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Catching My Hot Mum Having An Affair

Hi I'm Kyle

I am 17 m Uk

This Is My Story About How I Caught My Mum Having an Affair


My Mum And Dad Both Have Good Jobs , My Dad Manages a Building Company And My Mum Works At A Local Solicitors.

We Live In a Really Nice area and Have A Huge House , Its 5 Bedrooms has a big drive way and garage and we have a decent amount of land.

My Mum Is Called Debbie and is 40 , My Dad Is Called Ben And Is 43 .

My Mum Is Hot For Her Age , She Is around 5 Ft 6 ,Brown Hair ,Darkly Tanned ,38c Tits, And Is Quite Slim and Toned

She Loves Shopping And I Think She Is Addicted To Heels , She Must Have 50 Pairs !


A Few weeks back My Mum and Dad went to work early around 6 in the morning

About 7 o'clock my alarm rang for college but I was so tired I decided to have the day off.

I went back to sl**p for a few hours then got up and had a shower and got ready .

I sat in my room playing on my x box for a while and at about 1 o'clock in the afternoon I heard a car pull onto the driveway.

I jumped up to my window and had a look , it was a grey audi Q7 , I noticed my mum in the passenger seat as it pulled up .

The doors opened and out got a tall youngish guy in a suit , then my mum got out

She was wearing a black blazer ,white shirt and a matching black mini skirt ,she was bare legged and had Some Gold and Brown Platform Heels On .

They Both Walked Towards The Front Door So I quickly Turned Off My Tv and ran to to the top of the bannister looking down into the hall and living room .

I heard Them Walk In and My Mums Heels Clatter Down The Hall way .

My Mum walked Into The Living room followed By The Guy , I Hid Behind The Wall and peeped down at Them

The guy sat down On the Black Leather sofa as My Mum went into the kitchen to get them drinks

The Guy Commented " Its a Lovely House You Got Here "

My Mum walked back in and sat down beside him with a bottle of wine ,

She poured out 2 glasses "Thanks Deb he said

They sat there chatting for a little while , and began speaking about my dad ,

The guy said " so debbie your husbands away right ?"

My Mum said " Yh he's not back till tommorow and my sons at college till around 6 tonight "

The Guy Said " well its all good then I Guess We Have got the house to ourselves "as he put his arm around my mum

He put his glass down and started playing with here hair, then she also put her glass down

She rested her head on his shoulder as he played with her hair ,

I was confused with what I was seeing , I hid behind the wall and carried on watching down on them .

They both started to kiss quite passionatly , his hand slowly moved over to her outer leg and he began to rub it

He sat up and took off his blazer then reached over to my mum and took hers off , they began kissing again

As they kissed they began to unbutton their shirts , he took of his shirt first showing his tanned muscular body ,

Then my mum took hers off revealing her big tits in her white Bra ,

He put his hand around her back and undid her bra and pulled it off ,

He pulled my mum towards him and started to suck and lick her dark tanned nipples

My mums hand moved onto his crotch and she began to rub and squeeze his growing cock over his pants as he sucked her tits

She undid his belt and zipper and put her hand down his pants , I heard her say " take them off "

He stood up and pulled down his pants and boxers in one , out popped his huge cock dangling infront of my mums shocked face

She grabbed it with one hand and soon after began to suck his huge cock as he stood infront of her

He ran his fingers through her hair as she pleasured him as best she could

She was taking him deep into her mouth , I could hear her slurping on his young cock

I started to become hard myself as I watched my 40 year old mum with a big young cock in her mouth

She stopped and said " come on let's go upstairs , she stood up and grabbed him by his cock and started to walk towards the stairs

SHIT ! I said under my breath I ran to the back room as queitly as I could as they began to walk up the stairs ,

I saw them walk into my mum rooms , so I waited for 5 minutes then began to tip toe down the hall over to her bedroom

When I got there the door was half open and I could hear my mum moaning gently

I peeped into her room and could see them on the bed in the refletion of her huge mirrors on her wardrobes ,

They were both now fully nude apart from my mums heels , as he lay licking my mums pussy

He began to kiss up her legs to her feet and started to unstrap her heels ,he through them on the floor and began to suck her toes passiontly as his big cock stood rock solid

He lay on his back and pulled my mum onto him , she sat on his face and began to move around on his moving tongue ,

Her moans got louder and louder , she stopped him and turned around into the 69 position

She started really sucking and wanking his big cock basically right infront of me as I heard every little noise they made ,

Shortly after my mum lay on her back in missionary and he slowly entered her wet pussy

She grabbed his back tight every time he pumped her

From my view all I could see was his tanned ass and his big cock going into my mum willing cunt ,

I was rock hard and couldn't help but wank myself off ,

My mums maons were getting louder and hornier , she started screaming "that's it go on " as she moaned

They rolled over so my mum was ontop ,she started riding his big cock like a pro , I could see his cock fully going in her streched cunt

After about 5 minuted of hard riding she jumped off and got on all fours , he stood up at the side of the bed. And entered her once more

I now had the side view and could see her big tits drooping down as pounded her.

She sounded like she was loving every minute of it ,soon after they got back into missionary. And she put her legs over his shoulders

He was pumping her as hard and as deep as he could she was screaming in orgasm evry time he went deep inside her

Over her loud moans I heard her say " tell me when your gonna cum I want to tatse you "

He was dripping in sweat as he give her everything he had , he moaned himself and pulled out of her streched cunt in a hurry

My mum leaned up and opened her mouth wide as he aimed and began to blow his huge load into her mouth and face

I think she swallowed what was in her mouth and grabbed his cock and began to suck and wipe the remaing cum of her face and suck it all off

Her legs were wide open and I could see her wet used cunt , after a few minutes the guy stood up so I sneaked back down the hall into the back room .

Theyu both got a shower together and got ready and both head off back to work I guess ,

As soon as they left I grabbed her thong from the washing basket and it was still moist ,

I smelt it and it smelt great and put the tiny thong in my mouth. As I furiosly wanked my cock over what I had just seen. Until I blew my huge load all over the kitchen cupboard ,

I cleaned up and went upto my room .....

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