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I love my cousin s****r

Have been a frequent reader and decided to post up an experience, one I had when I was 14.

The summer following 9th grade, my parents decided I was old enough to travel internationally on my own. So two weeks after the last day of school, I hopped on a plane to visit my relatives over in India for two months. I was excited as hell to travel on my own, and I was looking forward to meet everyone after so long, having last visited the summer after 4th grade.

I landed in India at 1 AM, groggy-eyed and excited, as my grandparents and uncles greeted me at the airport. As we drove up to my grandparents' place, we caught up with lost time and the usual. Now in India, it's quite common for c***dren to have their own families living at their parents' homes, so at my grandparents' place it was them, my two uncles, their wives, and their two k**s each all living together.

When we finally reached, I was tired and decided to sl**p. The next day, I went on to spend time catching up with my cousins as we went to the local park to play for a bit. I have 3 cousin s****rs (at the time, ages 12, 10, and 2) and 1 cousin b*****r (at the time, age 6).

Now the previous year, I had discovered the wondrous joys of watching porn online so I was quite horny most of the time, peaking at anything the least bit titillating. So when my 12-year-old cousin fell on top of me and just lay there, I started to feel by dick harden and could feel it pop up through my basketball shorts. Having felt it, she looked down, looked back up at me, and laughed at what was happening to me. In response, I told her "It's nothing... I'm just really excited to see you all after a long time."

As we walked back, I began to look at my cousin more closely. I mean sure, she was cute and she had a nice ass for her age. She reminded me of my ex-girlfriend, and she and I were close. But to think about getting a hard-on from my cousin... I felt it was wrong, but hell, who am I to control what my dick does?

A few days passed, and I noticed that she would always come sit close to me or in my lap whenever we sat somewhere. My extended f****y saw it as her wanting to spend more time with me, while I kept trying not to pop another erection between her legs. Pretty soon, I decided that we should explore and spend some more alone time.

One lucky day, everyone was getting ready to go shopping around 9 am-ish. I had hurt my foot the other day slipping down the stairs, so I wanted to stay back. My 12-year-old cousin had some homework to finish, so my grandparents and aunt/uncle thought it would be a good idea if I stayed home with her while everyone else left. Instantly I knew I had to make a move now.

I turn on the TV in the bedroom and was watching a movie when she comes up to me and sits on my lap again. As she sits down on my dick, the movie shows a sex scene. Being 12 and not knowing anything about sex, she asked me "What are they doing here?" I told her "Oh... they're showing their love for each other." At the same time, I felt my dick rise again. It throbbed in my shorts, ready to come out.

I then explained sex to her and how to people have it to feel good. She looked at me and said "I wonder how sex feels," sounding innocent and curious at the same time. Not thinking, I replied "then let's try it." She then looked at me with a confused/amused look on her face and said "wait... you want to have sex with me?"

Caught in the act, I quickly replied "No... I didn't mean it like that... please don't tell. It's just that I think you're pretty and we're here alone and I like you..." She cut me off and said "well, we have 5 hours before they come back. SO why don't we see how good it really feels..."

With that, she grabbed my face and began kissing me. I thought, "could it be that I'm gonna lose my virginity to my cousin??" Rather than pull myself away, I responded with more passion to which she was first surprised but went along with. I slipped off my shirt and shorts/boxers, while she took off her dress. Just my luck... she was wearing no panties.

I told her to lay on the bed and spread her legs... it was almost like the porn movies I had jacked off to back home. Her light brown skin was beautiful and virgin, and the tight pink hole that was her vagina seemed to enchant me. I then decided to lick her pussy, just as I had seen a guy do in one of the porn movies. A little salty, but it wasn't too bad. She asked me "What're you doing??" to which I responded "It's a different kind of love... you'll like it."

As I continued to lick her clit, I saw and felt her 4' 8" body twitch with excitement and thrill, as she moaned softly and let out the occasional cry of joy. She instinctively pushed my head into her vagina, telling me to give her more. I continued for a few more minutes, but soon lifted my head to really show her what sex was.

I told her that it was time to do it, to which she got in a more comfortable position. She told me "Let's try it... I can't wait." So turned on by the mood with nobody else around and her begging me to enter her vagina, I slowly slid my penis inside of her. Immediately, I felt something slightly hard as the tip of my dick was touching her hymen. I told her "this is going to hurt, so hold on to me hard." As she did, I slowly pushed further, thus breaking her hymen and making her scream loudly in pain.

Having broken the barrier, I knew there was nothing stopping me now as I continued to slide my dick in and out of her, kissing her neck and licking her tits, as I had seen in the porn movies. I could hear her moan slightly and this made me pump only harder as she begged for me to continue on and on. Me on top, her underneath, this continued for another 3 minutes until I unloaded inside of her, still thursting and hearing her moan even louder and louder. I turned her over on top of me, as we both caught our breath. After another 10 minutes of our laying like this, she got off of my dick and I saw a mix of my semen and the bl**d from the breaking of her hymen trickle down her inner thigh. She first freaked out about the bl**d, of course, but I reassured her it was completley normal.

We both then went to shower together and clean up, still very surprised but both very satisfied by this experience. During the shower, she was curious what it woudl be like to suck my dick so she gave me a blowjob in the shower, which was seriously even better than fucking her tight little pussy. Eventually, we got of the shower, got dressed, ate, and lay down to take a nap. With me behind her in spooning position with my hand around her waist and her hand on my dick, we slept together soundly, cherishing our moment together.

We both were woken up later by my grandmother, once everyone had come homer, who said we looked like a perfect b*****r-s****r pairing the way we were sl**ping so soundly and peacefully. Of course, my cousin s****r and I knew how much we did love each other as we smiled and joked it off. The next couple of days, we tried to sneak ways to take care of each other's sexual needs whenever we found it convenient. I'd kiss her everytime I'd see her and vice versa, while the rest of our f****y saw me being an affectionate b*****r-like figure to my adorable and oh-so-cute cousin s****r.

At last, I had to leave to go back home in America. It was sad to say goodbye to my f****y, but most of all to my cousin, who I had grown very close to and had shared my first sexual experience with her. But every time I go back to India to visit f****y, I make sure to spend more time with her. And we often choose to stay back at home while the rest of the f****y goes shopping, so we can relive that day by the TV... and love each other.

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