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Cindy. My slut on the side

Cindy was a little firecracker.   I had been flirting with her for over 3 years, however she was married and I could not get her to do anything other than flirt.   Well she got divorced and I hit on her and we had starting having some wild sex. Mince I was married, she said I was perfect because she wanted great sex and no commitment.  

One night when my wife was out of town, Cindy and I met for dinner.  I was all horned up looking at this petite 100# 5-0 long brown hair brown eyed hotly with firm 34 d sized implants that defied gravity.   She was in a very tight blue cocktail length dress that showed off her womanly curves.   As we finished dinner I got a plan.  She got up to go to the lady's room and I told her to take off her bra.   When she came back she had done just as I asked and her areola and nips were outlined by the fabric of her tight dress.   All the guys in and most of the girls were looking at her as she walked back to the table.  She said she felt so slutty, and I said goo, because your going to be my slut tonight.   

We left and then I took her to a popular adult book/toy store.   We walked around and shopped then I led her to the arcade to watch some porn.  We dipped into booth number five, put 10 dollars into the arcade player then I let her tune in something she like.  I sat on the single chair and she on my lap.  As she watched the video, I was fondling her b**sts and eventually working a hand up her skirt.  I was not watching the video, but looking at the holes in the each of the walls on either side of us.  Yes, we were being watched on both sides.  I then started to kiss her neck telling her how sexy she was and that I wanted to fuck her.  "you mean in hear?" she asked.   I said yes, I will a assure you no one will mind at all.  With that I started to finger her very wet pussy and she started moaning.  I had her sit as I dropped my pants exposing my rock hard 6 inch dick.   I pulled her head to my crouch as she stuck my dick into her warm mouth.  Almost instantly I saw her look to the right and notice that we were being watched.   She stopped and told me that we were being watched and I said yes, on both sides.  With that she knew I had set her up and smiled.  I lifted her dress up exposing her naked breasts and her thong underwear.   We definitely had captivated our audience i thought.  

She then went back to blowing me putting on a real show.   Lots of licking slurping, even letting me gag her a few times.   Finally I had her stand, pushed her thong down and bent her over with her hands on either side of the monitor.   I then fucked her good and hard from behind.  With in seconds she had dropped and hand to her pussy fingering her clit as I fucked her.  It did not take long, but she came hard.  It was all I could do to hold on and not to cum, since I wanted this to last a bit longer.   I fucked her some more very slowly and after a while I needed to cum.  I tolded her that i was going to shoot in her face.  I Pulled  out and she got on her knees and the she sucked me nice and hard.  When I reached orgasm I pulled out of her mouth and shot a huge load over her face.  I then told her to show her face to both of the guys watching us.  She gave them a nice close up of her drippy cummy face.  I got the bra out of her purse and wiped her face off.  I gave the bra to the guy on the right and the guy on the left got her thong panties.  We put our close on and left the arcade.  As we walked out I noticed some pretty obvious cum in her hair.  She said she love being my slut on the side.  

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