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Best friends wife

My best friend and I always went places together. We went skinny dipping with his girlfriend and a cousin of hers. They planned on me getting hooked up with her but we didn't hit it off. His girlfriend Mary had a big set of tits which I enjoyed looking at. At this time I didn't touch just looked.

After they got married they moved about 30 miles away so when I visited I would spend the night. He and I would go out leaving her home with their son. When we returned he would fuck her in the next room while I tried to sl**p. Her loud moans and grunts kept me hard and made it hard to sl**p.

One time I was spending the night and she got a little flirtatious as we sat around. He had to go to the store as we got ready for bed. He went in to tell her that he would be back shortly. I was to nice of a guy to take advantage of the situation.

The next morning he asked said that before he left he had told Mary that I would probable come in and fuck her after all the teasing she had done. I told him that if I had known it I would have gone in, He said he sat down the street watching for a light or just to give us enough time before he came back.

I figured if he wanted me to fuck her I would do it the next chance I got. His job changed to night shift so we couldn't get together only on the weekend. He asked me to go fishing with him so I told him I would be there Saturday after I finished work at noon.

I arrived to find Mary doing house work with a loose t-shirt and shorts. I asked where Jim was and she said he had to work late and was still in bed and said he would not be able to go fishing. I sat on the couch and we were chatting when Mary started running her fingers around my thigh through the hole in my jeans, my cock started growing. I told her that she had better stop or we would have things up for a talk. Mary moved closer giving me a kiss and rubbed my cock thru my jeans. I reached under her t-shirt to find her big tits which were bra-less. At this time I figured that her intention was to seduce me. I was only 19 at the time and we had all gone to school together.

It didn't take long for us to get naked as I fucked her on the couch while Jim slept upstairs.She was moaning so loud that I was sure he could here her. She kept telling me how great it to finally get me to fuck her. I was feeling the same way as I had always wanted to fuck her also. We fucked for about 10 minutes before I filled her with my cum. She moaned like she did when her and Jim would fuck while I listened. and when she came she got louder.

We got up after we finished and I said I had better leave since I was supposed to go out with my girlfriend later. I always wondered if Jim had set us up and was standing on the stairs watching. I never found out.

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