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Ashley Madison lovers

As you sit on the edge of the desk you try to get comfortable so you kick off the black lace thong that was down around your ankles. My move my arms under your legs, clutch your wrists in my hands behind your back and begin working my tongue from bottom to top. Rimming your asshole and moving up to the cherry at the top of your love hole. Your wetness covers my face. You arch your back and lay your head back as the feeling of my tongue consumes you. You begin to moan as I focus on the spot at the top of your pussy. You get louder, grinding your pussy into my face. "Oh...Oh God!...Oh!...Oh yeah!..."Then you pause, catching your breath. " I want you." So I stop, and then stand in front of you releasing your hands and you immediately go for my zipper, unbutton my jeans to reveal nothing on underneath just my erection that you take into your hand and you look up, your eyes meeting mine and you smile. "What do you want?" I say. Looking into my eyes you respond "I want you inside me". So I move in closer, with my cock still in your hand you guide me in. As I penetrate, you close your eyes, "Oh" you moan again. Very slowly I push my way into you, I take your nipple between my teeth and tickle it with my tongue. Then very slowly slide my way back out of you. This catches you by surprise and you reach out again but this time I take your hand and lead you off of the desk. Your looking at me as tho you don't know what to expect. I turn you facing the desk, you seem to know what to do so you bend over showing me your lucsious ass and spread your legs, so I move in again to massage your pussy with my hardness then pushing my way in very slowly. The warmth of your body, the heat of your wetness, smell of sex in the air. The feeling of anticipation begins to take over, and I begin again pulling out very slowly and when my cock leaves you again you exclaim with a smile " Come on! Stop teasing, Please? I want you, I want you inside me!" So we move to the bed where you take control. Climbing on top you guide me into your love hole again and begin riding back and forth grinding harder and harder into my pelvis. Your excitement grows as you climax again digging your nails deep into my chest, then you start riding forward lifting your ass off me and riding up and down on my shaft now. Pumping a steady pace, our eyes meet again and you smile,...that wonderful smile. Then suddenly and unexpected, I grunt, "Oh!" and you respond with "Oh, ooo, Oh god, that felt good!". Then me "Oh yeah!" You continue pumping me up and down in a crazy good orgasm. We finally settle down, kissing, cuddling, feeling that amazing feeling. As we regain our energy, we move to the shower, first sharing the cooling effects of the water, then sharing the soap we cant help ourselves. you begin soaping my cock, using your hand to bring me to another erection. I'm using two hands, one in front massaging your spot. The other hand massaging your anal orifice I rub progressively harder until my middle finger penetrates you. This excites you and eventually I work in a second and now I work in two fingers in the front. Your so excited now you let go of my hardness and turn away from me as you did at the desk. Bending forward so that the water now hits you across your shoulders and run down the small of your back into the crack of your beautifully perfect ass, you spread your legs for me again and I move in to guide my hard stiff cock into your anal cavity. Very slowly I push careful not to f***e. You arch your back and turn your head so I can see the expresion on your face. You seem to be anticipating, so I push once more and the head of my cock enters you. Pushing my way into you I begin slow rhythmic pumping. We begin to moan again, then the emotions take over and we begin to laugh almost simultaneously. We are both physically spent but neither of us wants to stop and suddenly I begin to orgasm again. You push your ass into me to hold me there for a moment and then pull away reaching for me and begin hand pumping again. You want me to remember this moment forever. As we finish and prepare to leave, I walk you to your car, kiss you goodbye and watch you drive away wondering will there be a next time and if so can it be for a little while longer...>>>...

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