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A trip to the beach...2

It wasnt quite dark when we checked into our room,right on the beach.We were on the 4th floor,we wanted to get the on the first,but they were all booked.The woman at the desk looked at us rather odd,3 men and a woman,but seemed a little more "relieved" when we asked for a roll away bed,for "Junior" as to what we were calling Matt,the youngest of our group.But the old woman and the desk,was a little uncomfortable about the way Jade was dressed,the short summer dress,that barely covered her pussy and ass,with her hard nipples pointing through the fabric up top.Its amazing as to me that women can wear these things yet stay completely covered at the same time as well,WHEN they want to.Jade didnt have to carry a damn thing up to the room.She walked ahead of us,her dress riding slightly up to show the round curves of her luscious ass.She would look over her shoulder,to make sure we were watching,turning around so we could see her pussy peaking out from under the dress,and of course we could barely concentrate on what we were doing,carry up our packs and bags and equipment.We only encountered another couple, and some man who seemed to pass us all by as if we werent there,on our way to the room.We got to our room,and the extra rollaway bed had not arrived yet,but that was expected.We got in, and started stowing our stuff,in the closets and drawers of the room.The room had an efficiency kitchen so we would go get some groceries,as soon as we got settled in,by now it was getting dark.Jade slipped out of her dress,and found her sheer black baby doll nightie,that tied at her tits.She didnt put the matching thong on,and we enjoyed watching her in this state of being all but naked.She is quite beautiful,5'5" 130 lbs,and at 35,she still had one helluva figure.There came a knock at the door,and she said "I'll get it!!!" as she ran past us to answer it.We all couldnt wait to see what happened next.A young man,who had to be younger than Matt(20) had brought up the rollaway bed.Jade invited him in,and he got an eye full of her,and kept glancing at her,but yet trying his damndest to not make it obvious.We 3 guys,were just grinning as he tried to ~not~ to make it obvious! As he was leaving,I asked him if enjoyed bringing that bed up and was it "Worth his while" to do so,to which he laughed and said "Oh hell yeah,if you need anything else....." And Jade said---"I'll have them call you,if I need you..." To which he was pleased about...After he left,Jade said we "need to go get groceries" And "who was going to go?" Well Marsh and I looked at Matt,and said,"We'll go,you two just stay here,we wont be long..." Matt was grinning from ear to ear.As we left ,Marsh asked me "Do you think she'll be OK?" I said to him,"its not Jade Im worried about,its Matt,that slut will fuck him blind..." We went to a grocery store and got enough food to last us about 3 days and then some...we also got beer,and wine coolers,and some snacks,chocolate mainly, Jade loves chocolate!We were gone about 45 minutes,a little longer than I thought,and I thought that Jade and Matt would certainly be finished fucking.As we opened the door to the room,Jade was sitting on top of Matts cock,pumping her body up and down his cock,reverse cowgirl style.They were a little sweaty,and damn near oblvious to us entering the room,but kinda slowed down a little as we past by them, with the bags of groceries,and there was quite a bit of grocery to put away.We put down the groceries on the bar,and I went over and kissed Jade,and asked her..."Having fun" honey??"as she slowed down to ride Matts cock in slow motion for a bit. She smiled and...well it was pretty obvious.Marsh patted her ass,and looked at Matt,and said "Dont worry,we werent about to ask you to help with the groceries!Carry on!!!" Marsh and I put up the groceries,and soon Matt was shooting off into Jades pussy.Jade was telling him to "fill her pussy" and she always loves to have a man cum inside her.Her neck was red,she was flushed looking so I knew she came a few times,fucking Matts cock.They,got up,got themsleves as "together" as possible,and helped us get the remaining stuff,stowed away,and we all plopped down to relax,and check our gear.Jade went to the bathroom.Matt said it had been a "Pretty damn wild afternoon and evening,never expected this!" I told him I was glad he was enjoying her,because she's a real treat in bed.She loves fucking,and sexual things." I told him to just keep in mind,to let HER decide the events,just let things roll as they go,and we'll have a great time." Jade came out of the bathroom,with her baby doll top on,and sat down beside Matt,and agreed,and told him he had a"nice cock," and "knew more about doing the right things in bed than he realized." She told him he was "naturally gentle,and he "responded to her cues to slow down,speed up,really well,for just having met me today." He was still a little taken aback about her voracious sexual appetite,and his ear really perked up when I told him and Marsh,that she was bisexual,Marsh said he "figured" she was" But Matt was a little more curious and seemed to be confused about that.We all knew she would need some time to recoup...but not long.After we got our fishing tackle and equipment all ready for tommorrow,we noticed that the weather was not as good as we had hoped for,but we had rain gear and would try anyway,but Jade really wanted to have sunshine,and wanted to wear her new bikini on the beach.We decided to watch a movie,it was getting late, but no one was really tired.Marsh was sitting in one of the chairs,Matt was laying on the bed(he was the sl**piest one,but was still awake) and I was laying on the other bed.Jade would decide who she slept with,but whoever got the roll away was sl**ping alone that night,for sure. Marsh was still wearing his shorts and Matt and I were down to our underwear,and Jade went back and forth to the kitchenette a few times,getting us drinks,getting her some chocolate,and Marsh said to Jade "No....NO!! W'ell get drinks,you just relax!! This is you're weekend!!" But Jade said she "enjoyed serving me,and she said she "would enjoy serving us all" this weekend,and "that includes just about everything!!!" Jade is a wonderful wife,clean home,everything prepared for me,never complains,never nags,I shit you not,I k** her about being my 'geisha girl' though she looks Irish!Marsh was starting to look at her a little more hungrily.He watched her and she caught his stares and she went to the chair,and went to her knees.She started rubbing his legs,and they were talking about feeling good and how they were both going to feel good.She moved up and got Marsh out of his shorts and underwear,and moved up to start kissing his cock,which was getting hard.She looked up at him,and began sucking him.He was not as long a Matt,and Jade could deep throat him easier.Jade stuck her ass out,giving us a view of her pussy.Jade has one of those pussies where the inner lips dont stick out unless she spreads her pussy,and even then,they rarely pop out,until she getting fucked.She looks awesome as hell,she could do porn easily but living in a small town,we already do more than we should to risk our "social postion" in our little world.So Jade started "performing" a good blow job on Marsh,and for our benefit as well.Matt said "I know what he's getting!!" Jade started spitting on Marsh's cock,and making these long streams of saliva.She licked his shaft,moving her hair to where we could see her suck his cock.She then stood up,and straddled him on the chair.We could see her pussy get fucked from behind,a view I know I enjoy.She fucked him liked that for a while,Marsh,licked her tits and they kissed a lot.Marsh then picked her up and layed her on the bed,Matt and I were stroking our own cocks, watching the hot show.Marsh said he's have to "finish her "missionary" because he couldnt come from in sitting in the chair!" We laughed because Marsh and I were older and it just wasnt as easy for us,being in our early 40's. Jade simply moaned her approval and let him place her on her back,and she spread her pussy to accomodate him.She wrapped her legs around him,and started telling him to "Come on!! Fuck me! Come one,Thats it! Thats it!"She started moaning more, and Marsh said he wouldnt last long,and Jade doesnt like this "lasting hours and hours" bullshit,she wants you ro come,and Jade tightened her grip on him everywhere,and through her teeth,she started growling "Fuck my cunt!!!Fuck my goddamn pussy,fuck that fuckin' pussy!!! " Marsh was pounding her pretty good,and he said,"Oh baby, I cant hold back!" And Jade spread her legs as wide as they would go and damn near shouted---"Oooo baby,fill me up,fill my pussy,shoot that load into me!!!Give me that cum baby!!!" And Marsh unloaded into Jades pussy.He ground it around as his cock got softer,they kissed for a while.I was about to come myself,I had been jerking off the whole time,and so was Matt.We went over to Jade,who was laying on the bed,and we put our cocks near her mouth,and she took turns sucking them.Finally, we shot our loads into her mouth.Jade laid there for a little while longer.She was tired,but "a good kind of tired" and she said, she LOVED "all the action" she got today,"sucking Matts beautiful, big cock,"the "fucking and sucking" that she and Matt did while we were at the store,and Matt "licked her pussy,"which he'd "only ever licked his girlfriends,when she allowed it"...It's strange,but Matt was a nice looking man,one of those guys you would assume was getting ass all the time,but he was a rather shy guy,and the more I learned that weekend,he grew up in a typical sheltered southern home of strict religious bullshit,which he bought hook line and sinker...Jade said she had Ŗ loads of come in her pussy,and swallowed 3 loads today" and she "enjoyed the feeling of being slutty." As if by unspoken agreement,Matt got the rollaway bed ready,and I moved over to one of the empty double beds,and Marsh got the other.Jade went into the bathroom,and took a bath....I woke up and looked at the clock.It was 3AM,Jade and Marsh were sl**ping in one bed,I was alone in the other,and Matt was asl**p in the rollaway.Jade looked comfortable enough,Marsh had his arm around her,and they were spooned I fell back to sl**p.The next morning,it was just light out,and I saw Jade and Marsh on the balcony.Matt was still asl**p,and I got up and went to watch.Jade was laying back on a lounge chair,Marsh was licking Jade's pussy,and she was arching her back,and fucking his face,trying to muffle her moans of pleasure.I was hard,and I wanted some of my wife's pussy,too,so I went over and joined in,Marsh moved up and Jade started sucking his cock.I asked Marsh if "he'd gotten some more pussy this morning," to which he said "No,dont worry buddy,I didnt take you for a "sloppy seconds" man!!" We both laughed at that, and Jade said she hadnt had a "cock since her bath last night,"and they were right,Im not really a "sloppy seconds" guy,I'll wait a little while.I got on top of Jade,slid my cock into her sopping wet pussy and fucked her until I came,and Marsh jacked another load into Jades mouth,and she teased him by letting him shoot the remaining streams onto her face,and he liked it as she gathered it off her face and licked and ate it...We all went inside for some breakfast,Jade turned on the TV,Matt was stirring awake,and she drank her coffee in bed. Matt got up,went to the bathroom,and took a leak. He came out and was naked,semi hard,and he looked at Jade,and she put her coffee on the nightstand,and invited him to bed,she told him "Its OK if you want a morning quickie," and she spread her legs,and matt wasted no time sticking his cock in her and fucking her.I think he was only really waking up as he shot another load into her,and I dont know if he noticed or cared that he got my "sloppy seconds!"I guess when youre young,it doesnt matter to you as much.The sky was overcast,and we were quite sure we would be rained out from fishing,but we were going to try any way.Jade said she could "hardly wait to see what happens today!" Jade and I went and took a shower,and as I got out,Marsh stepped in and he wanted to soap Jade up,so she let him,and got out after he ran his hands over body.Matt was finished with breakfast,and showered alone,but said next time,he wanted to take a bath with Jade,"If thats OK," To which Jade said "Its a date sweetie!" All of guys were dressed and ready to go,Jade finally got ready,but as she came out of the bathroom,we all lokked at her,and looked back out at the rain,and I mean it was pouring!We sat aroud,looking glum,at least we hadnt bought the bait yet.Jade said "Cheer up guys!You can hang out with me all day,and we can go to the gift shops,we can go out to eat,it'll be fun I promise!!!" She flashed that beautiful would be fun indeed..........

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