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Me and the girl next door part 2

heres the update u been waiting for.

its 7 pm and i get a text on my phone i look and its jemma from next door saying get on skype, i look on and straight away the web cam chat starts, she ask's the normally questions how am i, am i still wanting to go out with her later to which i reply sure i cant wait. she tells me to hang on for a sec and she gets up from the computer, i cant help but notice she was in some silk pajamas, all shiny hugging her body, a few mins later she comes back with a cheeky smile and a glint in her eye i can tell straight way shes up to something.
Before i can say anything she says "i am on my own wanna come round for a few drinks while i get changed?", "sure why not i will be round in a sec" i replied i run downstairs right out the front door, knock on her door and she answers in just just her bra and knickers, my mind goes in to over drive as again i cant stop looking her up and down, pink shiny lip gloss that made her lips look wet, her cleavage so inviting with her tits pulled together tight, her body was so curvy even i noticed the little belly button pireceing this time, then down to the silky thong she had on. "You gonna come in or stand out there all night?" she reached out and pulled me in the door and closed the door behind me, she gave me a little kiss on the lips and looked me up on down, "crap your not going out like that are ya? think i need to make ya look nice before we go out" before i could answer she leads me up to her room looks at me again and tells me to take everything of and get in the shower, i slowly strip down to my boxers in front of her all the time she is just looking me up and down, my heart starts to race as i cant tell what she is thinking, "you know where the shower is i will be in, in a sec with some towels" she says in a playful soft voice.

i step in the shower and after a while i hear the door open, i turn around to see her starring at my body, "dam i didn't think u looked this good naked" she says jokingly i step out the shower and she moves closer with the towels and starts to dry me, i can feel myself get hard as i can feel her gently patting my top half of my body with the towel she drops to her knees to do the lower half and i can see shes looking at my semi hard cock, she pats my balls softly with the towel "wow big boy u almost had my eye out with that" she giggles, she takes hard of my now fully erect cock stares at it a little bit, i look down at her as she looks up at me, "now i believe i owe you something for helping me out earlier" she whispers i can feel my cock throbbing in her hand she slowly moves her lips to my cock, she opens her mouth slowly and pokes out a wet tongue she close's her mouth over my throbbing cock, i can feel her tongue now slowly licking at the tip her mouth slowly moving down my shaft to meet her hand coming up, it feels soo amazing i cant believe my luck who would have though me perving over her would lead to this i don't want it to stop, but it dose her phone goes off in the over room and she tells me to stay there and don't move. so i watch her walk out the room her thong so far up her arse crack it looks like shes not wearing on.

a few mins later she comes bk with some cloths, jeans a black shirt she gives me a kiss and whispers in my ear "hmmm i love ur hard cock we will have fun later but now get dressed and we will meet a mate of mine shes dieing to meet you to"
she walks out the room to her room i get dressed as quick as i can i wanna try and see her change to my heart is racing so much i think it might just jump out i want her mouth around my cock again.
after a while i am dressed i hear her walking towards me "ready? the taxi is out side" she grabs my and and we walk downstairs on out to the taxi.

in the taxi to town she puts her hand on my thigh and works her hand up to where she thinks my cock is, shes on target and gives it a gentle squeeze, she leans in and whispers "that isn't all your getting i will rock your world tonight hun" and places her soft lips on mine, her lips stick to mine and she gently slides her tongue in to meet mine we kiss for what seems like the whole way in to town my cock being teased by her fingers to makes me wanna rip her cloths off right her and now, i have never been this turned on. the taxi stops and we get out her friend is there waiting, jemma holds my hand and pulls me over to her friend.

jemma greets her friend with a hug and a kiss on the cheeks the leans in to whisper something in her ear i cant hear it but a smile appears on her friends face, "this is my friend zoe, and this is james the guy next door i been telling ya about" i go to give zoe a hand shake but she pulls me in for a hug and kisses me softly on the lips, this kiss was soo soft and tender, i thought fuck i must be dreaming, jemma turns to us both and says "lets get this night started then shall we".

we all walk in to the local bar and the girls find a table right at the back of the bar. Zoe walks over to me and takes me to the bar, we stand there waiting for someone to talk our order, she leans in and talks softly in to my ear "so you and jemma are staying with me tonight then?" i turn to her and reply "not sure whats going on tonight" zoe orders the drinks and we head back to the table after a while of talking and them both rubbing my thigh, jemma says "shall we take this back to yours zoe or go dancing?" "i think we should get some more drink and go back to mine i wanna have fun but at mine" zoe replies.

after a short walk we reach zoes place is a nice flat in town we enter and it place just looks huge "make yourself at home james" zoe tells me as both girls walk to zoes bedroom, i look around the place and cant believe my luck i hear giggling coming from the bedroom then it all goes quite i decide what the hell nd lounge bk on the brown leather sofa. zoe comes running out her room with a bottle of vodka i look her up and down and notice she has changed in to a little latex mini skirt and matching boob tube, shes walks over to me and straddles over my legs, she grinds in to me gently till shes comfortable and leans in to kiss me, she licks around my lips softly before easing her tongue in to my mouth i slowly move mine to meet hers and we lock lips for a few mins, she stops and gets off to pour us all a drink, jemma walks out in a tight latex catsuit, she looks really hot so curvy and the latex is so tight on her i can see her pussy lips, i think to myself fuck i wanna lick thouse badly, jemma comes over and sits next to me "this is going to be a good night" she whispers in my ear.

this is all i can write for now didnt think it would be this long will update like normaly tho :)

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