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Swinger's Club First Time (True)

I was in Phoenix for a convention. Being in a big city meant there would be big city fun to be had in the evening. I had seen online there were swingers clubs in Phoenix. I chose one named Encounters. I arrived there around 10:00 P.M.

It cost me $37 to get in the door. I wasn't sure at all if I was early or late for action. The main room was huge with many people sitting around sipping on soft drinks and chatting. I noticed a crowd gathered in a corner across the room. I was about halfway there when I saw the crowd part. A woman got up from her knees leaving a black stud sitting there with his freshly sucked off cock leaning forward between his legs. The woman came walking in my direction toward the bathroom that was in the lobby of the club. Her blouse hung open. Her great tits were jiggling nakedly as she walked past me. There was cum all over her tits that had obviously flowed from her mouth, down her chin.

The action was all over there, so I looked around the big room. I discovered stairs leading to the second floor. Up there were many rooms that could either be private or open for others to watch. If they wanted privacy, they closed the door and pulled the curtains. There was a woman who monitored the rooms and the people who came to participate or watch. Every door was closed, and all the curtains drawn. She told me the rooms had been closed for a while, so maybe there would be some more open action later. I thanked her and went downstairs, planning to go to another of the swingers clubs.

As I walked toward the double doors I noticed a small rectangular room to my right. I didn't know how I had missed it earlier. In the room were two couches against adjacent walls in the corner. On one of the couches was a man with his pants to his ankles. Kneeling between his legs was a woman wearing a white peasant blouse which was open and a miniskirt pulled up over her waist. There were three stuffed chairs across the room under a large screen television. In each chair sat a man, each of them looking across the room at the couple and stroking their cocks.

I thought they were a bit shy to sit far away. I sat on the empty couch as close to the couple as I could get without touching them. I unbuckled and unzipped my pants pulling my cock out. I stroked and watched the woman suck his cock. After several minutes, the woman turned her face toward me as she sucked the man. I smiled at her then. She smiled back. I watched her smile slide up and down his shaft. I reached into my open pants and pulled my balls out so she could see them. She smiled again, her face lighting up. The woman reached up and touched the man on his shoulder.

He looked over at me for the first time and said, "My wife would like to suck your cock." I told him I was all for that. I watched her smile slide off his prick. She crawled two 'steps' over to me and slid her mouth over my purple head and down my shaft to my balls. She had curly hair. I fingered her hair while she sucked my cock.

"You are a great cocksucker baby," I told her quietly. She smiled again. "I'll bet your cunt is dripping wet." She smiled again. "I would love to fuck your juicy cunt baby." She smiled again, her mouth still moving up and down my shaft, reached over and touched the man on his knee.

The man spoke to me again. "My wife would like for you to fuck her. Do you want to fuck her here or do you want to go to a private room upstairs? I considered that and looked around the room. There were many more people in and around the room now. People on the floor between the stuffed chairs, against all the empty wall space and packed around the doorway. The people at the doorway were standing or kneeling. There were probably twenty people watching.

I told him, "I would hate to disappoint the crowd. I'll fuck her right here." There were many smiles at that. The man said, "you will need to use a condom."
I had to admit then that this was my first time ever in a swingers club and I hadn't thought anything like this would happen. He called out to the room, "anyone here have a condom for the stud?" Immediately four or five flew over to him. Everyone laughed.

The woman (never did learn her name) moved back so I could get up. I slipped my shoes and socks off, stood off and let my pants fall to the floor. I kicked the socks and shoes and my underwear to the corner by the couch I had sat on.
I left my denim shirt on, but open so that she and all the others could see my hairy chest. I was rolling on the condom when she spoke to me for the first time. "How do you want me stud?" I told her to get up on the couch, her knees on the edge of the seat and her arms and upper body against the back of the couch. Open your knees when you get there. She did that, looked over her shoulder and asked, "Like this stud?" I checked her out and said, "Move your knees a little farther apart baby." She did that and looked over her shoulder again and asked, "Like this stud?" I said she was perfect now. I moved behind her and slid just the head of my covered cock into her cunt. I didn't move...waiting for her reaction.

She looked back over her shoulder, her eyes flashing now and said loudly, "Hey stud, don't tease me...Fuck me!" Smiling at her I asked, "Fuck you?" She screamed, "FUCK ME!!" That was what I was waiting for. I grabbed her hips and pulled back hard on them as I slammed my cock all the way up into her juicy hole. When I bottomed out into her she made a small "oof" sound. I fucked her hard for a while and then decided to pace myself and slowed down. I looked around the part of the room I could see. Many were masturbating. A woman on her knees at the door had her skirt pulled to her waist. She was not wearing panties. She had two fingers working inside a very juicy pussy. She smiled at me. I returned the smile then turned back to what I was doing.

I gave the woman three or four more strokes then pulled out of her cunt. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Done so soon stud?" obviously disappointed.
"No baby, I want you on your back so I can see your face and body while I fuck you." She grinned and flipped onto her back so quickly I thought she would hurt herself. "How do you want me stud?" Smiling down at her I said, "Bend your knees for me baby and use your fingers to pen your cunt lips for me."

She did so. I knelt between her naked feet, guided my cock into her juicy hole and slowly, slowly slid into her. I reached up and gently pulled and twisted her nipples. She growled, "Pinch them harder Stud! and fuck me faster." I pinched much harder on her nipples twisting them. She pressed her clit against my shaft. I sped up and she started cumming. I felt her cunt muscles squeezing my shaft. When she was done, I gave her five or six very slow in and out strokes, then stood up and whispered, "Stay right as you are baby".

I pulled off the condom, standing between her feet and started stroking my cock above her. My hips bent forward, my hand a blur on my cock as I jacked hard. I sent huge ropes of cum shooting through the air, arcing to land on her tits, belly and cunt.

There was no cheer at the end of what seemed a great show, but it was like everyone had been holding their breath. I heard the slow rush of air from a dozen bodies.

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