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This little game

A follow up from my College Crazies story

While I was at BC, a friend of mine, asked me what I was doing later.

"hey u wanna come on over to my place later," he asked

"sure," I replied

On the way to my friends place there so many girls and guys there, I mean whats gonna happen, is there gonna be an orgy or some shit like that. But my friend Rick told of this little game he knew back in high school, to which I knew I had a certain feeling of what it was,

In case no one understands, then listen up....

This game I had heard about back then, its where the ladies put on lip gloss of a different color, like red, blue, pink, all that way, and that they would have to suck a cock, but the cock must have one color from each woman who has sucked them. After all of the cocks left their mark, the guy whose cock with all the colors wins. To which the game I kinda learned was called get this...

"Hide the Rainbow Roll"

The cock must have all of the colors like a rainbow.

So anyway, Im really surprised the fact that I had heard of it back then but I never actually been part of this game.

So all cocks show ladies get their lip gloss and here we go, as Rick would say.

My cock was out and this first woman who had cherry red lip gloss starts sucking my cock and I felt with excitement, just like how my classmate sucked my cock in my last story. Oh god, how much I love her mouth sucking mine, but when she left her mark on mine, the next woman came, this one had sky blue lip gloss, and she was awesome, she even said, "how much I love ur cock". I felt the same thing. While she was sucking mine, the other ladies were sucking the other guys cocks, including Rick's. Some of the guys have their cocks sumdged with the lip gloss marks, like mines. Oh god how much I love how each of these bitches suck my cock with each of the colors. like Violet, lush green, sunshine yellow, all that way.

AFter all the cocks have all the colors, one of the ladies start judging on which cock has the most colors, and what do u know...

I was the winner.

Crazy huh, a guy who never learned the game, actually won. When it was over the woman who had the sky blue gloss, wanted me, she wanted by fucked by the game winning cock. So the guys said


So I did, and we went to the bedroom, and she started to suck my cock,

"Baby, u love the color blue?" she asked

"Hell yeah, blue is my favorite color," I replied.

She sucked my cock, so good, and now I want her sexy slender body, I went down to lick her pussy, her cunt is so wet and juicy, it was so good. She starts to moan a bit, cause I was eating her out.

"Baby I want your rainbow cock, I want to feel it inside of me, all of those colors, inside of me" she said to me

"Ok" I said back

I inserted my colorful cock in her pussy and she started thrusting with it. She kept saying how much she loves my colorful cock. We fucked so hard, I mean like fucking her Jersey style in my book, wit a lil latin passion, u know me, Im latino. WE fucked in every postition I still remember how she said

"Oh I like it papi"

crazy huh

When I started to cum she wants it in her face, paint her face white with those blue lips of hers

"so sweet and salty"

"I know"

After that has ended, I told Rick,

"That was fun"

Pretty crazy shit huh. It aint over yet.

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