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My First Swing Experience

I was in my mid 20s and had just discovered chat rooms. She was in her mid 40s, a bbw, and in fairly short order we discovered we had a lot of kinky and nasty interests in common. When we finally decided to meet it was incredible. She was exactly as she had described herself, tall with huge tits and a nice round ass.

Over the course of our many chats we had discussed and I had jerked off to all kinds of things. Of course we talked about fucking in all sorts of positions. At some point fairly early on I had asked if she would deep throat me and let me fuck her mouth. I received a "mmmm" in reply and she said she loved to give sloppy blowjobs with spit all over. Not long after that we came to the subject of anal. I told her I had fucked my previous girlfriend in the ass a few times but she wasn't really into it. My new bbw swinger said "honey I am a three hole slut and you can have anything you want". That made me cum all over myself and she was delighted to hear it. I was still young and this was the first time I had encountered a woman as horny and nasty as I was. It was amazing. We talked about squirting and cum swallowing and eating creampies among many other kinky subjects. She was very cool about all of it and told me we could try anything I wanted when we finally met.

The day finally arrived and I was so excited. We were actually going to get to play. She pulled into my driveway and I watch her get out of her car. She was exactly as she had described. Kathy had a white dress on that showed off her huge tits and ample curves. When came to the door I could tell she was a bit nervous too. That first kiss made all the doubts melt away....


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