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When I heard from a friend that my mother-in-law Grace
had called me a dumb blond bimbo who wasn't good enough
for her son, I was furious. Her son had been my slave
since marriage and we had kept it a secret from
everyone but my mother Linda who walked in one day and
saw what was going on. To my surprise, she enjoyed it
and wanted to join in. Now Paul my husband serves as my
slave and hers. But today was revenge time on that
bitch mother of his.

When Paul came home and appeared before me nude with
leash, I told him what had happened and he was mad as
hell too. I told him to call her up now and tell her he
would never speak or see her again and to tell her how
he was my slave and all the things he enjoyed doing as
a slave. He was also to tell her the only way she could
see him again was if she was my slave and I mean total.

I knew she wouldn't accept the terms, but it was nice
to get even and I started to read a good book, waiting
for Paul to get back and lick my pussy. About 15
minutes later, Paul returned got on his knees and told
me his mother had finally accepted the terms without
limitations and would be here immediately. He then
proceeded to lick my pussy as I sat there stunned but
excited to the point where I came immediately in his

The doorbell rang about 15 minutes later and I told
Paul to go out nude and tell her to remove all her
clothes and attached a dog lease to her neck before
letting her in. In about 5 minutes, Paul and Grace
appeared in the living room totally nude with Grace
holding her hands over her tits and pussy. Standing up,
I walked to her back and slapped her large ass and
demanded she put her hands down to her sides. A few
more good slaps were in order before I returned to face

"You know the rules bitch, you are mine to use anyway I
want. Do you accept or do I have Paul kick your big ass
out of here permanently?" I toyed with her.

"Yes mistress, I accept. Please don't hurt me." She
said as I watched her turned red in embarrassment.

"Good. Paul you will carry you bitch mother out the
door and make her crawl once around the backyard. You
will also find a switch and spank her ass with it forty
times while she crawls. Is that understood?" I demanded
to Paul.

Grace had tears in her eyes but Paul cock was as big as
I have seen it. He pulled on the lease and I watched
with gleam Grace large ass checks move sideways as she
following him out. Outside, Paul got a switch and I saw
Grace fall to her hands and knees and start crawling. I
was masturbating my pussy at the sight of her ass and
the switching she was getting. I called mother up next
door and told her to hurry over that Grace was now my
slave and if she wanted some of that ass, she better
get over. Her and Grace had been bitter enemies since
the marriage.

Paul finally led Grace back in the house as I made them
stand in the center of the room and inspected her
striped ass while she stood there shaking. I
complemented Paul on the marks on her ass and slapped
them a couple of times to see if they were sensitive.
The doorbell rang and I walked out and let mother in.

As we walked back to the living room, Grace seeing
mother, started to try to crawl away but Paul still had
her lease in hand where she couldn't go anywhere.

"She doesn't look so high and mighty now," said mother;
walking over and petting her head like a puppy. "Is
baby ass sore from your spanking," she asked Grace.

"Yes mamma, baby ass is sore," said Grace head down.

"Well it's going to be a little sorer," said mom,
taking the leash from Paul she led her to the chair and
sitting down put her across her lap and started
spanking her ass. I was close to coming and was
enjoying hearing Grace begging and pleading over mom
lap. I demanded Paul service my pussy as I came from
the site of her completely red ass, begging, and
crying. Mom finally quit and started rubbing her ass.

"Do baby, want mommy to make it better?" Mom teased
rubbing and groping her big ass cheeks.

"Yes (sob) mommy, please make it better." She begged.

Mother took her time groping the ass cheeks and then
working her way to her asshole starting pushing her
finger in and out while Grace was still sobbing and
moaning at the same time. I had came twice in Paul
mouth, so I laid on my stomach and had him lick my ass
so I could watch more.

Pretty soon, Grace had quit crying and was moving her
ass in response to mother finger. When mother asked her
if she had been a bad baby all these years and felt
like she should be punished, she readily agreed begging
mother. I was totally thrill and knew my turn would
come later with her.

"Come with mama and we're going to make that big ass of
yours feel better," said mom, pushing her off her lap
and leading her by the leash to the bathroom.

I knew what was coming next. Mother liked to give Paul
a two-quart enema when he was bad and watch him run
outside to relieve himself. He was always told to keep
his ass plugged with his finger till he reached the end
of the yard and carry his toilet paper with him. I went
to the kitchen table and sat down so I could see out
the yard and had Paul fix me a sandwich. In about 15
minutes, Grace flew into the living room and out the
kitchen back door.

Her finger was in her ass and the toilet paper was tied
with a string to her tit. The soap bar had been
inserted in her mouth. The sight of her running trying
to while trying to keep the toilet paper from unrolling
and maintaining the finger in her ass was totally
exciting to watch. I saw her finally reached the end of
the yard as mother arrived and told Paul to lick her
pussy as she watched Grace squat to relieve herself. We
was both laughing and telling Paul what a good little
mother slut he had.

Grace finally finished and cleaned her ass and
proceeded to the garden hose where she washed her ass
with the soap bar before reinserting it in her mouth
and returning in the kitchen door totally red in the

Mother met her and bent her over the kitchen table
after grabbing her leash. Pointing her ass up, she told
her since her mouth was now clean, she was to lick her
asshole and clean her pussy with the soap at the same

I couldn't resist the urge seeing Grace on her knees
with her face in mother ass and hearing mother moans
from the rimming she was getting. Picking up a duster,
I got behind Grace and starting pushing it in her ass
while Paul was demanded to get behind and tongue my ass
at the same time.

When I came, mother traded places with me as I spread
my ass as wide as I could and told her to get that
tongue working. I made sure to move around so her
tongue had to follow my asshole as it moved. I heard
mother come again and soon I joined her shoving my ass
back into Grace face as hard as I could.

As I got up, mother told Grace to go dust off all the
tables in the living room and then return. If she broke
anything, she would be punished severely. Paul was told
to but on his apron only while had a hole in front that
his cock went in and prepared a lunch for us.

We watched in amusement as both slaves went about their
tasks. Grace was wiggling her ass at the tables trying
to dusk them without knocking the little things off but
several got pushed off which we knew would. Paul,
excited from watching all the events, had overcooked
the rolls and knew he would be punished severely for it

When lunch was put on the table, mother called Grace in
and had her sit on her knees with her face in her

"Slaves eat from their mistress pussies she told her,"
patting her head. "Be sure to whine everyone in a while
or I may forget about you."

Paul joined with his face in my lap. He knew he had to
lick every once in a while if her wanted to eat. We
enjoyed our meals as the slaves whined underneath with
their faces in our cunts.

Mother took great delight in rubbing pieces of her
sandwich on her cunt and letting Grace lick it off. I
was having the same fun with Paul, my little pet. After
the meal, we had Paul clean the dishes and we retired
to the living room with Grace trailing behind on her

Mother sat in a chair and explained to Grace her new
position in life while she was on her knees in front of

"Baby Grace you now belong to me and my daughter Ann
who will use you anyway we want and when we want." She
explained. "You will be nothing more than a toy to play
with. If you complain or hesitate in anyway you will be
severely punished. We now own you and your son and
expect you to be our total slave. Since you have
treated my daughter with disrespect, I think she should
have the pleasure of your ass for awhile."

"Yes mommy." said Grace, with head low.

"I have the perfect idea for our new slut," I said.
"Getting up, I went to the kitchen and return with a
strap-on cock around my waist. Ordering Grace on her
back, I had mother hold her legs over her head so that
her ass was sticking straight up and available for my
intended use.

Setting next to her face, I advise her to get my cock
nice and wet or she would get it in her asshole dry.
She started to complain, but knew her fate and started
sucking the cock trying to wet it as best she could.
Paul meanwhile, had been told to get the video camera
and film the whole event without her knowledge. When it
was wet enough, I got up and position it at her asshole
so I could look down at her frighten face.

"Grace you are such an asshole, and now I'm going to
prove it," I said shoving the cock an inch in her ass
while she screamed from the onslaught. Her begging was
music to my eyes as I began the continued onslaught to
get it all in. Mom said she was too loud and proceeded
to place her wide ass on her face so only murmurs could
be heard as I withdrew the cock a little and press it
back in.

Four or five pushes and her cock was loose enough I
could drill through easily which I did with pleasure.
The moans were loud underneath mom ass but now she
truly knew whom her ass really belong to. Tiring out, I
un-strapped the cock strap leaving it in her ass and
retired to the seat while mother slowly got up and let
go of her seat causing her to yell as her ass hit the
floor with the dildo still deep inside.

"Get on your stomach and wormed you way here," I said.
"My feet need those fat lips of yours on them."

Grace started crawling on her stomach and tits, which
was causing her much discomfort till she reached by
feet and started lapping them. Several times the dildo
was slipping out her ass and I had her reinsert it.
Paul was dripping in the kitchen from watching the
action and I called her inside and had him stand by my

"Your son cock is dripping bitch. Suck it dry or I'll
replace that dildo in your ass with his cock." I told

Grace immediately got on her knees and started sucking
on Paul cock. I made sure she deep throated all his
cock by controlling her head by the hair and had him
turn around so she could tongue his ass also. Mother
got up and went to the bathroom to get something.

Grace meanwhile was on her knees on the floor with head
on the carpet exhausted from the ordeal. Kicking her
ass dildo, I told her to lick my pussy till I came on
her ugly face. She slowly rose up and pressed her face
to my cunt and started roaming her tongue inside.

I laid back and thought up some things I was going to
do with her later but right now I was going to enjoy
that wagging tongue of hers. I had just climax when
mother returned and demanded Paul to get some rope in
the kitchen. She removed the dildo, and grabbed the
rope and tied Grace arms in back.

Next she went and got a small curtain rod tied each of
her ankles to it. I had to assist her in tying another
rope to the middle of the bar and we lifted her legs up
and over again. Grace was begging that her asshole
couldn't take anymore and she would do anything. Mom
went out and returned with a basket with shaving cream,
razor, scissors, and several other items.

"Gracie dear, you have way too much hair. When was the
last time you had a haircut." She laughed. "Don't
worry; mommy is going to take care of all that nasty
hair down there."

"Please, don't shave my bush. Please Grace, I mean
mistress. Please." Grace begged. "I don’t everything
you asked."

Mom had already snipping on her pussy hairs and giving
them to Paul to put in a container as a souvenir for
her. While she started shaving the stubs still sticking
our, she told me to puck all those nasty hairs off her
asshole which I did with much pleasure. Grace would
yell with each pull and I made sure to take my time.
She was finally starting to relax when the shaving was
done and all the hairs were plucked but mom wasn't done
yet. Grabbing her by the hair, she started chopping
away at her head hair till it was about 2 inches high
with Grace screaming and begging.

This will keep you here for away. Don't want you
running away till we have you full trained. Not unless,
you want everyone to see that stub of hair on your
head. She was told to stand up which we had to help her
and was then led to the kitchen. Grabbing a mop and a
pail of water which she poured, mother untied her hands
leaving her ankles tied to the spreader and gave her
the mop.

"Mop that floor bitch." She commanded. She then got a
paddle and swatted her ass a couple of times to get her

I couldn't stand it no more. Sitting on a chair, I yell
at Paul to get his lazy ass over here and lick my cunt.
Three times in one day and I knew I would be sore

Grace was mopping fast with the paddle slapping her big
round ass making it dance around the room. Mother was
calling her slut, cunt, whore and so on making sure to
stress each word with a stroke of the paddle.

Meanwhile, I was already thinking about sl**ping
arrangements tonight.

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