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Seema seduces-pt.1-the hot cousin

This is the story of how I seduced my cousin to become a lesbian.First let me tell you all a little something about myself I am a good looking girl of 21 and am tall,thin and have big size 38 breasts which I am proud of and am a lesbian ever since I can remember.During my first college break I went to my cousins place she is just a year older then and is also extremely hot.She is tall,thin and has slightly larger breasts then me.These breasts turn me on a lot as like girls with big breasts. She and I used were having a lot of fun during my vacations and I realised I wanted to sl**p with her desperatly.I would grasp every chance I could get to seduce her which were not many due to the presence of her parents in the house and I promised myself that I would sl**p with her the day her parents would go out.And I was in luck,the next day her parents had to go for a wedding for 3 days and I planned a foolproof way to seduce my cousin. That night before dinner I went out and bought 2 6-can packs of beer and we started drinking .She was wearing a tight T-shirt and a micro-mini skirts and I was in a low cut white tank top so anyone could see my red bra and a micro-mini skirt which just covered my pantyand after 3 cans each I asked her questions about her sex life she said that she had a boyfriend who wanted to go slow but she was getting horny and wanted to fuck him but all he had ever done was kiss her.I asked her about her 1st kiss and asked how it was.She said it was boring and she had not liked it at all and she also said that her boyfriend was a lousy kisser I told her that I can make her forget her boyfriend with one kiss and she said ok let's kiss that I could'nt be lousier than her boyfriend at kissing I came so close to her that I could feel her breasts on mine.Then I remmoved a strand of hair that had come on her face and brought my face close to hers so that our lips were just millimeters apart and soon the distance reduced to zero and I was kissing her sesuosly and she was evidently enjoying it as she too was kissing me back and I started playing with her breasts through her tight T-shirt and she too was doing the same while kissing me and we were kissing and playing with each others breasts and then I reached the neckline of her T-shirt and tore it off on one swipe and I started playing with her nipples through her black bra and after a few seconds I felt her niplles get stiff.She reached down to my Tank top and took it off and threw it on the floor and we started playing with each others tits and kissing passionately and then my hand reached her back and I unhooked the bra in one flick of my fingers and out came her large breasts which I had wanted to see since I had seen her in the beginning of the vacation.Her nipples were stiff and I took her breast in my hand and started licking and sucking her nipples.I lay her down and started kissing her while playing with her breasts with my hand and then she got in the mood and she tore my bra and started massaging my breasts savagely,seeing her respond like this turned me on and my nipples became stiff instantly.We both realized we could no longer stay in our skirts and we ripped them apart and I lay on top of her and started grinding my pussy into hers and started sucking on her nipples again while she played with my nipples with her fingers and we started moaning loudly.The I came down on her took off her panty to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy and started licking her pussy while my hand was still busy with her breasts and nipples.Then I took away my right hand from her breast while my left was still busy with them and using three fingers of my right hand I started fingering her pussy.I picked up the pace of fingering and my tongue was already inside her pussy flicking madly.She was moaning loudly and after 10 minutes her back arched and she came into my mouth with a loud scream.I drank some of her pussy juice and some pussy juice I collected in my mouth and bent forward to kiss her and transfer her love juices into her mouth so she could taste herself.Then I told her to do the same to me and she replied she did not know what to do and I replied that she had to do exactly what I was doing to her and she agreed she came near my pussy and slid away my panty to reveal my shaved pussy and then the real action started.She took out her tongue and started licking my wet pussy while her hands played with my breasts and nipples I started moaning loudly.She was working at a furious pace flicking her tongue in and out at lighting speed and then she brought her right hand down to my pussy and started inserting 3 fingers of her right hand into my pussy.I had a hard time holding my pussy juices and after only 10 minutes I started cumming into her open mouth screaming continuosly and after this we came into the 69 position to eat each other out and I ate her pussy so hard and after 20 minutes of 89 we were cumming into each others mouths.After this whole ordeal we fell asl**p while kissing and cuddling each other.

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