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The First Step With Hope- part one

It had taken all my courage to turn up and meet her; having connected by internet only, and seen pictures of each-other, I yearned to see her. Wanting to make her feel as comfortable as possible and confirm I was not some on-line creep, I agreed to meet her at a club she frequented, so she would be among friends. I was in a cold sweat; she was incredibly feminine and over the weeks, had indulged me with some deeply intimate thoughts as she became more trusting and confident. My cock remained permanently semi-erect as she remained in the back of my mind, and rigid when I had direct thoughts of her, such was my yearning.

As the club was a downtown district, I had lurid thoughts about it being a tad sleazy; neon lights, with scantily clad cross-dressers in need of a shave hanging around the entrance etc.; as Hope was a t-girl this was all new to me and my imagination ran riot. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at the given address; it was totally discrete and from the outside it could have been a church hall; I wandered back and forth outside for a few minutes, my stomach alive with butterflies; my cock rigid at the thought of seeing Hope in the flesh. I pulled it together and walked in the door; the inside was an immediate transformation, lushly decorated and softly lit. Two shapely women sat in a reception area, both smiled knowingly and one asked who I had come to see? When I said ‘Hope’ they both beamed and eyed me up and down; one of them stood to reveal she was almost a tall as me and wringed her hands in a gesture of delight.

“Oh she is a lucky girl; let me take you to her.” She wiggled her arse in front of me as she vacated the front desk and took me through large double doors into a large and comfortably furnished lounge with long bar and terraced seating booths all softly lit. There were about 50 people in there, mostly ‘female’ in appearance and a few males like me, dressed in simply masculine fashion. Whilst there were a few ladies there whose transgender was fairly apparent, I could not determine whether the vast majority of the girls were actually female or t-girls; many of them were absolutely stunning. Soft music played in the background as the receptionist took me to a corner of the bar and gestured excitedly to a group across the floor. She turned and giggled at me like a naughty schoolgirl.

“I’ll leave you to it then, I’m so glad you came; Hope was so scared you wouldn’t show, we’ve all been teasing her continuously. If it doesn’t work out with her, you know where I am!” With that she wiggled off and my cock bulged in my pants as I watched her sweet bottom go. I felt a little exposed at that point, even though it was apparent no-one was looking at me. No-one except for the figure which now walked slowly toward me and the eyes of the group she had just departed from. Hope approached with a sweetly timid smile; she was a picture of femininity with tight low cut dress which showed her soft elegant curves and delicately formed breasts; the milky white flesh of which, displaying a perfect cleavage. I so wanted her now. I held out a hand instinctively and our fingers touched for the first time; there was a sharp jolt as static electricity stung us both, making us both laugh and helping break the ice immediately. We then stood just staring into each-other’s eyes, neither quite believing we’d taken the step. Hope was a hundred times more attractive in the flesh as her pictures and videos had been on the net, I squirmed a little as my cock must have been patently apparent, but Hope was evidently just as pleased to see me. We got a drink and she took my hand and led me across to a booth she had reserved, close but not too close to the friends she had just walked from.

After about five minutes it felt as though we had known each-other for years, the initial shock of the meet now over, our previous numerous contacts via the net giving us licence to become immediately intimate. Hope squeezed close as we sipped our drinks and commented on people’s performance on the dance floor as they smooched together. I casually put my arm around her and caressed her soft hairless arm, she leaned into me and I sniffed at her soft dark brown hair; she took my other hand and placed it in her crotch, then she looked up at me with a soft smile and pursed her lips. Without hesitation I kissed her for the first time as I gently felt the little bulge in her crotch which was the only thing that reminded me that she was a t-girl. Her hand went to mine as we savoured each-others lips and she giggled softly as we parted; her hand warming my stiff cock. She looked at me starry eyed.

“I want to show you off to my friends; one of them who lives close to me is having a party, I know it’s cheeky and I don’t want to wear you out, but I’m so pleased to be with you- I promise we won’t stay long. I’d like you to come home with me afterwards for a nice cup of cocoa.” I could not deny her and was also curious about her band of friends as this was all new to me. When I agreed she kissed me again and squeezed my hand tightly as she led me to the people she had arrived with…

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