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My first time - a true story

I was young and had lived a very sheltered life as a youth. I'd never considered myself gay nor even entertained thoughts of sex with men. As I graduated from high school I decided to join the military and was only 17 when I went to boot camp. By the time I graduated from boot camp and transferred to my first permanent duty station I had only barely turned 18. My first unit was in Germany, thousands of miles and an ocean away from the safety of home. I flew into Frankfurt and then was transported by bus to my unit. I made my way into the company barracks and checked in with the charge of quarters, a tall imposing black man, Staff Sergeant Tyler. He consulted a clipboard that listed billet openings. He made some notes on the papers there and then led me up the stairs and down a long hall to my room. Once there he handed me the door key and informed me that I was assigned to first platoon third squad.

"Thank you Sergeant!" I said as he turned to leave me.

In response he spun around. His meaty hand flashed forward, encircling my throat, lifting me off my feet and slamming me hard into the door. 'That's 'Staff Sergeant` private, don't you ever forget it!" he snarled through his clenched teeth, spraying my face with his spittle. He held me there, my feet dangling a foot off the floor, my back pasted immovable against the door, his dark eyes stabbing into my soul as he allowed his words to sink in. Then, just as abruptly as he'd snatched me off my feet, he dropped me into a crumpled heap on the floor beside my luggage, did an about-face and confidently strode away.

Rattled I left myself into the room. It was a pretty standard spartan military barracks room. There were two bunk beds, four small chests of drawers and four wall lockers. None of the lockers appeared to be in use so I picked one, unpacked and eventually, over come by the stress of international travel I stripped to my underwear and fell asl**p in one of the bunks.

As I slept I dreamed. My dreams were a mixture of planes, buses and airports but everywhere my dreams took me, Staff Sergeant Tyler seemed to be there, his disapproving, laser-like brown eyes drilling holes right through me. Suddenly I woke, my dreams disappearing like someone had turned off a TV. The room was absolutely black. As I struggled to determine why I'd woke up. I found that my face was pasted into my pillow, an imposing weight rested on top of me. Holding me there immobile in the bed. Hot breath huffed in my ear and rough hands were unceremoniously ripping my underwear off of me. I struggled trying to free myself from my assailant but it was impossible. Then I heard him spit into his hand.and felt him smear the hot salve into my ass crack. Instinctively I knew what was next and panicked but nothing I did seemed to work. I was held tight there beneath his imposing weight. Then I felt it bulbous and spongy probing looking for its target. Searing pain over came me as he found my asshole, cramming his cock all the way in to the hilt. The pain was so intense it was as if a bright light was shone into my eyes. The blackness of the dark room was instantly replaced with blinding white.

His assault was relentless. No sooner did I feel his pubic hair pressed against my ass cheeks until he withdrew his cock all the way until nothing but the bulbous head remained inside me. I could feel it latched into my virgin hole pulling it outwards as he swivelled his hips back. Then just a suddenly as he'd withdrawn it he slammed it back into me until his monstrous balls made a meaty slapping sound as they hammered into my taint. He continued brutally stroking into me without a word. His strokes were hard, powerful and very painful. This guy was not taking his time but I lost count of his thrusts as my pillow muffled my screams and cries for him to stop. Each stroke his cock seemed to grow larger inside me. I could feel it growing as he fucked me. Each stroke of his growing penis drove to deeper and deeper depths.

After what seemed an eternity his breathing changed. He pressed even harder into me and held his cock there buried deep inside me. He grunted into my ear as his cock began to pulse. I felt each jet of searing hot cum pass along the length of his cock. Then I felt it exit the tip and slosh inside of me. Jet after jet of cum was deposited there before I felt his cock begin to deflate, but only slightly.

Then just as unceremoniously as he'd taken me, he pulled his cock out of me, leaving a slimy trail across my ass cheek. He got up. In the darkness I heard him fastening his belt as he left the room.

I laid there stunned and sobbing. A river of fluid drained from my abused sphincter. The river crossed my taint and eventually dripped off my balls onto the sheets. Eventually I struggled to rise and made my way to the showers. I tried to scrub him off of me to no avail. bl**d and semen dripped from my asshole as I stood there under the comforting hot water.feeling utterly dirty and used. Strangely I felt hollow like there was a large void inside me. As I made my way back to my room I could feel my stretched insides slipping and sliding against itself as I walked.

When I got back to my room I tossed my shredded, cum and bl**d stained shorts into the trash and put on a new pair. Before I could even consider what to do next I heard a voice shouting in the hallway outside my door.

"First call" the voice yelled.

That meant it was morning. Time to get dressed and fall out for first formation.

I got into my uniform like a robot then ambled out the door. The rest of the soldiers were there falling into formation. I found the right platoon and fell in to the proper rank.

The formation was held as usual. Announcements were made and then we turned and left for or morning run. The sweat and exertion helped me forget the trauma.

When we returned from our ten miler, I headed for my room intending to shower then head to the mess hall for breakfast.

When I got there, my door was ajar. Dread instantly came back as I cautiously pushed the door open. There, standing next to my bunk was staff sergeant Tyler, his face the very embodiment of scorn.

"Get in here private Ford!" He ordered.

I furtively walked into the room and stopped near my bunk. It was then that I noticed that the covers were torn away, exposing the sheets soiled with my bl**d and the assailant's semen.

"I knew it," Tyler continued, "as I was making my rounds last night, I knew ] heard you in here fucking! You some kind of faggot, Ford? You batting for the other team?"

"No, ser..." I stammered, "um, staff sergeant Tyler"

"Boy!" he exclaimed, "don't you be bull shitting me! I catched your faggotty ass dead to rights! You know this could get you a dishonorable right, faggot?"

I was apoplectic, stunned speechless. I in no way wanted to leave the military in disgrace; a permanent blemish placed on my honor.

"Please, staff sergeant..." I began to plead.

"I gots to think on this," he cut me off, "so shut that faggot mouth of yours!"

With that he just turned and walked out of the room, leaving me there; my mouth hanging agape.

I went on about my day. I did not see staff sergeant Tyler at all. I thought that was because he had left. Usually, charge of quarters duty lasted for 24 hours, then you had the next day off to rest. The thoughts of our encounter that morning and the assault the night before tormented me the whole day.

As I was leaving the mess hall from eating dinner, headed back for my room in the barracks, I then saw staff sergeant Tyler again, standing there, looking like he was waiting for me.

"Private Ford!" He barked.

"Yes staff sergeant," I replied.

"You see that tan Mercedes?" He asked pointing toward the parking lot, just outside the front gate.

"Yes staff sergeant," I replied.

"You go get your faggoty white ass in the back of that POV (privately owned vehicle)," he ordered, throwing a set of keys at me.

I complied, my heart racing the whole time. Once seated in the back seat, my mind constructed one horrifying scenario after another as I waited. Tyler left me waiting there for what had to be 45 minutes. When he finally showed up, he let himself in the car, lowering his lanky frame into the driver's seat.

"Give me my damn keys, bitch!" he snapped.

I sat silently in the back seat as staff sergeant Tyler drove me through the narrow streets of the German town. His destination was utterly unknown to me and his intentions equally nebulous.

Eventually, he came to a place where some raggedy winos were sitting on a bench near the street. He spoke to them in German and eventually one of them got in the car in the front passenger seat. The odor was over powering. He smelled of old booze, sweat and urine.

Tyler drove a bit further then parked his car at the end of a secluded alley. He had a few words with the wino in German before turning to me.

"You want to stay in the service faggot? If you does, you better show me how good of a faggot you is!" He snarled through clenched teeth.

About then I realized that the wino was standing next to a dumpster with his pants around his knees. I panicked. For a moment I considered attempting to argue my case with Tyler, but a quick assessment of his steely gaze told me that would be futile.

"Get your faggotty ass out this car and show me how good of a cock sucker you is!" He prodded, "you ain't a good cock sucker, then out you go!"

I reluctantly stepped out of the car. The old German wino laughed at me, exposing his brown rotted teeth then shook his wrinkled cock at me.

I looked back at Tyler hoping for a last minute reprieve but was met only with his icy, angry glare.

I fought back my revulsion and at length knelt in front of the smelly old wino. I gulped and then reached up to take a hold of his shriveled cock and took it in my mouth. It tasted like stale urine and sweat. I slowly began bobbing my head on it, slowly taking it into my mouth and then letting out slide back out.

By that time, Tyler was out of the car, standing next to me.

"You better suck that cock like you mean it fag boy, you hear me?" He prodded.

I redoubled my efforts and in return, I felt the shriveled cock twitch and grow stiffer in my mouth. The old wino moaned, enjoying my efforts.

I then realized that Tyler was taking polaroid pictures of what was happening. I paused a second intending to question his actions, but before I could even eject the cock from my mouth, the wino grabbed my head, impaling my mouth onto his stiff putrid cock and burying my nose into his matted smelly pubic hair.

I struggled furiously against him, gagging on the foreign object buried in my throat. My struggling only seemed to stimulate him more and in short order he was spurting his seed directly into my throat. Jet after jet wallowed down my throat, pushing me ever nearer to vomiting. I fought that urge with all my might.

Finally, his carnal urges sated, the old wino pulled his cock from my mouth.

"Danke," he said as he patted me on the head. Then turned to Tyler and exchanged a few words in German. In response, Tyler produced a bottle of Jaegermeister from his jacket and handed it to the old wino.

"Get your faggot ass back in the car queer bait," Tyler snarled.

We drove away leaving the wino there in the alley, already enjoying his new found bottle of booze.

Tyler held up a fist full of polaroids for me to see in the back seat.

"You see these?" He asked, "you know what they mean faggot? They mean your ass is mine don't they?"

I sighed, terrorized, mortified and humiliated beyond words. "Yes staff sergeant Tyler," is all I could manage to say and those words tasted every bit as repulsive as the lingering flavor of the wino's cum.

We pulled up outside of an apartment complex. Tyler parked the car, came around to the back door and grabbed my arm, pulling me along behind as we entered the building, ascended the stairs and the finally paused in front of a door. Tyler rifled through the keys on his keyring and when he had finally found the one he wanted, he unlocked the door and shoved me in.

Once inside, he shoved me into a corner, ordering me to strip out of my fatigues. He pulled up a dining room chair to watch me disrobe. When I was naked, he looked me up and down, then pointed to a pile of women's lingerie on a near by table.

"You put that shit on bitch!" He ordered with a smile.

I gulped and did as I was told. There were black satin panties, fish net stockings, a garter belt and a matching black satin bra. I slowly put on each piece of the ensemble. Tyler had to stop me to tell me that the panties went over the garters. When I finished I stood there feeling more vulnerable than I have ever felt in my life. Tyler threw a pair of black patent leather stilettos at me. Without being told I put them on. They were brutally tight but I managed to squeeze my feet in. they had straps that fastened around the ankle. Those straps had hasps and as that became apparent, Tyler threw a set of small padlocks at me. I sighed and locked the shoes onto my feet.

Tyler laughed at me when I finally straightened back up.

"There you is," he remarked, "daddy's little ho! Be a good ho now and get you daddy a beer from the fridge bitch!"

I teetered my way toward the fridge, every step a painful wobble that threatened to send me flying to the floor. I got to the fridge, opened the door and found a number of beers inside. I took one and teetered back to where Tyler was waiting.

"Here's your beer staff sergeant Tyler," I said as I offered him the drink.

He sprung to his feet like he had been propelled by a spring. His meaty hand slapped into the side of my face with a thundering crack. I fought to keep my balance on top of the towering heels. He drew near looking down into my face. It was then that it struck me that he was still taller than me, even when I was wearing these stilts.

"When we be here at home," he bellowed, "you call me daddy, you got that you filthy worthless faggot?"

"Yes daddy," I replied meekly.

"Now get your ass in that bathroom and make yourself presentable for your man!" He snarled, raising his hand as if he were going to slap me again.

"Yes daddy," I replied teetering away toward the bathroom as fast as my heels could carry me, not wanting to receive another blow. Once there, I found a long blond wig on a foam head. I put it on over top of my military hair cut. There was makeup in a basket on the counter by the sink. I did my best to apply it like I had seen my mother and s****rs do. I sighed as I looked into the mirror, finding myself a transformed travesty. I furtively exited the bathroom, hoping to escape Tyler's scorn.

As I came back out, Tyler had moved to the sofa in the livingroom where he was watching a porno film on the tv. He glanced up for a moment then returned his attention to the television.

"Bitch!" He exclaimed, "you still look like shit! Now get me another beer whore!"

I retrieved a beer from the refrigerator, teetered across to the sofa and offered it to him, saying "your beer, daddy".

He snatched it from my hand saying, "you be a good faggot whore and suck daddy's dick just like that bitch on the tv!"

I looked down and realized with a start that Tyler had released his cock from his pants. It was a monstrous slab of black flesh and even though out was not erect it was larger than any penis I had ever seen. At this point I was too far gone to render any more resistance. I knelt before him and took that giant cock into my mouth.

Tyler's cock didn't taste bad like the old wino's cock did. It wasn't shriveled either like the wino's. The skin of Tyler's cock was smooth like velvet on my tongue. The head was large and spongy and as I sucked on it, it grew and swelled inside my mouth. I tried to keep my eye on the television and to mimic the actions of the porn actress who was plying her trade there, bobbing furiously on as much of that monster cock as I could fit inside my mouth, while jacking the remainder off with my hands. Occasionally I would dip down, taking enough of his cock into my throat to gag myself before backing off.

Tyler seemed to enjoy what I was doing. A constant barrage of demeaning commentary came from his mouth telling me what a filthy cock sucking whore I was and that I was a useless faggot good for nothing but sucking cock. He leered down at me laciviuosly, occasionally drawing off of his beer. The scene on the television had changed but I still was sucking Tyler's cock when he finally pulled my bobbing head off of his meat. I marveled at it standing there inches from my nose, an impressive dark tower glistening with my spit.

"You better be careful girl," he said, "you nearly made you daddy come now. Be a good ho and fetch your daddy another beer!"

I complied, catching a reflection of myself in a mirror on the wall as I headed back to the fridge. I looked every bit the picture of a tawdry whore. My make up was a mess and lipstick, spit and pre-cum was smeared all over my face. When I returned with the beer, I found that Tyler was standing. He had removed his pants and his cock was jutting out in front of him like a jousting lance. As I handed him the beer, he punched me in the stomach. I doubled over, wincing in pain. As I did, Tyler spun me around so that my upper body was over the couch. He tugged my panties down to my knees then poured a little of the cold beer down my ass crack and then with no other preparation, he entered me pressing steadily until I felt the scratchiness of his pubic hair pressed against my ass cheeks.

"Ah yeah girl," he exclaimed you got a tight pussy for a faggot whore! Now tell daddy how much you like feeling his cock all up in that pussy girl! C'mon tell daddy!"

"Yeah daddy," I mewed complaintly, "I love your cock in my pussy!"

In truth it burned like fire. My unaccustomed sphincter screamed in pain, but my statement was good enough for Tyler. It spurred him on and he began long-stroking my asshole. Pulling nearly the whole way out before plunging mercilessly back into me. I braced myself against the back of the sofa to endure his thrusts. He began building his pace thrusting even faster and harder into me, tearing the walls of my colon open with each pass of his massive dick. Opening me up in ways that I had not experienced before the **** of the night before. The entire time he was peppering me with a never ending stream of demeaning commentary, telling me what a filthy faggot whore I was. He was however complimentary of my pussy, telling me how tight it was, how good it felt fucking it and how it was going to make him "nut all up inside it".

Occasionally he would have me mouth some filthy talk, telling him how much I wanted him to cum inside my pussy or how much I loved having a real man fucking my faggot hole.

At some point I broke. I had been driven beyond my endurance and beyond that, the pain was subsiding and it actually was starting to feel good. I slowly began to rock back into his thrusts. I marvelled that I could feel the veins on his shaft as it passed through my asshole. I could feel the slickness of his pre-cum lubricating my pussy and allowing his powerful shaft to pass more easily.

Eventually I began to honestly beg him to cum in my pussy. That spurred him on to greater effort. I could feel his golfball-sized testicles slapping into my taint with a meaty sounding slap each time he thrust into me.

"Fuck me daddy!" I purred, "Fuck my faggot pussy! I want you to cum inside my cunt daddy please!"

Tyler grunted with effort driving me forward with each thrust, knocking the breath from my lungs and lifting me off my stilettos.

After what seemed like forever, he finally thrust into me, holding his cock buried as deep as it could go inside me. I felt his cock pulsing, delivering one jet of hot cum after another into my feverish pussy. I felt the warmth of it splashing against the walls of my cunt, deep inside me, overwhelming my senses. Tyler grunted like an a****l in heat as he shot his seed into me, breeding me and staking his claim on my cunt.

When he had finally sprayed his last jet of jism into me, he pulled out and spun me around, forcing me down onto my knees in front of his half erect cock.

"You be a good ho now," he said, "clean off daddy's cock like a good girl should!"

I greedily took his cock into my mouth, sucking the cum off of it, lapping up the lather of our mating. My pussy screamed with the sudden emptiness. It craved his cock inside it once more as rivers of cum flowed freely from my stretched oriface.

My pussy got its wish. Daddy fucked me twice more that night. The last time, in bed he fell sl**p with his cock still buried inside me. In the morning I woke to him fucking me again. Then we got up. He unlocked the pumps from my feet then told me to scrub off the makeup and put my uniform on over top of the panties, bra, stockings and garter belt. I did as I was told.

This is the true story of my introduction to my gay-ness. Staff sergeant Tyler and I were lovers for a year and three months before he was transferred away. I was permitted only female clothing while we were at home and always had to wear my slutty lingerie under my uniform.

Perhaps if this story gets a warm enough reception from all of you, I will write some more telling you all more about our wild relationship.

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