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My dads best friend

it was a normal day when i got up form bed but that day was going to change like i had never imagened.

when i got up there was a note from my dad saying i needed to take a dvd round to my dads best friends house who lives down the road.

i did this and when i knocked on the door he was in his dressing gown , he invited me in and i did so . HIs wife was out .

my dad friend who was called martin, offered me a drink so i had one . he sat next to me on the sofa , abit to close i felt but it was ok . Then he started to ask me about girl friends and things. he then asked if i had ever thought about having sex with a man . i said no but he then started to stroke my leg , it was nice.

his hand moved up and down my leg for a couple of mintiues until he touched my cock. he said it was an accident but i still felt my cock start to tinkle and it started to rise . i said it was time to go but he grabbed my hands and kissed me , i pulled away at first but then kissed back , i enjoyed it , it was nicce . He then said we should go upstairs, i didnt know what to do so i oblieged.

we went up stairs where his double bed was , he put me on the bed and crouched over me , we kissed for a while and his tongue was down my throat quite alot which i didnt mind one bit.

he said that we could make this fun if i dressed up as a girl , i honestly didnt know what to do so i did what he said , he got me some of his wifes clothes and handed them to me,he handed my a corset ,stocking,suspenders,silk elbow length gloves, some thigh high lever boots and some fllufy pink handcuffs. he left me to get dressed . when he came back he said i looked beutiful .. this made me feel really good.

he walked up to me andi put my arms round his neck , we kissed as we had done before and he was grabbing my ass with his hands. i then felt comfotable and got in the mood. i told him to get on the bed and i put my handcuffs on him.

he then instructed me to suck his knob, so i un done his dressing gown and there was a massive dick , the biggest i had ever seen , he told me o play with it with my hands so idid , i then rose and i did as i had seen on the videos and put my mouth around it , it felt nice , i made it go down my throat , i gagged a lot at first but then it was smooth.

I did this for about ten minitues until he came , i didnt realy taste it but i swalled as much as i could befor eit came back out my mouth.he told me to un handcuff him so i did . he then put me on my back and widened my legs , he said this would hurt so i prepared. i then felt and awful pain, but soon became very pleasurable until he squirted up me , it was warm and felt really nice.

i go and see martin about theree times a week now and his wife doesnt know anything , we have amazing sex and i love him .

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