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The Taxi Driver gets laid pt 3.

Well as I followed this Lady into her house watching her wiggle as she walked and looking at the backs of her legs, I was sure she was wearing Stockings as I could see the darker heals poking out of her shoes of her tan stockings, her tweed skirt was making a rustling sound as she walked. Her blouse was a crisp silk and as she turned to talk to me I saw her bra and her large breasts poking out. She looked at me and then spoke to me in a harsh voice, “so you seduced a vulnerable Married woman then?” “your a dirty young man forcing your young penis onto my friend when she was so upset that her husband had left her.” Then she was thretaning to report me to my Taxi firm for such descusting behavure. I didn’t know what to say to her as she scolded me. Then I stopped and thought hang on she wanted to get one over on her Hubby, so I explained what her friend had told me and how she asked me to fuck her! Yes FUCK her!
With a look of shock and embarrassment she apologised to me, “I didn’t realise, I’m so sorry! I suppose she is a grown woman and knew what she was doing!” I said, that everything was fine and that I didn’t blame her for reacting like she did. She then smiled at me and said how sorry she was for thinking like she did. “ Your a very sweet young man, I had No idear that she would have done what she did with you!” I replyed , “ Do you mean Fuck me?” she looked embarrassed as she said, “yes I suppose that’s what she did, fucked you!” Hearing these words from her lips was a turn on, I then looked at her and said, “well some married ladies do enjoy another cock if there husbands don’t give them what they want. With that she grabbed me and kissed me full on the mouth, taking my breath away as her tongue f***ed my mouth open and we French kissed each other, I felt inside her blouse and pushed her bra up to empty her cups as the fleshy mound fell out and I caught it in my hand needing it like a piece of raw bread doe. Then as we kissed each other I felt her feeling my cock, tracing the out line of it with her fingers, then she was pulling my zipper down and slipped her hand inside to feel my young cock, as she looked at me she spoke, “I have never been unfaithful to my husband, but we have not made love for 11 years ! I do so need a man to love me again would you do it with me?” I kissed her on her cheek and asked her where her husband was, “he has gone over to the local golf Club for some drinks with his friends he wont be back till after 11 o’clock, we have plenty of time! Will you please make love to me?” she said with a wobble in her voice, “ I want you to fuck me!”
I didn’t need asking twice and as I removed her panties, blouse, skirt and her bra, I only left her suspender belt on with her stockings and her shoes as I laid her on the floor, she wimppered as I dropped my pants and pushed my cock head into her entrance, stopping there and raising up on my hands and toes till only my knob was touching her. As I lowered my body on top of her my cock still covered with her friends juices penetraited her, I was so turned on by this woman that I was harder than when I fucked her friend as she felt my balls slap against her arse cheeks she looked up at me and said, “ I saw your cock going into her and I had feelings like I have not had for a long time, your so big and hard give me your cock and fuck me hard.” This lady was now under the spell of her own passion as I gently fucked her swelling pussy with my younger cock, as she urged me onto cum inside her she said, “ please cum in me like you did her, I want to feel your warm sticky cum inside me!” As my thrusting got harder and more urgent I reached the vinegar strokes and pumping her wide open pussy full of my think cum. I could not belive how much seamen I could produce after fucking her friend for so long, as I felt her legs tighten around my back as I reallised she was also cumming with me, her body shook and she was panting hard as I thrust and jerked deep inside her, I could feel her warm juices coating my cock as she laid there and made silly noises as she was shaking with her orgasam. Her cunt muscles where contracting around my shaft as she milked me dry, my balls felt empty, but my cock was still hard as I was still pounding her. This Lady was so responsive as I thrust deep into her as the ridge around my knob raked her inner cunt walls both of our mixed juices oozed out of her and ran down her ass, my cock was just so hard it felt like it would snap if she moved to much on it. She was very inexperianced but very eager to explore a differant kind of sex that she had with her Husband, this was her first experiance of multipul orgasams and she loved them, she explained later it felt like little electric charges ripping throu her vagina deep into her cervix. So as I gave this married Lady the fucking she so wanted and I became the teacher between her legs as she gave me her willing body and took her pleasure from rideing a new cock. I just pulled out my cock and rolling her over onto her side, then I slipped back into her spooning her for the first time in her life as she was raising her left leg and I pushed my cock inside her from the back playing with her tit’s as I was humping her pussy, squeezing on her nipples and kissing her on her neck, then I flipped her ontop of me and as she put her feet either side of my legs and I pushed her up so she could fuck on my cock with her back to me in the revers cowgirl possition, she told me how she had never fucked like this and then asked me to show her more possitions, I got her to turn around and fuck me in the cowgirl and then we tryed the Scissors, bicycle and then doggy, she just loved it as I showed her all these new positions she had never even known existed, she was just blown away by the things I had got her to do.
I was then ready to shoot my thick white cum deep into her again after all these positions and as I emptied my balls my cock went limp and slipped out of her with a plop, I had given her my last fuck and she seamed to be really dissapointed that it was all over, she watched me dress and then standing up infront of me and wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me, she looked like she had got just what she wanted and then she said, “don’t you ever forget me!” “ I will never forget the pleasure you have just given this old lady and I hope your always think of me when making love to your Girlfriends!” Then she showed me to her front door and I walked back to my car. As I drove off up the road and the radio crackled the sound of the opperator back at the base came out of the speakers “CAR 6! Are you there! Where the hell are you?” “CAR 6! CAR6! CAR 6! CAR 6!” so then I replyed, “ Hi Richard, Car 6 hear!” “Where the bl**dy hell have you been?” was the question that came my way and I just replyed, “ Well I’ll tell you later! When I get back near home and pop in for a cup of Tea! ” with that the radio went quiet and all I herd was silence. I did enjoy being a taxi driver and will tell you more about some other fares another time.

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