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The Quest (Chapter 6)

Chapter VI

The Man - All you can remember is falling asl**p on the coach, your head on my lap, my fingers massaging your face and playing with your pony tail. You do not know how long you have been there when I wake you up and let you drink and eat. Lots of water and a few light snacks. No words. You look at me and smile. A shy smile, uncertain about your emotions. I take your head in my hands and kiss you long and intense, then lift you and take you to your room.
You are laid on the bed on your belly and I take care of your bruised bottom, carefully inspecting the long, parallel welts one by one and massaging them gently, rubbing in the cream with the tips of my fingers. From your bottom the massage goes up your back. You remember no more. You're exhausted. The overdose of emotions has drained you completely. You fall asl**p again.

The next morning both of you are blindfolded before you are brought to the breakfast table. Breakfast is eaten in silence. It is obvious this day something important is about to happen. Both of you are brought to the centre of the training room and are positioned standing, facing each other, belly to belly.

"Stick out your hands, Teresa." You do as you are told and feel fur coated cuffs being strapped around your wrists. Soft but nonetheless effective. I grab your arms and gently fold them around A's body, locking the cuffs together behind her back.
"Spread, both of you." Cuffs are strapped around ankles and both your ankles are locked to the same spreader bar. Then A's hands are cuffed, her arms in their turn around Teresa's body. Then the hair of each of you is fastened to a tackle and you are winched up together until both of you are standing on your toes, bodies pressed against each other. I can see Teresa's fingers move back as she feels the still very vivid welts on A's back, but then return and softly explore. In the same way A can feel the equally vivid reminders of Teresa's caning.

"Open your mouth A." A gag is inserted and strapped in place. "The holes both of you do not need today will be closed and remain closed." With these words a butt plug is put in place as well. Teresa is also given a butt plug, but no gag for some reason.
"Now listen good, both of you. You will remain standing like this for a long time and I want you two to bond. Teresa, you will very much need A later on so it is important you get to know her as good as you can. Even though she can not answer you, you may talk to her if you like and I am sure A has ways to let you know she understands you without talking to you."
Something is adjusted to A's gag. Suddenly you choke as you feel water streaming in your mouth.

"Press your tongue against the little hole in the gag to stop it," I say. "You can regulate the amount of water coming in that way and swallow it in little bits. I want you to drink all of it - and it will be a lot. Your gag is connected to a large bottle that I want to see empty when I return. Do you understand that?"

You nod and with these words the two of you are left on your own.


Teresa - I awoke for but a moment to feel you gently touching my face and I smile up at you still a little uncertain of how to react around you. My face is tinged a soft pink and you smile softly before leaning down and kissing me with an intensity that tells me exactly how you feel. You pick me up in your arms and carry me to my bed and lay me down on my belly and begin to apply a soothing ointment to my tender bottom before I fall asl**p once more.

I awake the next morning and go through my morning routine of bathing and kneeling on the cushion. In time someone comes and blindfolds me then leads me to the dining area. We eat in silence and I am feel with fear and excitement knowing deep within me that something is about to happen.

After breakfast the lady I have come to know only as A and I are positioned to stand facing each other belly to belly our blindfolds still in place. You order me to place my hands in front of my body and I do this without question. You cuff them and then pull my hands forward until I notice that my arms are going around A's body and I wonder at this but say nothing. I cannot help myself and I lean in closer to her feeling safety and love coming from her like a sweet perfume. I gently run my fingertips over her back and am startled to find large welts running the length of it. I pull away a little not wanting to cause her added pain but when I feel A's soft caresses against my own tortured flesh I continue my light exploration.

We are tethered together completely. Our feet are bound together as well as our long ponytails. We are lifted up until only our toes touch the floor, still locked in our f***ed embrace. We feel you touching us, inserting butt plugs into each one of us. I wince slightly from the added pain but say not a word, a little afraid to speak right now and knowing full well there is little I could say or do about the situation anyway. You are in control here.. not I. I cannot see you but I know you are moving around A. I hear you tell her to open her mouth and you put what I presume is a ball gag into it. I am a little shocked as you explain to her that water will flow into her mouth through this gag and she must drink it all but again keep my thoughts to myself. I listen carefully as you explain to us that we will be like this for a long period of time and that we should use this time to get to know one another. I may talk to A, you tell me but she can not talk back to me. You assure me she will find ways of communicating to me and then you are gone.

My mind is ablaze with so many thoughts and unanswered questions but I am not sure how to phrase them since the gag does not allow you to answer me. I feel myself drawn to you almost as if I need to protect you. I want to try with all my might to get out of these bonds and rip that gag out of your mouth. I am angry he did this too you. I want at the same time to be allowed to share it with you. I begin to touch your back again with feather light strokes. I cannot see you but my other senses are locked onto you. I can smell the clean scent of the soap you used to bathe with and I am drawn to it. I lean closer to you, feeling a slight tug on my hair as I do and lick the soft skin on your shoulder. It tastes clean and sweet and I feel you shift your body a bit closer to mine in response. In hushed whispers I begin to tell you of all that happened to me last night. Of my beating and even of how you f***ed your way into my body in ways I had never experienced before. I can feel my body heating with embarrassment at the telling of this story but also with renewed arousal. My body tingles as each sensitive area touches your body and I wonder if you notice.

I take a deep breath and continue talking to you. I tell you that I am beginning to feel as if I am being reborn. That all this time before I came here I must have just been blind to all I could be. I whisper to you that I am glad my Master David brought me here and that you are here to help me. I admit to you I could never do this alone.

I am silent for a few minutes as I feel unexpected tears fill my eyes and flow past the edges of the blindfold. I can tell that you have sensed a change in me because your body stiffens slightly as if you are trying to discern what is wrong. And then you realise I am crying. Your touch becomes soft ... soothing and without words you tell me to let it out again and you hold me as I press as close as I can to you and tell you as I did Him last night about my fears and desires. I tell you that I have come in these few short days of my being here come to treasure you and the Man and I hurt that you must endure pain and suffering in order to help me reach my destination. And then I press closer to you still ... my breathing matches yours. The only sounds in the room are the faint ticking of a clock somewhere in the distance and the sounds of our breathing in time with each other. I listen as every now and then you stop to let water flow through your gag and each time I tense a bit only to feel your fingers tapping against my back as if to tell me not to worry, you are doing fine.

I do not know how long we stayed like that, perhaps I dozed. I do not know. But in that time we stood pressed intimately together I think a part of me feels in love with you. My s****r. My guide. My friend.


Alexus - My mind is racing as I am bound to Teresa. I cannot imagine what you have in mind for us. You leave us after the plugs are placed, with instructions for me to drink the water. I feel her tremble against me. I wish I could comfort her, or at least make her feel less afraid, but I feel the terror building in me as well. The water spout in my mouth continually flows unless my tongue is on it, holding it closed. I wrack my brain trying to think why you might be doing this, what is to come. I cannot speak to her so I just press against her tighter. I feel her breathing, and she whispers to me, telling me a little about her night previous. I continue to drink the water, slowly but evenly. I do not wish to disappoint you, and will follow your instructions. I wonder what she is feeling right now, and wish we could talk. It must be hours we wait like this, breathing together almost as one. Surely we will be okay as long as we are together, and I hope she feels this as well. It is if we are holding each other up, for strength and I am grateful for this.


The Man - Many hours later I return and both of you are released, except for the plugs and gag. A is ordered to stand and wait until further notice. Without a word I take Teresa to the middle of the training room where she is laid down on a short and narrow board that supports her back and head from the tailbone up. Her legs are cuffed in V-shape, upwards to the chains the board is hanging from. Her hands are tied behind the board on her back before several ropes around her body secure her to it. Finally, her pony tail is tied to the front end of the board as well, forcing her to keep her head in one position.
Returning to A I cuff her hands behind her back but leave her standing like this for a while.

"Now Teresa. I know what your biggest fear is, because you have told me that. Telling me about it was your first big and important step and I thank you for the trust you have shown by doing that. Now for once I am going to make an exception to the rules of this house. I am going to give you the option to say NO to what I am about to ask you. That is because after today your life will never be the same. Listen to me good. Many moons ago A was stripped of everything she had, all pride, all resistance, all doubts. I still very well remember when and how that happened for the first time. And today I will ask her to go through that memory again. Relive it literally, only with a major twist this time. The result of that and some other things will be that you will be stripped as well. I will not tell you exactly what that will be, but I will tell you that after that you will feel intensely vulnerable, more naked than you have ever felt before in your life and you will be extremely scared and left with nothing. Absolutely nothing. If you decide to allow me to bring you to that point, you will do so for your master, the man who owns you who wants you to be his slave in everything. It will be your biggest sacrifice ever and if you do that you will make way for me to bring out your true submissiveness, which is very, very deep but currently blocked by what indeed is your biggest fear - and for good reasons. Now the question is will you do that. Do you trust me enough to get you through that and will you allow me and A to take your hand afterwards and coach you into full, complete and unconditional submission? Please consider your answer carefully because this is the only chance you get to get out if you want to. Take your time, I'll wait for you."

I step back, walk towards A and lay my arms around her, pressing her still sensitive back against me. Not a word is spoken for a long time. Complete silence as you fight your battle. Finally, after what seems like ages, the whisper comes out.
"Please Sir, proceed."
"Are you absolutely certain, Teresa?"
"No Sir, but please proceed anyway."
"Well, at least you are honest." My arm fold around A's waist and I lead her forward, positioning her standing over your head. A spreader bar is placed between her legs so her vagina is now pressed against your lips. You can feel her, smell her, taste her. Breathing is difficult this way and every breath you take is filled with her, pregnant with her sex and excitement.

"Now lick her Teresa. I want you to lick her and remain doing so until she climaxes. You are not to stop, no matter what happens." There seems to be very little else you can do anyway.

Then you feel me spreading your labia, opening you up and sliding inside you. My hands grab your waist.
"Okay Teresa, both of us will be with you in this as close and intimate as we possibly can." Slowly I start to move and within minutes there is nothing else but arousal, totally confused by the feel of a man and the smell and taste of a woman at the same time. Then I turn to A. "You are going to be alone on this one. Teresa will need my full and physical support, but you know I feel what you feel, do you?"
You nod yes. Your belly and blather, swollen with water have already indicated long ago what is about to happen, only you never expected having to do it this way.
Lower your head A. Show me your submission."

One final look at Teresa. God it is good to know both of you can not see me and can not see the doubt on my face. The stakes I high now. The risk is huge. If I loose her now she'll be lost forever. I close my eyes. I feel Teresa's contractions around me. I don't need to feel A to know exactly where she is now. My heart ackes knowing what she is going through now and what Teresa, yet not knowing, is about to go through. A firm contraction. My hand reaches out and my fingers press the blather, setting off the flow.

Choked cries, coughs and a tremendous fight as the warm stream hits your face, fills your mouth and nose, soaks the blindfold, flows down your cheeks, your chin, your hair. You fight against the lack of air, the feeling of drowning in this warm stream that doesn't seem to stop. I can see A's blindfold discolour from tears as her body starts to shake, reliving that day, those emotions, those so very intense feelings. I plunge deep into Teresa, my hands reaching out for A, holding her shoulders, so badly wanting to be able to press both of against me.

Then the shaking starts, I retract and bring in my hand. Two, three firm squeezes and there it is. Waves, waves and more waves. I can hear A cry out load as your teeth dig deep into her sex and the pain makes her cum.


Teresa - I lift my head a little bit as I hear as I feel a change in the rhythm of A's breathing and that is when I sense we are no longer alone. You have returned and you release us both from our close confinement. I am unsure as to what you do with A but I do not resist as you move me to a small table that will support me from head to tailbone and quickly lay me upon it and secure me to it. My pony tail is also fastened into place to keep my head still. At this point my body is filled with apprehension.

I hear you walking away from me and sense that you have moved back to A. There is a brief silence before I you begin talking to me in a soft but firm tone. You explain to me that today something will happen to me that will be unlike any experience I have ever known. It will frighten me and it will bring out my vulnerability in extreme levels. You explain to me that I will be stripped of all my inhibitions and doubts. I will be left open and exposed all resistance will be stripped away so that my true submissiveness may finally emerge.

You amaze me and tell me I have the right to tell you No, that I do not wish to proceed. That it is now in my hands whether or not we progress. I am frightened already and know that whatever is going to happen to me will be intense and you are giving me the chance to back away. I close my eyes beneath the blindfold. My heart is pounding loudly in my ears and I can feel the sweat dripping down my sides to the board making it slightly damp beneath me. You have not said anything else as you wait for me to respond. I cannot see you but I know you scrutinise me closely.

I know that if I do not do this it will be over ... and all for not. I cannot allow that to happen. Master David did not send me here thinking I would fail in now. I take a deep breath and tell you in a hoarse, frightened whisper that I wish to proceed. You ask me again if I am sure and I tell you the same a little hesitantly and you smile at my honesty.
"Please Sir, I wish to proceed."

You are silent after that but I know you are moving toward me. I feel a light breeze next to my head and then I can smell the distinct odour of a woman and I know A is close to me. I am full of questions as I feel her moving directly over my head and then she is pressing herself intimately against my mouth. My every sense id filled with the feel and smell and texture of her vagina pressed against my lips and I cannot do anything else but take her in. You tell me to taste her. To lick her until she climaxes and I am not to stop until she does no matter what else should happen. I see that I have no other choice and so I do so tasting her sweet excitement as it coats my tongue. And then I feel you moving inside my heated body. Your words fill my aroused senses and you tell me that you will both be as close to me as you can possibly get as I go through this next phase and my heart again fills with the growing seeds of love I feel for you both. And we become as one. All three of us.

I am lost in my own world of sexual bliss and barely hear you talking softly to A. I feel you moving inside me and I am caught up in it and my need to bring her pleasure when suddenly my mouth is filled with a warm salty liquid and I choke and gasp for breath as I realise what it is. My mind reels with panic, anger, and humiliation as the stream of urine from A continues to pour over me.
My body rages and fights against this onslaught and I am helpless to move away from it. It covers my face and hair and fills my nose and mouth until I am nearly drowning in it and am f***e to swallow in order to breathe. It seems to go on and on and I whimper and cry as again and again I am f***ed to swallow the warm urine flowing from A. I can feel her shaking above me and I knew that she was not wanting to do this to me. She too was rebelling against this humiliation but like me she was unable to stop it and something deep inside me heard her unspoken words of strength and love and I knew she was with me.

What seemed like hours but was most likely minutes passed and finally it was over. A stood shaking over me and I knew she wanted nothing more than to move away from me but You do not let her. You keep her firmly pressed against my soaked face and mouth, and in my fear and anger I latch onto her and my teeth sink into her sensitive nub. Her body reacts instantly and she floods my mouth again but this time with her sweet nectar and I feel myself explode around You as well.


Alexus - What can I tell you about what happened to us that afternoon? I could say that we were tested, that we were pushed past any limits we might have dreamed up for ourselves. There was a combination of things, that we were both there by choice, but had no choice, that we were full of fear, but also desire to please...
Each of these things led us to the place we found ourselves that day. When you returned, and untied us, I was full of water. I needed to go to the bathroom, but knew better than to ask. I didn't know what you were doing with Teresa, but heard you moving around. My eyes are already watering with the need to empty my bladder. I stand quietly waiting, blindfolded. I know something is about to happen and I'm afraid for us both. It is the kind of fear that will take over if you let it, and so I find myself trying to control it. I breathe deeply and slowly, trying to slow my heart beat. My mind is imagining all the things you might be doing with Teresa and my heart goes out to her. At the same time, I want to obey, to please you, and thus please Master David.

When you lead me across the room and place my legs spread, tied to the spreader bar, I still am not sure what is happening. I fight the urge to beg you to let me go, to run from this place and never return. I remember all I have learned, remember that I am to obey. It isn't until later, when I discover that Teresa is under me that my mind fathoms what you intend.

Isn't it amazing that I could know you this well, know that you would think of this thing to challenge us, to perhaps take us further than either could go? I fight a mental battle against it, I simply cannot do it. I think of all the things I have been through, all the obstacles I have passed. I realise that perhaps you have finally found the thing that I cannot do. I know that you are inside Teresa, I hear her moan. I feel her mouth on my sex, and hold my breath. I will simply hold it, and it will not happen.

This is beyond me, and you know it. Then you are pressing on my bladder. OH GOD, the war in my head, in my body. I focus completely on my bladder. Teresa is licking my clit, and you are pressing on my stomach, urging me to release. I imagine her there underneath me, unknowing and I ache for her. Then I have no choice but to release. My face burns with shame and I am mortified at the emotions of this act. Once again you have shown me that you control every aspect of my body when you wish. Never before have I been so reminded that I am a slave.
Tears roll down my face through my soaked blindfold as I hear Teresa gasping and choking. She continues to bite and suck on my clit as my stream stops finally, and then what ever you are doing to her makes her scream out. She bites my clit hard in reflex and my whole body shakes.

I am crying out loud now, shaking all over and I fall to my knees, legs still attached to the spreader bar. I lie on the floor, with my face on the cold wet tile feeling as if I may never get up again. Perhaps you will let me lie here forever.

To be continued…

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