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Chapter 1

Her naked body hissed between the sheets as she slid
into bed. It was a luxurious feeling, like hotel sheets
always are, cool, crisp and fresh, nearly crackling. She
felt like purring as she snuggled down, allowing the
soft comfort to ease the tension of the day's drive from

Fresh from the shower, glowing with a pampered warmth,
she rolled to the center of the king-size bed and
languidly stretched. A satisfied smile danced across her
full lips as she once more came alive. Carefully, she
arranged the shoulder length strands of light brunette
hair in a fluffy cascade on the pillow, framing the
classical oval beauty of her face in a silken cloud of

As a last touch, she raised the sheet and let it slowly
drift down, moulding its whiteness to the supple
contours of her nakedness: a veil that completely hid
the smooth pinkness of her body, but a veil that went
beyond the point of mere suggestion and presented an
alluring portrait of willing innocence.

Prepared, her eyes swept over the room, finally focusing
on the open door to a small bathroom. An impish glint
played over the misty green of her eyes and a pleased
smile once more crept back to her lips. She waited -
waited for the man still busying himself in the shower.

Michael Hightower; she let the name roll over in her
mind, quivering as shivery little thrills tingled their
way through her. He was a Michael, not a Mike. Mike was
a name for a boy. Michael Hightower was most definitely
a man!

Mrs. Michael Hightower; she savored the feel of it,
tingling as new excitement washed over her. Diana
Little, meet Diana Hightower, she continued to mentally
play with her new name.

She felt like a newlywed. Despite the fact that she and
Michael had lived together for the past semester at
college, she felt like a newlywed. She trembled anew,
her body alive with the excited warmth of anticipation.
She was acting like some foolish school girl and loved
every moment of it!

The blasting water of the shower abruptly ceased and the
curt sound of metal rings sliding along the shower rod
entered the room, sending a vivid flush of eager
gooseflesh running up her spine. She listened as he
pulled a towel free and briskly rubbed himself dry.

She heard two steps, then he was there, standing in the
doorway, naked except for a small white towel wrapped
hastily around his waist.

"Hello, wife," he grinned, his eyes lit with self-
assured confidence.

Wife, lover, mistress or whore, any way you'll take me,
she thought as he brushed the rumpled mop of thick,
black hair away from his face and crossed the room. The
towel and his brisk stride gave him the air of a
triumphant conqueror come to claim his reward. Her eyes
trained on the slit that opened in the terry cloth,
exposing a suntanned thigh as he stepped. She tried to
glimpse what lay beneath, although she already knew.

"Tired?" he smiled down at her from the side of the bed.

"Not that tired!" she returned the smile. "After all,
this is our wedding night!"

His wide grin was back, "Have I ever told you how
beautiful you are?"

"Yes," her eyelids coyly fluttered down in mock modesty,
then opened wide, revealing two sparkling eyes of
emerald green. "But keep on doing it. I love it!"

She wasn't a beautiful woman, she knew that, but she was
attractive. The obvious attributes of her body were
nothing out of the ordinary when taken individually, but
together, that was another story. That she knew how to
highlight what she had only added to the enticing
picture she presented to Michael's eyes.

"What's that ridiculous towel for?" she frowned up to
her new husband.

"Just following the advice of all those marriage manuals
I've read in preparation for this moment," he chuckled.
"They all said a man should never let a woman see his
genital area on the first night of their marriage. It
might frighten her!"

"But..." her hand reached up, grabbed the towel and
tugged, this is not our first night!"

It came free and fell to his feet. Her gleaming deep
green eyes homed in on the sl**ping form of his cock.
No, penis, she corrected herself, when his cock naps
it's a penis.

Small, almost bud-like, it nestled securely in the nest
of black pubic hairs thickly covering his groin. She had
known men whose cocks were always the same size, only
growing hard as they were aroused. But this penis would
blossom into a long, unyielding rod of a cock! That she
could watch and feel its virile metamorphosis made it
that much better!

"...And I happen to love looking at you," her hand
tenderly crept up the inside of his thighs.

Long, cool and graceful, her fingers cupped around his
testicles and cock. He sighed, as the gentle caress
stirred swirling, pulsing life into his loins. Her
fingertips lazily circled the sensitive crown of his
organ, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from his lips.

Throbbing with pulsating surges of bl**d, he grew under
her gentle ministrations. She knew what she was handling
and how to handle it. Lovingly, her fingers glided up
and down the growing column in light fleeting strokes.
Like a snake coming to life, it jerked and twitched.

Engorged and alive, it bobbed upward, its head
transforming from bud-like smallness to a thick, plump-
looking plum. Tube-like, it stiffened, growing hard and
erect. Still her dancing fingers worked their taunting
magic, teasing and titilating the shaft as it grew.

When her hand eventually drifted between his open thighs
to find the dangling sac of his balls, he no longer
sported a penis but a cock! Long, hard, thick and
swollen, it jutted from his crotch at a forty- five
degree angle. Its lust-gorged glans twitched with fired
arousal. A small drop of clear sexual oil oozed from its
small slitted mouth.

Her wide green eyes rolled up to him, no longer
flickering with girlish delight, but with the eager
flames of a woman - a woman that knew what she wanted!
She smiled, recognizing the desire that played in his

"I love your hands on me," he smiled back, moaning as an
inquisitive finger teasingly probed and swirled over his

"So do I," she whispered, her pink tongue slicking her
lips, then her eyes returned to the cock she had brought
to life.

For minutes, he stood there, letting her finger play at
his sac. He moaned as she toyed with his stirring balls.
She caressed them and taunted them. Her fingers rolled
their weighty shapes back and forth in the bag that held

Then her hand was back on his prick. She grasped his rod
tightly, squeezing its bl**d-filled thickness, as if
testing the fatness of its circumference. Up and down
along the inflexible length of his manhood, her clinging
fist jerked until he groaned and his knees threatened to
give way.

Pulling her demanding hand from his cock, he reached
down and tucked his fingers beneath the top of the sheet
covering her. Slowly, he pulled the veiling whiteness
downward, his eager eyes hungrily devouring the
nakedness he discovered.

Like firm half-melons, her tits jutted proudly up to
him. He delighted in the trembly little quaking that set
them liquidly juggling as she shivered in her
excitement. Deep pink nipples, surrounded by coral-
blushed haloes, crested the lovely fleshy mounds. As he
gazed, the rubbery little buttons fattened and
thickened, as she anticipated what was to come.

Lower the sheet and his eyes drifted. Down over the
quivering sleekness of her belly with its deep sensuous
navel the cloth came, revealing a distinctive tangle of
silky brown pubic fur bushed over the plump rise of her
sex. Quickly, with his own eagerness growing, he pulled
the rest of the sheet from her body, unveiling two
shapely legs that slowly spread open in an announcement
of her body's willingness.

"Beautiful," he whispered almost to himself.

A definitely pleased smile on her lips, she opened her
arms to him and he came, sitting on the side of the bed
and leaning over her. His hands were at the sides of her
face, tenderly brushing her cheeks and toying with the
softness of her hair. In silence, their eyes spoke the
words of their love as they gazed at each other for a
few brief moments.

Leaning further down, his lips were on hers in a light,
brushing kiss. Waves of gooseflesh rippled over her as
his chest was on hers with a warm gentle pressure. The
stiff tips of her nipples tingled even harder and
stabbed into the man above her. Just soaking in the feel
of him, her hands roved over his back, reveling in the
smoothness of his skin and the roll of his muscles

His lips moved away for an instant, then he was back.
His tongue teased invitingly at her lips until they
parted and his oral digit entered the humid warmth of
her mouth. Pressin his weight harder against her
yielding willingness, his tongue darted around in the
sweet harbor it had found. She welcomed him, tightening
her arms around his back and using her own tongue to
taunt over and around the invader swirling at the roof
of her mouth.

He withdrew and she followed. Probing toward his throat,
her tongue drilled eagerly into his mouth. Twirling and
flicking, she teased the growing glow of love-lust
stirring within his body. Then his teeth lightly clamped
down on her swirling oral probe, holding it securely. He
sucked at its provocative softness until she moaned and
writhed with pleasure under him.

When he finally released the captive digit, his mouth
left hers and his tongue was flicking its way over her
ear lobe. He worked until he could feel the shivering
trembles of her excitement, then he let his teeth nibble
for several moments.

Low moans rolled up from her throat as his lips moved
down the long graceful arch of her neck. Lightly
kissing, he took control of her body. A body he knew and
had learned to arouse to its fullest during their year
together. He controlled and affected her like no other
man had been able to do. This was not a man taking a
virgin bride, but an expert lover having his woman,
giving and taking to please and be pleased.

His mouth drifting with tantalizing slowness toward the
waiting bulges of her breasts, he slid into the bed
beside her, delighting as she trembled along the length
of his body.

Her hands were far from still. They roamed down his
spine, finding the cheeks of his ass. With titilating
dexterity, her fingertips taunted at his buttocks and
the deep crease between the tightening demiglobes. Like
feathers of loving caress, she played, forcing his ass
muscles to draw up hard and ready.

His own hands were on her tits, sizing up the full
circumference of the enticing forms. Around the
bountiful mounds of flesh, his fingers circled, exciting
in the summery warmth they found. In spiralling fashion,
his palms climbed the sloped curves of her breasts.

Squirming under him, one of her hands left his ass and
clamped urgently around the shaft of man meat throbbing
at his groin, as his fingers reached out and tapped the
hard nipples at the crests of the two peaking tits.
Squeezing him, her hand was hot and demanding.

Suddenly his mouth dropped down, capturing one of the
stiff little buds. He sucked and pulled at the rubbery
tip until she moaned and her hand jerked at his pulsing
pole of cock. Then his teeth bit lightly into the button
seized by his lips.

Fire flamed through the aching nipple, when his mouth
abruptly retreated and then attacked the s****r button
of flesh. She groaned and quivered as her want for this
man she now called "husband" grew. She was his! His to
do with as he pleased!

Harder and harder his lips sucked at the sexually
burning bud of her breast. Her back arched up, shoving
the luxurious pillow of her tit flesh into his face and
licking as she moaned and writhed under his

Her whole body jolted as one of his hands left its firm
hold on her breasts and slid down over her stomach to
grasp the far-covered mound waiting between her spread
thighs. Her lust-inflamed pelvis twitched and pushed
into his palm.

Firmly squeezing the fleshy mound of woman-sex, he
easily slid a finger into the wet warmth of her cunt.
She twitched and rotated the hungry lips of her pussy,
trying to impale herself on the taunting digit of his
explorations - a wish he complied with in a driving
plunge that drilled his finger into the caressing hole
of her vagina.

Easily, his finger pumped in and out of the oil-slicked
channel, while he tickled another fingertip between the
pouting cleft of her outer lips. Upward the inquisitive
digit taunted along the wet crease of her snatch, to
cajole the tiny bud of her clitoris out from under its
hood of skin. She groaned and twitched as the dual
sensations of his mouth at her tit and his vigorously
fucking fingers sent ardent waves of pleasure through
her body. Her hips hunched into his hands, caught in the
rhythm of his fingers. His control of her was complete.
Her whole being begged for him to open her with the
thick, swollen shaft she clutched in her hand.

"Now!" she moaned, tugging at the throbbing lance her
body pleaded for. "Now! Please! Give it to me now!"

Pulling his lips from her tit with a wet "pop," his
mouth once more was hers and his tongue was striving to
slither into her throat. Her legs spread even wider,
opening to him as he rolled atop her waiting nakedness.
Each of his hands found and squeezed the fleshy orbs
that jutted up to him from her chest. She moaned and
squirmed under the sweet agony of his hands, while her
own hand still clutching the pulsing column of flesh
between his thighs, guided it between the outer lips of
her labia. Thick and engorged, the bulbous mass of his
cockshead throbbed and jerked within the soft confines
of her slit.

Then, in an easy twitch of his pelvis, he slid his shaft
into the well-lubricated channel of her cunt. Deep,
sinking to his hilt, he glided into the moist clutchy
folds of her vagina.

She grunted and quivered as he entered. Big, hard, and
swollen, his cock filled her to the brim. He jerked and
pulsed with virile life that packed the tunnel of her
sex. Her hand slipped from his crotch and returned to
join its s****r, clinging to the hard mounds of his

"Fuck me!" she whispered-moaned, pulling her mouth from
his. "Fuck me hard, my husband!"

Releasing his holds on her tits, he raised himself on
his elbows, smiling down with pleasure at the woman -
his wife - who lay beneath him. The stiff nipples of her
breasts still stabbed into his chest, as she writhed
languidly under the deep impalement of his sex.

Responding to her desires, his hips whipped back,
wrenching the thick column of his cock from the clinging
velvet channel of her belly. Then he slammed himself
forward, drilling full length into the loving saddle of
lust he rode.

She groaned and her head rolled wantonly on her
shoulders as she accepted and welcomed the hard rod of
stiff meat cramming back inside her. He pulled out again
and she moaned as the lust-filled head of his prick
strained the walls of her pussy in its exit. He plunged
once again.

The sudden invasion drew a sharp cry of delight from her
lips. The tight, young muscles of her cunt contracted
into a sheath of squeezing delight, surrounding his
lusty stalk of manliness. His hips jerked upward, then
lunged down again, burying the hard rod of flesh deeper
into her yielding cunt.

Her hands dug into his ass, her nails biting his flesh
with aroused need. As he pumped and poled into the core
of her quick, she urged him on, pulling him hard with
each downstroke of his groin. Her legs crossed around
his, locking him to her in the rising desperation of her

Long, hard and big, he shafted into the spongy mouth of
her belly. She groaned and writhed under the constant
skewering lance that opened and reopened her. She
clutched him and begged and pleaded for more.

Harder, his cock drilled into the warm caressing
recesses of her cunt, trying to nail her to the bed
beneath their bodies. She squirmed and quivered under
him, the satin pillows of her tits rolling against his
chest and the erect, firm nipples digging into his

Her ass swished and hissed over the sheet as her hips
took up the rhythm of his fucking. As he lunged down,
her pelvis leaped up and greeted his swollen rod,
helping it to plow even deeper into the grateful channel
of her unabandoned lust. She squeezed and held him in
the depths of her pussy for a brief instant.

Then he jerked out, wrenching the filling thickness of
his presence from her. In turn, her hips dropped back to
the bed, then jumped forth once more to envelop his
bigness as it penetrated her body.

She no longer groaned, but grunted with each pounding
impact of his loins against her eager cuntal mound. Her
body was jolted time and again, as he pumped his stiff
mass into her with reckless abandon.

Suddenly, he dropped full weight to her body, his chest
smashing into her tits, pancaking their roundness
beneath him. His hands slid under her, grasping the perk
curves of her ass and jerking them upward to increase
the angle of his driving plunges.

She groaned as he speared closer and closer to her soul.
Her hands anchored firmly into his ass and she pulled
even harder as he lunged, as if trying to take him into
her, balls and all. She twisted and squirmed with
soaring pleasure under the battering attack of his

Together they rose in a fervor of erotic delirium. They
strove to reach new levels of ecstasy. Pounding,
groaning, aching, and grunting, they drove into and
accepted each other, attempting to take every ounce of
pleasure each offered.

Higher and higher she soared. Her thighs throbbed and
pounded with the growing agony of near release. Aching,
writhing, and groaning, she was caught up in an
imploding universe of lust - a lust that consumed her in
tidal wave after tidal wave of soul-rendering passion.

Simultaneously, his balls boiled with the fire of desire
and up from the aching depths of his testicles a molten
flow raced through his throbbing and pulsing cock. He
erupted, spewing the thick fountain of his lust into her
belly. Hunching deep into her cunt, he emptied himself
of seemingly gallons of hot cum that splattered and
coated the contracting folds of her pussy until the
flood of sperm and semen overflowed the well of her sex
and oozed out around his thickness.

Their desperate, wanton lust expended, they clutched
each other in loving caresses. Their grateful bodies
heaved and trembled in the wake of their passion. With
tender love, their mouths met and kissed in silent
"thank you" for the pleasure shared.

Chapter 2

Diana felt anticipation growing within her as Michael
wheeled their small, fully packed MGB down the narrow
road. Outside, the moss-laden cypresses of the bayou
country blurred by. She reached out and lovingly
squeezed her husband's thigh. He glanced at her, smiled,
then returned his eyes to the winding road.

Michael had been uneasy about this visit to his parents
home, afraid she would be offended by the interruption
of their honeymoon, which would eventually end up in
Mexico City for a week, before Michael took over a
position in a small Houston advertising firm.

But the trip was necessary, she had assured him. He had
some money tied up in a trust, which was now needed to
buy in as a partner of the firm. The business deal was
too important to pass by! And besides, she was looking
forward to meeting the Hightower f****y.

"Hold on and watch out for 'gators," Michael cut into
her thoughts, as he turned off the highway onto a small
asphalt road. "It's about five miles up this way."

Diana slipped the clasp from her purse and retrieved the
needed brush and lipstick to prepare herself for her
first encounter with her new in-laws.

"Don't worry," Michael threw her a broad grin. "You're
beautiful... as always."

She chuckled, "I love you, too. But first impression and
best foot forward, you know."

"No problem. They'll love you," he assured her. "I just
hope you'll like..."

"Relax, I know I'll like them," she broke in, as she
straightened her clothing and pressed the wrinkles from
her skirt with her palms. "Especially if they're
anything like you."

"I give up. A woman in love is blind," he grinned and
shrugged his shoulders. "Just remember, the Hightowers
are a bit eccentric."

"I'll remember," she grimmaced. "You make it sound as if
I was walking into some grisly scene straight out of a
Gothic novel."

"It's not quite that bad..." he laughed, "...but the
Hightower f****y is just a little bit different and
somewhat weird."

"You can't scare me off now, Michael Hightower!" she
returned in mock anger. "I've read all those tales of
werewolves and vampires. And I've come equipped with a
silver bullet and wooden stake!"

His laughter increased, "Okay! You win! No more!"

Then he continued, carrying her joke a step further,
"Just remember, Grandma sacrifices virgins at midnight
every night in the basement!"

"Virgins, hmmmmm?" she slid her hand up to the crotch of
his jeans and allowed her fingers to tease along the
sl**ping bulge of his cock. "No worry there for me, is

"You keep that up, woman, and I'll have to pull over to
the side-of the road and **** your young body!" he
grinned, easing her tempting fingers away.

"Promises, promises," she sighed, a wistful look in her

"Patience, my dear," he answered in a Bela Lugosi
imitation, "ven night come, so vill you!"

Suddenly, she scooted to the edge of her seat and leaned
over. Her teeth lightly nipped at his neck and she
sucked loudly.

"I vant to suck your co..." she started.

"Greedy, bitch!" his palm slapped sharply on the exposed
cheek of her skirt-covered rump.

"Ouch!" she yelped, pouting as she withdrew back into
her seat.

He grinned at her, "On your best behavior, wench; we're

Before them on the road, which apparently was nothing
more than one hell of a long driveway, stood a massive
stone wall. A wrought iron gate, complete with arch and
a swirling Old English "H" in an intricate circle, was
open. Slowing down, Michael eased the sports car through
the narrow passage. No longer was the surrounding
country the tangled jungle of bayou undergrowth, but a
plush carpet of green grass. No, she decided, lawn was
more like it, well-manicured with landscaped shrubs
growing around towering magnolia trees.

"Welcome to the Hightower Estate," Michael waved one of
his hands to scene stretched before them.

"Michael, you didn't tell me... it's beautiful," she
exclaimed with obvious delight.

"Up ahead is the Hightower home." he smiled pleased with
her reaction.

"Home? Mansion is more like it!" She stared at the white
brick, two-story house set back among the flowering

"This is an old plantation my father found and restored
several years ago," her husband explained. "He liked the
isolation it offered."

The road widened into a circular driveway that led to
the front of the Hightower mansion. Michael wheeled
around and before the immense structure.

The place is authentic, just like the Old South," he
continued. "Like it?"

"Like it? It's fantastic," she muttered, somewhat in
shock by the unexpected mansion.

She found herself mumbling dumbfoundedly, "Michael, why
didn't you tell me that..."

"That my f****y has some money?" he smiled.

She nodded, unable to find the appropriate words.

"It didn't seem to matter... with you," he leaned over
and tenderly kissed her. "Does it?"

"No, you big, beautiful idiot!" she grinned, throwing
her arms around his neck and planting a loud wet kiss on
his lips. "No, it didn't matter. But please don't mind
if I'm excited as hell about it! Not to mention

"Nervous?" he grinned. "Don't worry. They'll love you!"


"But nothing. The Hightowers may be a tad bit strange,
but we really live rather simple," he reassured her.
"That's what money's all about. It lets you live in the
style you want."

She shook her head, still unbelieving, and started to
speak, but Michael announced, "Here they come. Time to
meet your in-laws."

She glanced to the house and saw a man walking briskly
toward the car. With a last few brushes at her skirt,
Diana took a deep breath, opened the door and slid out.
The man, a wide grin on his face, was at Michael's side,
behind them she glimpsed a feminine figure stepping from
the house.

"Father, my wife, Diana," Michael beamed. "Diana, meet
Michael Hightower, Number One."

She knew a surprised look was plastered stupidly across
her face, but it couldn't be helped. Her father-in-law's
resemblance to his son, her husband, was unbelievable.
He was identical to Michael, except for a slightly
older-looking face and a few strands of grey hair
salting the area around his temples. The elder Hightower
even wore blue-jeans and a pullover in the fashion of
his son. Had she not known that he was nearing fifty,
she would have guessed his age to be no more than in the

"She's beautiful, Michael," he grinned, dropping a hand
he had proferred as a greeting. "Handshakes are for men.
I prefer a healthy hug for beautiful women... that is if
you don't object."

Smiling, she shook her head in the negative and opened
her arms. The hug was no more than a quick friendly
squeeze. Still somewhat stunned by the father and son
resemblance, she mumbled something about being pleased
at the warm greeting and found her "Mr. Hightower"
immediately corrected to "Michael One," if having two
Michaels around confused her.

"Diana, welcome," a flurry of a woman form pushed around
the older Hightower and she was getting another warm hug
and a quick womanly kiss on the cheek. "We're all so

"My wife, Lorraine," her father-in-law made the

Diana found herself mentally knocked for another loop,
when she was finally released from the hug and got a
good look at her new mother-in-law. Lorraine was a
beautiful woman. Not only beautiful, but she didn't look
a day over twenty-five. She was dressed in a loose-
fitting silk caftan, but the light afternoon breeze
pressed the thin fabric against her body, revealing the
curves of an equally young woman.

Dear old Dad likes 'em sweet and tender, she mentally
noted, remembering Michael's words about his f****y
being "a little different."

Jolt three came when Lorraine introduced her two
c***dren, jerking the rug out from under Diana's twenty-
five year old theory. First there was Paula - eighteen
and sharing her mother's blonde, flowing hair and
shapely figure. And at sixteen and a full six feet, was
Bryan. Brushing the reddish-blonde mat of long hair from
his face, he offered Diana a handshake in greeting. Her
first impression of him as a young athlete was
reinf***ed by the strength of his grip.

Michael had told her of his father's re-marriage after
his wife's death five years ago, but this bordered on
the unbelievable. Lorraine looked so young, but here
were her c***dren by a previous marriage. And they were
in their late teens. Hell, Diana thought, I'm only
twenty-one and Michael's just twenty-two.

"This is my s****r, Katherine," her husband introduced
the final member of the Hightower f****y.

"Kate, to friends and f****y," the young black-haired
girl insisted, giving Diana another friendly hug.

Michael's true s****r, Diana knew, was s*******n. And
she realized the good looks of the Hightowers weren't
reserved for the men, as she gazed at the young girl.

"My other son, Jim, hasn't arrived home from school
yet," the elder Michael Hightower spoke. "We expect him
in by Sunday. Which will give you a chance to meet him
before you two have to leave."

She nodded, then allowed her father-in-law to e****t her
into the Hightower "home." If the immense house appeared
to be a mansion on the outside, it did doubly so within.
A great sweeping, curved stairway leading to the upper
floor stood at the back of the entry hall. And
everywhere was highly polished wood paneling.

She only glimpsed the other rooms, as Lorraine took over
and led her and Michael upstairs to their room to
freshen up before dinner. Their room looked like
something out of Gone With The Wind and Diana raced
across the room to fly bouncing on the over-sized four-
poster bed as soon as Lorraine departed, announcing
dinner would be ready in an hour or so.

"It's beautiful and they're nice," she grinned up from
the bed, still feeling the jostling mattress beneath

"I'm glad," Michael said, climbing in beside her. "I was

"I know," she whispered, cradling his head and kissing
him with soft warmth.

His arms encircled her, pulling her close. Their tongues
played around, exploring the warm wetness of their
mouths for moments, gradually increasing the urgency of
their embrace and sparking flames and lighting fires.

She wiggled and squirmed even closer, so that her body
was pressed firmly down the front of him. Even through
their clothes, she could detect the growing bulge at his
crotch. She rolled her thigh over the hardening length,
suggestively. He moaned, pulling her hard to him, his
hands roaming over her back.

"I seem to remember a certain vampire out front and a
certain lewd proposal," he whispered as he nibbled her
ear when they parted.

"You are under my power," she whispered, picking up the
Transylvanian accent they had used earlier. "You vill do
as I say."

"I will do as you say," he laughed, playfully hugging
her close, and once more kissing her long and hard,
leaving them both fully aroused when they parted.

"Well, do as I say then!" she chided. "Get those clothes
off. 'Cause, boy have I got some unusual vampiric
techniques to show you!"

"A little snack before dinner?" he smiled as he hastily

"You might say that!" her eyes sparkled, as they focused
in on the jutting, jerking pole of cock throbbing hard
and rigid from his groin. "Now sit on the side of the

He did as she said, enjoying the view as she slipped
free of her blouse and her pleated skirt. Next came the
"blushing pink" bra and matching bikini panties. Naked,
she came toward him, her green eyes trained on him like
those of a cat hypnotizing its prey before it pounced.
Her uptilted tits swayed in a delightful little dance,
moved by the exaggerated movement of her hips. His balls
tightened familiarly and his stiff rod jerked and
twitched with anticipation.

A foot before him, she stopped, posing momentarily,
letting her hands briefly cup the firm globes of her
breasts, then slide seductively down the sleek curves of
her sides and hips. Once again he felt lust grab his
testicles in a taut grip of desire.

Locking his eyes to hers, she slowly lowered herself
before him, kneeling on the floor. His legs parted and
she moved forward, taking advantage of his positioning
on the side of the bed.

She glanced down to his crotch and studied the thick
pole shafting out toward her face - and mouth! Gently,
with loving care, she reached out and tenderly ran her
fingertips down its unbending length. It throbbed and
pulsed with virile life beneath her touch. A single drop
of crystal clear pre-seminal fluid welled from its tiny
pinprick mouth.

Her emerald eyes rolled back up to him, as if saying "I
see what is being offered and I like it." Her naturally
blushed lips were caught in an elfin smile of mischief.
Her pink tongue flicked wetly from behind her lips and
gleaming white teeth. Then her eyes descended back to
the swollen pole standing hard and proud at his crotch.
Her fingers once more stroked its strained length and
she watched it jerk and pulse with growing excitement.

As he watched from his bedside perch, she reached up and
pulled his lust-ladened cock downward until it jutted at
a ninety degree angle from his groin. Her eyes titled
back up to him and she smiled once more, before
returning to a demonstration of her "techniques."

He reveled in the sight of the woman kneeling on the
floor before his cock. On her knees, as if she were
worshipping the thick slab of dick he sported.

His positioning allowed him full view as her wet pink
tongue curled out from behind her lips. He watched as
its glistening tip extended closer and closer. Then with
a light, feathery touch, she tapped the mouth of his
sex. Electricity sizzled through his loins, as she
captured the clear drop of sexual oil oozing from his

Her tongue returned to her mouth and with it the juices
she had stolen from his organ. He watched as she rolled
the drop in her mouth, savoring it and then swallowing.
Her tongue, as if she was satisfied with the taste of
him, was back, swirling and washing over the sensitive
softness of his engorged cock head. The reddening glans
of his prick were left glistening and wet with a wake of
her saliva.

Her attention then turned to the underside of his
throbbing rod. Languorously, her teasing oral digit ran
its sweet moist tip along the rough ridge of skin
emerging from the black bush of his pubic hairs to the
wrinkled folds surrounding the fattened head of his

As if she were a c***d slowly playing with a candy
stick, her tongue lapped at him, sending quakes of
fantastic pleasure flowing up from his groin and through
his body. His balls ached, drawing tightly within their
taut sac. His bone-hard shaft pounded with excitement,
as bl**d throbbed at an increased rate through its
swollen length.

He moaned as her teeth clamped lightly down on his
bigness. Up and down the fleshy wand of delight she
nibbled, while her marvelously soft and warm tongue
continued its teasing, flicking dance. Mounting to his
cock's crown once again, she pulled away for an instant,
then leaned forward to nibble and lick at the plum-like
head of his man-shaft.

He groaned and quivered under the swirling sensations
that raced up from his loins. He ached and hurt to have
her mouth. But still she lightly nibbled, driving him to
the region where pleasure and pain mingle in a confusing
mixture that flamed him to sheer a****l lust.

Once again, she abruptly pulled off his cock and stared
at its throbbing, gorged crown. As he watched, her lips
formed a tightly puckered, lubricious "O" and she moved
in. Forward her head tilted, her lips kissing his glans,
then opening to sheath their bulbous form in the humid
shelter of her mouth.

She paused and he watched her swallow and breathe deeply
through her nose. Then in one swooping, fluid motion,
she took him. Full length, she swallowed up the thick
pulsing cock, burying her nose in the dark hair at the
base of his prick.

He groaned and shuttered under the fantastic sensation
of being fully entrenched in her face. Warm and liquid,
her mouth surrounded him. His glans jerked and throbbed
against the back of her throat.

Then with ball-aching slowness, she eased her edacious
mouth off the ponderous mass of manmeat she had
captured. Inch by micro-inch she slipped her pouted lips
from his cock, until only the constantly throbbing glans
remained in her mouth. Then she sucked, forcing even
more bl**d into the already agitated head. She sucked as
he groaned, almost begging for release from this torture
of delicious pleasure. She sucked, fully demonstrating
the "techniques" she had promised.

Then she abruptly threw herself forward, impaling her
face on the hardness of his swollen lance of manbood. He
banged into the back of her mouth and felt himself slide
down her wonderfully welcoming throat, driving toward
her tonsils. In an equally abrupt manner, she jerked
back. Her taut lips clung to the thick cylinder of cock
she was now truly worshipping, sucking along the whole
length of the rock-hard rod.

Again and again, she repeated the violent fucking of her
face, as he watched with delighted amazement. Her cheeks
bulged outward under each self-inflicted invasion of his
sex. They hollowed deeply as she pulled off his prick,
with her tongue constantly swirling and twirling around
the swollen circumference.

He groaned and moaned as she worked her oral magic on
him. His body was wracked by blast after blast of
lashing sensations. His balls were on fire, threatening
to crack from the flaming heat that consumed them.

As the fiery orb of lust moved up from his testicles,
pushing its way into the rock-hard shaft of his cock, he
reached down and grasped her head, holding her f****y
impaled on his lust-shaft.

Then he relaxed and let the demanding waves of desire
take his control and his body. Opalescent jets of
burning cum seered through his length, exploding out
into the chalice of her mouth. Helpless in his violent
release, he could but watch her voracious mouth work on
the juices spilling forth from his groin. Her throat
bobbed and twitched as she eagerly accepted and
swallowed each thick gush of sperm and semen he had to

Throbbing and aching, he moaned as he was wracked by
spurt after spurt of pleasure. His hands slipped weakly
from her head, and her mouth slid back to the nut-like
tip of his penis. Again she sucked. Her tongue and lips
milked every spasmodic twitch still controlling his
cock. She sucked, taking every drop that oozed from him.
She sucked, eating and swallowing the last trace of his
release, then sucked some more as if hoping to find one
last morsel for her predatory mouth.

As the marvelous pleasure of her tongue and lips
threatened to turn to pain, she pulled her head away
from him and once more rolled the deep green of her eyes
upward and smiled. Gratefully, he cupped her face in his
hands and leaned over and kissed her.

"Now," he whispered when their lips drifted apart, "I
have some techniques of my own to demonstrate."

Without the slightest bit of urging, she clambered to
the bed, moaning in fully aroused excitement as his
tongue proceeded to sample the juices of her cunt. And
within a very short time, she was crying out in pleasure
as his mouth sent her soaring to the heights she had
taken him.

Chapter 3

Dinner war simple and formal, which Diana soon learned
that in Hightower terms meant everyone put on clean
jeans and ate hamburgers. Afterwards, Lorraine spirited
Diana away from the rest for a lengthy tour of the
mansion's twenty-five rooms, all of which were in use.

When they returned to the rest of the f****y, all had
gathered in a spacious den and were sharing the latest
tales of their lives as well as a glass of wine.
Watching as she entered Diana was struck by the
closeness of the f****y. At least on the surface, there
seemed to be none of the normal bickerings that would be
constantly occurring in any other f****y of this size.
All in all, they seemed to be one large group of old

Michael was the first to notice their return. He rose
and smiled.

"Well, how did it go?" he asked pouring two new glasses
of wine and carrying it to them.

"Impressive," Diana replied in a genuine assessment of
the Hightower homestead. "It's completely fantastic!"

Michael nodded as his father grinned, pleased with her

"There's a long history to this old place," the head of
the Hightower f****y began, as Michael directed Diana to
a place beside him on a cozy over-stuffed sofa. "In the
anti-bellum days, this was built by a French f****y by
the name of Duvalle and was a main base for smuggling
slaves to the free states."

"You can still see the remains of some underground
vaults they hid escaping slaves in until they could
manage passage north," Michael interjected. "There's
some out back I can show you if you're interested."

Diana nodded and listened as her father-in-law went on,
once again struck by the great resemblance of the two

"Michael's right, this place has several quirks which
make it interesting. But back to the Duvalles. It seems
just prior to the Civil War, there was a f****y split at
which time one half of the f****y turned in the other
half for their slave-oriented activities.

"The locals hereabouts had a quick kangaroo trial and a
mass hanging of Duvalles down at the parish courthouse.
The remaining half of the f****y apparently moved down
to New Orleans where they dropped the "e" on their name.
I noticed in the papers three months back where several
'Duvalls' had been arrested by the Police for some
involvement in a ritual style slaying."

"Not your basic friendly types," Diana commented as she
listened to her father-in-law, amazed by the similarity
between his and Michael's voice.

The elder Hightower went on and explained how the house
was taken over by carpetbaggers after the war and then
went through a series of owners, who left it in the
state of ruin he had found it in. He explained how
twenty years ago he had rebuilt the mansion.

As he continued Diana realized that had she not been
looking at the older man, she would not have been able
to tell his voice from that of her husband's.

With a little questioning, Diana learned that the
Hightower f****y was not Southern but had come from New
England, where they still owned partial interest in a
shipping firm.

The conversation then turned to her and Michael and
their plans. Not to mention several glasses of wine. By
ten, the day's drive and the soothing effects of the
drinks had left Diana drowsy and she excused herself.
Michael remained in the den, explaining Lorraine wanted
to show him some additions to the house before he

Upstairs, she quickly slipped from her slacks and
showered, letting the full f***e of the streaming water
work over her naked body like tiny massaging fingers.
Feeling somewhat refreshed, she stepped from her bath
and toweled dry.

Deciding she wasn't as tired as she originally had
thought, she pulled a paperback from her suitcase.
Bouncing down into the softness of the bed, she
attempted to f***e herself into the storyline of the
novel, but a decided chill to the room kept her mind
from the words.

Admitting to herself she'd have to give up the freedom
of nudity in favor of warmth, she rose from the downy
softness of the bed and crossed the room to retrieve a
robe from the closet. Selecting a thin, suggestive nylon
piece that would fire Michael's interest on his return,
she pulled it from its hanger and slipped into the
flimsy, but warming garment.

A soft glow of light radiating from the back of the
closet caught her eyes. Shoving the hanging clothes
aside, Diana studied what appeared to be a wide crack
separating the large panels at the rear of the closet,
the faint glow seeping through the opening. Puzzled, she
reached out. As her fingertips touched the slightly
disjarred panel, it swung back. Behind it was a narrow
corridor, opening in both directions behind the wall.

Her father-in-law's description of the mansion "having
several quirks" flashed through her mind as she stepped
into the closet for a closer examination of the
discovery. Ducking her head through the aperature, she
peered down the passage. Only darkness met her eyes to
the right, but to the left, the corridor took a sharp
ninety degree turn. The glow that had first drawn her
attention seemed to brighten some around the dog leg.

Secret panels and a secret passage, the whole concept
intrigued her. And as she pulled a lamp from one of the
end tables by the bed and plugged it into a wall socket
near the closet, she realized why the heroines in all
those Gothic adventures never faltered in exploring such
discoveries - plain, simple curiosity.

That same curiosity now took hold of her. However, she
wasn't about to make the same foolish mistakes ineptly
made by the dumb broads of the late night movies.
Placing the lamp on the floor of the closet, she
switched it on. It would serve as a beacon to guide her
return, if the glow should suddenly disappear. As an
extra precaution, she firmly lodged one of Michael's
shoes across the threshold of the secret doorway to act
as a wedge should the panel somehow decide to close
itself, or should someone else come to the same

Then she slipped into the passage.

She tingled with the excitement of the situation as she
moved down the narrow corridor. Her steps were slow and
deliberate, doing her best to proceed in silence. The
scenes of a thousand screen thrillers flashed through
her mind with every step she took.

Her eyes darted from side to side examining her
confining surroundings. If this were a secret passage,
it certainly didn't fit the normal description given to
one by writers, she noted as she grew closer to the turn
in the corridor and the dim glow. There were no cobwebs
and interspaced on the ceiling every twenty feet or so,
she could detect light bulbs, although none of these
were lit at the moment.

Gingerly, she felt her way down the fifty feet from the
closet and rounded the corner. There she found the
passage opened into a small nook. Side by side in the
limited space of the cubby hole area were six folding
chairs, facing the curtain-covered wall where she stood.
The glow, which lit the room in a dusk-like quality,
suffused out from behind the edges of the d****ry. On
the far side of the chair-filled room, the passage began
again. However, to continue only offered darkness.

All in all she found her discovery rather anti-climatic
- a conclusion that was short-lived as she tucked her
fingers between the heavy d****ry and parted the cloth
slightly for a peek at what lay on the other side.

The other side was a huge glass window!

And beyond the transparent barrier was a spacious
bedroom containing a bed that could have been a s****r
to the one in her room. She then saw the occupants of
the strangely windowed room - Paula and Kate.

The steps****rs stood at the side of the bed nearest the
glass. They were dressed only in panties and bras. The
remainder of their clothing was strewn on the floor at
their feet.

As Diana watched, confused by the unexpected sight, the
two young girls stepped to each other. Their hands
reached and touched for a brief instant. They smiled and
spoke, but Diana was unable to hear what was said. But
when they suddenly embraced in an open-mouth kiss, their
arms wrapping around each other tightly, there was no
doubt in her mind as to what had been the substance of
their brief exchange.

Diana found herself mesmerized by the alluring beauty of
the young, half-clad bodies pressed together in
voluptuous pleasure. Unexplainable shivers coursed
through her as she watched their still forming breasts
press against their near nakedness; the whiteness of
their flesh attempting to spill out over the confining
cups of their bras.

Their lips worked together. She felt a dampness welling
within her as she detected the flurried pinkness of
their exploring tongues dance back and forth into their
mouths, probing and teasing each other.

Unable to withdraw from her voyeur's position, she
stared as their hands slowly roved over the gentle
curves of the backs, slipping along the slopes of their
spines to the pert roundness of their asses. Their
fingers toyed and played, ducking under the elastic of
their panties to soothingly caress the tantalizing
cushions of their hind-cheeks.

As she watched, the blonde-haired Paula stepped away
from the embrace. Her arms reached behind her back and
easily unclasped the tiny hooks holding her bra. The
white garment fell away to join the rest of the clothes
on the floor. Her tits, young and firm, did a bouncy
little dance, eventually standing from her chest like
two proud cones of beckoning delight.

While the black-headed Kate at her side and Diana, from
her position behind the glass, gazed with admiring eyes,
the slim blonde tucked her fingers under the band of her
panties and slowly wiggled the nylon briefs downward,
over the youthful curve of her shapely hips and an
equally shapely pair of sleek, supple legs.

Holding her hands out, she summoned the younger girl to
her and their mouths joined once again. This time Kate's
slim, graceful fingers were given full rein to her
partner's body. Lightly her fingers fondled the smooth
texture surface of the unblemished skin. Downward they
traveled once again finding the tempting slopes of
jutting rear mounds.

She grasped, her hands squeezing into the softness of
the other girl's ass with almost brutal f***e. Heated,
red ass flesh squinched up between her fingers as she
kneaded the plump curves. Over and over, her eager hands
squeezed and moulded tightly into the pliant cushions.

Then her fingers were moving again - moving toward the
deep crease separating the firm buttocks. Taunting, her
fingertips toyed up and down the dark, tight-pressed
line. The naked girl pressed against the body of her
manipulator, trembling and tightening her hold on the
dark- haired beauty that teased excited thrills at her
bottom. The naked cones of her tits pushed hard against
her feminine lover, their firm shape flattening to balls
of resilient flesh.

Still exploring, the titillating fingers delved into the
dark crease. In determined fashion they twirled and
tickled, then there was a sharp plunge.

The naked blonde jerked rigid. Her mouth wrenched away
from her partner's. With urgency, she pressed against
the girl before her as if trying to mount her. Her red
young lips parted in a silent moan of lust-pleasure as
the still clothed girl's finger penetrated into the
tight confines of her anal mouth. She clung to the
black-haired girl as the spearing digit began to pump in
and out of her asshole.

Faster and faster the finger of the younger girl lunged
into the tight rectal pocket of her partner's rear. In
penis-imitating fashion, she worked her attack. In and
out she drilled into the volcanic fire of the squeezing
hole. Out and in, her finger speared toward the back
recesses of the ass she now possessed.

The long strands of blonde hair flew like a furious mist
of gold, as the older youth received every lancing
impact of the finger-fucking she was getting. Her head
rolled on her shoulders in wanton abandon. Her mouth was
open in a constant groan of growing lust.

In an almost subtle movement, the dark-haired girl
slipped her free hand from the ass it held and slid it
around to the soft blonde pubic moss covering the
exposed cunt that was open to her. With little or no
difficulty, she tickled a finger upward into the waiting
lips of the hungry pussy before her. Matching the rhythm
of her poling finger in the rear, she plowed into the
silken, wet vagina with her newly entrenched finger.

Doubly impaled and doubly fucked, the blonde's body was
one quake of trembling flesh. Her body rolled and ground
into the girl manipulating her desire. Her conical tits
rolled against the still partially clothed girl. Her
body glistened with excited perspiration. Her hands
clutched desperately at the girl's back, nails biting
into the whiteness of young flesh.

Her hips bucked back and forth trying to accept the dual
impalement simultaneously. Her body quaked and jerked as
she took the two fingers that slid into the liquid
warmth of her young snatch and the fiery channel of her
bowels at the same time. She rocked and writhed in her
standing position as if unable to get enough of the
double finger attack soon enough.

In and out the probing digits sluiced into her throbbing
pussy and drilled into her aching ass in unison. Out and
in, they blasted undeniable lust through her willing
body. In and out, they pumped through the pleasure-
pulsing portals of her near agony need.

In a fevered frenzy, she came, her body going rigid,
then collapsing into a mass of quivering, quaking flesh
caught in the fantastic throes of orgasmic satisfaction.
Trembling and clutching, her writhing body pressed
urgently against the girl who had brought such
prodigious gratification to her.

Somehow, as Diana still peered on from behind the
curtain, the younger Kate managed to lower her step-
s****r to the side of the bed, gently caressing and
kissing her as the lovely blonde slowly descended from
the heights of pleasure she had been exploded into.

Diana quivered with growing arousal as she watched the
two girls. She had never before realized that the sight
of two women making it could be so exciting. While she
had often wondered what it would be like to have another
woman exploring her body, she had never allowed the
situation to occur, although during her first years in
college dormitory life had presented more than one such

Now as she stood as a voyeur to these two beautiful
young girls, she found her body reacting with undeniable
excitement. She almost felt the sleekness of their skin
against hers, their exploring hands and fingers on and
in her body.

Diana pulled the thin robe she wore closely to her. Not
so much to close out the chill that was still present,
but to keep her own hands from creeping to the wet cleft
of her loins to satisfy the growing need that flamed
within her.

Chapter 4

"She's a very pretty girl, Michael," Lorraine said
simply, as she maneuvered her stepson into the mansion's

"Very attractive," Michael smiled, glancing at the older
woman. "She's everything I'd hoped to find in a woman,
attractive, intelligent and..."

"And sexual..." Lorraine's lips formed a coy, knowing
smile and her blue eyes flashed with sudden amusement.

Michael didn't answer, but moved away from his
stepmother, his eyes darting around him, surveying the
floor-to-ceiling shelves of books that lined the walls
of the Hightower library. His father was a collector,
This one room contained a small fortune in first

But Lorraine's mind was far from the rare volumes. "Your
telegram came as a surprise. We knew that you and Diana
were living together, but marriage?"

He twisted around to face the woman again. His eyes
widened, obviously irritated by her last remark.

But Lorraine ignored his reaction and pressed further,
"Does she know about the Hightowers?"

Michael's eyes glanced to the floor and he shook his
head, receiving a chuckle of growing amusement from the

"Your father and I had expected that you would have at
least brought Diana to meet us before you married her,"
Lorraine continued. "I'm disappointed in you."

"Why?" Michael snapped. "Why should I have brought Diana
here? I wouldn't have done it now, if it hadn't have
been for the trust."

The woman no longer chuckled, but laughed. Michael had
known this was going to happen. He should have tried to
avoid it, but he knew that that would have been
impossible. He had never been able to avoid Lorraine.

"Poor Michael, afraid his f****y will frighten off his
young bride," she laughed louder, the obviously
unconfined mounds of her breasts juggling freely beneath
the silky fabric of her caftan.

Damn! he silently cursed himself, as he felt the
familiar tightening of his groin. He shouldn't have let
this happen. But now that it was here, there was no way
of getting out of it.

"I'm sorry, Michael," his stepmother abruptly ceased her
laughter. "I didn't mean that. Please forgive me. It's
just that this is so unlike you. I don't understand."

The young man's dark eyes studied her, remembering and
trying to forget. "Things are different now, Lorraine.
Diana and I are starting a life together. The things
that happened here are... well, they're gone. They're
part of the past!"

"Are they, Michael?" she smiled gently, the blueness of
her eyes alive with a light of certainty. "Are you sure
it's gone? Just like that; just because you say it's

"Yes, I'm sure," he nodded, lowering his eyes from hers
to escape her probing gaze and feeling more and more
uneasy by the moment.

The softness of her fingertips were on his cheek,
lightly caressing. His eyes rose to her again and that
confident smile on the fullness of her lips. There was
no denying that Lorraine was a beautiful woman, a fact
that had always drawn him and a fact that she had used
on him ever since her marriage to his father. He wanted
to escape her gaze, but she held him as she had always
held him.

"I don't think anything has changed, Michael. I don't
think you want anything to change," she whispered, her
head moving slowly toward him. "I think you want me as
much as you've always wanted me."

He moved his head away, but the fingers on his cheek
increased their pressure, easing his mouth back. Then
her lips were on his, teasing with a light brushing
quiver. She pressed harder, her tongue darting from her
mouth and flicking over his lips. But he held firm,
refusing her the entrance she wanted.

"Why are you fighting it?" she glanced up to him, when
she finally pulled away. There was hurt in her eyes; a
hurt that filled him with an aching hollowness. "It's
been a long time, Michael. I've been waiting for this. I
want it and I can feel that you want it as much as I

She pressed her lips to his again. This time her arms
circled his back, pulling her body close so that the
heavy balls of her tits rolled against him, taunting him
with their cushiony softness. Her pelvis wedged its way
to his crotch, rubbing the plump mound of her pubis over
the rising length of his prick.

You're right, you hot bitch! he cursed his weakness, as
his mouth opened to accept the welcomed offering of her
probing oral digit. I never could refuse you! Never
could deny that exquisite cunt of yours!

Totally confident of herself now, her sureness boostered
by the thickening pole she had created in the crotch of
his jeans, her tongue drilled into her step-son's mouth,
swirling and twirling around his tongue. Her lips
pressed hard to his, forcing his mouth wider as she
tried to drive her oral digit down his throat. As his
arms closed around her, she moved her body, mashing her
breasts harder against his chest and greedily rubbing
the firm, fleshy mound of her sex over the solid rod of
cock straining out from his pants.

Enticing him into her mouth, her lips and teeth lightly
closed around his tongue. She sucked, as her pelvis
undulated into his, emphasizing what it was that she
wanted. She sucked, promising the oral delights she had
so expertly laved on his cock innumerable times in the
past. She sucked until a slight saline taste suffused
through her mouth, then she released his tongue and
their mouths parted.

"It has been a long time, hasn't it?" she smiled,
reveling in the feel of his young arms around her.

"Lorraine..." he began.

She interrupted whatever he had intended to say as her
mouth covered his again and the flickering flurry of her
tongue invaded his mouth once again, twisting with its
tantalizing gyrations. She parted from him only when she
felt his hips swaying with the sensuous rhythm of her
pelvis. And when her lips did leave his, she removed his
arms from around her and stepped back.

Her eyes glowed with the growing lust that coursed
through her body, as she reached behind her back and
found two small snaps and unclasped them. Then her
fingers discovered the zipper beneath and edged it down
its jagged-tooth path. Her smile of confidence widened
as she noticed that her stepson's eyes were riveted to
her every action, his nostrils flaring slightly with

The caftan fell away from her body in one smooth motion,
like a sheet unveiling some sculpture. But this work of
art was alive. He found himself gulping deeply as he
stared at her. Not only was she braless, but she wore no
other undergarments.

He had forgotten just how beautiful Lorraine was, just
how desirable a woman she was, just how much she
affected him, as the throbbing stiffness bulging from
his jeans testified to.

The fairness of her blonde hair matched the creamy
texture of her flawless skin. Her tits were big! Breasts
that were heavy globes of pendulous flesh that danced
resiliently on her chest as she breathed. Topping each
of those fascinating, pillow-like mounds were light
brown aureoles and nipples that had already begun to
stiffen with desire.

Her stomach had lost the flatness of youth, but it was
far from a gross, bulging midriff. Her belly was a
slight protruding slope that led his eyes downward to
the plump mound of her pubis. No longer did her love
knoll sport the soft brown sexual fur it had worn the
last time he had seen her. Now there was only a
continuation of the milky smoothness of her skin. Shaven
and bare, her cunt posed with the innocence of a young

His balls drew themselves tightly into the security of
their sac as she moved back toward him, wagging the
delightfully flaring curves of her hips in an
exaggerated sway. Her tits juggled liquidly from her
chest. Her eyes flashed with abandoned lust.

Back in his arms, she covered his mouth with hers, as
his hands roved over the sleek smoothness of her back.
His fingers eagerly crept to the jutting roundness of
her buttocks and squeezed into the fleshy cheeks of her
ass, arousing moans from the depths of her throat. She
wiggled, rolling her voluptuous nakedness against him,
as if trying to push herself through the clothing he
still wore.

In a surprising abrupt movement, the nude woman suddenly
pulled away from him and with a devilish grin, dropped
to her knees before him. With the same quickness, her
long fingers darted to his fly, attempting to free the
zipper. But his hands were on hers, moving them away
from his crotch.

"Lorraine... please... Diana," he gazed down at the
lovely vision of womanly servitude at his feet. Naked
and willing, she stared up to him, uncomprehending this
last moment of hesitation.

Unwilling to be denied, her head leaned forward and her
lips kissed along the swollen bulge covered by the
coarseness of his jeans. Even through the fabric of his
pants, he could feel the warmth of her breath permeating
the cloth and flowing around the solidness of his
manhood. He shuddered as he weakly fought the desire
that swirled up through his loins, then moaned and
released her hands.

Her fingers, free once again, found the metal hinge of
his fly and yanked down its jagged-edged course. The
smell of his manliness flooded her nostrils, even before
her lust-controlled fingers tucked inside his fly and
touched the stiff column of man-meat. The odor was far
from offensive. It was a deep musky aroma that she had
come to love during her years, an erotic scent of
manhood that only stimulated her more.

Carefully, she worked the thick pole of his prick from
his pants, then sat back on her calves to examine the
swollen shaft as it came free. It has been a long time,
she mused to herself, as her fingers tenderly traced
along the rod of hardened flesh she had created.

She relished the smoothness of his cock-flesh and the
virile solidness that throbbed under her fingertips.
Even as she watched, the plumpness of his glans seemed
to swell even fuller.

Her head moved forward as her stepson watched. Her red,
puckered lips kissed at the sleekness of his cock's
crown, sucking away the clear pre-seminal juices that
welled out from its slitted mouth. He felt good, manly,
his sex warm and soft against her lips. She felt him
quiver and found herself doing likewise in a lusty

Edging her mouth from his lust-wand, she rolled her eyes
upward and smiled at the pleasure she found on his face,
then turned her eyes once more to the fat stalk
possessed by her fingertips. Closing her eyes, she moved
forward, letting the flicking probe of her tongue tip
guide her to his cock. She delighted at the shuddering
thrills she ignited within her stepson, as the feathery
touch of her tongue brushed over his bl**d-engorged
glans. But more than that, she relished the oral-
tactile taste of him that she received.

In long, lubricious laps, she lost herself in the
pleasure of the task she had taken on. Up and down the
thick circumference of his sex, her tongue curled and
caressed. The cock she laved twitched and jerked
strongly under her ministrations, only stirring her
eageress. Over and under the firm length, she licked and
washed. His feel was marvelous, hard, smooth, soft and
demanding all at the same time. She couldn't get enough
of it quick enough to suit her!

She scooted even closer to him, allowing her lips to
join the revelry her tongue had found on his sex. So
smooth! she moaned as she mouthed her way up and down
the lust-ladened shaft of sex. She trembled with
mounting excitement with the thought that she soon would
bury this pulsating pole within her face. So warm! And
so smooth!

Licking and kissing her way from the hairy base of his
cock to the pleasantly thick knob of his glans, she once
more pulled away from him. Opening her eyes, she glanced
back to the young face above her. He smiled, as his
hands reached out and his fingers weaved through the
pale blonde strands of her hair, then slowly eased her
face back to the jutting shaft of his prick.

Her lips kissed the plum-like crown of his cock and her
tongue drilled into the slit-mouth. But his hands,
increasing in their urgent pressure, demanded more.

Her lips pouted deliciously over the swollen glans,
accepting his cock into her mouth. Following the
pressure at the back of her head, she eased forward. The
ponderous mass of his sex invaded her face, filling her
mouth and sliding into her throat. Suppressing the urge
to gag, she breathed deeply through her nose, then
inched all the way down the thickness of his root, until
her lips flattened around the base of his cock and she
had taken every pulsing inch of him.

His balls did an arousing series of flip-flops as he
watched his stepmother slowly slide off the lancing
shaft of his manhood. He had known this would happen. He
had known and still he had come with her. Perhaps she
had been right. Perhaps he had no desire to bury the
past. He certainly had no urge to stop the fantastic
sensations she was creating with her mouth.

He wanted her to suck him. He wanted her mouth eating at
his cock. He wanted to slide atop the welcoming bed of
her body and fuck the juice-filled pussy between her
legs. She was right! It had been a long time! And
whether he liked to admit it or not, he had missed the
sensual delights this beautiful woman, his father's
wife, could so expertly give him.

Diana! his mind flashed to his young bride, who awaited
him in their room. His young wife, who he had left alone
so that he could once again share the carnal pleasure
that his stepmother could provide. What would Diana do,
if she knew?

Suddenly the provocative mouth so lovingly wrapped
around his prick began to suck, driving away all the
uneasy thoughts of Diana, demanding his full attention!

She pulled at his glans, doing her damnedest to dislodge
them from his cock. She sucked, drawing even more bl**d
into his already gorged length. Her lips were taut and
white around him, under the strength of their hold. He
moaned and hunched his hips forward. In a well-timed
reaction, she abruptly eased her oral grip and opened
her mouth to accept the shafting column that speared
deeply into her face. Then she sucked her way back to
the fat crown at its tip.

Downward, her lips slid again, swallowing up his swollen
length, then off she came, then she swallowed him up
again. He watched hypnotized by the greedy movements of
her lips. Up and down, her head bobbed along his stalk
of meat. His balls were firing with desire. They
simmered, then boiled, as his hips began to pump in and
out, fucking her mouth.

Suddenly, he jerked himself away from her lips of
pleasure. Her eyes flared open and gazed up at him
filled with confusion.

"I want your pussy," he moaned, his face twisted with
the determination it had taken to pull himself free from
her magnificent lips. I want those beautiful tits of

The dull confusion of her eyes failed quickly and was
replaced by flaming lust, as she rolled to her back. The
creamy whiteness of her thighs spread, allowing him an
unobstructed view of her cleanly shaven pubic mound and
the slightly pouting, pink lips of her labia.

Managing to rid himself of his own clothes, he knelt
beside her on the carpeted floor. He suppressed the
overwhelming desire to immediately scoop up handfuls of
her abundance of tit-flesh. Instead, he leaned over, his
lips smothering hers and his tongue darting into the
humid warmth of her mouth, that had seconds ago held his

When they parted, it was only for a moment, a brief
pause to catch a quick breath, then her mouth was
planted strongly against his, the soft wetness of her
tongue duelling over the interior of his mouth. Opening
his jaws wider, he accommodated the strong thrusts of
her oral probe, as she strove to drive down his throat.
Her hands were cradled to each side of his face, holding
him firmly as she worked around in his mouth.

Seemingly eons later, she eventually withdrew, allowing
him entrance into her mouth once again. Repeating her
own actions, he drilled his tongue toward her tonsils,
as if trying to crack her jaws. But she simply opened
wider, accepting his searching of the recesses of her
mouth. A wanton "oooohhhh" came from her throat as they
parted. But more important, the slight interruption of
their mounting passion had allowed him to once more gain
control over the lust that burned within his testicles.

Her eyes fluttered open, misted with the desire that
consumed her voluptuous body. She smiled, moving her
hands from his face and found his wrist on the rounded
smoothness of her milky shoulders. It took only the
barest minimum of pressure to slide his fingers downward
to the pillowy mounds of her tits. She trembled and
whimpered with excitement as his hands nudged at the
curving circumferences of her breasts.

No longer repressing his desire to manhandle the heavy,
slightly flattened globes, he accepted his stepmother's
invitation and roughly grabbed up two handfuls of
creamy, moldable titty and squeezed. A grateful moan
came from her and the woman beside him arched her back
upwards, pressing the heavy mounds into his warm palms.

Firmly grasping the summery mounds, he pulled upward,
stretching the globes into pointed cones. Then he
released his holds, watching as the elastic-like flesh
bounced resiliently and juggled back into its original
shape. Again and again, he pulled the pliable globes
upward and released them, playing like a c***d lost in
the world of a new toy. When he tired, he pushed them
upward on her chest, delighting with every jostling
bobble, as they rolled back into shape. He tugged
downward, enjoying the similar, reversed action of her

Then he moved in with his mouth, sucking up and nibbling
on an unsuspecting nipple that was perched hard and
erect atop one of the tempting pillows of flesh.

"UH! Arrggghhh!" his stepmother grunted under the
unannounced oral attack.

Quaking, she arched her back higher, trying to smother
him in the satin-covered cushions of her chest. Widening
his mouth, he gobbled up as much of the warm, excited
flesh as he could. Again she grunted and trembled, her
hands clutching at the back of his neck and pulling him
to her.

Occupying one of the aroused globes with a barrage of
licking, sucking and nibbling, he made sure that its
twin s****r was not left unattended, by cupping as much
of the quivering, marshmallowy flesh as he could and
rolling it on her chest.

Her excitement reached a fevered pitch and he jerked his
mouth away from the now pleasure-aching crown of her
breast, despite the lust obscured protests that garbled
from her lips. Without pausing he dropped to the other
massive tit and reversed his attack. Using mouth and
hands together, he whipped this desire-laden woman back
to the heights his abrupt change of pace had wrenched
her from.

From years filled with past experiences of exploring
this tantalizing woman's body, he knew that with just a
little more teasing, he could bring her off by simply
manipulating her breasts and with no other stimulation.
But he wanted to be inside her cunt; that delightfully
shaven mound of sex he knew was throbbing between her
spread legs.

As abruptly as before, he pulled away from her breasts,
leaving only his hands to gently fondle the warm,
aroused flesh of her tits. Again her eyes fluttered
open, showing a mixture of lust and confusion.

He felt her legs open further and glanced downward. The
wetness of her desire oozed from the deep cleft of her
loins. Her hand crept to his prick and gently pulled.

Following the urging tag of her fingers, he slid atop
her and between the inviting spread of her thighs,
lowering himself on the luxurious bed of her body, so
that the majority of his weight was born by his elbows
on either side of this willing and wanton woman.

Between his own legs was the wonderful feel of her hand
guiding the turgid tip of his cock into the pouted lips
of her pussy. The sensation was fantastic, familiar, but
exciting, like a homecoming. The fantastic sensation
increased tenfold as her hips twitched and her cunt
swallowed his glans in the outer lips of her labia. It
was his turn to moan as he lay there motionless, feeling
his stepmother tremble and quiver in anticipation of
what would transpire next.

It would have been enough to just lay there until her
lust became uncontrollable and she begged to be fucked.
But her mouth and his eager manipulations of her
ponderous breasts had affected him as much as it had
her. Lust won out over control!

In one hard thrust, he plunged into the liquid warmth of
her cunt, lashing into her like a r****t taking a
virgin. But she was no virgin, nor had she wanted to be
one since that first cock had torn its way through her
hymen leaving its never healing wound in her vagina. Her
hips leapt up to welcome his entrance. Their bodies
slapped together. Together they moaned, lost in the
fulfillment of two willing and desirous people having
achieved sexual union.

There were no longer thoughts of control as he wrenched
out and lunged back into her body. He had but one
thought - to fuck the hell out of this woman, who had
brought him into the library for the sole purpose of
having him fuck the hell out of her!

She had the same thought! Her legs locked around his,
holding his firmly between her thighs, as if she
expected him to attempt an escape. Her hands were at his
back, fingernails biting into his skin. She twisted and
rolled the heavy cushions of her breasts against his
chest, exciting both him and herself at the same time.

Like a spike of flesh, he slammed into the humid hole of
sex that swallowed his length and squeezed it in a
chamber of velvet-covered steel muscles. As hard as he
thrusted inward, he jerked out of the encompassing
softness, knowing as he came free, her pussy flowed with
him, its pink lips flowering outward.

Then he plunged inward again, trying to bang his
cockhead against the opening of her cervix waiting in
the depths of her belly. Grunting with pleasure, she
welcomed the thick circumference. Deeper and deeper he
drove and she felt the piston of pleasure stretch and
fill the channel of her vagina. Her own muscles worked
as best they could, as lust took complete control of her
body. Squeezing, she desperately tried to grasp the hot
rod that sliced in and out of her cunt.

"Harder," she mumbled in his ear between deeply sucking
gasps of pleasure. "Harder! Drive it back into my

He obliged by reaming as hard as he could into the
exquisite heat of her pussy. He pounded and ravaged into
the juice-slick tunnel of her belly. Like an angry
jackhammer, he poled into her depths, his own lust
screaming from the tight friction of her cunt.

Her hips worked in unison with him. As he plunged
downward her pelvis jumped up and accepted every inch of
swollen cock he could stuff into the mouth of her sex.
As he wrenched out, in preparation for another lancing
thrust, her hips fell away, her ass bouncing onto the
floor beneath her. Then she was there with that
predatory hunger for cock, sheathing his prick once more
as he rammed into her again.

Their bodies melted into a tangle of hot, urgent, aching
flesh as they worked together, feeding the flames of
desire that consumed them. In and out, he pumped into
the clutching socket of her sex. Faster and harder, he
tried to drive his thick, swollen lance of prick into
her mouth as she had urged him.

Groaning and bucking, she existed only for the fat slab
of man-meat that packed its way into her cunt. Her whole
body was caught in a rushing tidal wave of sexual
desire. Higher and higher, he whipped her on. Centering
at their joined cores, swirling fingers of pleasure
washed out and covered her. Each torrent of desire
growing in strength, she was blasted into the exploding
universe of orgasmic oblivion.

Clinging to the young man, her stepson, who still pumped
himself into her body, she soared on a skyrocketing
nebula of pleasure. Lust completely shattered her soul,
then re-assembled it over and over.

Feeling the woman beneath him go rigid, he let the last
wall of control crumble from his body, allowing the
thick rush of sperm and semen to boil up through his
cock and blast into the contracting hole of pussy
surrounding him. Groaning in the stream of ecstasy that
raced through his loins.

He emptied his balls into the awaiting chalice of her
belly. Gratefully, the steaming fountain of cum spurted
from his testicles, coating and soaking the quaking
folds of her vagina. His whole body jerked and twitched
as he drilled deep into the woman, his father's wife,
under him, as the last drops of his release drained from
his still hard and aching cock.

Clinging together, they entered the satisfaction of
fulfilled desire. Caressing, they kissed and held each
other. Still locked together, they rolled to their
sides, man and woman, stepson and stepmother, as his
hips once again began the steady in-out rhythm they both
still hungered for.

Chapter 5

Still clutching her thin robe to her aroused body, Diana
tried to move away from the window into the girls'
bedroom, but she couldn't. Paula's and Kate's sexual
play fascinated her, drawing her eyes as the light of a
candle draws a moth.

This uninhibited lovemaking between steps****rs was
something new; something that incited strange,
previously unfelt desires within her. As she watched
them embrace and caress on the bed, she could feel their
young, exploring hands on her body and wished that the
sensations that coursed through her were more than just
mental. She wanted to be in the room with them; wanted
to feel their mouths and hands and bodies pressed
against her.

Paula, removing Kate's arms from around her nakedness,
suddenly rose from the bed and held her hand out to her
s****r. The dark-haired, younger girl smiled, obvious
excitement in her dark eyes, and bounced up, taking the
blonde's hand. The older girl leaned forward and gently
kissed her companion's lips, then led her before the

Together they stared at Diana!

She had been discovered!

Diana's heart missed several beats. No better than a
common window peeker, the two girls had found her gazing
in on their sexual pastimes. She felt a hot, embarrassed
heat flush through her body.

No! They didn't see her! she suddenly realized. The two
teen-age girls had not found her out. They were staring
straight at her, but they didn't see her. Relief flooded
her body and at the same time, her mind reeled with
confusion. How could they not see me?

Then it dawned on her.

The alcove, the chairs, the curtained window - all of it
made sense. The window wasn't a window at all, but one
of those one-way mirrors which allow persons behind them
to see out, but persons on the other side see nothing
but a silver surfaced mirror. And the alcove and the
chairs were nothing more than a small viewing area for
spectators to gaze upon the activities in the bedroom.
Sexual activities, she assumed.

Another of the mansion's "quirks," she grinned to
herself, as she wondered how many guests to the
Hightower estate had been placed in this bedroom. And
even more interesting were the possibilities of who used
the alcove. The lack of dust she had previously detected
and the electric lights that hung from the ceiling
pointed to the fact that the alcove with its special
"Window" were used.

Was this the strangeness of the Hightower f****y that
Michael had tried to warn her of? Was this viewing area
here when the Hightowers bought the mansion? Or was it
an addition that the elder Hightower had dreamed up? The
whole implications of this voyeuristic haven fascinated

But even more fascinating was the activity of the two
girls on the other side of the one-way mirror. Now
secure in her position, Diana watched, feeling the
wanton throbs of lust rising in her again.

Paula now stood behind her s****r. Both girls gazed into
the mirrored side of the glass, smiling and unaware of
their new s****r-in-law who watched their every move.

For a few brief seconds, the older girl was busy behind
the dark-haired girl, then Kate's bra came free, falling
away from her body. Diana found herself gasping with
excitement as she stared at the young girl's exposed
tits. Still developing, the young breasts were perfect
cones, white, soft and smooth and topped by dark
mushrooms; nipples that were stiff and erect from the
sexual play she had so vigorously taken part in.

Unseen hands suddenly began to move the girl's briefs
down the rounded curves of her hips, as Paula worked at
the panties from behind. The light cloth panties dropped
around the girl's ankles and she stepped free, gazing at
her nakedness in the mirror, as did Paula. And as did
Diana from the other side of the mirror.

The older girl's arms slid around her partner's midriff
and pulled the girl back to her. Taunting with her lips
and tongue, the blonde slowly and tantalizingly kissed
her way up her steps****rs shoulder. Her teeth joined in
as she reached the younger girl's neck, teasing her way
to the sensitive lobe of her ear. As she tongued and
kissed at Kate's neck and ear from behind, Paula's hands
eased their way up from her waist and cupped gently
beneath Kate's cone-shaped breasts.

Both the girls' eyes once more turned to the mirror as
they watched Paula fondle and taunt the beautifully
matched tits she possessed.

Lightly, with a show of knowledge that spoke of several
similar experiences, her fingers lightly brushed and
caressed the young cones. Over and around the sleek
whiteness of the breasts, her fingertips swirled in
exciting little circles. Spiralling upwards, her hands
rose, until at last the tips of her fingers nudged at
the aroused dark buds of Kate's nipples.

Diana could see the younger girl gasp with rising desire
under the expert manipulations of her steps****r. Kate's
dark eyes fluttered, doing their best to remain open and
view the titillating scene of her body being caressed,
but the sensations Paula ignited in her body were
stronger, eventually winning out, and the younger girl
closed her eyes, losing herself amid the pleasure that
flowed through her tits.

The blonde beauty suddenly stepped in front of the girl
she fondled and dipped her mouth to the breasts she
handled with loving care. Her cheeks hollowed deeply as
she sucked up one of the dark cherries of flesh atop one
of the cones. The younger girl trembled, her hands
reaching out and squeezing brutally into the tits of her
companion. Neither of the girls seemed to mind in the

Moving her mouth to the opposite knoll of breast,
Paula's tongue, wet and pink, flicked out from behind
her lips and lashed back and forth across the new nipple
it found. Vigorously, she worked her oral digit until
the black-haired girl moaned for her to stop. When she
did, she opened her mouth and stuffed as much of the
tit-flesh as she could into her. She ate, contented with
the silken textured cushion of flesh her mouth had
found. She sucked and nibbled, her tongue laving its way
over the hard button of nipple their passion had

Her hands moving to Kate's shoulders, Paula slowly edged
the younger girl back toward their bed, while her mouth
continued to excite fresh thrills through the enticing
young body. Automatically, the black- haired girl sat on
the bed, jerking her reddening breast from her
companion's eager mouth. She smiled, then lay back,
spreading her thighs wide, presenting an unobstructed
path to the plump little mound of her sex and the black
pubic moss that was bushed over it.

Paula dropped to her knees and leaned forward. Her lips
lightly kissed the dark triangle of shiny fur covering
her s****r's snatch, eliciting quivery little trembles
from her partner. Then her tongue once more darted out
and weaved through the forest of pubic down, tickling
and teasing around the already wet cleft of Kate's
sexual lips, but never dipping into the hot hole of her
young cunt.

Easing back just a little, the blonde-headed girl moved
her hand between her s****r's thighs, spreading the lips
of her pussy so that she could see the extended bud of
the girl's clit and the scalloped inner lips of her
labia. Again, her head ducked downward. Her tongue
flicked out and ran up and down the pink slash of the
girl's sex.

Expertly, her tongue tip dipped lightly into the musky
cleft, tapping and twirling out its exciting dance of
pleasure. The girl above her moaned and reached down,
grabbing her head. She resisted the urgent fingers that
pushed her face forward, delighting in the effect her
tauntings had produced. Up and down the pink slit of
Kate's opened pussy she teased and aroused.

Then her tongue skipped upward, gently caressing the
nubbin of ecstasy. She tenderly kissed the super-
sensitive clit, hearing the moans of approval that came
from above her. She licked and carefully lapped at the
enticing button, twirling her tongue around its tiny
circumference. Her lips closed around the bud of
sensation and she sucked at it as a woman might suck at
the cock of a man.

The black-headed beauty, half on and half off the bed,
writhed as her lovely companion unlocked thrill after
excited thrill in her body. She begged and moaned. Her
hands pulled at the blonde head that taunted and played
with her growing arousal. Her satisfied groans filled
the spacious bedroom as the titillating oral digit
slipped from her clit and entered the heated channel of
her cunt.

Paula's entry into her s****r was far from gentle. It
was quick and hard, spearing as deep as she could into
the honey-filled socket, burying her face in the wetness
of the girl's vagina. In and out, she probed in her
penis-imitating oral style. She licked and lapped,
eating her steps****r with unrestrained relish.

Soft and smooth, like oiled silk, her tongue moved
around within the humid interior of the girl's cunt She
sucked deeply, swallowing the thick sexual juices she
drained from the quivering channel, then drilled her
tongue back into the enticing folds of Kate's pussy.

Around and around, her inciting oral digit twisted its
pleasure as Kate's hands pushed her face into the mouth
of her belly. The younger girl writhed and quivered on
the bed as her passion rose to a consuming fever of
lust. She groaned as she felt the delightful tongue once
more change its tactics, pumping in and out of her
vagina. Her own pelvis began to move, undulating with
the rhythm of the mouth that ate at her.

Suddenly, there was a finger on her clit, rolling and
fondling the aroused button. The dual stimulation rocked
her with lusted madness. Body jolt after body jolt
sizzled through her over and over as the waves that
throbbed in her thighs expanded, blasting outward.

In and out, the blonde's tongue drilled, spearing to its
limits within her. Faster and faster, her oral probe
reamed around in the humid softness of her cunt. Around
and around, the fondling finger rolled her clit.

She groaned and moaned as she rose on the skyrocket of
ecstasy. Her thighs exploded and pleasure raced through
her body. Crying out in desire, she pushed desperately
at the head working so wonderfully at her sex, then
abruptly released her hold, giving way to the sweetness
of oblivion.

Giving her s****r's throbbing cunt one last hasty kiss,
Paula rose. She smiled down on the younger girl who
writhed and moaned on the bed, then stepped across the
room to a chest of drawers.

Diana gasped once again as she saw what the older girl
extracted from the top drawer of the chest. She had seen
them before, in the men's magazines Michael brought
home, and had occasionally sneaked peeks at them amid
the glass cases of adult book stores they had gone to.
They carried the sterile name of "marital aid" on all
the advertising she had seen. Commonly they were called
dildos. And the one Paula was now strapping around her
waist was at least seven inches long, and an inch thick.
It was hard looking and complete with a red rubber head
and rubber balls dangling beneath.

Smiling lewdly to herself, the blonde-haired beauty
stepped back to the bed and eased her s****r's thighs
open. She grasped the imitation cock with one hand and
stepped between the inviting "Y" opened before her.
Carefully guiding her rubberized manhood into the target
she sought, her hips jerking forward and burying most of
the thick hose into her steps****r's cunt.

Still lost in the waves of pleasure that swirled through
her body, the sudden plunging entrance of the dildo
jolted Kate. Her body twitched and her eyes jerked open
with surprise. A startled "Ahhhhhh!" was wrenched from
her lips. Then she relaxed and gazed lovingly up to the
older girl standing above her.

Leaning over the black-haired girl, Paula stretched her
arms out and planted them to either side of her s****r's
head so that they supported the weight of her body. She
lowered herself once, so that their lips met briefly.
Kate's hands reached up and once more busied themselves
with the elongated cones of tit-flesh that now dangled
sleekly from Paula's chest. The older girl moaned and
her pelvis hunched forward slamming about an inch of the
dildo into her companion's pussy.

Raising her legs and resting her feet on the side of the
bed, Kate opened the angle of entry into her body. She
moaned as the thickness slid deeper into her. It filled
her with its hardness, stuffing her cunt to the brim.

Paula edged back, glancing down to watch the imitation
prick she wore glide from the snatch it had impaled.
Long and slick with young womanly lubricants, it came
out. She paused only when the knob-like head of the
device was still buried within the hole she was now
fucking. Then, slowly this time, her hips inched
forward, drilling the rubbery hardness into her s****r.

The younger girl groaned as she accepted the substitute
manhood that skewered her body. Her hands squeezed and
kneaded their approval into the firm cones of tit she
held. Her own pelvis arched slightly to help take in the
thickness that slithered into her belly.

Grinning with delight at the pleasure she fed inch by
inch into the girl, Paula eased her hips outward once
again, then moved them forward. Pleased with her role of
a man-made man, her pelvis took up a steady in and out
rhythm, a rhythm which Kate's hips matched stroke for
stroke, welcoming the invading length of dildo that
reamed into the depths of her quick.

Lovers once again, the two teen-age girls lost
themselves in their lovemaking. Kate groaned and moaned
as her body was filled and packed with artificial cock.
And Paula reveled in the sensations she ignited in her
steps****rs body.

A movement to one side of the room diverted Diana's gaze
from the two young girls. The overly large brass knob to
the door moved and the heavy wooden portal inched into
the bedroom. A boyish face, surrounded by a reddish-
blonde mop of shaggy hair, poked inquiringly inside -

The youth's eyes widened to saucers as his gaze moved
around the room, alighting on his two s****rs so
obviously involved in themselves and the pleasure of
their youthful bodies. The surprised expression quickly
faded from his face and was replaced by one of pleased
amusement. He edged inside the bedroom and stood
silently watching the feminine couple, completely
unnoticed by either Kate or Paula.

Perplexed and somewhat annoyed by the boy's presence and
possible interruption of her private session of
voyeurism, Diana intently eyed the intruder from behind
the security of the one-way mirror, hoping he would
leave as quietly as he had made his rude entrance into
the room. But he didn't. Bryan just stood there,
grinning from ear to ear as he gazed at the alluring,
writhing bodies so lustfully joined on the bed.

Diana detected a definite increase in the labored rise
and fall of the youth's muscular chest, which strained
at the white fabric of his T- shirt as he sucked in his
breath in deep gulps of arousal. But more notable was
the growing bulge that filled the crotch of his jeans.
There was no denying the testimony of his body. Bryan
was every bit as affected by the steps****rs' carnal
activities as she was.

In a quick flurry of eager young arms, the boy reached
down and grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and hastily
wrenched it up and over his head. As he pulled the white
cotton shirt off his arms and tossed it atop the chest
of drawers, Diana found herself gasping out loud to
herself once again. Not the knotty, thick muscles of a
football player or a weight lifter, but the long,
graceful muscles of a young swimmer covered his body.
She shivered as she watched the rippling strength that
corded senuously beneath the golden browness of his
suntanned skin.

Kicking his loafers free from his feet, the youth's
fingers dropped to the front of his jeans and made short
work of the series of awkward buttons running down his
fly, then skinned the denim pants down his legs. His
thighs and calves and tight-looking ass were a perfect
match for his athletic physique.

And if there had been any doubt that Bryan was a young
man, rather than a boy, it was quickly dismissed from
Diana's mind, as his hands jerked his net-webbed briefs
downward, revealing the rigid lance of his manhood that
stood thickly from a forest of flaming red hairs
covering his groin. His peeping-tomasita s****r-in-law
clutched her thin robe closer around her body, as she
viewed the full size of his solid, pulsing cock.

Suddenly Diana's whole body quaked with flaring arousal
as the youth's intent pushed its way through her lust
clouded mind. He was going to join his s****rs entangled
so wantonly on the bed!

Stepping quickly to the same chest of drawers Paula had
gone to for the dildo that was now strapped to her waist
and reaming the tender, young pussy of her steps****r,
Bryan retrieved a blue jar of petroleum jelly from that
same top drawer. Dipping two fingers into the jar, he
extracted a thick glob of the heavy lubricant and
smeared it over the jerking thickness of his prick,
until it glistened beneath the room's overhead light.
Smiling down at his handy work, he recapped the jar and
replaced it in the drawer.

He moved barefoot across the room, stopping but a foot
behind his own s****r. Gazing down, he watched the
rhythmic undulation of the girls' lovely young bodies,
as they continued their lovemaking still completely
unaware of the masculine eyes that watched from behind.

Then he stepped forward, abruptly wrapping bit arms
around his blonde-haired s****r's slim shapely waist,
pressing his body firmly against her in a strong hug.
The young girl's hips abruptly ceased their steady in-
out motion and she jerked upright, slamming the full
length of the dildo around her waist into the vulnerable
cunt of the dark-headed beauty beneath her. Both the
girls, surprised for their own separate reasons, looked
around in confusion and in shock from the separate
sudden intrusions.

Diana could see their worried looks quickly fade to ones
of relief as they recognized the familiar body of their
b*****r. Again the strange stirrings of lust flared
violently within the young bride as she realized this
i****tuous scene had occurred before and on what
appeared to be a fairly regular basis. Even more than
before she felt the want and need to enter the bedroom
behind her wall of one-way mirror and share the carnal
pleasures of the three young bodies before her.

Bryan's lips and hands had now gone to work delightfully
caressing the sleek, creamy curves of his s****r's
nakedness. His mouth languidly kissed and nibbled along
the gentle slope of the smoothness of her bare shoulders
and the graceful arch of her long white neck. In an
aroused response, the blonde's hips slowly rotated,
rubbing the white, rounded cushions of her rear mounds
against the swollen stalk of cock pressed to her ass.

On the opposite side of her tempting young body, the
thick shaft of man-made dildo moved in a slow-motion
churning within the wet pinkness of her steps****r's
skewered cunt. Kate, in turn, moaned as she accepted the
inciting gyrations of the girl's pelvis. Her eyes
fluttered closed and her hands clutched tightly into the
bedcovers beneath her naked body.

Unable to work his finger below the secure strap of the
device Paula wore, the boy's hands drifted over the
smoothness of her flat stomach in long, caressing
circles, eventually creeping upward to the firm cones of
tit that stood out proud and up-tilted from her chest.
His palms cupped the tepid silkness of her breasts.

His fingers squeezed gently into the womanly luxury of
her flesh, delighting as aroused moans worked up from
the depths of her throat and pushed out over her
writhing lips. Massaging and kneading the sleek, conical
mounds, his fingers teased outward, tapping at the stiff
buttons perched atop each of the tits. She quivered as
the delicious excitement of his hands rushed through her
body on a sizzling hotline to her loins. Her hips
increased their provocative gyrations and received the
lustful groaning of the girl impaled under her in

As the boy's mouth found its way through the blonde
cascade of his s****r's hair to the sensitive lobe of
her ear, his hands tightened their hold on her lovely
young breasts. Kneading with an urgent firmness, his
fingers worked roughly into the pliant mounds. He
squeezed and rubbed over the firm cones, tweeking and
taunting the hard nubbins of flesh that topped each of
the cushion-like knolls like some sensual cherries.

Paula's head rolled back on his shoulder, her full red
lips writhing their pleasure under the dual stimulation
of her body. She groaned and shuddered with each new
volley of delights he ignited within her. Her hips moved
in a quickened pace, whipping the rubber cock she wore
around in the opened hole of the black-headed girl
between whose thighs she stood.

The youth's hands gave up their holds on her tits and
moved to the rounded slopes of her white shoulders,
gently pressing her forward. She followed the urgings of
his palms and once more leaned over her steps****r, her
arms extended before her for support. Kate's hands again
rose, fondling the manhandled, heated cones of tit that
dangled above her.

Bryan's hands, however, had slid around to Paula's
temptingly upturned buttocks. His palms lovingly
caressed the enticing smoothness of her plump, jutting
ass cheeks. She moaned, shivering as she wiggled the
twin cushions into his hands. The increased rotation of
her hips brought fresh groans of arousal from the
steps****r she poled so thoroughly.

In a quick backstep, the boy dropped to his knees behind
his s****r. His head leaned forward and tenderly kissed
the now pink-blushed rear mounds. Waves of excited
gooseflesh rippled up and down the plane of the girl's
back. She moaned and quivered. His hands then grasped
each of the charming cheeks and slowly spread them. The
deep, dark crease of the girl's ass widened, revealing
the brown, taut ring of her anus.

Once again, his head moved in, homing on the dusky
little target. Her supple young body jerked rigid with
surprised pleasure as his lips softly brushed over her
asshole. She moaned and quaked with growing arousal,
urging him to further probings. Again, he kissed the
tight nodes of her ass, feeling her quiver and the
pillows of ass become taut under his fingers. Her plump
little butt pushed into his face, pressing the warmth of
her rear around him. She groaned as his mouth flattened
against her rectum.

Kate's moans mingled with those of her steps****r's as
she felt about an inch of the hose-like dildo slither
from the clutching channel of her belly. The younger
girl's hips began a writhing, bunching motion, as she
began to fuck herself on the device so deeply impaled
within her body.

The boy's tongue now joined his lips. Teasingly, he
flicked the warm wetness of his oral digit over the hard
little nodes of her anus. Her moans increased as the
feathery tongue tip danced at the entrance of her ass.
She wiggled and jerked, loving the feel of his mouth
licking and taunting her.

Thoroughly slackened with his saliva, the tight,
puckered ring of muscle relaxed. Soothingly, he
continued his oral ministrations, knowing that with each
broad laving stroke he now used, the desire of his
s****r's body was flaming higher and higher. And with
each swirling lap of his tongue, he opened the way for
the ultimate purpose of his tantalizing foreplay.

Next, the inquiring tip of his tongue darted to the
center of the now relaxed ring of muscle. He drilled
into her ass, an action that elicited a fresh chorus of
thrilled moans from both the young girls, as they
responded to the separate probes that moved in their

In and out, in cock-imitating fashion, the soft wetness
of his tongue reamed its way into his s****r's ass. He
licked and laved within the velvet-like channel of her
rear, slickening the path that would eventually accept
the rigid, swollen shaft that throbbed at his loins;
throbbed with the growing excitement of his lust. Around
and around his tongue swirled, setting off thrills of
sexual electricity that tingled along the open network
of the girl's pleasure-heated nerves. In and out, he
speared into her rectum, eating at her ass and preparing
her for him.

The blonde's pelvis now moved in rhythm with the short
quick strokes of the mouth at her ass. She helped his
tongue fuck her asshole. And at the same time, her hips
and the thick dildo that was securely attached to them
fucked the willing pussy of the black-haired young girl,
voluptuously stretched out under her on the bed.

In his tongue drilled, taunting its warm way into the
heat of her ass. And in turn, Paula's hips jerked
forward, spearing the rubbery hose into Kate's flayed
slash of sex. The younger girl, in the chain reaction
response, arched her hips upward to receive every inch
she could get, while her hands squeezed into the firm
sleekness of her steps****r's elongated tits.

For minutes they worked this way, as Diana watched, her
own arousal growing to near desperation. With increasing
difficulty, their hidden s****r-in-law hugged her robe
to her, trying to keep her hand away from the wetness
that flooded the throbbing channel of love between her

Bryan's face suddenly pulled away from his s****r's ass.
Giving each of the reddening rear cheeks one last quick
kiss, he rose. His cock was a pole of hardened flesh,
rigid and pulsating with its virile life. Its flowering
knob-like head glistened with a mixture of clear
lubricating jelly and pre-seminal fluids.

He eased the spread cushions of Paula's ass further
apart, as he stepped forward again. The jerking glans of
his prick kissed at the brown ring his mouth had so
marvelously prepared. She groaned, tensing at the
intimate contact of their naked bodies. Patiently, he
waited, whispering and soothingly working the dual
mounds of her perky ass. Slowly, she relaxed again,
nodding for him to proceed.

Which is exactly what he did!

The gorged crown of his jelly-slickened rod nudged at
the taut ring of muscle. He pushed forward against the
puckered mouth, gently increasing the pressure of his
hips. In an abrupt motion, her anus relaxed and the
bl**d-laden tip of his cock was swallowed up.

He groaned as the quaking pleasure of her youthful
tightness squeezed down around his glans. His hands
gripped brutally into the flesh of her ass, as the
exquisite vise of her sphincter muscles clamped down on
the head of his prick. Heat, volcanic heat, seared over
the sensitive, swollen spearhead. Her ass did another of
its delightful little wiggles and he groaned again, as
ball-aching sensations lashed through his groin.

He felt good, plugged into her that way, from behind.
She shivered with the swollen feel of him. She liked it!
And what's more, he knew she did!

Forcing herself to think relax, the strained channel of
her rectum once more loosened and the invading thickness
of his cock slithered deeply into the recesses of her
bowels. Purposely this time, she clutched down on his
fat rod, squeezing herself around its gorged
circumference. Together they moaned, filled with the
satisfaction of their joined bodies. b*****r and s****r
locked together cock to ass.

Marvelous! The volcanic heat of her ass burned with a
delightful fire that devoured his total length. And
smooth! She was smooth like velvet! A round velvet glove
that was perfectly made for the thick roundness of his
prick. Heat and velvet! The sensations were
indescribable! There was a gratification all its own
just in being entrenched with her bowels. A satisfaction
of just standing there behind her with her soft rounded
buttocks pressing to his crotch and the grasping
tightness she held him in.

The feeling was mutual.

She could feel him like she could never feel him when he
was drilled into her cunt. He was big! Bigger and
thicker than anywhere else in her body! He filled her.
He stuffed and packed her with hot, gorged cock. She
could feel every small throb of his prick, pounding
there as it was crammed deeply up her back.

And then she relaxed.

She quaked as each thick inch slowly extracted itself
from her asshole. Like a tree trunk of flesh, it moved
from her, leaving a hungry hollowness in its wake. Inch-
by-slow-inch, he pulled from her. Inch-by-pulsating-
inch, she moaned and ached for it.

Then he was slicing back into her rectum, filling and
packing her to the brim once again. Hard and demanding,
he drilled her. The tight, slick walls of her ass
strained around the bigness that she accepted. Poling
the full length of his sex into her ass, she felt the
tickling nest of his pubic hairs nestling at the curves
of her buttocks and the dangling sac of his testicles
slapping lightly against her.

The fiery heat flared through his pounding shaft as he
pulled free once again. He moaned as the flames lashed
along and around his cock. He groaned as he slid from
the velvet-lined tunnel, his balls seething with their
heavy load.

He worked in a slow steady rhythm, letting her accustom
herself to the swollen brand of his sex, allowing her
body to prepare itself for the poling that she knew from
past experiences would eventually come.

Taking up that slow, gentle pace of his cock, her hips
rocked back and forth, much to the pleasure of the dark-
haired steps****r who was still joined to the blonde via
the dildo strapped to Paula's waist. The younger girl
fell into the in and out sluicing of her quivering cunt.
Her hips gently rose and fell to accept the thickness
that slid into the depths of her hungry pussy, then
lurched its way outward.

Suddenly the youth plunged forward.

The thick, bl**d-gorged length of his prod stabbed
sharply between the sexy buttocks and speared deeply
into his s****r's asshole.

Paula's head jerked up, a disarray of blonde strands
flying wildly. She grunted under the impact, her breath
jarred free from her lungs. Her hands clawed into the
bed as he shafted into her depths.

But she took it!

Took every unyielding inch of the hardened javelin of
flesh he wedged into the tight socket of her ass.

As did Kate!

The younger girl's eyes snapped opened as the thickness
of the dildo slammed into the young harbor of her belly.
Her lips writhed in pleasure as an excited hiss of
wanton desire rushed from her lungs.

Still holding the soft, trembling half-moons of her
haunches spread before him, he abruptly jerked out,
groaning under the searing heat that licked at his cock.
His hips jumped forward again to plunge his rod further
up the smoothness of her back channel.

Again she took it!

He plowed into her fiery interior, burying his hugely
swollen prick completely up her asshole. His crotch
slammed into her buttocks, jarring her and her dildo
forward. Her hands clutched even harder into the bed,
trying desperately to maintain her half-standing, half-
leaning position above the girl under her.

The fever of his desire built within him; an explosive
f***e that drove him in and out of the gripping sheath
in a violent piston-like action. In and out he lunged
into the intensely tight hole of her rear channel,
grinding himself into the volcanic recesses of her ass.

Her body rocked as he reamed his way through her opened
rear. Yet her hips worked in time with his. She bucked
back and forth to accept the thorough fucking he was now
giving her. She ached for the white-hot fire he seared
into the depths of her bowels. She begged for the
brutal, f***eful shafting that slammed into her again
and again.

Beneath her, Kate writhed and bucked. Her hot snatch was
filled with the reaction poling of the dildo. Her
urgency was growing as the thick hose of imitation cock
sliced in and out of her young greedy body.

Her thighs throbbed under the pounding impact of the
dildo. For the second time that night, she came. Moaning
and groaning as her hands brutally squeezed into the
softness of the tits she clutched. Her body twisted and
turned as she rose into the sensual oblivion of climax.

And when she at last descended from the heights of her
pleasure, new waves of sensations lashed through her
loins as the continuing plummeting of the dildo ravaged
in and out of her cunt. Unable, or even unwanting to
control herself, she soared again toward the threshold
of orgasmic rapture.

From behind, the youth's still jackhammering cock lunged
in and out of the soft, smooth rectal channel of his
s****r's sexy ass. Like a rutting stag, he plunged his
adamantine rod of pleasure into the squeezing confines
of her anus. Groaning, he wrenched himself free and the
marvelous heat of her bowels flared around his shaft,
searing over the aching head of his cock.

He thudded into her now, jarring her with each ravenous
stroke of his plummeting penis. Over and over, he
invaded her ass and she took it and loved it. She bucked
and threw her hips back to him, no longer aware of the
effects her violent actions were having on the girl she
was fucking. She didn't care! All she cared for was the
swollen brand of flesh that burned its way in and out of
her rear.

She relished it. Worshipped it! Her whole body was alive
with him. In and out, he speared into her and she felt
the rush of mounting pleasure. Like growing waves behind
a barricading sea wall, the increasing flood of
sensations throbbed through the open nerve endings of
her totally aware body.

Out and in, her b*****r slammed home the hugely swollen
length of his prick. And she took it into her depths,
squeezing it tightly as she crammed her rear muscles
around him.

She was racked with explosive power as her hips jerked
back and forth, helping him skewer her even more fully.
It throbbed and seared. It sizzled with its heat. It
burned and ached. In and out, out and in, he rammed and
slammed into her.

She came, crying out in urgent passion. Her body tensed
as the whirlwinds of pleasure screamed and lashed. She
moaned and writhed as she rushed head on into the
welcoming arms of orgasmic oblivion.

The snugness of her asshole tightened even harder around
him. She held him like a vise. He could feel her
squeezing it out of him. His cum, hot and boiling, like
liquid fire. He felt it spout up from his balls and burn
its way through the already flaming length of his cock.
He groaned as the burning load leaped outward, searing
over the ass- gripped crown of his shaft. He quaked as
his muscles gave way to the soul-wrenching pleasure of

Spurt after spurt of penned-up sexual cream blasted out
from his balls. He coated the velvet-lined channel of
her back with a new lining of hot, thick sperm and
semen. He emptied himself into her with gush after gush
of cum. Then clung to her, his arms wrapped around her
waist for support.

And below the quivering, gratefully locked together
bodies of the b*****r and s****r, a forgotten black-
haired steps****r writhed and twisted, lost in the
fourth climax that had racked her body that evening.

Chapter 6

Drained and exhausted, the b*****r, s****r and
steps****r fell to the bed in a writhing pile of young,
desirable flesh. They kissed each other gratefully,
paying little mind to who they kissed, or to what sex
their partner was. Gently, with caressing tenderness,
their hands moved lovingly over the nakedness of their
three bodies, exploring and probing.

All this occurred while their new s****r-in-law watched
from the other side of the one-way mirror opening into
their bedroom.

More than somewhat amazed by the threesome's complete
sexual abandon, Diana watched, still unable to draw her
eyes away from the sexy scene that she knew she would be
sharing in, had it not been for that less than an inch
thickness of glass that kept her from them. Her body
ached to feel Bryan's young cock or Paula's mouth. She
would have been more than grateful for Kate's expertly
fondling fingers or even the thickness of the dildo
still strapped to Paula's waist.

In the past she had wondered about sex with another
woman. Now she knew. She knew that if the chance
presented itself, she would enter the arms of another
woman with the aroused feelings that were now flooding
her body. She felt no shame at the self-admission. Her
body was too laden with the lust the youthful threesome
had flamed within her. She wanted sex. She wanted to be
taken and used. She wanted the desires that washed
through her loins to be released and set free.

Two hands, coming from behind her, suddenly grasped the
heaving globes of her robe-covered breasts!

She gasped and jerked upright, startled by the fondling
palms that lasciviously rolled the veiled mounds of her

"Michael?" she gasped again, hoping and wishing for the
familiar sound of her husband's voice.

"Yes," he whispered.

Relief coursed through her body. Despite her
embarrassment at having been caught window peeking, she
leaned back resting in his arms. He felt good. Even with
his startling method of announcing himself, she was glad
he had followed her from their room and down the secret
passage way. She needed him. She needed him to take her!

"Why did you scare me like that?" she moaned-whispered,
her eyes closing as his hands worked their magic on her

His lips lightly kissed the exposed nape of her neck,
then moved his tongue to her ear, flicking over the
tempting morsel of her lobe, "I was watching too."

She moaned, long and low. This is what she wanted and
needed. Right here in this dim lit alcove. No waiting to
walk back down the passage to their room and the over-
sized bed that waited. She wanted him now and he knew
it. And from the thick bulge that strained at the front
of his jeans and pressed at her buttocks, she knew he
wanted the same thing.

Light and teasing his tongue darted over her ear,
sending shivering thrills of delight through her. She
moaned again and snuggled back into the arms of her
husband, worshipping the secure feel of his body. This
was the real thing. Bryan, Paula and Kate had been real
too, but not like this! This she could touch! This mouth
was there taunting at her ear. And these hands were on
her breasts, actually fondling her with their gently
massaging fingers.

New shivery sensations shot through her body as she felt
the silken smoothness of her robe slowly part and slide
over the firm globes of her breasts, rubbing
delightfully at the stiff aching hardness of her

Her eyes fluttered open for a brief second, just enough
to glimpse into the bedroom and see Paula and Kate
busily using their hands to bring Bryan's cock back to
its full manly size. Then she closed her eyes again and
lost herself in the marvelous tingling sensations that
filled her as his hands cupped beneath her bared

Softly manipulating, his hands drifted around the under
curves of her pink tits, as if feeling out their true
proportions. It was a gentle massage that eventually
worked around the broad circumferences of the fleshy
mounds. The feel of his hands on her body was exquisite.
Fresh waves of deliciously tingling thrills suffused
from her breasts throughout her whole body. Moaning
softly, she snuggled back even more, resting in the arms
that surrounded her.

In a barely brushing movement, his palms circled the
bountiful bulges of her tits. Slowly, ever so slowly in
a taunting, teasing fashion, he worked. Upward and
around his hands spiralled, his skin lightly kissing the
summery heat that radiated from the gentle curves of her
flesh. Again she wiggled back, her breath hissing under
the tantalizing manipulations. Her chest heaved as her
breathing became labored and aroused.

Then his palms were hovering over the coral buds of her
nipples. She could feel the warmth soothingly suffusing
from his hands and mingling with her own sexual heat. He
brushed cajolingly over the erect, rubbery points of
flesh, his mouth dropping to her neck as she groaned
with mounting excitement.

There was nothing abrupt about his movements. Everything
was natural and flowed together. His hands closed over
her breasts and lovingly squeezed into their pliant
firmness, eliciting even more moany little sounds of
pleasure from her lips.

Gently he kneaded, molding her flesh under his
wonderfully exciting fingers. She had never doubted that
he knew her body and how to give her what she wanted and
needed. But this was fantastic. A slowly building
explosion inched higher and higher in her willing and
ready body.

With more pressure now, his hands kneaded into the
fleshy globes of her tits. He squeezed and rolled their
pillowy shapes against her chest, then pressed them down
into her so that their roundness pancaked out from under
his palms.

He wasn't rushing her or himself. His fingers maneuvered
their way back along the sleek, sloping path to her
nipples. Gently, he tapped the erect tips and again a
sharp in-rushing hiss of aroused pleasure came from her
lips, filling the small alcove.

Around and around, the tantalizing digits circled the
hardened buds of flesh, creating all sorts of fantastic
sexual friction that burned, ached, throbbed and aroused
all in the same instant. His fingers scissored around
the taut buttons, their pinkness glowing red with

His all-knowing hands moved away from her breasts and
drifted with titillating determination down over the
quivering flatness of her belly. She groaned now,
pushing herself harder against his supporting body,
wiggling her flaring curved buttocks against the swollen
bulge in his pants, tempting him, urging him, luring his
fingers even further downward.

She sucked her breath in a sharp, deep hiss of
excitement, when his fingertips finally brushed into the
silky, curling triangle of her pubic moss. Slowly he
weaved lower, his finger finding the moist cleft of her
loins and running down the dipping slit.

Up and down the lubricious lips of her sex his inciting
digit glided, but refused to slide into the pulsing
slash of her cunt. He teased her, taunted her, toyed
with her body, until her pelvis moved in a slow motion
gyration to match his playful touch.

Then and only then, did he wiggle his finger up into her

She groaned, pressing herself closely to him. She
accepted the tickling probings of his finger for what it
was meant to be - an exciting appetizer to the main
course that would soon come.

She was wet inside. She could feel the sexual juices
that flooded the heated hole of her sex and she could
hear the wet sounds his finger made as it slowly pumped
in and out of her.

Like a small cock, he worked his delving digit into her
pussy and she loved it. She relished each dipping,
twirling motion he made. She trembled as his finger
crammed into her cunt at an ever increasing pace. He
twisted and turned, then slipped another finger into her
vagina, packing her that much fuller. She groaned and
ground her pelvis down on the double digital impalement
of her sex.

Then there was another finger, tauntingly gliding along
the moist crease of her labia. It dipped between the
plump pouted outer lips and inquisitively tapped at the
extending nubbin of her clit. There was no moan this
time. She groaned, long and low and filled with the
growing desperation of her desire.

Taunting playfully, his fingertips caressed the excited
bud of pleasure as his two other fingers fucked their
way in and out of her juice- filled cunt. He rolled the
delicate bud and circled it. He fondled and fingered it
until her groans filled the room and she was afraid that
her whimpers would finally bring the attention of the
three youths still involved in their sexual romp in the

"Please," she groaned. "I need you. Please I need this!"

Her hand reached behind her and clamped onto the still
covered length of her husband's cock. He grunted and
drove his fingers hard up into her hot pussy, increasing
the driving strokes of their fucking motion.

"Please!" she pleaded. "I want your cock. I want you to
fuck me!" Abruptly he pulled his hands away from her
wanton sex, his fingers sucking wetly from her body. His
mouth returned to her ear, kissing her once more,

"Lean over," he whispered in a deep, husky voice, that
spoke of his own arousal.

Doing as he directed, she leaned over, using her hands
to support herself on the window ledge-like frame that
surrounded the one-way mirror. The position gave her a
clear view of the activities in the other room.

Kate was now getting her share of her stepb*****r's
cock, a whole face full, as it were. Her young lips were
firmly wrapped around the fat stalk of his manhood as
she lay on her stomach, her face buried in the bright
redness of his pubic hairs. The young, black-haired
girl's cheek hollowed deeply as her head moved up and
down on the rigid manly rod.

Bryan's mouth was far more inactive. His pink,
glistening tongue was lapping vigorously through the
sandy blonde hairs that brushed over his s****r's cunt.
Diana could see him lapping up and swallowing the
glistening juices that flowed from the pink lips, then
spear his tongue into the waiting pussy.

She couldn't see Paula's face because the blonde-headed
girl once more had her head buried between Kate's creamy

Their young, willing bodies formed a triangle - a love
triangle, Diana couldn't help but think as she stood,
positioned for her husband and the cock she desperately
wanted and needed.

From behind her, she heard the curt sound of Michael's
zipper and the rustle of his jeans as he pulled them
from his legs. There was the padded sound of bare feet
and then the hardness of his prick pushing against one
of the round curves of her buttocks.

She felt his hands reach down and lift the veiling
bottom of her robe and fold it over her back so that
hung above her hips, exposing the half-moons of her ass.
The air felt cool and stimulating on her heated body.

Then his hands were on her again. Palms on her inner
thighs opened her legs wider, then he tickled another
finger into her cunt for a few quick strokes that only
fed the flames of anticipation swirling within her

She felt the naked warmth of his crotch as it pressed
into her upturned buttocks and the tickling forest of
his pubic hairs. She groaned as the fat pole of his
prick throbbed against the waiting lips of her cunt. His
hips moved back and forth, gliding the length over the
wanton crease of her labia, taunting her even further.

His hand was between her spread thighs again. She felt
his fingers close around his cock and the tip of his
thumb spread the lips of her pussy as a guide for the
pulsating, wet target he sought.

His hips lurched!

She groaned deeply under the full-powered impalement of
his sex.

Then she cried out in a startled, whimpering gasp!

This isn't Michael!

His pelvis snapped briskly into the perky uptilted
slopes of her buttocks.

This isn't my husband!

Big, bigger than her husband's cock, fatter at least,
the man behind her lunged the full length of his prick
into the humid folds of her cunt.

Who is it! What's happening to me!

The realization that the man behind her, the man that
was now cock-deep in the wanton hole of her sex, wasn't
her husband racked her mind. His arms wrapped around her
waist and his hips snapped forward burying more of the
hardness of his shaft within her belly.

"Ohhhh!" she heard herself moan, embarrassed and ashamed
of her wanton lust.

She moaned again as the fatness of his prick eased back
a bit, slithering out of the juice-filled channel of her
vagina. Then his pelvis jerked forward, sinking his
length into the liquid warmth of her pussy.

Scream, she thought, but the most her mouth could manage
was an incoherent, "Ahhhggghhh!"

What's happening to me? she shouted to herself. Some
man... some stranger is r****g you, and you can't even
call for help!

No! she answered herself, I can't call for help. I
couldn't face Michael and tell him how all this

"Ahhhhhhh!" she groaned, as the thickness that was
packed into her once more eased out, then drove back
into her body.

You don't want to scream for help! she continued the
mental conflict that raged in her brain. You want it!
You want to be ****d!

The squeezing muscles of her young and oh so vulnerable
vagina spoke the truth. They clamped down on the
unfamiliar intruder, clinging to the fullness that
thrilled her.

Whore! You cock hungry bitch! You don't care that you're
being fucked by some unknown, unseen man! All you care
about is that cock! That fat cock that's fucking your

"Harder, Michael!" she moaned, hoping at least to
conceal her discovery from the man behind her, hoping to
hide the wanton, shameless lust she was feeling for this
man she had never even seen, "Deeper! Fuck me deeper!"

The swollen shaft of his prick drove in, slamming its
satisfying fullness into her body. She grunted under the
heavy impact and whimpered as her throbbing cunt begged
for more.

Which is exactly what he gave her!

His hands gripped tightly at her hips, his pelvis jerked
back and forth in a rapid series of powerful lunges. His
cock shafted in and out of her belly, sluicing through
the humid channel in a searing, uneven rhythm.

"God!" she heard herself moaning despite herself. "Oh,
sweet God! It's good! Damn good!"

Her thighs ached, throbbing unmercifully. Her long view
of the bedroom activities and his more than arousing
manipulations of her body were too much for her. Lust!
Her body was one sheer f***e of unleashed lust!

Though she told herself she didn't want to, her hips
began moving with each driving jerk of his hips. She
helped him. She helped him feed his cock into her body.
She helped him fuck her wanton pussy like a dog takes a
bitch in heat.

He slammed back into her. The thickness of his shaft
drilled deep, straining into the pink folds of her
pulsing vagina, stretching the tightness of the channel
to accommodate his size.

Her ass bucked back, slapping into his crotch. She
shuddered with pleasure, as she accepted the swollen rod
that crammed into her. Whoever it was behind her, he
wasn't brutal, just virile, driving deep and hard. And
he hadn't threatened her. He had just taken advantage of
the situation. After all, she had begged and pleaded
with him to fuck her. And that was exactly what he was

The ponderous mass of his prick slid free. Her muscles
clamped down in a vain attempt to hold the flowering
knob of his glans. She moaned and trembled, realizing
that she was enjoying it. She was enjoying being poled
from behind by a man she didn't know. Her whole body
quaked with excitement as she relaxed and prepared
herself for the next fleshy invasion.

It came, big and hard, spearing into the heated recesses
of her aching pussy. Her pelvis jerked back and wiggled
around the massive stalk of man-meat, squeezing the
youthfulness of her love channel around it. She heard
him grunt with pleasure and felt a strange satisfaction
course through her body, adding to the thrills that
already whipped at her.

He wrenched himself free from the clinging moistness of
her sexual sheath, then drew himself back into the hot
pocket of flesh. Their bodies thudded together, ass to
crotch. They grunted and moaned as they worked together,
fanning the flames of passion that licked within them.

In and out, she accepted his strong steady rhythm.

Out and in, he lunged the bigness of his cock-shaft into
the upturned slash of her belly.

Then his arms were around her once again. And his
fingers were delving between the splayed lips of her
love mound.

She groaned as he found the bud of pleasure his
fingertips searched for. Her body quaked with sensual
tremors of delight. He touched and rolled the excited
little nubbin of her clit.

Lunging, thrusting, drilling and spearing his cock
lashed in and out of her body. Around and around his
fingers worked her clit.

She came. Her whole body exploded as the white-hot light
of passion flared, throwing her into the heavens of
ecstasy. Her legs and arms quaked, doing their damnedest
to maintain the body they supported, as she threw
herself back into the man, impaling herself fully on the
pole of flesh sporting from his groin.

Wave after wave of soul-shattering pleasure broke over
her, washing their marvelous sensations through her
body. She felt her legs crumble and her body slowly
collapse and fall to the floor. She groaned as the
thickness that had been packed into her slithered free,
leaving her empty.

Unable to move, she lay on the floor panting and moaning
as she rode atop the swirling winds of ecstasy.

After what seemed like hours of endless sensual
explosions, Diana floated downward, touching earth and
regaining control of her body. Shakily, she pushed
herself to her knees and glanced behind her.

A confused feeling of disappointment and relief flooded
her. He was gone! Vanished back to wherever he had come
from. She shivered and pulled the thin robe back around
her body.

A glistening stream of thickness that oozed from the
lips of her sex was the only evidence she had that he
had ever been there to begin with; a pearly stream of
seeping sperm and semen, the only evidence that he had
achieved the release that he had brought to her.

Her body still trembling, she slowly rose and retraced
her way down the dimly lit passage. The lamp she had
placed in the closet had been a good idea. It led her
toward her room and the secret panel that opened into
the closet.

Once back in the relative security of the bedroom, she
hastily dislodged Michael's shoe and pulled the panel
closed, then replaced the lamp on the night table near
the bed.

It all seemed dreamlike now. The passage, Bryan, Paula,
and Kate and the man who had taken her, all of them a
dream. But the still quivering mouth of her love mound
told her it had been real. She shivered again, unsure
whether the reaction was one of relief or excitement.

In a daze, she stumbled into the bathroom and quickly
turned the knobs of the shower full blast. The water was
like tiny fingers massaging her, bringing her back to
reality and at the same time soothing and relaxing her.

Feeling refreshed, but definitely tired, she toweled
herself dry and climbed into the cushiony softness of
the over-sized bed to wait for her husband, wondering
what she would tell him.

She tried to sort the events out in her mind, but with
little success. The more she thought about the incident
the more embarrassing it was to her.

Like most women, she had thought about ****. The thought
of some man, one she knew and was attracted to, forcing
her into sex had always been exciting. But that wasn't
****, just an erotic fantasy.

**** was brutal, degrading, with no thought of pleasure,
only the humiliation of the woman. r****ts were mentally
sick people who were out to punish women. People who
thought sex was dirty and degraded their victims by
forcing them into sex.

But the man in the passage had been nothing like that.

He had been more like a lover. He had known what a woman
wanted and had given it to her. He had worried about her
pleasure as well as his own.

She shivered again. This time there was no doubt in her
mind, it had been excitement. Not something she would
want to happen every day, but definitely exciting.

Yet, she felt used. She didn't even know the man that
had taken her. She hadn't seen his face. He had taken
the advantage of her position and used her to expel his

Who was he?

What will I tell Michael?

The questions echoed over and over in her mind as the
comforting security of sl**p slowly crept over her,
leaving the answers lost in the darkness.

Chapter 7

Diana rolled over in the bed. Her long, graceful arms
reached out to hold her husband. But only found
emptiness on his side of the bed.

She pushed her sl**p-laden eyes open and stared beside
her. Michael's side had been slept in, but it was empty
now. She quickly glanced around the room. Her husband
was gone.

"Hrmph!" she snorted out loud. "Not much of a way to
treat your bride on the second night of your marriage!"

Then she remembered the man in the passage and was
grateful that her husband hadn't awakened her.

It's passed now. Let it be. There's no reason that
Michael needs to know. Not now at least. He's upset
enough as it is, at having had to make this trip to his
f****y's home. I'll tell him later, when we're away from
here. Later... maybe...

She rolled to her back and stretched. It would be nice
to have Michael now. He's good in the morning. Hell,
he's good any time!

She smiled and pulled his pillow to her and hugged it.
She could detect the slight smell of him. She shivered,
wishing the pillow was her husband, imagining she was
holding him close while he was atop her.

No! Forget it! she scolded herself. No reason to get
yourself hot and bothered. Michael's not here!

Groaning with disappointment, she tossed the imaginary
Michael-pillow back to the other side of the bed, gave
it a loving pat, then swung herself out of the bed.
After a few moments in the bathroom, tending to the
regular morningly duties, she came back into the bedroom
and selected a pair of burgandy hip-huggers and a cream-
colored blouse from the suitcase. Not sure how the
Hightowers would take to the braless look, she also
pulled out one of those thin, very sheer, nylon bras,
that did little more than keep her nipples from poking
out under her blouse. Her breasts were still firm, even
without a bra; they did little more than jiggle around

Quickly stepping into her casual, but attractive,
clothes, she glanced longingly at the empty and unused
bed once more, then made her way downstairs.

The mansion seemed deserted. She made a quick check of
the room she had been in the night before, but could
find no one, let alone her husband.

Deciding that if she had been left to fend on her own,
she'd do something about the growing hunger in her
stomach. After all, it was time for breakfast.

With little difficulty - she did make two wrong turns
that led her to the den - Diana located the hall leading
to the kitchen.

"Good morning," Lorraine cheerfully greeted her as she
swung the door into the kitchen. "sl**p well?"

"Wonderfully," Diana smiled at the blonde-haired woman,
finding herself still disbelieving Lorraine was the
mother of two teen-age c***dren.

If I can only hold my age as well! she thought, but
said, "Where is everybody?"

Her mother-in-law smiled and offered a cup of coffee,
which she accepted, as well as two pieces of toast and
several slices of crisp fried bacon.

"Your Michael got up earlier this morning and drove in
to the courthouse. Both the girls went along to do some
shopping," Lorraine said, seating herself at the
breakfast counter with Diana, nursing her own coffee.
"Bryan and my Michael are around the house somewhere."

Diana listened as the woman talked, mostly idle
conversation about her f****y and the Hightower estate.
However, Diana couldn't help but wonder if Lorraine
really knew what was going on with her f****y. Did she
know that her son and daughter had shared anal
intercourse last night, shared it and enjoyed? And did
she know that they were both their steps****r's lovers?

She smiled to herself, remembering the lusty scene she
had witnessed from behind the one-way mirror last night.

Then the memories of the man in the dark came to her
again. Less distressing than last night, but still

"Look, Diana," she heard her mother-in-law suggest.
"It's a beautiful day. Why don't you go outside and see
our place? It's really rather beautiful. Michael One did
most of the work himself."

"I think I will," Diana agreed, mostly because she
wanted to think. "I'll be back shortly to see if I can
help with lunch."

"Don't bother," the older woman answered. "I'm just
going to throw some cold cuts together. Take your time.
I might come out and join you in a little bit."

Nodding, Diana left her mother-in-law alone in the
kitchen and left the immense plantation house via the
back door.

It was a nice day, spring warm, but lacking the humidity
that comes with Louisiana summers. A light breeze added
to the fresh feel of the day. A mildly, sweet scent of
the blossoming magnolia trees suffused through the air.

Moving idly and without any set purpose, Diana walked
away from the house. She stopped once and reached down
to remove her shoes. The St. Augustine grass, with its
broad flat blades, was a thick green carpet that felt
cool and alive under her bare feet. It was almost a sin
to walk on this grass with anything but bare feet.
Beautifully manicured, the lawn of the Hightower estate
was almost a work of art.

Who had it been?

Despite the marvelous feel of the day, her thoughts kept
returning to the secret passage, the alcove with its
sexy viewing arrangement, and the man who had fucked her
so thoroughly, the man she hadn't seen - only felt!

"Good morning!" a voice called to her, her husband's

She pivoted, glad that he had gotten the legal business
out of the way so quickly. But it wasn't Michael that
was coming toward her. At least, not her Michael.
Rather, it was her husband's father.

"You look especially lovely this morning. The way all
new brides should," he smiled at and received a smile in
answer. "Beautiful day, isn't it?"

"Yes," she replied. "Lorraine suggested I come out and
see what you've done with the landscaping. I'm glad I
took her up. It's beautiful."

His face beamed with pride, "Thank you. I won't be
humble about it. This took a hell of a lot of work and I
did most of it by myself. I guess it's the New England
farm boy I never was coming out in me. There's something
special about planting things and watching them come to

She smiled, then chided, "Don't tell me you're
responsible for these magnolias!"

"No," he chuckled. "They were here when I bought the
place. But they were in bad condition and I did nurse
them back to health."

"A man with a green thumb," she laughed.

"Thumbs don't get green by working with the earth," he
corrected. "They get dirty."

She laughed again. Last night, she had decided she liked
her new father-in-law and those feelings were being
confirmed now. "Is there anything special I should see?
Any labor of love you're especially proud of?"

"Why of course," he smiled, offering her his arm, which
she took. "The pond is just over there. If you'll kindly
come with me."

The walk was farther than Diana anticipated. The mansion
had disappeared behind them, hidden by the small forest
of magnolias. But it was worth it. Michael One's pond
was special.

Skirted by trees on all sides, the small pool of water
was clear and calm looking. To one side was a small
clearing, complete with a picnic table and benches.

"I had to call in the bulldozers to help me with this,
her father-in-law explained. "It's my design, though.
The pond's spring fed and most of the year it's
downright cold, which keeps the snakes away."

"Snakes?" Diana glanced up at him.

"This is bayou country. There's plenty of cotton mouths
around," he answered. "But don't worry. Like I said the
water is plenty cold, too cold for them. But on a hot
summer's day, this pond beats the hell out of a swimming
pool. Lorraine and I often sneak away from the house
during the summer for a little skinny dippin'."

Diana laughed. It was quite easy for her to picture her
father-in-law and his sexy wife swimming nude in the
pond. He might be in his fifties, but he still presented
a virile image. The humor, however, was Diana's mental
images of Bryan, Paula and Kate doing exactly the same
thing without the knowledge of their parents. This
quiet, little pond had probably been the scene for more
than one of the sexual romps the threesome had shared.

"Your home really is something special," she commented,
as they paused, leaning against the trunk of one of the
towering trees.

"We think so," Michael One smiled at her. "There's a lot
here to work with and we're always finding something
new, some remnant of this estate's history."

"Like those cellars they used to keep runaway slaves in
until passage north could be arranged?" Diana asked.

"Mmmm hmmmm," he nodded, gazing out over the pond. "Or
some buried wagon wheel. Or like those andirons for the
den's fireplace. I found them while the workmen were
digging this pond. There must have been another house
out here at one time. Perhaps a guest house. If not,
then I discovered the Duvalle's old trash dump."

She chuckled with him at the thought of the antique
andirons once being someone else's garbage.

"This whole place is like the house," he continued.

"Full of those quirks you mentioned last night?" she

"Right," he smiled at her, his eyes locking to hers.
"Did you know that the house has secret passages?"

"Yes..." she suddenly stopped.

It hit her all at once, like a ton of bricks!

Her father-in-law's eyes flashed with a devilish glint.

He knew!

And she knew!

The man in the alcove had answered to the name Michael
last night! He had sounded like her husband! Michael One
sounded like her Michael! They were both the same size.
The similarities were unbelievable!

"You!" she gasped. "It was you!"

Her hand lashed out, fully intent on slapping her
father-in-law's face. It was silly, a c***dish reaction.
But at the moment, it was all that she could think of;
all she could do to relieve the anger and the
embarrassment that flushed through her body.

But even that was ineffectual!

His own arm jumped up and grasped her wrist. Her anger
growing, she slapped out with her other arm. Which
again, he blocked, raising both her arms above her head
and pinning them firmly against the rough trunk of the
magnolia. She struggled, twisting to free herself, but
he held her solidly.

"You bastard! It was you!" she spat. "You were the man
last night! You... you... r****t!"

He chuckled and grinned at her, "r****t?"

"Yes, you son of a bitch!" she grunted, still trying to
wrench her wrist free of his one vise-like hand.

"Come now," he chided, his eyes laughing with amused
delight. "Surely you don't expect me to believe that. I
doubt whether you've been able to convince yourself that
it was ****!"

Her knee lashed out, directed toward his groin. A
measure he had apparently been anticipating, since he
easily sidestepped the would-be painful thrust and
laughed, obviously enjoying the position he held his
daughter-in-law in.

"My dear Diana, you wanted it as every bit as much as I
did," he grinned lewdly down at her, knowing. "You never
so much as tried to get away from me. And I know you
could tell I wasn't my son."

She kicked out again, but it was a vain effort. He was
now positioned beside her, out of reach.

"You bastard!" she hissed, renewing her struggle to get
away from his hand, but he held her tight

"I only did as you asked," he continued smiling at her.
"As a matter of fact, I didn't do a damn thing until you
asked me to. Unless you want to count my copping a feel
of those marvelous tits of yours."

Again she twisted and writhed and again her struggles
received the same results. Nothing!

"And you can't tell me you didn't enjoy it as much as I
did," he went on. "My God, girl, you had one of the
strongest climaxes I've ever seen in a woman!"

"No! That was not ****," he concluded. "One of the
farthest things from **** I've ever seen!"

"Yesss!" she hissed. "It was! You ****d me!"

"No," he answered simply, as he reached up and tightly
grasped her chin with his free hand. "No."

His head dipped forward.

He's going to kiss me!

The thought jolted her. It was the last thing she had

The conceit! The egotistical bastard!

She tried to jerk her head away, but his clamping
fingers held her steady and immobile. Lightly his lips
brushed over hers, then his head rose and he smiled, as
she glared with indignation.

Releasing her face, his fingers tauntingly glided down
the smooth arc of her neck, resting on the top button of
her blouse.

"I guess, if you won't admit that it wasn't ****," he
grinned, "I'll have to demonstrate my point to you."

His fingers fumbled with the button momentarily. She
felt the top of her blouse suddenly loosen and knew he
had been successful.

Again, he reached up and grasped her chin and jerked her
face toward him. His head lowered and their lips met
again, pressing a little harder and lingering for a
second or two.

Repeating his movements, his fingers drifted down the
softness of her neck and down the front of her blouse,
dipping a little lower this time.

The fabric of her blouse tugged as the second of the
five buttons was freed from its hole. As before, his
hand caught her chin and pulled her face to him. His
lips pressed hard against hers. With enraged
determination, she kept her month tautly drawn closed.

Again his fingers slid down along the curving arch of
her neck and dipped through the opening "V" of her
blouse. Downward his fingers softly caressed, moving
much lower and much more intimately through the valley
separating her breasts and over the thin nylon that
covered the well-proportioned globes. He found the
fourth button and easily slipped it from its hole.

For the fifth time, his fingers clamped under her chin
and pulled her to him. His mouth covered hers. His
tongue, warm and moist, danced out from his mouth, as
his lips parted, then taunted over her lips. But she was
determined! Her mouth refused the probe. She shivered,
remembering its feel on her neck and ear last night.

Once more, following the now familiar path, his fingers
caressingly glided down her neck and drifted over her
bare skin, through the smooth valley of her breasts and
over the quivering flatness of her stomach. They found
the last of the five buttons and quickly slipped it from
its hole.

Her blouse was now completely opened.

His free hand tucked under the edges of the shirt and
pushed them back over her shoulders so that the blouse
remained on her, but her chest was exposed to him.

"Beautiful," he whispered glancing at her, then letting
his eyes drop to the nylon-confined mounds of her tits,
so that she knew exactly what he was speaking about.

The bra was flimsy and sheer. It held absolutely nothing
from his eyes. Her nipples and aureoles looked brown
under the flesh-colored fabric, rather than their
natural coral pink, but what the hell did that matter,
she found herself thinking.

"Beautiful," he whispered again, as if to make sure that
she heard him.

His hand was back on her body again. This time gently
caressing the sleek flatness of her stomach, his
fingertips teasingly ringing the deep well of her navel.
She shivered.

Damn! she cursed herself. She could feel her nipples
responding to the taunting gentle manipulation of his
hand. Slut! You're nothing better than a cock hungry

It didn't help. Her nylon-confined nipples still
tingled, pushing against the fabric of her bra.

Working slowly upward, his hand glided beneath the
restrained globe of her right tit and slowly caressed
the bulging lower curve. She shivered again. Then his
palm cupped beneath the s****r mound and repeated its
loving fondle.

The bastard! He's doing exactly like he did last night!

Thinking she felt the grip on her pinned wrists slacken,
she suddenly jerked and twisted. The strength of his
hand hadn't diminished in the least. He held her firmly
and continued his play without the slightest pause for
her struggles.

Circling in a spiralling path, his fingers brushed
around and around the captive globes of flesh. Despite
the covering of nylon, she felt him, felt every little
movement of his fingertips. The sheer fabric seemed only
to increase the sexy feel of him, suffusing the pleasant
sensations of his hands. Her nipples were alive,
straining outward, pressing against the cloth of her

His fingers then drifted into the deep valley between
the mounded forms of her breasts. Carefully, they tucked
under the fabric.

His eyes rose to her again, glinting with delight as
they caught the excited flare of her nostrils and the
wide-eyed gaze of definite interest.

His hand jerked forward. A sharp biting pain ran across
her shoulders. It was the broad strap of her bra! Then
it was gone as suddenly as it had come. He had ripped
the front of her bra open. Her tits, pink and
vulnerable, now stood out from her chest, displaying
their nakedness, while wispy bits of torn nylon dangled
to their sides, moving in the slight breeze.

Involuntarily, she sucked her breath in. It hissed as it
rushed through her teeth on the way to her lungs.
Whether she wanted it or not, her body was reacting to
him. She was enjoying this rough treatment. Just as she
had enjoyed the things he had done to her last night!

His hand rose to her tits again. This time his fingers
were met by the summery warmth of her flesh. She
quivered, trying to push the mounting excitement of her
body away.

His fingers lightly brushing and tapping at her erect
nipple did little to help. Nor did the wonderfully
squeezing finger that expertly kneaded and rolled the
firm cushions of flesh.

And when he cupped one of the tempting globes of melon-
like tit and pushed it upward so that he could just
barely get his lips and tongue on the deep pink cherry
of aroused flesh that topped it, there was nothing she
could think to do, except moan.

His tongue was like a feathery whip of pleasure. He
licked and laved, slickening the fat, plump nipple. He
lashed and whipped over its hardening surface, causing
her chest to heave with labored breaths.

His lips closed over the excited bud and he sucked - an
action that only increased the wonderful tingling that
flooded through the billowy mound and suffused down into
her loins.

She moaned again, arching her back away from the
wrinkled trunk of the tree, in a hope of giving him more
of her wanton breast. But the confining position he had
her pinned in did little to help.

If he'd only let my hands go! she found herself wishing
and not caring. She knew as she had known last night
that she wanted what he had given her. She wanted it
now, as she wanted it then!

With a moist little sucking sound, his lips slid from
her nipple and his hand squeezed around the fleshy globe
as he rolled it against her chest.

His eyes met hers again and he leaned to her.

Their lips met. This time, he found no resistance, no
struggle, no protest!

She opened her mouth to admit the moist, warm probe of
his tongue. She accepted the oral digit into her mouth,
caressing it and teasing it with her own tongue. He
drilled deeply, flicking toward her throat.

She felt him move at her side, pressing against her,
then covering her from the front. She could have made
her kicks connect now, but that was the furthest thing
from her mind, as she felt the bulging thickness that
pressed against her from the crotch of his pants.

Her pelvis pushed out and rubbed into the bulge. She
felt him tremble a little, but enough for her hands to
slip free and cling tightly around his back.

As his tongue retreated from her mouth, she moved after
it into his mouth. Her gyrating oral digit flicked and
twisted within the humid warmth of his mouth, dancing
lightly over and under his tongue.

His hand climbed up her back and slowly worked at her
blouse. Briefly she unwrapped her arms from around him,
so that he could slip it and the shredded remains of her
bra free and toss them to the ground. Then her arms were
around him again, drawing him close.

Eventually, they parted and he gazed down at her, an
undeniable light of certainty in his eyes, "Kneel down."

She obeyed his whispered command, trembling as she
dropped before him, her green eyes never leaving his
face. He smiled reassuringly.

"Suck me off," he whispered his next command. It came as
if to make sure she knew neither one of them no longer
spoke of ****.

She glanced at the thick knoll that strained from the
front of his pants and nodded without looking at him.

Her fingers slowly drifted out and traced up and down
the swollen shape beneath his jeans. His legs opened,
spreading a little as her fingers found his zipper and
moved it downward, then dipped inside his fly, carefully
maneuvering the fat rod of flesh she found free of its

That it was thick, she already knew. She had felt it
last night and it had packed her to the brim. But seeing
the full size of his club-like prodder was something
else. While no more than six inches long, it was at
least two inches in diameter, and the gorged glans
looked like some small red apple.

And from the long, slitted mouth at the direct center of
the arrow-shaped crown welled a large drop of crystal
clear fluid. Juice that she stirred from his loins.

Grasping the thickness of his cock with both of her
hands, she leaned to his crotch. Her pink tongue snaked
out and lapped away the heavy drop. The familiar taste
of sex filled her mouth. It was a taste she liked. No! A
taste she loved! She rolled the singular drop in her
mouth, savoring it, then she swallowed.

Her tongue flicked out again, this time washing its way
over the bloated-looking crown of his cock. It looked so
firm and hard, yet it was smooth and soft. The delicious
combination was arousing. She licked some more,
thoroughly enjoying the task her father-in-law had set
her to.

He moaned as she continued her delicate laving over the
sensitive thickness of his glans and moaned as her
tongue ran up and down the firm column of his sex,
leaving it glistening with the wetness of her saliva.

She nibbled and teethed her way up and down the plump
hardness, delighting in the virile feel of his manhood.
Then she gave its bulging head one last kiss and pulled

Her emerald eyes rolled up to him once again.

"Suck it!" he repeated, his voice less steady and filled
with the desire she was igniting within his loins.

Which is exactly what she did.

Her predatory lips moved in, opening in a wide "O" of
tightly pressed muscle. Over the hugely massive crown
knob, her lips pouted.

Then she sucked!

She sucked, pulling on the ponderous head. She sucked as
her tongue whipped and lashed over its agitated surface.
She sucked delighting in the fatness of the man-meat she

He groaned and his lips lurched forward. At least half
of his length plunged into her mouth, vanishing into her

She gulped and sucked in her breath through her nostrils
to suppress the urge to gag. Then she slipped further
down the fat rod.

He was too big for her to take all of him. At least too
big for this first time in her mouth. Perhaps after some
time, she could accommodate his ponderous mass in her
face. But not now. Still, she took enough of his swollen
stalk to let him know she was giving him head and enough
for her to know that he could easily crack her jaws, if
suddenly he became overactive.

But he didn't.

He just stood there, letting her do the work, watching
as her head bobbed up and down on his pole of flesh.
Delighting as she slid her lips on and off his cock.
Thrilling as her cheeks hollowed while she sucked, then
stuffed outward as she swallowed up his prick once

She could hear him moaning. She could feel the rigidity
that stiffened his cock to a hard pole of flesh, And she
could feel the thick knot that pushed up along the
underside of his shaft.

Then he blasted into her mouth.

Hot cum in a direct race from his balls splattered over
her tongue and coated the roof of her mouth. She
swallowed and sucked, welcoming each of the thick spurts
of sexual cream that exploded out from his loins. Again
and again, she gulped down the viscosity that
exuberantly spilled from the head of his cock.

She sucked at him, milking at his throbbing rod for even
further offerings.

"No more," he groaned, his hips jerking back, rudely
wrenching his shaft from her lips. "No more!"

Still on her knees, she stared up, pleased with the grin
of satisfaction that spread across her father-in-law's

Chapter 8

It took a few moments for Michael One to steady himself.
Diana's oral passion was something he had not reckoned
with. However, he had disproved the "****" theory of his
daughter-in-law to his satisfaction and hopefully to

But that was something he intended to make sure of at
the moment.

Diana shivered with excitement as her father-in-law
smiled down at her. It stemmed from the lubricious gleam
in his dark eyes and the still stiff lance of man flesh
that jutted from his groin. She trembled and whimpered.

The aroused thrills increased as he leaned over and
lifted her to her feet. Without speaking, he pulled her
half-naked body to his, crushing her supple form to him.
She came without hesitation, the stiff nipples of her
melon-like breasts stabbing at his chest.

There was absolutely no protest this time as his tongue
darted from his mouth. Her lips opened and accepted the
oral probe that filled the emptiness left by his
withdrawn cock. Her own tongue playfully dueled around
the flicking invader, then pushed its way into his

Carefully, she wedged a thigh between his legs and
rubbed it over the exposed length of his manhood, still
hard and powerful feeling, despite the demand she had
just placed on his seminal reservoir. He moaned around
the mouthful of tongue that speared toward the back of
his throat.

She pressed tightly to him, relishing in the inciting
sensation of her tit mounds flattening against his
chest, then slowly swaying her hips so that the pancaked
globes rolled deliciously over him. Her hand slid down
his back, anchoring into the taut boulders of his ass
and pulled his crotch to hers.

Simultaneously, his hands followed hers, dipping beneath
the tight waistband of her slacks and under the elastic
tops of her panties. Her little wiggle movements
increased to a provocative dance as his hands covered
the perky, rounded curves of her bottom. He squeezed
down. His fingers firmly dug into the fleshy demiglobes,
kneading her silken buttocks as he had fondled the
moldable mounds of her young, proud breasts.

For several minutes they clung to each other, their
tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors
of their mouths. Their hands squeezed and urged. Their
bodies pressed together with a sensual nearness.

Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a
silent second or two. Then his hands withdrew from her
ass and moved to the front of her burgandy hip-huggers.

While he worked the button and zipper to her slacks
free, her own fingers occupied themselves with the
imposing shaft that speared wantonly from his fly.

With loving tenderness, her fingertips glided up and
down the still moist spike of flesh; still damp with the
traces of her saliva. It jerked and jumped under her
spright teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh
sexual oils that oozed from his balls.

A little tug came from each side of her hips. She
wiggled and helped him work the clinging slacks down her
thighs until they fell around her ankles. He followed
the same procedure to remove the naughty pink mesh
panties she wore.

She had to give up her hold on his thick prick as he
leaned over and suddenly lifted her in his arms. Not
particularly caring where he was taking her, she wrapped
her arms around his neck and playfully nibbled at his

About twenty feet from where their enjoyable
confrontation had begun, he gently laid her on the
ground between two towering magnolias. The grass was
thick there, like a natural bed. It felt cool and
exciting against the nakedness of her body as she
stretched out voluptuously at his feet.

Smiling down at the willing young woman, his fingers
worked free the buttons to his shirt and threw it aside.
With the same quickness, he managed to peel away his
pants and the boxer shorts he wore, to join his enticing
daughter-in-law in her nakedness.

Lowering himself beside her in their grassy bed, he once
more scooped her up in his arms. Her inciting fingers
were back at his cock, as he slid one of his hands
between her silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with
arousal as his palm closed around the fleshy mound of
her pubis.

He squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of her
sex. Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their
willingness into his fingers. He could feel the moisture
of her anticipation welling from between the outer lips
of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay,
but that was exactly what made the things he did to her
so enjoyable.

Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her
cunt, he sluiced into the juice-filled channel of her
vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The
soft folds of her tunnel of desire responded, squeezing
around the probe that had invaded her body. Her pelvis
moved up and down, working itself on him as if it were
feeding on the thickness of a cock, rather than a single

His nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of
her breasts that more enjoyable. Heavy and round, they
pressed against his chest, rolling and spearing the
stiffness of their erect nipples into his skin.

Her hands slid up and down on his prick, neither
demanding or urgent, but letting him know she was more
than ready to have its thickness buried within the tight
sheath of her belly.

But he still waited, gliding another finger into her
heated hole of passion, while yet another fingertip
tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the thin
membrane of its hood. It was as if he teased her body to
quell forever whatever traces of "****" still remained
in her body. He taunted her, stirring her lust in the
same manner he had used last night in the dim-lit

She whimpered, writhing against his body, as big fingers
expertly manipulated dual digits into the enveloping
socket of sex, while his third finger flicked and
fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body.

She felt him move beside her and his free hand rolled
her to her back. He edged up a little and his mouth
kissed at her neck working downward until it captured
one of the high-perched cherries of flesh topping a
warm, pink-colored tit. His tongue moistly caressed the
stiffened bud as his lips sucked.

She groaned. The double stimulation of her body was
fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting desires
that trembled through her. Her body writhed, swishing
over the crisp, green bed of grass. Her hips rose and
fell in time with the steady in-out pumping of his
fingers. Her hands clamped tightly around his cock-
shaft, squeezing and jacking along its pulsating length.

He was controlling her once again. It was a repeat of
their first meeting in the voyeur's alcove. He knew the
sexual needs of a woman and even more important, he
cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that
type of control over her body until now - her husband,
Michael. Now she had found another - her father-in-law.

She groaned, as his fingers upped their tempo, sluicing
into the hot mouth of her belly. Her hips surged up and
down, matching the increased rhythm.

Michael! What would he think... what would he do, if he
knew I were here? If he knew I were giving my body to
his father with the same willingness that I gave myself
to him?

She wanted to straighten the thoughts out in her mind.
She wanted to know what to do and how to handle the
situation, but those marvelous fingers gliding in and
out of her vagina were too demanding.

I'm a whore! A shameless slut who can't get enough sex!
Can't get enough hot, hard cock stuffed up my cunt!

But she didn't feel like a slut. She felt like a
passion-filled woman who was getting the sex she needed
and wanted, from an experienced man who knew how to
satisfy her.

God! He feels so good! I'm going to cum if he keeps this
up! I want his cock for that! Not his fingers!

Still, her father-in-law pumped his vigorously gliding
fingers into the trembling groove of her pussy. In and
out, then twisting a little, he finger-fucked her,
eliciting desire-laden whimpers and moans from her
writhing lips.

Does he want me to beg? Does he want me to plead for his
cock, like I did last night?

She knew the answers to her questions even before she
asked them to herself. She knew he wanted to be asked to
fuck her. He wanted her to know that he had only given
her what she had wanted last night and at no time had
there ever been a question of ****. He was right. She
had wanted him. Even when she had discovered the cock
that filled her wasn't her husband's, she had wanted
him; wanted him just as she wanted and ached for him

"Fuck me!" she moaned, gasping for her breath. "Please,
I want this wonderful cock of yours! Please! My God,

His mouth immediately pulled off her tit and he slid
atop her, his fulI weight pressing her into the ground
and she loved every manly ounce of his body. His fingers
jerked free of her snatch and gripped her hips.

Her hands guided the knob-like thickness of his shaft's
head to the waiting, throbbing entrance of her cunt. His
hips jerked violently and he slammed up into the
quivering wetness of her pussy.

She grunted-whimpered with the abrupt penetration of her
passion-keen body. His thickness packed her to the brim.

There was no pause, no hesitating moment to revel in the
union of their bodies.

His pelvis jerked up, wrenching the filling firmness of
cock from her vagina in a brusk manner, then he lurched
forward, cramming his bigness back Into the sheathing
envelope of desire.

She grunted again, as his heavy impact f***ed the air
from her lungs in a startled "Hooufff!" But this is the
way she wanted it. Hard and rough!

Again the straining hugeness of his sexual pole jerked
curtly back. She felt her clinging cunt follow its rapid
retreat, flowing wetly around his cock's circumference.

Downward his hips plunged again, grinding into her, as
he shafted the ponderous root of flesh back up into her
belly. The tight channel of her cunt stretched back
before the invading arrow-shaped tip of his cock. The
walls of her vagina closed around his swollen mass,
squeezing tautly.

His breath was hard and fast, like the sound of a
rutting a****l, as he pumped in and out of her wet, pink
cunt. The bestial manner of his assault only heightened
the avid need she had for him, this new lover, her

Despite the heaviness of his weight, she worked her hips
in the same rigorous tempo of his jackhammering strokes.
Up and down, she hunched, arching her back to meet each
slamming thrust of his cock, then dropping her ass to
the grassy coolness of the ground beneath her, as he
jerked out.

His hands were moving on her. She could feel them
through the lust-haze cloud that suffused through her
body. They were moving downward, from her hips,
caressing her thighs. No, they were sliding behind her

Abruptly, her legs were whipped upward and pushed toward
her chest, his arms holding them there!

The juice-filled furrow of her desire opened to him in
an increased angle of entry. His still ramrodding prick
lunged forward, spearing into the innermost depths of
her cunt.

She groaned and writhed, her hips no longer able to
move. Deep, thick and gorged, his inflexible length of
cock skewered her body.

"Ahhhaggghhh!" she accepted the deep-rooted impact of
his sex.

Brutally, almost in a punishing fashion, his hips rose
and fell. He slammed into her. He ground his crotch into
hers, his hairy ball bag slapping at the curves of her
up-tilted ass cheeks. He lashed. He pounded.

She loved it!

Her hands were dug into his taut buttocks. Her
fingernails were biting into his ass as he fucked her.
She pulled at him, trying to f***e even more of the
deeply slamming man meat into her pussy.

Her vagina seared with the rising, consuming heat of her
desire. He was a living lance that speared again and
again into the open wound of her body. Unable to move,
she made up for it by squeezing. Her cunt was a sucking
mouth that ate at the thick shaft that filled and packed
it. She squeezed down, attempting to make her channel of
sex a glove-like socket for him. She strained, drawing
her pussy tighter and tighter.

He grunted like a lust-maddened bull, his hips lashing
up and down. His cock whipped in and out of her. Harder
and deeper, he crammed into the burning socket of her
body. He skewered her. He rammed her. He plowed into the
wanton slash of her hot sex.

Higher and higher, she rose. Nearer and nearer to the
release her body screamed for, he whipped her on.

Her hands were raking claws of desperation on his
buttocks. Pulling and urging him, she dug into the taut
rocks of his ass.

He responded, his pelvis slapping into hers harder and
harder. His cock was a fiery piston that only strove
deeper, trying to split her up the middle.

She squeezed and writhed, unable to get enough of the
fatness of his sex, as she soared closer and closer to
climax. She groaned and whimpered the urgent demands of
her body. She moaned and grunted as his body pounded
over and over into her.

In and out, out and in, his lust-laden shaft impaled the
quivering slash of her sex. He drilled and ground. He
skewered and poled. His whole body was tense, as he held
back the flood that once more boiled up from his balls.
He fucked! He fucked her, doing his damnedest to slam
his cock all the way up her!

Like a series of unleashed earthquakes, it racked
through her body. Tremors, flesh tremors of desire and
release, writhed through her. She thrashed and twisted
under him, screwing her cunt fully with the fat, swollen
length of his shaft.

She cried out in wailing whimpers of delight. Her body
exploded and blasted free. Her passion swirled and
lashed in the ecstasy of its freedom. Every nerve in her
body sizzled with white-hot heat. She came, rocked and
caressed by the ultimate of pleasures.

Simultaneously, his balls broke free, glushing a fresh
load of cum into the orgasmically contracting folds of
her cunt. He fountained into her opened body, flooding
the sheathing well of her sex with the thick fluids of
his release. He filled her until the creamy whiteness of
his cum oozed around the buried thickness of his cock
and seeped from her cunt.

Chapter 9

Neither of them moved for several minutes, their bodies
still locked together. But, eventually, she felt his
cock deflate, slowly slithering out of her body and he
rolled from atop her and lay at her side in the grass.

"That was good," she whispered, as she cradled into the
hollow of his shoulder.

He squeezed her and lightly kissed her forehead in

"Last night..." she started, then stopped, unsure of
exactly how to pose her question.

"Mmmmmm?" his hand idly slid along her side, pausing to
fondle the bulging base of a breast.

"Well, I don't know how to put it," she started again.
"But last night, did you know what I was doing in the

"Sure," he chuckled. "You, were peeping in windows."

"I mean," she pressed, "did you know what I was

"Yes," he kissed her lightly. "You were watching Bryan
and the girls making love. I could see through the
mirror too, you know."

His abrupt answer with all its candidness somehow
shocked her.

"What were you doing there?" she went on trying to get
to the bottom of what was bothering her.

"Other than what obviously occurred," he chuckled again,
pulling her to him, "I was going to do exactly what you
were doing."

"What?" she couldn't believe what he had just said.

"Why not?" he questioned with amusement. "Paula and Kate
are quite attractive young girls. Together they're quite
a sensual pair. And they both enjoy having Bryan."

She was silent, comprehending what he had just said, but
still disbelieving the i****tuous relationships that
apparently existed within the Hightower f****y.

"Lorraine was occupied," he went on, "and I must admit I
find watching my daughters quite stimulating. Didn't

Something rang funny in her mind. Diana rolled her
father-in-law's last comment. Then it struck her -
Lorraine was occupied! Michael!

"Were Michael and Lorraine together!" she stammered. "I
mean were they together!"

Michael One laughed and hugged her close, amused at her
befuddlement, "I think you'll have to ask them. But
before my son found you, he and Lorraine were quite a

Diana tried to get angry. But she couldn't. Hell! What
have I gotten myself into! Here I am naked, thoroughly
fucked by my new father-in- law, who has just told me my
husband is having an affair with his stepmother!

Actually, the whole picture was perfectly clear to her,
she just was having a hard time accepting it. She had
suddenly been brought into a f****y that believed in
togetherness, especially when it came to sexual matters.

"Let me make sure I know what you're saying," she
pressed one more time. "You, Lorraine, Bryan, Paula and

"Don't forget Jim," her father-in-law laughed. "We're
all in love with each other and dig the hell out of

He paused, staring into her green eyes, "Welcome to the

Despite her confusion and her mild state of shock, the
meaning of his words penetrated and she shivered with
anticipation, remembering everything she had seen last
night. Even the mental picture of Michael screwing his
stepmother didn't seem to bother her. In fact, she found
it rather exciting. She and Michael had had lovers
before they met and she had always assumed that they
both would continue to do so at one time or another.
Perhaps it was better this way. Let everything come out
in the open.

After all, it's all in the f****y!

Michael One stirred again, "I don't know about you, but
I think I could use a quick dip in the pond before
heading back to the house. Care to join me?"

Diana nodded. While the thick St. Augustine grass was
beautiful to look at, it was starting to irritate her
skin, reminiscent of the prickly feeling she used to get
when she was a k** and used to rough house in the grass
with the other k**s in her neighborhood. A playtime
activity that had stopped once the boys started to
notice that the girls were girls and suddenly began to
add new little twists to their football games.

Michael One helped her from the ground and they walked
to the pond. Without hesitating, he did a springy little
dive and knifed into the clear water. Then, without
thinking, she followed. As she struck the water, she
remembered his earlier comments about the pond being
spring fed.


Even in the warm spring weather, the water was icy.
Shivering, she quickly splashed around, rinsing away the
itching traces of the grass, then clambered out of the
water, clutching herself at the edge of the pond. Her
father-in-law laughed, but quickly followed suit.

"Sorry, but we forgot to bring towels," he said, running
his fingers through the thick mop of his black hair,
then shaking his head vigorously. "The sun will dry us
in a little bit."

Together they gathered the s**ttered clothes they had
hastily disposed of earlier, then walked to the picnic
table, stretching out and letting the sun warm their
chilled bodies. Neither of them said much, as they
enjoyed the toasty feeling of the sun soaking into their

Somehow, as they turned over, they ended up in each
other's arms again. This time Diana took the role of the
aggressor, realizing that she wanted this man, her
father-in-law, again. He had the same sexual attraction
she had only found in her husband up until now. Just
looking at either one of them sent shivery waves of
gooseflesh racing up and down her back and flooded her
cunt with wetness.

In short time, she had worked his sl**ping prick back to
its club-like size. This time, she straddled him,
impaling herself on his cock.

Neither of them rushed. Instead, they let the seeds of
desire slowly blossom under a gentle, steady undulation
of their hips and the tender caressing of their hands.

She came first. Then increasing the rocking, plunging
motion of her pelvis, she fucked him until she received
another flood of sperm and semen gushing hotly into the
welcoming recesses of her belly.

She declined another offer for a "refreshing plunge"
into the pond in favor of just rinsing the well-used
mound of her sex, as she waded at the edge of the pool.
Michael One (which she now thought of as one word, and
pronounced it that way, as did the rest of the f****y)
splashed around for a few minutes, then came running out
of the water.

Picking their clothes up from the picnic tables and
tucking them under his arm, he said, "The sun'll dry us
on the way back to the house."

Her head jerked around, doing a classical double take,
"You mean, you want me to go back to the house like
this! Naked!"

"Yes," he said, making no effort to hand her her
clothes. "The only ones at the house are part of the
f****y... your f****y."

Still unsure of her new relationship, she trotted to his
side, as he started toward the mansion. She understood
him. She was part of the Hightower f****y, a thought
that excited her. She was free to have open sexual
relationships with the members of her new f****y, as
they were with her.

But what about Michael? He might have been balling
Lorraine last night, but he doesn't know I've fucked and
have been fucked by his father!

She remembered his own uneasiness as they drove into the
estate yesterday. Had it been because he thought she
wouldn't accept the open i****tual life of his f****y?
Or was it because he wanted to keep her away from that
same life?

It couldn't be the latter reason, she told herself, or
could it?

She didn't know. But whatever his thoughts and worries
were, it was too late for her, she realized, as her
father-in-law opened the door to the Hightower home and
she stepped inside the kitchen.

Lorraine and Bryan were sitting at the table, preparing
to make themselves sandwiches from a platter of cold
cuts and breads laid out neatly on a large tray. Both
their eyes widened as they turned to the newcomers, then
their lips smiled.

Diana tried to smile back, but her nudity made her feel
more than slightly uncomfortable. She felt Michael One's
hand pressing at the small of her back, moving her
through the kitchen and into the hall, then to the den.
Her father-in-law motioned for her to sit on the couch.

"Relax," he smiled, as she took her seat. "Lorraine and
Bryan will join us in a moment. Remember, you're a
member of our f****y now."

A member and fully initiated, she thought, feeling her
stomach doing all sorts of nervous quivers. Initiated by
the head of the f****y.

Diana's head twisted a little in reaction to the padded
footsteps she heard coming down the hall. They grew
closer, moving through the rooms of the mansion.

Then Lorraine and her son entered. Both of them had shed
their clothes somewhere along the way to the den.

Bryan's body she knew well, having watched it and longed
for it as the youth so expertly serviced his s****rs
last night. But Lorraine was something else. The older
woman never ceased to amaze her. It was easy to see
where Paula inherited the womanly flares of her youthful

There were faint stretch marks that gave away the fact
that the blonde-haired woman had born c***dren, but
other than that, Diana would have stuck to her original
estimate of Lorraine's age being in the twenties. Her
breasts were like large, cushiony pillows, swaying
temptingly as she strode proudly into the den,
apparently completely comfortable in her nakedness. The
pointed tips of her light brown nipples traced invisible
circles in the air, moved by the pendulous juggle of her
bountiful tits.

She was wagging her hips in an exaggerated fashion, as
if to draw all their attentions to the shaven smoothness
of her pubic mound. But for Diana, there was no need.
The sleek, creamy plumpness of her mother-in-law's pubis
had already caught her eyes.

It looks so vulnerable, so tempting, she mused mentally,
I wonder how Michael would react if I did that. Then she
fumbled in her thoughts, I wonder how Michael liked
that?, remembering what Michael One had said. I bet
she's had her cunt surgically tightened after she had
her c***dren. Any woman who's taken so much care with
her body would have done that.

Lorraine smiled at her again, as if confirming her
unspoken speculations, as she crossed the room and
joined her husband, perching herself on the arm of his

The elder Hightower's caressing arms slid around her in
an intimate greeting. One of his hands worked its way up
her nakedness and cupped under a huge mound of tit.
Diana could see the excited waves of gooseflesh ripple
over her mother-in-law's creamy skin, as the fingers
that possessed her breast kneaded into the pliable
pillow of flesh. Lorraine sighed softly, not so much
with desire, but with soothing comfort.

The sigh was abruptly transformed to a deeply sucking
hiss, as the woman jerked a little. Michael One's other
hand had crept between her slim thighs and he had
embedded his index finger into the shaven nakedness of
her cunt. Diana watched as his finger slowly moved in
and out, glistening with the sexual moisture it had
found waiting within Lorraine's body.

Her mother-in-law's gleaming blue eyes misted quickly
under the steady pumping of the hand that had invaded
her body, then fluttered closed. The full redness of her
lips writhed slowly, as she gave herself to the pleasure
her husband was inciting within the cleft of her loins.

Diana shivered despite herself. What she was watching
was sexy! A beautiful woman had just given herself to a
most desirable man. And in turn, he was giving her
pleasure. A warm wetness welled within Diana's loins.
She wished that she and Lorraine had exchanged places.
She wanted her father-in-law to be fondling and
caressing her.

She wanted his delightfully taunting fingers to be
working in her pussy. That he had just fucked her twice
less than an hour ago didn't matter; she wanted him
again. She would even allow him to take her here, in
front of Lorraine and Bryan, if he would just take her.

Michael One glanced up and seeing Diana's arousal-
widened eyes, smiled. As if to tell her that he was now
occupied by the delightful bundle of woman-flesh in his
arms, his finger quickened its in-out skewering of his
wife's pussy. Lorraine groaned, thoroughly lost in the
pleasure he had ignited in her. And Diana shivered with
mounting desire again, hoping.

But her father-in-law diverted his attention back to his
wife. His one hand kneading and squeezing into the
creamy whiteness of Lorraine's breasts, while his other
hand sluiced in and out of her cunt.

The blonde groaned, leaning back further for the support
of her husband's body. Her thighs opened a little more,
allowing his now flying digit even further access to her
pouting cunt. Unable to work her pelvis in rhythm with
the probing finger - if she did, she'd have rudely
unseated herself - her hips swayed in a delightful
little wiggling motion that rippled the wall of her
finger-fucked vagina around the gliding digit.

Lorraine's head rolled back on her shoulders and rocked
from side to side. Her lips twisted with the mounting
agony of need that filled her. Her body quaked and she
groaned and whimpered.

Harder and faster, his finger sliced between the now
trembly shaven lips of her labia. Diana could feel the
growing electric excitement that possessed her mother-
in-law. She could also feel the rapid-fire strokes of
the finger that buried itself in the woman's open sex.
Involuntarily, her body tensed each time his hand
slammed roughly into the naked pubic mound. Her
breathing increased to labored heaves of arousal,
following the lustful metamorphosis that had transformed

Then her mother-in-law came. The voluptuous bundle of
woman moaned and panted as her body was possessed by the
breaking waves of released sexual energy. She groaned
and whimpered in a high-pitched squeal of unabandoned

Michael One's finger immediately slowed its quick
driving motions and glided soothingly in and out of the
wet socket of her pussy. He pulled his wife to him,
holding her close as she descended from the plateau of
pleasure he had led her to.

Slowly, but surely, Lorraine regained her composure and
turned to her husband, planting a long, loving, wet and
loud kiss on his lips. When they parted, they both
turned to Diana, who felt like squirming under the
sudden interest of their gazes.

"I found Diana using the alcove last night," Michael One
said almost casually. "She was quite aroused by our

Lorraine smiled again, a smile that said she fully
understood Diana's reaction, but she did not comment.
However, Diana had the distinct feeling that the older
woman knew exactly what had happened in the passageway
last night. She did squirm a little, when she realized
that it was Lorraine that had suggested she take a
morning's stroll around the estate. Had she and Michael
One planned the encounter? Had they been willing
partners in a conspiracy to initiate her into the
Hightower f****y?

She heard something stir to her side and glanced toward
the entrance to the den. Bryan still stood there. She
had forgotten about the youth. The effects of watching
his parents were quite evident. His naked cock jutted
powerfully from his groin, stabbing upward into the air
at a forty-five degree angle. Her eyes followed the
pulsing throb of its stiff arousal for several seconds,
before turning back to Michael One and Lorraine.

"Bryan, don't you think you should welcome Diana into
our f****y," the elder Hightower suggested to his
stepson then added almost as an afterthought. "I think
she was particularly interested in your and Paula's
activities last night."

The young boy grinned at his stepfather, then turned to
Diana, his face an expression of willing enthusiasm and
uncertainty at his s****r-in- law's reaction.

I can take that, Diana found herself thinking, as she
smiled and nodded reassuringly at Bryan without a second
thought to her actions. Her memories of his thorough
fucking of his s****r's ass last night had made an
impression. And the thought of him shoving that long,
hard, young cock up her ass, after the sexy manipulation
of Lorraine's body she had just seen, was more than her
body could take without relief.

He crossed the room eagerly, nearly banging his shin
into the side of the couch, as he came to her. As if he
were afraid she would change her mind and suddenly
refuse him, he reached out and pulled her to him. His
tongue had wiggled itself into her mouth and was
flicking around wonderfully before she had gotten over
the start of his abruptness. Then she opened her mouth
to give his tongue free rein.

Probing toward her throat, his oral digit danced and
darted around in her mouth, tickling against the roof of
her mouth. Her lips writhed against his, clamping
lightly down as she sucked suggestively at its warm
wetness. The tantalizing suction slowly increased, until
he moaned as she threatened to swallow his tongue with
it still rooted in his mouth.

When she released her strong hold on his oral probe, it
quickly slithered back into his mouth, with her chasing
it. This time she threw her tongue into his driving his
lips wider to accept her enthusiastic thrust. She
imitated his actions, playfully teasing over his tongue
and licking at the roof of his mouth.

Her own startled little moan came not from his sucking
at her tongue, but the tightness of the hand that
abruptly gripped at the mound of her sex. He squeezed
her pubic knoll roughly, with a youthful vigor that sent
thrilling shivers running up and down her spine. He
kneaded at the plump protuberance of her sex, grinding
his palms against the quivering lips of her labia.

The stiff firmness of his cock pressed closely against
the smoothness of her thigh did little to quell the
growing excitement that rushed through her body.

As they remained locked together in their embrace, her
own hands tauntingly tickled their way down the muscular
ripples of his back and out the taut roundness of his
buttocks. His ass was hard, tense with her presence.
That realization thrilled her. She liked the sexual
arousal that men displayed. That she was responsible for
that excitement made it that much better.

As his hand continued the intimate massage of her sex
mound, her fingers gripped at his ass, squeezing with
inciting firmness. Her hands dug into his hind cheeks,
turning the whiteness of his skin to a bruised red, then
a tortured white. The urgings of her fingers and palms
only increased the kneading of his hand.

She squeezed herself close against his youthful chest,
rolling just a little so that the balls of her tits
flattened. His tongue speared back into her mouth and
she sucked welcomingly at it.

Her fingers tickled up and down the deep crease
separating the hard cushions of his ass cheeks. He
squirmed against her, moaning as best he could with his
tongue still trapped between her sucking lips. Lower and
lower, the seductive dance of her fingertips drifted.
His squirming increased, as he pressed himself harder
against her, pushing her back into the couch.

The action slightly raised his rear mounds enough for
her fingers to part them further. The delving
tantalizations of her brushing fingertips dipped deeper,
softly drifting over the taut ring of his anus. Once
again he groaned and pushed himself hard against her. A
response that only increased as an inquisitive little
fingertip pushed up into his asshole and wiggled around
as a reminder of the greeting into the Hightower f****y
he was supposed to give her.

Squeezing tightly down on the now lust-aching mound of
her sex, he managed to tickle a finger into the moist
lips of her labia, then eagerly drilled into the juice-
flooded channel of her vagina. Excited shivers rocked
through her body as she accepted the impaling digit and
contracted the muscles of her cunt around it with

Slowly, the embedded finger began to move, doing a small
twisting movement, then wiggling. Responding, she
repeated the motions with the finger she had plugged
into his ass. Together, they worked each other's bodies,
stirring and fanning the flames of desire that sizzled
through them.

As his stepfather had finger-fucked his mother but
moments ago, the boy slowly slid his finger in and out
of the hot pocket of sex between his s****r-in-law's
thighs. There was no doubt in his mind now. She was
enjoying it as much as he was. Her hot cunt seemed to
grip at him, sucking at his finger each time he plunged
it up into the mouth of her belly. She was moaning now
and her hips were swishing around on the couch beneath

That she was ready and willing to take the hardness of
his pulsing cock was more than apparent to him when he
finally slid his mouth from hers and whispered in her
ear, "You've got to get up and lean over."

She nodded reluctantly and slowly pulled the finger she
had embedded two knuckles deep from his ass. He
whimpered a little as the digit came free. As she did
when he slid his finger from her cunt, leaving her
evacuated and empty.

Extracting herself from his young arms, she stood.
Michael One and Lorraine were still seated in their
chair. They smiled at her with approval. Somewhere in
the back of her mind, she felt that she should be
uncomfortable with them just sitting there watching her
and their son satisfy the lust of their bodies. But she

In fact, she found herself admitting she enjoyed the
thought of the older couple watching them. And that
Lorraine's hand was gripped tightly around the fully
erect length of her husband's cock, slowly jacking at
him, only added to the excitement that was filling her

Smiling back at the couple, she turned her back to them
and leaned over the couch as Bryan had directed. With
her arms out-stretched to fully support her weight, she
spread her legs, opening her body up to the rear attack
that would come shortly.

The boy was behind her now. The fat head of his cock
nudged at the upturned curves of her buttocks. She could
feel the warm wetness of his pre-seminal oils smearing
their clearness over her skin as his cock jumped and
jerked with its excitement.

She remembered the deliciously thrilling method he had
used to prepare Paula to take his cock and shivered. The
thought of his mouth kissing at her anus and the soft
warmth of his tongue probing into the little mouth of
her ass was enough to drive her wild. She did her
damnedest to relax, knowing with the first exquisite
contact of his mouth she would go rigid with excitement.

She trembled as his hands reached out and soothingly
roved over the up-jutting half-moons of her hind cheeks.
He was gentle. His hands tenderly whispered the command
to relax and prepare herself for the entry he was going
to make into her bowels. She thought relax, letting the
soft caresses of his hands lull her toward the state of
readiness he wanted.

His gently circling palms drifted between her thighs and
pressed against the silken softness of them. She eased
her legs further apart. He could see the up-tilted mound
of her pussy now and the moisture of her desire that
dampened the light brown pubic fur covering in like a
soft carpet.

His hands slowly and gingerly massaged at the plump
knoll for a few seconds, then once again, his finger
wiggled into the wet pocket of her cunt. She whimpered
with the unexpected invasion of her body, but did not
protest, as his finger swirled around, then once again

She moaned in disappointment and excitement as she felt
his hands grip each of the cushions of her buttocks and
spread them. His moist finger dipped into the deep cleft
of her ass and tapped at her anus, transferring the
juices it had brought from her vagina.

While she would have preferred his mouth and tongue, the
finger-to-cunt-to-ass method he used to make her body
ready for him was far from a turn-off. First he drilled
and pumped his digit into her pussy, whirling around in
the abundant juices that readily flowed within her. Then
he returned to her anus, slickening the tiny ringed
mouth with a supply of the natural lubricants he had
taken from her pussy.

Over and over, he repeated the process. His finger
slowly worked its way up into her ass. Then it glided in
and out, as he oiled the tight channel with her own
juices. She moaned as the probing length of his finger
pushed its way in and out of her hot ass. The sensation
was fantastic, like an appetizer to what was to come
next; a sampler that prepared her for the thickness that
was coming.

When his fingers finally left the juice-filled mouth of
her sex, she could feel him reach up and grasp the rigid
shaft of his cock. Relax! she urged herself,
anticipating the newness of the Hightower cock she was
so willing to take within her lust commanded body.
Relax! she repeated, as she heard him move closer,
readying himself for the attack.

Then he was there, sharply driving the full length of
his hard sex into her body!

But he wasn't in her ass!

He had plunged his full throbbing shaft deeply into the
vulnerably exposed, upturned slash of her cunt.

She groaned.

Her ass wiggled in a provocative dance against his

Her whole body trembled under the abrupt impact.

Despite the complete surprise of his maneuver, she
relished the long hardness that packed deeply into her
pussy. Perhaps he's changed his mind, she thought in the
sudden confusion of the moment, though not really
minding. He felt good inside her. And at the moment,
that was all that mattered.

Lorraine and Michael One's activities had left her body
aroused. Bryan's delicious finger-fucking had only
tripled the excitement. Now all she wanted was to be
fucked and have the consuming desires of her body
released. Immediately, her hips began to work with his
pelvis as he pumped himself in and out of her.

Yes, she moaned to herself, yes, this is it. This is

In and out, he plowed into her cunt, shafting himself in
deep, grinding strokes. His crotch slapped into her up-
tilted ass, making a sharp little popping sound as they
collided flesh on flesh. She rocked back and forth,
sliding on and off the plunging length of man-meat that
impaled her over and over. She rose, climbing higher and
higher on the clouds of pleasure. Her whole body focused
on the thickness of his sex and the hard length that
plowed into the furrow of her pussy.

He rocked her, his hips whipping back and forth. He
speared her, his rod of cock pumping in and out. She was
close, closer than she could believe, especially since
her father-in-law had already seen that she was well-
fucked that day. But this young boy, the youngest member
of the Hightower clan, had her going again. Her spread
thighs were throbbing at an ever increasing rate. Her
body was quaking as waves of heightening pleasure washed
through her.

NO! No! No! No! Nooooooo!

The deep-rooted stalk of his manhood had suddenly jerked
free from the sheathing channel of her belly with a wet
sucking sound. She was empty, hollow, abandoned on the
very edge of her release. Her body quaked and screamed
in violent protest.

"Ahhrrrgggahhhh! God! Oh, my God!"

The complete thickness and hardness of his prick was
suddenly embedded to the hilt in her ass.

The shock of the abrupt impalement was almost painful.
She knew it would have been, had it not been so quick.

But, instead, she only felt packed. She felt every
throbbing inch of his unyielding cock slammed deeply
into the tight tunnel of her rectum. Like a ponderous
pole of flesh, his presence filled her body. He was a
brand of fire shoved firmly into her bowels, burning
with a sexual heat that swirled and flamed in a sunburst
of lust.

In an involuntary reaction, her muscles clamped with
viselike tightness around the column of sex that invaded
her. She heard his pleasure- filled moans above her own
grunting groans. She pushed and squeezed trying to
expell the massive rod that stuffed her so fully.

But he remained. His thickness remained firmly implanted
in the pushing and squeezing channel of her back. He
throbbed and pulsed, jerking with inflexible lust.

His hands were back on her buttocks, slowly caressing
the creamy smoothness of her pink ass cheeks. The
message of his palms penetrated the shock-ridden clouds
of her mind. Relax, it said, quelling the violent
quivering of her ass muscles. She once again let his
hand lull the tenseness of her body.

Slowly, but surely, the taut squeezing vise of her
bowels went flaccid, stretched over the rigid length of
his cock She accustomed herself to him, feeling out his
full size and knowing she was quite capable of taking
all that he could give her.

Still, he did not move. Instead, he just stood there,
his body washed in the exquisite velvet tightness of her
ass. His cock was drenched in the fiery heat of her
bowels. Her ass squeezed down on him again. This time
the violent desperation of her first clutch was gone.
Now her tightness came more as a relishing caress. He
moaned deeply as his prick jerked and throbbed.

In a slow circling movement, her upturned ass wiggled as
she squeezed and relaxed the smooth sheath of her
asshole. His groaning rose, echoing a little within the
den. She picked up the tempo of her swaying hips,
washing the thickness of his rod in a ball-aching flare
of exciting friction.

Then his hips moved.

Outward his big cock came. The walls of her ass tunnel
strained out and over the bl**d-gorged knob of his glans
as he pulled from her. The emptiness he left in his wake
was five times worse than the sudden wrenching from her

Further and further, he pulled until only the plump
crown of his prick was embedded in the tiny, squeezing
mouth of her back. She wiggled a little and he groaned.

As she did, his pelvis started inward. Forcing her body
to relax, she accepted the ponderous mass of his sex.
Inward the unbending pole of his manhood drilled back
into her ass. Inch by inch, she accommodated him, as he
strained and stretched the round, smooth socket of her

Her body came alive again, trembling with hungry delight
as he entered. Deeper and deeper the throbbing heat of
his cock penetrated, rooting itself into the velvet
recesses of her rectum. His crotch pressed into her ass
cheeks and his hips jerked, forward a little spearing
his cock even deeper.

She moaned, clutching at the bigness of his sexual rod.
Her ass clamped lovingly around the pulsing
circumference that plugged her asshole. Her hips gyrated
again, swirling the volcanic heat of her bowels around

Then he was pulling free again, slowly, as if unwilling
to give up the well-rooted depths he had achieved, but
at the same time unable to remain still. She relaxed and
let him withdraw, quivering as his movement set off a
whole series of blazing sensations.

As he inched his way back into her rectum, she f***ed
her body to remain calm, allowing him to probe back into
the seething depths he had set afire with desire. Over
and over, he stroked slowly in and out of her, as if he
were getting the feel of unfamiliar territory.

Then, as his pace increased, her ass started working on
its own. Relaxing, she accepted all of the burning sex
brand he could give her. As he withdrew, she squeezed
tightly down, delighting in the pleasure- aching moans
that she drew from his throat.

Her own hips still circled in their provocative dance,
but now they moved up and down, helping him as he fucked
her with taunting slowness. It was under the slow-motion
pace of his prick that she started the rise toward the
plateaus of pleasure his abrupt exit from her cunt had
so rudely wrenched her from. Her whole body was alive
again. Every nerve was opened to the arousing sensations
he sent rocketing through her. In and out, he plowed
into the quivering furrow of her ass. She focused her
being on the thickness of his fleshy piston, worshipping
the filling mass of its size.

She thought about Lorraine and Michael One, who sat
watching the expert poling of her body, and wondered if
the scene they now viewed was affecting them the way
their sexual play had gotten to her? But she knew she
really didn't care. All she cared about was the growing
hunger of her lust-laden body and the adamantine pole of
flesh that moved in and out of her ass in a steady

Her greed for cock got the better of her and her hips
jerked quickly back and forth. The boy behind her got
the message and immediately increased the rocking of his
pelvis. No longer did he inch his way into her bowels,
but glided in a long, smooth stroke, then reversed his
motion and slithered outward.

It was good, but she wanted more. Her hips increased the
pace once again and he responded. Their bodies met in a
spongy sort of cushioned thud, crotch to buttocks. The
hairy sac of his testicles slapped at the upturned
curves of her hind mounds.

She gyrated and swirled around his ever moving cock-
shaft. He groaned and poled into her. She squeezed and
sucked at his length, relishing every fat inch of
pleasure he fed into her. She rocked back and forth,
aiding in the repeated impalement of her body.

His hands gripped into her butt, his fingers digging
roughly into the firmness of her ass cheeks. He clung to
her, using her buttocks for support. His hips lurched
and once more he quickened the tempo of his anal

Groaning with delight, she accepted him over and over.
Her own body met his rhythm. She bucked into him,
driving his plunging rod deeper and deeper into the
volcanic depths of her ass. She jerked away from him,
wrenching the pole of sex from her.

Her body quaked under the ever increasing impact of his
body. He seared in and out of her and she loved it and
wanted more. Which is exactly what he gave her. His
crotch slapped loudly into her buttocks now, jarring her
and setting the elongated cones of her tits juggling
back and forth.

She grunted and moaned as the fever of ardent lust grew
and blazed outward. She lurched back into him, trying to
bury the stiff shaft of sex even deeper into her ass. He
burned into her, pistoning in and out of the tight,
clinging tunnel of her rectum.

She wanted to cry out, urging him on harder and deeper,
but he pounded into her, jarring the words from her
throat so that only aroused hisses of flaming desire
were emitted into the air. She felt it was growing now.
Hot and higher it swirled within her. Flaming out from
her seething asshole, it consumed her loins and set the
sensitive button of her clit to aching.

Her hands gripped into the cushions of the couch. Her
knuckles were deadly white, strained with the intensity
of her growing fervor. Her ass rocked and bucked,
swallowing up and sucking at the thick shaft of cock
that filled her.

Harder and harder, he speared. Like a jackhammer of
flesh, he ground himself into the burning recesses of
her anal tunnel. His balls were lashing with fire,
boiling as the need for release grew. He grunted as he
slammed and shafted into the sweet tightness of her anal

Back and forth, their bodies rocked together, feeding
the consuming passion that now filled their bodies.
Again and again, they pounded into one another. His cock
drove its full length into the glove-like tightness of
her ass. And she accepted the burning rod of pleasure; a
rod of pleasure she now lived for.

Higher and higher, they whipped each other on, driving
them ever closer to the peaks of their desire. Harder
and more urgently their bodies demanded the release that
throbbed and ached within them.

She came first, her whole body erupting. Pleasure
unleashed within her in a wildly flaring nebula of
delight. She cried out her satisfaction, as quake after
soul-shattering quake of relief and pleasure washed
through her body. Her ass contracted and trembled,
sucking greedily at the still poling length of his

From behind, she heard him groan and his hips suddenly
lurched forward, driving his shaft deeply into her back
cbanne. The fat crown of his shaft jumped and jerked.
Then there was the wet warmness, as he spilled the juice
of his desire into the recesses of her bowels.

Spurt after spurt of thick cream blasted into her, as he
clung to her ass. She could feel every little throb of
his release and loved every tiny quiver of his shaft.

Gratefully locked together ass to cock, they groaned and
whimpered in the magnificent sensations of their mutual

Chapter 10

"What in the hell is going on here!"

It was Michael's voice, her Michael's voice, that boomed
through the pleasure glowing cloud of her satisfaction.
Diana's body suddenly went rigid.

With the same suddeness, Bryan's rigidly embedded cock
went limp. In one second it was packed fully up her ass,
still oozing the last traces of his release. Then in the
next moment, it went limp and slithered from her body in
a hasty withdrawal. The reaction would have been
humorous under different circumstance. As it was, Diana
found absolutely no humor in the situation.

As Bryan rolled to one side and dropped to the couch,
she rolled to the other and collapsed on her still
pleasantly throbbing rear. She pushed her eyes open and
somehow managed to peer through the veiling mists and
find her husband standing in the doorway to the den.
Apparently he couldn't find any humor in Bryan's quick
evacuation of Diana's asshole either.

He was just standing there scowling at her, then glaring
at Bryan. The youth at her side just lay there, unable
to react in much of any manner, except to glance glassy-
eyed at his stepb*****r and pant trying to catch his
breath. The effects of blasting his balls off in his
s****r-in-law's ass had been somewhat draining on him.

"I asked what the hell is going on here!" Michael
demanded again.

"Just what the hell it looks like," the elder Hightower
answered his son.

"Bryan was just welcoming Diana into our f****y,"
Lorraine added, smiling at her stepson.

"And I suppose you were waiting your turn?" Michael
snapped with contempt.

"Of course I was," Lorraine smiled widely. "Diana is
quite an attractive girl. And if she has no hang-ups
about women, we could..."

"Damn!" Michael shuddered. "I can't believe this! I'm
gone for a matter of a couple of hours and you just
can't wait to get your lustful claws into my wife!"

"What is this, Michael? A double set of standards? One
for you and one for Diana?" Lorraine chided. "You really
didn't mind our romp in the library last night. But when
Diana gets balled by someone other than her husband, you
can't take it."

"That's right," Kate piped up from behind her b*****r,
who until now had gone unnoticed by Diana. "You didn't
seem to mind Paula giving you head on the way home from

"Yeah!" it was Paula that now chorused up from behind
Michael. "I seem to remember him suggesting that we all
should go for a stroll down by the pond this evening."

"Right!" Kate echoed. "My b*****r is a real stick in the

"Michael, is all this true?" Diana asked, somewhat
amused by the sudden sheepishness that raced
embarrassingly over her husband's face.

"Of course it's true!" Kate laughed. "My b*****r digs
balling his s****rs!"

The dark-haired girl coyly reached down and lovingly
massaged her b*****r's crotch. Michael just stood there,
looking helplessly at Diana, unable to say anything.
However, Kate's hand eventually left the front of his
jeans. The bulging strain under his fly told the whole

Diana felt like she should be angry, but all she felt
was relief. The confrontation with Michael had been met
and was water under the bridge now. She knew he had made
it with Lorraine and now Paula. And those facts didn't
bother her. He was still her Michael, still her husband
and she still loved him. Nothing had changed.

At least nothing had changed with her, that was. She was
still unsure about how Michael was reacting to finding
Bryan fucking her ass. Or how he would react to the
knowledge that his father had balled her and she had
come back for more. She wanted to get him off alone and
discuss the whole thing.

But Kate and Paula had other things in their minds!

"I think we should show Diana just what Michael had in
mind for this evening," Kate grinned to her blonde

"Mmmmm hmmmmm," Paula nodded. "Really think Diana should
see the type of man she married."

Michael stepped back from the two girls and shook his
head, "Just hold on... this is neither the time nor

But neither Kate nor Paula held on. Instead they rushed
him. Two bundles of very eager and very sexy teen-age
girl were suddenly swarming all over him, while Diana
sat back grinning with amusement at the predicament her
husband had gotten himself into.

There were five quick tearing "pops" and five white
buttons that went sailing across the den, torn from the
front of Michael's shirt. If he were doing more than
putting up a token fight against the girls, it was hard
for Diana to discern. By herself, Kate was able to
quickly strip her b*****r's shirt, while Paula hastily
slithered from her skirt and blouse, then peeled away
her under garments.

The supple blonde single-handed went after Michael's
jeans, as Kate performed a rapid strip that matched the
disrobing of her steps****r.

Together, they somehow managed to wiggle Michael's jeans
down around his knees. He stumbled backwards, then his
legs came out from under him. His bare ass thudded
heavily onto the carpet and the girls wrenched his pants
up and off. He now shared their nakedness.

Paula was at the downed man's side first, her nakedness
pressing sensually over his chest and her mouth covering
his. Michael's arms hesitated momentarily, then wrapped
around her youthful body, hugging her close.

Kate, left out of the embrace, made do with the thick
swollen shaft that jutted up from the black hairs
covering her b*****r's crotch.

Reaching out with her hand, her fingers wrapped around
the pulsing column of cock and tantalizingly glided up
and down its length. Diana could see the muscles of her
husband's buttocks tense tightly and his hips jerk
upward slightly.

The girl's hand squeezed at the still thickening pole of
sex and jacked excitedly along its pulsing length. Her
eyes widened with delight.

Suddenly, her head lowered and her mouth opened widely.
In one slooping motion, she captured the gorged
thickness of his glans within her lips. Her young cheeks
hollowed deeply as she sucked at the plum-like crown.

Again his hips jumped upward, shoving one or three
inches of fat prick into her face. She accepted the
ponderous mass of sex into her mouth. The still stroking
grasp of her hand never missed a beat.

Working with youthful eagerness, Kate's hand and mouth
began working in a singular rhythm on her b*****r's
manhood. Her head bobbed up and down as her lips
sheathed and re-sheathed themselves over the jutting

Diana was amazed. Amazed both at herself and the scene
she was watching. This was her husband buried under a
writhing blanket of two eager girls. And it was one of
the sexiest things she had ever seen.

She had always wondered about couples who got into
swinging and their claims that watching their spouse
ball with another person was one hell of a turn-on. They
were right! Despite her full day's activities with
Michael One and then with Bryan, she found herself ready
and willing.

She glanced at the youth still seated at her side. But
Bryan was engrossed with the activities on the floor.
And apparently his own body had not recovered from his
recent sexual romp - his cock was asl**p in the reddish-
blonde bush covering his groin.

Diana's attention turned to Lorraine and Michael One.
The big-titted woman was now on her knees before her
husband, his cock fully entrenched in her mouth. The
elder Hightowers eyes rolled back in his head as his
pelvis lurched upward. Lorraine's throat bobbed as she
voraciously swallowed the fountaining cream of her
husband's release. Michael One collapsed back into his
chair, moaning out the sated gratification of his

Feeling left out, Diana once more turned her eyes to her
husband and the two s****rs that had him occupied on the

Kate had given up her oral caresses in favor of a much
more mutually satisfying coupling for her and her
b*****r. The young black-headed girl now sat straddled
over Michael's crotch, her supple thighs tightly
pressing to each side of him and the swollen length of
his cock crammed up into her pussy. Michael's mouth was
still busily occupied by Paula's and his hands had a
firm hold on the sleek cones of her youthful tits.

Kate completed the union of the threesome by slipping
her hand between Paula's thighs and wiggling a finger
into the blonde's cunt.

Literally sitting in the pilot's seat, Kate slowly began
to push, rising up the fleshy rod of pleasure she sat
on. The movement also caused her finger to slide from
Paula's upturned slash of desire.

Higher and higher, she slid up the thickness of cock,
until she hovered above her b*****r's loins with only
the gorged head of his prick sheathed by the pinkness of
her outer lips. Then she glided downward, shafting his
manhood back into the willing cunt and at the same time
she drove her finger into the flowering lips of Paula's

Again and again, Kate repeated her rising and falling
motions until her body was jerking rapidly up and down
on the long shaft of flesh she so willingly impaled in
her body.

Diana shivered with full arousal. Then shivered again as
someone softly touched the interior of her thighs. She
turned and glanced down. There kneeling between her
opened legs was Lorraine. The woman's blue eyes were
rolled up to her, a lewd, knowing smile on her full

Diana shivered again, this time with the realization of
what her mother-in-law had planned. She had wondered
about it in the past. She had wanted it last night when
she had watched Kate and Paula from behind the one-way
mirror. Now she was being offered a very tempting
proposal from a woman she found as sexy as the two
girls. Perhaps even more so.

Not quite sure of herself, Diana nodded.

The blonde-haired woman's smile grew as her eyes tilted
down to the light brown triangle of pubic moss veiling
the lips of her daughter-in-law's cunt. Her head slowly
moved forward.

Diana's heart jumped in a double-time beat and she
sucked in deeply, as she stared down, watching the
misty, golden-haired woman inch closer and closer to the
quivering lips of her sex. Shivery little trembles raced
through her body as she felt the gentle, warm streams of
her breath flowing from Lorraine's nostrils and tickling
their way through her pubic down. Uncontrollably, she
moaned as the red lips of her companion pressed lightly
between her thighs.

Lorraine's head pulled away just a little. Diana could
see her lips part and her tongue, pink and wet flick
behind her lips, then slowly snake out.

Then it was there!

The tip of another woman's tongue was wetly working
through the bush of her pubic hairs and softly brushing
at the quivering lips of her cunt. Diana whimpered as
the excitement of the moment rushed in heated waves
through her loins.

In a long, teasing lap, the probing oral digit languidly
worked its way up and down the deep crease of her cuntal
mound, delicately tickling at the pink pouted lips.

Trembling with excitement, she reached down and tenderly
caressed her mother-in-law's cheeks, giving her approval
of the woman's actions. She could detect no difference
in the feel of Lorraine's tongue and the manly tongues
that had found their way into her quim. The only
difference was the lust-arousing knowledge that this
mouth belonged to another woman.

Waves of quivery gooseflesh rippled in thrilled
excitement over her body as Lorraine's hands slowly
moved lovingly over the interior of her thighs. Higher
and higher, the woman's exploring fingertips crept,
working their magic as they came. Then they were at each
side of her pubic knoll, gently massaging at the plump
mound of her sex.

She moaned as the woman's hands pressed down and pushed
outward to each side. From her position on the couch,
she could see the pink lips of her labia spread and open
and Lorraine's head duck further between her thighs.

Her tongue darted out again and licked gingerly up and
down the pinkness of the opened glash. At the top of the
wide slit of sex, the flickering tip of her tongue
discovered the aroused nubbin of her daughter-in-law's
clit. She pushed her face into the spread cunt and her
lips tenderly kissed the sensitive button of flesh.

Diana moaned loudly and caressed the woman's head,
wanting to press her even closer, to bury her face
within her snatch, but unsure of how Lorraine would
react. Instead, she decided to allow the other woman to
work at her own speed and fully enjoy the new thrills
she was awakening in her body.

Lorraine's lips reached out again and kissed the excited
bud of pleasure. She sheathed its sensitive little
length, caressing it softly with her lips, while her
tongue tenderly tapped and laved at it. There was no
doubt that ministrations were appreciated. She could
feel the trembling and quivering of her daughter-in-
law's body and the pleased moans and sighs that came
from above her.

Still licking and taunting at the bud of her clit, she
sucked at the small length of penis-imitating flesh,
delighting in the sharp gasps of pleasure that
accompanied her maneuver. Her own body was growing in
its arousal, as the taste of male and female sexual
juices mingled in her mouth. She was a vessel of sheer
sex that could and would satisfy either man or woman.

Lorraine's hands spread the lips of Diana's cunt wider.
Her mouth and tongue were moving again, lapping in broad
wet strokes up and down the cleft of her loins.
Tauntingly, she worked, teasing at the inner lips of the
young woman's labia, but never entering.

Diana groaned; the sensations were fantastic, as was the
total view she had of the woman between her thighs. In
the past, there had only been a couple of times she had
actually gotten to see a man give her head. Now that she
was having her first experience with a woman, she was
glad that she was able to see as well as feel the full
sexy movements of Lorraine's tongue.

Abruptly that teasing oral digit speared its way into
the juice-filled hole of her vagina.

Diana's body quaked as pleasure flooded through her
loins. Like a velvet-covered finger, Lorraine's tongue
dipped into her cunt, then flicked around in a twirling,
reaming motion.

The woman withdrew and lapped up and down the opened
lips of pussy, teasing the budded nubin of her clit,
then drove her tongue back into her partner's quim. In
and out, in penis-imitating fashion, she ate at her
pussy, sucking away the thick flow of lubricants and
swallowing them into her stomach, where they mixed with
the heavy cream of her husband's groin.

Diana's hips began to rise and fall in a bunching
manner, as the driving tempo of her mother-in-law's oral
digit took control of her body. She moaned and whimpered
with each drilling rush of tongue. Her eyes, heavily
laden with lust, fluttered closed as she centered her
being on the rapidly laving pleasure.

She felt Lorraine's finger creep up the outside of her
pubic mound. Then an inquisitive fingertip was tapping
and fondling at the button of her clit. Electricity
sizzled through her body, jarring her with waves of
growing lust. The woman's face suddenly pushed into her
cunt, burying itself in the wetness of her pussy. The
spearing tongue drilled in and out, ever increasing its
whipping tempo.

Again, for the fourth time that day, she felt the
throbbing rage of her thighs expanding and breaking
outward. She welcomed the rushing sensation that caught
her up in its arms and swept her into the halls of
orgasmic oblivion. Somehow amid the flashing colors of
ecstasy, she reached down and pulled Lorraine's finger
from her clit, which was aching from the pleasure-pain
of her manipulations.

Slowly she descended from the dreamy world her climax
had sent her hurtling head-on into. There, still licking
and lapping at her cunt, was Lorraine. Forcing her eyes
open, she stared down at the woman, then grinned.

Bryan had at last come to life again. Standing behind
his mother, he had lifted her ass up, which explained
the sudden burial of the woman's face in her cunt, and
had entrenched his swollen cock within her pussy. Diana
now found herself being lifted toward oblivion again, as
Lorraine's excited tongue was whipped on by Bryan's
plowing prick.

In and out, the boy's hips jerked, shafting his manhood
into his mother's belly. The blonde-haired woman's
trembling increased, as well as did the rapid spearing
of her tongue. Diana closed her eyes and let the
sweeping flesh tremors of her body throw her back into
the welcoming pleasure of soul-shattering bliss.

This time as she settled gently down to earth, she heard
Lorraine's own pleasure cries and opened her eyes to
find her mother-in-law lost in her own climax and Bryan
once again emptying his balls, this time into his
mother's cunt.

Then two of them, mother and son, collapsed on the floor
at the foot of the couch. Diana was just able to pull
her legs out of the way and swing them atop the sofa to
avoid a painful end to a satisfying and pleasing

She glanced over to Michael One's chair, but it was
empty. She found the elder Hightower on the floor where
she had last seen her husband. Stretched out on his back
Michael One now had Paula straddled over his crotch,
with the thickness of his club-like cock embedded within
her pussy. His mouth was fully occupied with his own
daughter's cunt, as Kate sat above his face, enjoying
the pleasures of his tongue. Both the girls had found
something to keep their hands busy. They fondled and
rolled each other's breasts.

"Hi," Michael piped from behind the couch. "Could you
use some company?"

Her head twisted up to find her husband grinning down at
her. She smiled and nodded.

Eagerly, he crawled over the back of the sofa and slid
down beside her. "I've missed you."

He gave her a quick, light kiss and pulled her to him.

"If what Kate said was true, you seemed to be getting
along all right by yourself," she pouted in mock

"And what about you? You and Bryan seemed to have found
something to keep yourselves occupied in my absence," he
chided, kissing her again, this time, his tongue moving
lovingly into her mouth.

"As well as your father," she added, as they finally
parted. "All three times."

"Three times!" he shook his head in disbelief. "And now
there was Lorraine!"

"And now there's you," she grinned, reaching down to his
crotch and finding the hardened length of his cock,
somewhat surprised at its condition after Paula and

"I was watching you and Lorraine," he explained without
her having to ask, then moaning as she stroked up and
down on the firmness of his manhood.

"Michael, why didn't you tell... uh... about your
f****y?" she asked.

He shook his head, "I don't know. I guess I was afraid
you'd disapprove. What would your reaction have been if
I suddenly said, "Look, for the past several years my
f****y has been balling each other. Want to join in?"

She stared blankly at him, then grinned, realizing how
ridiculous he would have sounded if he had told her, and
wondering if she would have even believed him.

"Then, you're not hurt. I mean, about your father and
Bryan," she asked.

"No. What about Lorraine, Paula and Kate," he replied.

She shook her head in the negative, "I thought you and
the girls together were sexy. It was sort of a surprise
watching my own husband make love with another woman,
but I dug it."

She paused, still confused by all that had happened
within the last twenty-four hours. "If you're not upset
by finding me and Bryan together, then why were you
angry when you walked in?"

He chuckled, "Upset with myself mostly. I did a hell of
a lot of worrying about how you would react if you found
out about my f****y and myself. You see, it took me a
long time to find a woman like you and I didn't want to
lose you. I was ready to give this whole scene up for
you. Then, when I walked in and found you balling with
Bryan, I just couldn't believe it. After all that
worrying, you had accepted what was happening with the
Hightowers without the slightest hesitation. Somehow the
whole thing made me a little mad. You should have made a
little protest, just to satisfy all that concern I've
been living with ever since I met you."

She smiled and pulled him to her, "I protested, sort
of... but that's a long story. We can save it for
another time. Right now I feel marvelously good and I
want my husband to make love with me."

He grinned, then dropped his mouth to hers, his tongue
flicking and dancing and doing all sorts of wonderfully
arousing things that ignited and fanned fresh flames of
want and desire.

Sliding onto her back, she pulled him atop her.
Directing the thick, pulsing shaft of his cock between
her opened thighs, she nuzzled the swollen crown of his
sex into the willing lips of her labia. Despite the want
and lust she had felt for Michael One and his stepson,
this was the Hightower for her.

His hips did a quick little jerk and slid the full
length of his cock into the liquid warmth of her vagina.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned deeply, as her teeth nibbled at
his neck.

Lorraine's mouth had done an excellent job of preparing
her for him. While she now had to admit that a woman was
exciting, tongue and lips, whether they be a man's or a
woman's, could in no way compare with the fantastic feel
of a man's cock fimly embedded deep within the harbor of
her body. And nothing could compare to the wonderfulness
of her man!

"God!" she whispered, moving her lips and still nibbling
teeth up to the tempting morsel of his ear lobe. "You
feel so damn good inside me! Like you were made for me!"

He turned his head so that their mouths met and his lips
brushed lightly against hers as he spoke. "I was.
Haven't you noticed that before!"

"Hrumph!" she snorted playfully. "I'm married to a
cocksure bastard!"

"At your service, madam," he grinned and covered her
mouth with his.

His hips did another one of those sexy little wiggles
that sent his prick jerking and twitching within her
vaginal channel. At "my" service, she repeated with smug

"I love you, Michael," she sighed as his lips once more
slipped from hers.

He grinned, loving the marvelous feel of their union, "I

She kissed him lovingly, "And that's what makes you such
an arrogant mother fucke..."

"Hold on, wife," he corrected quickly. "I never made it
with my mother! Only my stepmother!"

She grinned, squeezing down on the fullness of his sex
sheathed into her belly. He moaned softly as he stared
into her eyes.

"Well, right now, I want you to make it with me," she
said. "I want my husband to ball me. Fuck me! Screw me!
Make love to me!"

"My pleasure," he grinned widely and once more moved his
lips and tongue to her mouth.

And it was - his pleasure!

Languidly, his hips slowly rose, withdrawing his cock
from its deep-rooted haven in the warm recesses of her
belly. He moved a tantalizing fraction of an inch at a
time, while his tongue completely occupied her mouth
with a flourish of darting probes.

She moaned, feeling him withdraw. The very slow-motion
movement of his manhood was a taunting trick that he
knew drove her wild. She loved it and the exciting
anticipation of the moment he would eventually quickly
jerk his hips and thoroughly spear the pulsing pole into
her sex.

But the sudden movement she wanted, wasn't to come this

His hips moved downward in the same snail-like pace he
had used to pull from her.

She could feel every minute movement of the swollen
length of his cock. She quivered at the gorged knob of
his glans twitching in their excitement. She whimpered
as she squeezed down on his fleshy root and f***ed him
to strain against the velvet textured walls of her
vaginal folds.

For several minutes, he slid in and out of her body in
this slow taunting manner. She realized that had any
other member of the f****y been watching, they would
have been hard-pressed to say if his hips were actually
moving. But she knew! And she felt the slight increase
of his flowing speed.

She also knew that there wasn't going to be any quick
stabbings of his cock that would suddenly rock her body.
Not this time, at least. No, now he was savoring the
marvelous feel of their bodies joined in love and want
for one another. This time, he was going to make it long
and loving, slowly working their need into an excited
frenzy of desire.

When his hips increased speed again, it was still too
slow for her want. But that was the sweet torture of
this prolonged method that Michael had discovered. He
wouldn't be rushed. He taunted her with pleasure, never
giving her all she wanted until the last moment, then
plunging in and out, trying to drive his hard shaft all
the way through her body and into her mouth.

"Oh! You bastard!" she moaned, as his hand wedged
between their bodies and slid into the slit of her cunt,
playfully fondling her clit. "Two can play that game."

His fingertips swirled wonderfully around the aroused
bud of her clit. Her body trembled as the fantastic
sensations of pleasure shot through her. For moments her
own hand that was wedging itself toward their loins
could do nothing but stop and wait until he let up just
a little.

And when he did, her hand shot between his legs,
capturing the hairy sac that dangled securely from
behind his cock. He moaned.

"But you've got these," she chuckled, noticing the
quickened tempo of his hips. He now glided in a smooth
steady stroking motion.

Tenderly caressing the k**ney-shaped forms of his
testicles in her fingertips, she rolled his balls. His
moaning delighted her. It reminded her that she had the
same sexual power with him that he had with her.

She let the wrinkled bag rest warmly in her palm, while
she playfully used her fingers to shoot his balls around
in the confines of their sac. His moaning increased as
she created that pleasureful mixture of slight pain and

His hand abruptly left her clit and grasped her wrist,
pulling her hand from his balls, "No, you'll have me
blow off in no time at all."

"Mmmmmmmm," she flicked her tongue around his ear,
feeling the excited quivers that raced along his back.

His hands moved along her thighs and tucked under her
buttocks. The angle of his entry abruptly increased and
he slid deeper into the enveloping channel of her belly.
She moaned and reached down grasping his ass.

Again his rhythm increased into a quick, smooth shafting
stride that whipped in and out of her. She moaned and
pumped her hips to meet each driving drop of his pelvis.
The stirrings of release were suddenly there and flaring
quickly. From the tenseness of his ass, she could tell
his balls were once again preparing to empty themselves
into the chalice of her vagina.

"Close," she whispered. "Close."

His hips jerked quickly, slamming into her, sluicing
down into the heated interior of her quick. Her own
pelvis hunched up and down, sliding over the full length
of his cock like a fleshy, clinging scabbard. She
contracted her muscles, squeezing him and milking at the
swollen, pulsating wand of pleasure he so readily fed
into her.

Harder and deeper, in a striving drive for release they
worked each other, giving and taking each ounce of
pleasure their bodies had to offer. Grunting and
groaning as they neared the moment of completed
sensations, they became two people joined as one, man
and woman, lovers, husband and wife.

She came first, skyrocketing with multi-colored
starbursts that sizzled with orgasmic electricity
through the overloaded nerves of her body. She clung to
him desperately, her contracting channel of love
gripping at the throbbing staff of his sex.

Like a volcano, his balls erupted, blasting off another
thick load of sperm and semen. His body shook and
quivered as the creamy fountains spurted from the pin-
prick hole in the center of his glans and deluged the
hole of her cunt.

Chapter 11

Sunday morning! Diana couldn't believe it, as she lay in
bed, listening to Michael in the shower. They had only
been at the Hightower estate for a day and a half. It
seemed like years ago and yet at the same time, only a
matter of minutes.

And today, she was to meet the last member of the
f****y. She found herself idly wondering if he had the
same sexual prowess of the rest of the f****y. And
trembling a little with excitement she knew it wouldn't
be that long until she found out.

"Water's fine! Care to join me?" her husband suggested
from the bathroom.

Swinging over the side of the bed, she trotted to their
private bathroom and poked her head behind the shower
curtain, "Hope you meant that, because I'm coming in."

Which is exactly what she did.

The mutual shower was great. There's really something to
having someone else bathe your body, she decided, also
making the decision that in the future bathing together
would become a regular habit.

"Hey, have the Hightowers ever had a big group bath?"
she grinned as Michael firmly sudsed over the furred
mound of her sex.

He smiled up at her, "Nope, but you might suggest it. We
didn't know what we were missing. However, we've all
gone skinny dippin' in the pond together."

Diana then took her turn, bathing her husband, enjoying
the quivery little thrills that she sent racing through
his body. Afterwards, they took their turns toweling
each other dry, which gave a whole new meaning to drying
one's self after a bath. Another of those habits to be
cultivated, she decided.

In keeping with the informality of the Hightower f****y,
Michael slipped into blue jeans and a T-shirt again.
Diana chose some aqua- colored bell bottoms and a loose
fitting blouse, leaving it unbuttoned and tying it in a
big knot below her breasts. Today she definitely put
aside any thoughts of wearing a bra. Michael One had
made short work of one already. And although his rather
rough manner of taking it from her body had been sexy,
the damn things did cost money!

The rest of the f****y had already gathered downstairs
and assembled in the kitchen, where Lorraine and the
girls were busily preparing French toast. Michael's
other b*****r, Jim, had already arrived.

The Hightower resemblance was more than apparent in the
latest member of the f****y, Diana noted as she and Jim
got acquainted over breakfast. He had the same black
hair and dark eyes that Michael and Kate had. However,
he was much more square built than the others, but just
as attractive in his own way.

Afterwards, the f****y slowly drifted into the den,
while Diana and Lorraine stayed behind to clean up the
breakfast table. When they finally joined the others,
Diana found a reception committee of two waiting for her
- Paula and Kate!

She realized now why Michael had been unable to fight
the two eager girls off yesterday. He didn't want to,
nor would they have let him. She gave in and within a
matter of seconds found herself stripped and on the

Unaware of what the rest of the Hightowers were doing,
Diana was lost in a flurry of naked girl flesh. Kate,
kneeling beside her s****r-in- law, took Diana's hand
and placed it on the black triangular patch covering her
pubic mound.

Unsure of exactly how to handle the situation, Diana
tenderly kneaded at the plump knoll, imitating the
actions of hands and fingers that had found their way to
her pussy in the past. Kate sighed softly and stared
down at her smiling. The young girl's own hands reached
down and cupped under the pink globes of Diana's tits.
Her fingers lovingly caressed the creamy smoothness of
the satin-covered cushion of flesh.

Meanwhile, Paula proceeded to demonstrate that she had
inherited more than her beauty from Lorraine. The young
blonde was down on her hands and knees, spreading
Diana's thighs, then crawling into the inviting, opened
"Y" of her legs. Her long, slim fingers delicately
covered the light-brown down of her s****r-in-law's
pussy, gently squeezing and massaging.

Diana moaned under the dual attention being given to her
body. Kate's hands now were squeezing and rolling
delightfully at her tits. Occasionally, her fingers
would find their way to the tops of the high cresting
globes and playfully tweek the rubbery cherries of flesh
that were her nipples.

Paula's finger had worked its way into the deep cleft of
Diana's loins, sensually tickling up and down the deep
cease of her outer labia. With the same type of playful
attention, the blonde's fingertips flirted with aroused
excitement around the button of her clit, taunting it
with delicious shivery thrills of pleasure.

Likewise, Diana followed the flowing juices welling from
Kate's young pussy and wiggled a finger up into the
girl's vagina. The effects were immediately apparant in
the high-pitched little whimpers that came from the
girl's writhing lips. Her hips twisted and turned around
Diana's finger, rippling the soft, spongy folds of her

Diana's hips were far from inactive. Paula's head had
dropped between the supple thighs she had spread and her
mouth was now kissing and lightly biting along the
quivering outer lips of Diana's pussy.

Diana's pleasure groan was cut as she suddenly sucked in
her breath in a sharp kiss. Paula's soft, inquisitive
tongue was now darting up and down the tremulous cleft
of her loins, occasionally dipping in the honey-dripping
hole of her cunt.

She felt Kate stir at her side, then the moist warmth of
a mouth covering the top of one of her breasts. She
pushed her lust-leadened eyes open and found the girl
arched over her on her hands and knees. While Diana
finger-fucked her pussy, she reciprocated by sucking
wonderfully at her tit.

The new position also placed a very tempting female
nipple hovering but inches from Diana's mouth. Without
so much as a second's thought or hesitation, Diana
twisted her head and captured the dark brown nipple
between her lips. She could feel the electric excitement
that raced through the girl's body. Then she sucked and
licked at the fattening button of flesh, while her
finger flowed in and out of the juice-filled socket of
Kate's vagina.

The girl came quickly, moaning and crying out in
pleasure, then she was gone. Diana thought she saw
someone lift her to her feet, but she couldn't be sure.
Paula's licking and laving tongue was controlling her
now and her eyes weren't exactly in the shape of focus.

The quick little oral digit that Paula knew how to use
so marvelously was now flicking in and out of her cunt,
setting off all sorts of delightful little thrills.
Letting her body follow the urgings of the blonde's
mouth, Diana's hips hunched up and down, pushing her
throbbing snatch into the young girl's face.

Writhing and twisting to the old familiar sensations of
near climax, Paula responded to Diana's growing need.
Her fingers reached out and tenderly fondled the aching
bud of her clit.

The added manual touch was all Diana needed! Within
seconds, her body was racked by a series of marvelous
explosions of exquisite pleasure. The multi-colored
starburst spun and sailed, taking her with them.

Moaning and quivering, she slowly descended to the
firmness of the earth, once again realizing where she
was. She pushed open her eyes and glanced around.

Paula was no longer between her thighs. Instead, the
girl now was in the arms of her stepfather. The young
supple cones of her breasts flattened willingly against
the elder Hightower's chest as he pulled the young girl
atop him, as they lay on the floor together, a few feet
away from Diana.

The young blonde easily positioned herself atop the man.
Diana watched as her graceful hand tucked between her
legs and grasped the rigid shaft of his swollen cock.
With little or no difficulty, she guided the thick shaft
of man sex into the upturned lips of her pussy. The
reddened head of his fat glans disappeared into her
cunt. Michael One's hips jerked a little and the
remainder of his meaty shaft vanished within the
youthful belly of his lover, his stepdaughter.

Diana watched with trembling excitement as the couple's
hips took up that age-old rhythm. Thick and hard, the
stiff length of his cock pulled out of her body. The
wet, pink lips of her pussy followed it, flowering
outward. Then he jerked back, slamming into the enticing
luxury of her vagina, forcing the folds of her cunt back
in on themselves.

Michael One's hands were eagerly working on the summery
slickness of Paula's tits, much to her delight. Her head
was arched back and her mouth was wide, the pinkness of
her tongue flicking wildly behind her lips.

Kate was equally occupied by her stepb*****r, Bryan, who
had once again found himself a willing ass to plug the
aroused length of his boy-man cock into.

Bending over the couch as Diana had done yesterday, when
Bryan had so expertly reamed her own ass with his prick,
Kate accepted the lunging plunges of man meat Bryan sent
shafting into the tiny hole of her anus. She could see
the young girl's buttocks tense each time the youth
threw himself forward, slamming into her body. Over and
over their bodies popped together in a vigorous display
of youthful sexual energy.

At the rate they were going at it, Diana realized it
would only be a matter of moments before Kate was
experiencing her second orgasm of the day.

If Diana had had any doubts about Lorraine and Michael's
mutual attraction, they were quickly put to rest as her
vision moved to the chair positioned opposite the couch.
Both Lorraine and her husband had shed their clothes as
had the rest of the f****y. The big-titted woman sat
back in the chair with her legs spread wide, while
Michael knelt on the floor before his stepmother.

Diana watched, seeing the long, pink length of her
husband's tongue slowly snake out and teasingly weave
exciting circles over the bare, shaven lips of the
blonde-headed beauty's pubis. The tip of his tongue left
a moist trail of saliva as it worked, slackening the
naked mound of her sex.

Then he playfully ran the taunting tongue tip up and
down the dark crease of her labia. Again and again, he
laved over the lips without dipping into the quivering
and slightly pouting mouth of her body.

When he did, Lorraine's reaction was one of definite
pleasure. The sandy blonde whimpered in the high-pitched
voice of arousal. Her hands reached down and grasped the
back of his head, pushing his face into the sleek lips
of her pussy.

Immediately, his tongue increased its lapping and
probing. In and out, in and out, he speared the softness
of his oral digit. Her hips writhed and swayed, doing
all sorts of hunching motions, trying to f***e even more
of his tongue into her cunt.

Definitely sexy! she moaned mentally. Watching one's
husband make it with another woman is definitely sexy!

Everyone was accounted for, except for b*****r Jim, she
noted, glancing around the room, trying to find her most
recent acquaintance in the Hightower f****y. She found
him leaning in the doorway of the den, watching the
various samplings of carnal delights presently underway.
He was naked like the rest of the f****y and sported one
very rigid and one very much in need cock that jerked
and throbbed eagerly from the dark forest of pubic hair
spouted over his crotch.

His eyes eventually turned to her. He smiled, unsure,
but very much interested in the only unoccupied woman in
the room. Diana returned the smile and raised her arm to
him. Grinning now, he hastily crossed to her, straddling
her body as she lay on the floor. Bending a little, he
took her hand and pulled her up to a sitting position.
The long hardness of his cock bobbed but an inch or two
from her face - and her mouth!

She didn't wait for him to ask for what he obviously
wanted. Her long, glistening pink tongue darted out from
behind her lips. It brushed tantalizingly over the
smooth, gorged head. Then she kissed the straining
glans. He moaned and his knees quivered.

She rolled her eyes up to him and received a grateful
smile in return. Then she returned her attention back to
the swollen bigness of his sex.

Her tongue went back into action, slickening up and down
the underside of the shaft that jutted sharply into the
air. Simultaneously, her hand glided sensuously over the
insides of his spread thighs, drifting with taunting
slowness upwards. She tickled her way to his scrotum and
played there, as he continued to stare down fascinated
by her every action.

He watched her head move back and forth and her sleek
wet tongue dance worshipfully across the knob-like crown
of his prick. He listened to the little wet oral sounds
she made as she sucked away the clear drops of sexual
juices that welled from the center of his glans.

Her hand cupped his testicles, gently playing with their
weighty size. He groaned and his legs quivered some more
as she worked his aching balls around on her fingertips.

As he watched, her lips formed a puckered little
opening. The fingers of her free hand reached up and
wrapped around the base of his shaft, edging downward,
gliding it to her waiting mouth. He groaned, as he
watched the turgid, throbbing head of his cock slide
into the round hole formed by her luscious, deep pink

Her tongue taunted the underside of his glans, then
swirled wildly around the sensitive cock tip. Another
series of sexy slurping oral noises rose to his ears,
adding to the alluring submission of this woman, his
s****r-in-law, was giving to him.

He was hard and thick and aroused. He intently watched
her lips move forward, enveloping him. He wasn't sure
which thrilled him more; watching the predatory lips
take his length, or the damn fantastic feeling of her
mouth working so marvelously on his cock.

His ass tightened and he eased himself forward, feeding
her a couple more inches. She accepted it willingly,
allowing him into the warm haven of her mouth. His shaft
disappeared in her face and the throbbing crown of his
rod nudged at the back of her throat. Her breaths were
deep, her nostrils flaring as she fought off the urge to
gag under the ponderous mass of cook she now held in her

Slow and deliberately, she slid her head back off the
pole of pulsating flesh. Her tongue whirled and swirled
in exciting flourishes around his swollen circumference.
The moist, feather-like caresses played havoc with his
control, but he f***ed himself to remain stiff and
allowed her to take her time and give all the pleasure
she so obviously knew how to administer.

His cock jerked and jumped eagerly around in her mouth.
Her teeth clamped down around him and she sucked
swallowing the saliva filling her mouth. Also savoring
the very manly taste of the preseminal fluids that
mingled delightfully in her mouth.

Reaching the bl**d-gorged tip of his prick, her lips
tightened and squeezed like a strong elastic hand,
forming a straining white ring around the thickness of
his cock. She eased her puckered lips back over him.
Still unable to move his eyes from her, he watched,
testicles aching, as his slackened length of manhood
vanished into the humid cavern of her mouth.

Changing her approach, she pulled up from his rod of
meat in a fast, fire-igniting motion. Her teeth bit down
into the super-sensitive glans. She nibbled and licked
the bulgy arrowhead, relishing its feel as if it were
some rare tidbit of sexual delight especially grown for
her. Then she slid up and down on the saliva-slickened
pole, allowing it to bury itself in her face, then
evacuate her mouth, over and over. She sucked. She
sucked, showing the pleasure she took in performing the
oral task of satisfying his throbbing staff of desire.

In and out, she sucked. Out and in, she licked. He
watched her head bob in rhythm with the entrance and
exit of his cock. His buttocks were boulders of aroused
tension that swayed with the sliding tempo of her mouth.
He cradled her head lovingly, fully appreciative of the
tender care she was giving him. He moaned and groaned.
His body trembled, fighting desperately to prolong the
prodigious sensations she was creating in his loins. At
the same time, his balls were seething and burning with
a rising tide of cum. His scrotum was taut, like
stretched leather on a frame. His balls throbbed as he
fought to hold back the oncoming explosion of lust.

Realizing the fever of his urgency, she rocked back and
forth, sheathing and re-sheathing her mouth on his lust-
pulsing shaft. Faster and hotter, her mouth sucked. With
growing, greedy vigor and ardent desire, she licked at
his thickness.

Fire, boiling liquid flames, shot up from his balls and
jetted free, writhing and lashing into the warm
receptacle of her mouth. Lust unleashed exploded from
the depths of his groin, rushed up through his
shuddering cock, finally gushing from the small, mouth-
like slit on the crown of his prick. Hot, white,
steaming, creamy cum blasted out.

Her lips quivered with excitement. Her delicate nostrils
flared widely. He emptied himself into the willing oral
chalice. He groaned as the thick flood of sperm and
semen scalded over the soft, pink tongue that still
lovingly caressed him. He moaned as the burning eruption
of sexual cream splattered and coated the roof of her
mouth. He grunted as the heavy, fiery eaves spurted down
her throat drenching her tonsils.

With his shaft firmly embedded in the moist interior of
her mouth, the orgasm-racked tips of his glans pushed at
the back of her throat. Eagerly she drank every drop he
had to offer, sucking up and devouring the heated liquid
of his groin. Her throat bobbed and trembled as she
swallowed over and over. She downed each thick blast as
fast as she could to stop from gagging and strangling on
his mighty release. She sucked as his cock jumped and
fountained freely within the tender walls of her mouth.
Her cheeks hollowed deeply as she sucked away every
oozing drop from the lust-pounding length of his cock.
And when the violent eruption ebbed, she rolled the
thick viscosity of his cream in her mouth, milking away
any traces that might have still been caught in the
throbbing bigness of his sex.

He reached down and eased her lips away from his still
jutting shaft. His cock popped free from her lips and
bobbed wildly before her eyes. It glistened clean and
red from the vigorous bath she had given it. He smiled
down at her gratefully, then staggered back a couple of
steps and backed into the wall. Blank-eyed, he stared
around the room, then slowly slid down the wall and just
sat there.

Diana chuckled to herself and once more turned her eyes
to the rest of the f****y.

Michael One and Paula had apparently reached mutual
satisfaction. They were still in each other's arms,
lovingly caressing one another. However, the elder
Hightower's prick had definitely lost some of its vigor
and now slept limply at his crotch.

Kate and Bryan had also concluded their ass-to-cock
pairing and the black-headed girl was now on her knees
before her stepb*****r doing her damnest to revive his
prick. Her naturally red lips were tightly stretched
around his prick, sucking and eating at him.

Only Michael and Lorraine were still in action. Well,
she corrected herself, Michael was at least. Lorraine
was lost in the oblivion of orgasmic ecstasy, writhing
and groaning as Michael's tongue unleashed the consuming
flood of lust in her body.

Her husband suddenly pulled his head from the pussy he
had so thoroughly occupied and stared up at his
stepmother, a pleased smile on his lips. He reached up
and grasped her hips and slowly pulled her from the
chair. She moaned, but seemed to be unaware of what was

Gently handling her, he positioned her on the floor,
spreading her thighs wide open to him. Diana could see
the quivering nakedness of her shaven cunt. The outer
lips of her labia were parted and trembling. Within the
wet slit, she saw the scalloped folds of the inner lips
of her pussy. They, too, were still quivering with the
pleasure of her climax. The palpitating folds dripped
with the aroused juices that flowed from her depths. Her
clitoris was extended for what appeared to be at least a
half of an inch. It was thick and throbbing.

As a matter of fact, so was Michael - a fact he
apparently meant to put to good use, Diana thought as
she watched her husband.

Clutching at the heavy forms of Lorraine's breasts for
support, he slid atop her and hung above her. His cock,
hard and long, lurched hungrily at the mouth of her
belly. His hands brutally crushed the sensitive tits
beneath his fingers. Tortured white flesh squelched up
through his fingers. Lorraine groaned.

Without giving her the slightest indication of his
intentions, he slammed his lust-rigid cock into the
desirous mouth of her pussy. He smacked wetly into the
trembling folds of her inner lips. The swollen tip of
his prick rammed its way between the pouting scallops
and was sucked deeply into the juicy interior of her hot

Lorraine cried out.

Actually, Diana decided it was more of a mixture of
surprise and pleasure.

Her eyes flared open and stared at her stepson. She
started to speak, but he jerked out of her slick oil-
filled, well-lubricated channel, stiffling the words so
that they came out as a long "oooohhhh!" He smiled down
at her. She smiled back.

Her smooth willing sheath of liquid warmth flowered
around him. It clamped tightly and seemed to suck on the
swollen length of his cock, which, in turn twitched and
jerked in the heated inner lips of her hungry slit. It
sucked him back into the moist, tight chamber of her
belly. The velvet-textured walls of her vagina rippled
impetuously, fondling his length with thrilling
caresses. He hung there above her, their bodies joined
at their fiery cores. He hung there and soaked up her
softness and arousing heat.

He moaned as he pulled himself from the tightening
channel. She clung to him, stretching the sensitive skin
of his shaft. He wanted to swing his hands away from her
breasts and fall, crushing into the springy cushions on
her chest. But his determination to finish as he had
started won out. Once again, he was fully intent on
fucking this willing woman, while raised high above her.

With a confident smile on his lips, he swung his hips
inward, shooting his full length into her body. Her eyes
closed. A muffled groan gritted out from behind her
pleasure-clenched teeth. That clutching, naked pussy of
hers clung to him, trying to hold him locked within her.
He eased out and plunged back into the humid tunnel. Her
breasts quivered under the grasping grip of his hands,
trembly and shivering.

She arched her hips to him. The pouted, wet lips of her
cunt reached out to swallow him, balls and all. Her
muscles squeezed and relaxed in a thrilling exotic
rhythm. The movement sent excited currents racing
through the stiff length of his cock. Pressure increased
in his balls as he drove in and out of her saddle of

He increased the power of his knifing thrusts into her
sweet, hot hole. The muscles of his thighs were rock
hard, chording beneath the skin of his legs. His raised
position allowed him to use these muscles to boost the
mighty surges of his groin. Their cores met in loud, wet

She welcomed the thrust and begged for more and harder
plunges. He obliged and flung himself into the clingy
cunt with such v******e that it jarred the breath from
her lungs. Little moaning cries trickled from her throat
continuously. Her hands were on his shoulders, pulling
him down. He came falling hard into the cushions of her
breasts. Her fingernails were in his skin, raking and
clawing like sexual talons. Her head jerked from side to
side while her tongue washed across his slickened lips.
Her body writhed and twisted with urgency. Her pelvis
leaped up to accept each ramrodding plummet of his
swollen cock.

He drilled and reamed into her flowering pussy. He drove
with reckless abandon into the slippery well of her sex.
He tried to knock the bottom out of her cunt. But she
just opened up new untouched reaches of her vagina.
Grunting and groaning, he plunged and thrust. Like an
organic jackhammer, his shaft ravaged her slit of lust.

She came jerking and bucking under him. She contracted
and relaxed and contracted and relaxed over and over. A
long, low pleasure scream tore from her lips. Her
vaginal channel was suddenly flooded with even more

Then he came. The sensation was fantastic. In fact, his
whole body rocked and quaked under the tremendous out-
gushing of hot semen and sperm. The walls of her
drenched cunt milked at him in the hope of securing a
few more drops that might seep from the head of his

Diana watched as the last throbs of his release passed
from her husband. His deflated organ slowly slithered
from his stepmother's well-pumped pussy. He rolled to
his back on the floor beside her. Both of them panted.
Neither had any intention of moving for several moments.

However, b*****r-in-law Jim seemed to have regained
life. Diana turned watching the revitalized man push up
from his seat on the floor. Carefully stepping over the
still caressing bodies of Michael One and Paula he
headed toward Lorraine.

Michael was barely able to roll out of the way to avoid
the descending foot of his b*****r, who straddled the
still heaving body of his stepmother. Grinning down at
the woman on her back, the youth suddenly dropped to his
knees, then leaned over her with his arms extended. His
cock settled in the deep valley separating the
mountainous pillows of her white breasts.

Without a single word of direction, Lorraine's hands
rammed solidly against the sides of her tits that jutted
milky from her chest, trapping the aroused length of man
meat between their cushiony forms. Jim moaned softly as
the pliant flesh enveloped him.

His hips suddenly began to rock back and forth, shafting
the angry red pole of hard cock in and out of the tunnel
formed by her mammoth mammaries.

That Lorraine was ready to satisfy another man so soon
after the double pleasure Michael had set free in her
body didn't surprise Diana. The woman had an incredible
appetite for sex. A characteristic her daughter-in-law
realized she shared. Just watching the **** of
Lorraine's magnificent tits sent delighted thrills of
sensuous lust through Diana's loins. It was easy for her
to imagine what it felt like to have Jim's stiff cock
gliding back and forth between her own breasts. An
experience she admitted she wouldn't mind having happen.

Lorraine's hands now squeezed hard against the sides of
her mountainous jugs. She squeezed them tightly
together, trapping Jim's cock between the creamy walls
of almost flaccid-looking flesh of her tits. Her head
strained upward in an arch that Diana knew must be
torturing her corded neck. Her mouth opened like a
gaping cavern, that tried to capture the inflamed
crimson crown of her stepson's prick as he pushed his
way through the soft path formed by her hands and
breasts. Both of them were shaking now, obviously
enjoying the tit fucking.

Jim's hips increased their already frantic pace. He
hunched into the woman's chest. He bucked like some wild
mustang set on dislodging an unwanted rider. He groaned
and grunted like a mounting stallion. His cock was
burning with the friction of Lorraine's billowy breasts.

She was moaning and groaning. Those supersized tits of
hers were just as sensitive as they looked. Diana
wondered if she could get off on them alone.

She didn't have to wait long to find out.

With a last mighty thrust, Jim rammed his fleshy sword
through the tight-pressed channel of tit. His bulging
red glans prodded their way between the mounds of flesh
and jerked into the air, throbbing lustfully on
Lorraine's chin. Hot cum fountained in thick, heavy
spurts from the gorged tip of the shaft. Lorraine's
mouth accepted the steaming load, welcoming the taste of
her stepson's release.

Diana watched as the blonde's throat quivered and she
swallowed. A major achievement in her strained position.
But just as amazing was the violent quaking that had
once more seized the blonde's body. She was coming! She
had been able to get off on Jim's tit fucking!

Abruptly Jim lost his balance and fell from his
stepmother. He lay half on and half off her. His cock
stood jerking in the air like a flaming spike of flesh.
Oozing cum still welled from its swollen head.

The remaining couples in the room had changed partners,
Diana found as her eyes glanced back around the den.

Michael One was now paired with his own daughter. He had
the sexy young teenager down on her back. His arms were
looped under her legs, jerking them into the air, while
his thick cock stabbed in and out of her juicy little

There was little Kate could do in the restrained
position, other than moan with the filling pleasure of
her father's cock. Which exactly was what the young girl
was doing, accepting the deep drilling of the ponderous
rod that slammed in and out of her body.

Still on the couch, Bryan and Paula were lying side by
side in the old position of sixty-nine. Their tongues
were working at a frantic pace, doing their damnedest to
satisfy the mounting urges of their young bodies.

A stir from behind Lorraine drew Diana's attention. It
was Michael, pushing himself to his knees. He glanced
around the entangled couple surrounding him. He smiled
with amusement. His eyes then moved to Diana and his
grin broadened.

Rising to his feet, he turned toward her. His cock was
already on the rise again. He stepped over Lorraine and
Jim, coming to her.

Diana quivered with anticipation as he lowered himself
to the floor beside her and pulled her to him.

It was going to be a repeat of yesterday, she thought as
his tongue probed deeply toward her throat. A wonderful
repeat performance of Saturday!


They were waiting for them outside. All of the
Hightowers lined up to say farewell to Michael and his
new bride.

Diana kissed each one of them, sexy black-haired Kate,
the perky blonde Paula and her young b*****r Bryan. Then
there was Lorraine and Jim and, of course, the elder
Hightower himself, Michael One. Their kisses were like
no other parting kisses she had ever had before. Each
was long and lingering. Definitely the type of kisses
one gives a lover to remember them by during a long

She didn't mind. They were all her lovers now. And she
returned the embraces with the same enthusiasm in which
they were given.

And when all the hugging and kissing and intimate last
squeezes had been completed, they all crowded around the
car, as Michael and she prepared to leave.

"Look, let us know when you're settled in down in
Houston," Michael One said then added, "And take care of
Diana, I don't think you'll ever be able to find another
one like her."

Michael grinned. "That's just what I intend to do."

With that they all stepped back and Michael switched on
the ignition and shifted into low, moving around the
circular driveway and heading out of the Hightower

Twisting in her seat, Diana stared out the small back
window, waving her last farewell to her new in-laws.
Then as they disappeared behind the magnolias and
eventually the whole estate disappeared behind the
outside wall, she turned back and glanced toward the
winding road they traveled.

Michael reached out and gently squeezed her thigh,
"Sweet sorrow and all that?"

"Mmmmm hmmmm," she nodded, then laughed lightly. "I must
admit I'm going to miss my new f****y."

Michael grinned, "We'll come to visit often, if you

"I'd like," Diana smiled, suddenly realizing that
visiting relatives had a completely new meaning for her.

"Meanwhile, we've got a long drive ahead of us and I
need some directions," her husband said.

Diana punched the button to the glove compartment and
pulled out the travel atlas. Flipping through the pages,
she found the map Michael had previously marked. After
she gave him the number of the highway for the first leg
of their journey, she silently traced the remaining
portion of the route to Houston, then flipped to the map
of Mexico and surveyed the route to Mexico City.

Mexico City, she mused, and our honeymoon.

She chuckled to herself. My honeymoon's already started.
One of the strangest honeymoons a woman could have ever
imagined for herself. A honeymoon f****y style!

The End

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