy said he was mid forties but fit and he looked it,about six foot tall,well muscled but not big built,strong legs by the looks of them and a very pleasing package in his lycra shorts as far as I could see,anyway,took the plunge and walked over to him and told him I was Jon,that was what we had agreed on for id,he smiled at me and said ok Jon,lets go..So we left the benches behind and headed up the hill to my wanking spot,he didn't say much,so we walked on silently,we got to the spot and he turned and told me that he had rubbers and he was gonna use all 3 on my butt,fair enough I thought I was fucking horny enough by now anyway.So we both checked that no one was close and both started stripping off,must admit my gear was off in seconds and so was his,his cock sprung out of his shorts about 7 inch but good and hard,felt my butt spasm as I looked at it,he came close to me and gripped my hard on as I held his,he wanked me slowly and I did the same to him sliding my hand up and down his hard on,feeling his cock stiffen some more as I played with him,he leant in and tongued my mouth we sucked and kissed each other as we kept wanking each other,then he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock into his hot mouth,fuck it was good,his soft lips sucking and holding my bell end as he pulled and stretched my ball bag,fucking hot,then he stopped and said that he was gonna fuck me now so lube up and get ready,which was kinda abrupt but hey who am I to complain,so he rubbered up as I lubed up,then he said that he wanted me on top of him,he lay on the grass and I straddled him and got his cock head against my ring and started pushing back onto his cock and felt it slide into me all hard and hot and covered in rubber,all 7 inches in me hard and opening me up as I started pulling myself up and down on him as he held my hips and pushed his cock into me on the way down,he felt so good in me,his cock felt excellent using me and enjoying me as I rode him getting faster as his need increased and mine too,my butt gripping him as we fucked each other,I could feel myself going into full on slut mode as I told him to fuck me,ride me cunt make me cum I grunted at him as he grunted back at me starting to slam his meat into my willing butt,stop stop he gasped at me then pushed me off of him then he started pulling the rubber off of his cock and I could see that he had filled it already,then he pulled on another on made me lube it then said doggy bitch,so I assumed the position and he mounted me sliding his cock balls deep into my more than willing hole,he was by now slamming me full length in and full length out his cock head bumping my ring as it left and rentered me,it was fucking brilliant being fucked hard and outside where anyone could see us,I was pushing back at him just as hard as my cum built,grunting like a pair of pigs as we fucked and sweated at each other,every time he pushed into me the air left my lungs making me gasp and grunt as I told him to fuck me,yeah fuck me you cunt fucking do me,cunt,ride me,he just grunted and kept pounding away at my butt,he started speeding up and told me to hold on as he was gonna cum,he got faster and harder as he slammed me then he stopped moving as he held himself balls deep in me as he filled the rubber I could feel his cum filling the rubber as my ring spasmed around his cock,his breath coming in short gasps as he came,telling mer that I was a cunt a man cunt,take it you fucker and loads of other obscenities as he came deep inside me,it was all too much and my cum moved as his was and my cock started shooting strings of spunk onto the grass as he filled my butt with cock,we both collapsed onto the grass and lay there panting,I asked him I tought you were gonna use all 3 on me,he just laughed and said no way man your butt is too much for me today,keep the last one and we can use it sometime soon,so that was cool,we cleaned up and he left on his bike as I walked back home wee bit sore but so very satisfied,gonna do that agian for sure.

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