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It was late afternoon when the bus brought me back to town, and I carried my small daysack out to the parking lot. A car horn sounded and I looked around to see my Mom and s****r standing beside it waving. I waved back and trotted over to them.

We had come together for Mom's thirty-seventh birthday. Katie and I had not seen each other for more than half a year now, since we had both gone away to college. We were now almost exactly the same age as Mom had been when she had done the same thing, except when she got to college she became pregnant and had us.

Katie is my younger s****r, by about three minutes. We are non-identical twins and growing up we had been about as close as any b*****r and s****r could be, sharing almost all our secrets about boyfriends and girlfriends. It had often felt that we were just opposite sides of the same coin; what I wanted so did she.

I knew I had been attracted to Katie all through my teens, in a way a b*****r is not meant to feel about his s****r. I also had the impression Katie might feel the same way about me. Neither of us had ever done anything that might have changed the situation. There had been occasional inappropriate moments, a flash of too much skin, a comment that crossed an unwritten line, but that was all.

Mom had been on her own for three years. She had married the boy who got her pregnant and they had seemed happy while we were growing up, but then in her mid thirties Mom seemed to rebel against what she felt she had missed out on in her youth, and to be honest it seemed that Dave was bored anyway and they parted.

As far as either of us knew Mom had been on her own ever since. I found that puzzling, because she is a very good looking woman and could easily pass for ten years younger than her real age. If anything, I believed she had grown more attractive as the years passed. She seemed to take more care of her body now Dave had gone, exercising regularly and eating more healthily.

She was fairly tall, an inch taller than my s****r, who I knew was five-eight. Mom has larger breasts than Katie, about a 36C to Katie's 34B. Both of them were slim, without much in the way of excess anywhere apart from the places it looked good. They both had pretty faces and mouths with full lips that seemed to be smiling even when they weren't; both shared the same natural dirty blonde hair. Mom cut hers short to the neck while Katie's fell to her shoulders.


A couple of weeks earlier Mom had rung each of us and said she wanted us to come back for her birthday. She had booked a meal for the three of us in a good hotel in town and we would eat good food and have a drink and catch up on everything we had been up to at college.

Katie and I had gone to opposite ends of the state and had not seen each other since.

I reached the car and hugged Mom, kissed her cheek and then did the same to Katie. She hugged me back really hard and for a second too long and said, "Mike, wow, it's so good to see you."

Mom got us in the car, herding us like she always did, Katie and me being the puppies in the house who always needed showing how to do stuff, where to go, the right way to act. We set off and ten minutes later were being shown to our table in the smartest restaurant I had ever been in. Our table was set in one corner, right next to a large window and we looked out over a covered porch to neat paving, beach and ocean.

When Mom handed her coat to the waiter I was stunned by how nice she looked. She had obviously spent time on herself today. She smelled good with some subtle perfume I did not recognise, but liked, and had a new dress on: deep blue with small abstract flowers here and there, buttons all the way up the front, her shoulders bare and the front dipping in a V to reveal more cleavage than I had seen her show before. The hem fell to just above her knee, and sheer light blue stockings encased her long legs.

I felt underdressed in grey chinos and a blue button down shirt. Katie had tried harder and wore a silk blouse in a pale red and a short skirt made of some gauzy, floating material that followed slowly after her when she turned. Katie was beautiful, she always had been, but tonight she looked ordinary beside Mom.

We sat at our table and Katie rummaged in her bag and put a small wrapped box on the table. "Happy birthday, Mom"

"Oh Katie, you shouldn't have gotten me anything at all, I know how tight money is for you both."

"I couldn't come without anything," Katie said, and glanced at me.

I would probably have forgotten, but Katie had called me two days before and reminded me to buy Mom something, so I reached into my daysack and put my own small box on the table as well.

Mom looked like she was going to cry. She took a deep breath and poured wine for herself, then raised an eyebrow at us. We both nodded and she filled out glasses. The wine was good, and when the food came that was even better.

Mom opened our presents. Katie had bought her a necklace made up of small pearls and Mom took it from the box and clasped it around her neck where it shone and caught the light deep within the soft spheres. My present didn't look anywhere near as expensive, a pair of silver earrings with small blue stones embedded in them, but Mom still took her own out and replaced them with mine. Mom had never played favourites with us, and we both received great praise and more kisses.

We talked about college and what we might want to do when we left, and about things we had all done years ago and laughed a lot.

I really couldn't get over how good Mom was looking. I had never seen her more beautiful, her hands and face animated, her mouth smiling, her dark brown eyes sparkling.

And Katie was obviously her daughter, though not a clone of her. I had often seen Katie naked. When we were young it was not unusual for us to run around without clothes half the summer. As we grew and became more aware of our bodies we began to cover up, but neither of us had been precious about nudity and I had frequently chatted to Katie as she had a shower and she had done the same with me.

We had a second bottle of wine, and then a third, and about eleven Mom started to giggle and said, "There is no way I'm going to be able to drive us home tonight!" she got up, "I'll go and see if they've got any rooms."

"Mom," Katie said, "That's going to be way too expensive."

"Not for my babies," Mom said, grinning, and went off to the reception desk.

When she came back she had a small frown on her brow, "I hope it's okay k**s, but they only had one room left. It's a big room though, so there's space for all of us if that's alright?"

"Uh, sure," I said

"Whatever you want, Mom," Katie said, "This is your night."

"Yes," Mom said, "Yes it is. Come on then"

The room was big with two queen sized beds and a large bathroom with an enormous shower with mirrored walls that sparkled and glittered in the light reflected from our room.

Tall windows faced out to the ocean and stood open to let a breeze through and we could hear the surf curling away along the beach.

Mom gave a little whoop and launched herself on to one of the beds laughing, bounced once and twisted over on to her back. "This is my bed," she said, "You two can bunk down together over there. It won't be the first time you've had to share."

She was right, of course. But I think the last time we had shared a bed had been about ten years before.

Mom's dress had risen up over her thighs and I couldn't stop myself looking to where the tops of her stockings were held by garters which disappeared on into the darkness above. I went to the window and looked out, turning away to hide a bulge in my trousers.

"Left or right", Katie said.

I turned, puzzled by her meaning, so she repeated, "Left or right side, dunce?"

"You choose," I said

"I'm on the right then," she said.

"Mom sat up and pulled her skirt back down, "I need a shower," she said, and then, "I don't suppose any of us have got anything to wear tonight, have we?" Then she shrugged. "Ah well, I don't suppose it matters that much. Katie, come and chat to me."

She got up and went through to the bathroom and Katie followed. "I'll leave the door open a bit, Mike, then you can join in as well."

I went over and lay on my side of the bed, hands behind my head, and thought, "Holy fuck!" It was almost as if Mom was eighteen again, and we were not her k**s but pals on a wild night out.

I could see them both in the bathroom, reflected in the mirror. Katie was sitting on the edge of the bath while Mom unbuttoned her dress. I don't know if they knew I could see or not because they were around the side of the room and it was only through reflections they were visible.

Mom folded her dress and stood for a moment in pale blue bra, panties, suspenders and those wonderful stockings. She and Katie were murmuring about something but I was not listening as I watched Mom unclip her bra and release her large breasts. Thirty-seven she may have been, but nothing at all showed her age. Her breasts were peaked and tipped with large pale areolas and dark brown nipples, full and firm, swaying and dipping as she leaned forward. She had to unclip the suspenders from her stockings to remove her panties, then straightened and lifted her arms to ruffle her hair. I had a perfect view of her in the mirror, almost full on to me. I was slightly shocked to see that she had shaved her pussy completely, the pink slit of her entrance glistening slightly in the bright room. She stood, almost as if posing for a moment, in just the suspender belt and stockings.

The she bent and unclipped the suspender belt, tossed it into the bath and rolled the stockings down over her long slim legs before turning away and stepping into the shower.

She washed her hair and soaped herself quickly, taking less time over her shower than she had undressing. She left the shower running and wrapped a large white towel around herself.

"Do you want a shower Mike?" she shouted through.

"Maybe in a minute", I replied. I didn't dare go through just yet. My cock was so hard it was forming a huge tent in my chinos.

"How about you, Katie?" Mom said

"Oh yes," Katie said, "I feel grubby after that bus ride."

She stood up from the bath and unbuttoned her blouse. Her breasts were cupped in a white bra and she reached around and unclipped it, freeing them to the steamy air of the bathroom. She was smaller than Mom, but had inherited the same large puffy nipples. She unzipped her skirt and slid it off, her white panties quickly following. We both had the same blonde hair and brown eyes as Mom, but Katie's bush was not shaved, just neatly trimmed. Mom came and stood in the doorway as Katie stepped into the shower, obscuring my view of her.

"You should shave your bush, Katie," Mom said in a matter of fact voice, "It's much more hygienic."

"Mm-hm?" Katie replied, "maybe I will sometime."

Mom smiled and came back into the room, went to the mini bar and poured herself a glass of white wine. As she bent to look in the fridge her towel rose up over her buttocks and I had a perfect view of her firm round ass and a glimpse of pussy nestling tightly between her cheeks.

She glanced back over her shoulder, and I sat up quickly and rolled over to lie on my stomach so she wouldn't see the enormous erection inside my trousers. "D'you want something?" she asked. There was a wicked glint in her eyes, and I'm sure she knew where I had been looking, and didn't care.

"Uh, yeah, sure," I said.

She poured me a glass and filled a third one for Katie, shouted "There's wine for you here, Kate," then took her glass and sat on the bed, leaning back against the headboard, her slim legs stretched out in front of her and crossed at the ankles. The thick towel was tucked around her, pushing up her breasts which bloomed above the top of the thick white material. She sighed heavily, "You know, this has been my best birthday ever," she said, raising her glass.

"Really?" I sipped from my glass, staring at her, my beautiful mother who seemed to have lost any inhibitions she had ever had. She had always been pretty open and never a prude, but tonight was something completely new.

"My two wonderful, gorgeous c***dren are here with me," she murmured," I can't think of anything more perfect."

She leaned her head back, her eyelids growing heavy. I thought maybe the wine was beginning to hit her and she looked ready to fall asl**p.

"Shower's free," Katie said, coming back through. She had dried off and came back in just a pair of panties and a sleeveless tee shirt, ready for bed. The tee shirt stopped above her navel, her panties were very small, and a wide band of smooth skin was exposed between them.

"Thanks." I rose quickly and went through to the bathroom, half turning away to hide my heavy cock. I pushed the door almost closed behind me, feeling guilty that I had watched Mom undress and shower and would have watched Katie, but I did not want them to see how excited I had become.

I undressed quickly and stood in the shower, letting the water run over me. I soaped quickly, then cleaned my balls and cock and around my ass. I hesitated a moment then gripped my hard cock and gave it a couple of strokes, groaned and shook my head. I knew if I let myself cum now there would be some leakage afterwards and I didn't want Mom and Katie to see stains on my shorts.

I released my hand, turned off the shower and dried myself, pulled my boxers back on and then reached inside and squeezed my cock really hard, painfully. It did the trick and I felt myself grow less hard. My cock was still long and heavy, but did not stick up like some wayward flagpole any more.

When I came back Mom had removed her towel and slipped into bed, lying on her back against the pillows, the covers pulled up to just cover her breasts. Katie was also in bed, turned on her side towards Mom and they were talking about one of the holidays we had taken years ago in Yellowstone.

I pulled back the covers, glancing at Katie's long back, and slid in beside her. The bed was a good four feet wide and there was plenty of room for both of us.

"Well, k**s," Mom said, "I'm bushed. sl**p well," she rolled on her side and as she reached for the light switch her arm lifted, the covers slipped and one full silky breast slid out to reveal itself fully, the pale areola big and puffy, the nipple dark and hard. She clicked the light off and lay on her back, the cover still drawn back and revealing her now in the lesser light from our lamp.

"'Night Mom," we both said together, and giggled. Katie turned our lamp out and lay back with a sigh.

I lay on my side in the dark, listening to the ocean and the breathing of the two women I loved most in the world, and felt conflicting emotions surging through me. Mom had been really wild earlier on, and Katie had been teasing, and still was when I felt her roll over and wriggle so her ass and back were pressed against me. My cock had finally given up and gone back to normal, but as soon as I felt Katie's warmth it twitched and started to thicken again. Katie must have felt it too, because she reached around and slapped me on the side and said, "Mike, behave yourself," with a smile in her voice.

I moved back so she was not touching me, rolled onto my back and put my head on the pillow.

Katie was still in a teasing mood though and she turned over, put an arm over my chest, leaned across and kissed me on the cheek and said, "Goodnight b*****r."

"Goodnight," I said. I closed my eyes and tried to think of something other than my beautiful, sexy Mom and s****r.

I hadn't expected to sl**p easily but I did. When something woke me I opened my eyes to see a faint light filling the room. Somewhere east of us the sun was still below the horizon, but not for too much longer.

Katie was breathing lightly, and in the night we had rolled and moved so we were now back where we started with her turned towards Mom's bed and me spooned up against her back and thighs. My cock had realised the position before me and now I woke with an almost painful erection, my cock hard inside my boxers and so long the head had slipped out above the waistband, its length lying snugly between the firm cheeks of Katie's ass. My right arm had wrapped around her in the dark and my hand was cupping one of her breasts.

I lay for several minutes revelling in the smooth length of Katie pressed against me, her long legs lying against mine, feeling the rise and fall of her breast under my hand as she breathed. Gradually I became aware of small sounds from across the room.

There was a creak of a mattress, rhythmic and slow. It was not just Mom turning over to get more comfortable, it was more deliberate than that. I lay stock still and listened. I could hear the same sound continue, and then just above it Mom's breathing grow louder and deeper. Suddenly I realised what was happening. Mom was bringing herself off, across the room from us!

I lifted myself slightly so I could see over Katie's shoulder. Mom had thrown the heavier blankets off and was covered in a thin sheet. She had lifted her knees slightly and the sheet tented above her hips and her arm was moving in a gentle rhythm. I couldn't see, but it was all too easy to imagine her fingers working themselves over her pussy, dipping inside her wet sex, raising hot hard feelings inside her.

My cock was now ridiculously hard and where it poked up out of my boxers the head was weeping clear fluid on to Katie's back.

Mom's movements started to grow more frantic, her breathing harsher, and I could sense she was close to a climax. She pulled the sheet down to her waist and rolled a nipple between her fingers, cupped her breast and kneaded it. The sheet began to slide as her hand rubbed faster, tugging it lower with each movement. Her hips were now bucking up and down, and I could just see where her hand disappeared between her legs and when she drew it back the glistening of her juices on her fingers.

She rocked her head from side to side, mouth open and breathing hard. I didn't know if she knew how loud she was, or if she didn't care. I was beginning to worry I might shoot my own load all over Katie if this kept up, and feeling weird about it I moved further back so my cock was not pressed against her warm sleekness.

Mom gave a small moan, bit her bottom lip and her fingers became frantic and I saw her shudder uncontrollably as a strong climax ripped through her body.

She pushed her fingers deep, deep inside herself, moaned and shivered again, then gave a long satisfied sigh. She relaxed back into her pillows and pulled the sheets up over herself, then rolled onto her side. Her eyes were open and met mine. She smiled and then did the most amazing thing I had ever seen. She lifted the hand that had just been between her legs to her mouth, inserted the fingers between her lips and sucked her own juices off them, watching me the whole time. Then, slowly, her eyes closed and she fell almost instantly asl**p.

I lay back, wondering if she had really known what she was doing, or was it some kind of waking dream that she wouldn't remember in the morning. It had been so sexy, so rude and so dirty. I know she was my Mom, but at the moment I could have fucked her brains out. Katie's too.

I didn't know what to do. I had never been as excited as I was just then. My cock seemed to have grown a couple of inches more than it's normal eight inches and the head was burning and I didn't know if I was going to shoot a load of cum into the sheets or whether I could hold it back.

I was debating whether to slip out of bed and go into the bathroom to relieve myself when Katie rolled over and snuggled in against me, wrapping her arm over my stomach. Her wrist felt to be about an inch above the tip of my cock, and I hoped she didn't decide to move it any lower. If she wasn't careful she would brush against me and I was sure if she did it would trigger me off and she would end up with a very wet and very sticky arm covered in my cum.

Then she leaned her head close to my ear and whispered, "Mike... you're awake too, aren't you?"

I had thought Katie was asl**p. "Mm-hm," I said.

"Did Mom really just do what I thought she did?"

"You heard it too, huh?"

"Heard and saw," she said, "I watched it all. I felt you wake up, but she had been going for five minutes before then."

"Well, I guess even Mom's have needs," I said.

Katie giggled sweetly, "b*****rs and s****rs too..." she said, and my chest tightened at her words, wondering if she meant what I was reading into them. "Before you woke up I could tell you were excited."

"Sorry," I said, "It's just, well, guys and their cocks, sometimes..."

"It's okay," Katie said, "I didn't mind. I was pretty excited myself," she said, and she whispered in my ear," If my panties get any wetter they'll be ruined," and she giggled.

"Katie, you shouldn't talk like that. I'm your b*****r, after all," I said, but there was no real meaning behind my words and I think Katie knew that.

"But we're twins, Mike. It's not like real i****t or anything, it would just be like doing ourselves."

"Uh, well..." I said, and then, "We could do that, I guess, that wouldn't be bad or anything, would it?"

"Do what?" whispered Katie, pressing her length against my side, her fingers stroking my stomach.

"Do what Mom did," I said, "You could make yourself come, and I could do the same."

"We could," Katie sighed. "I think I might have to, Mike. I'm so hot right now."

"Me too," I said.

Then Katie said, "Can I watch you do it, Mike?"

"Oh God, Katie, yes, I'd like that a lot. I want to watch you as well."

She lifted the sheets and threw them back off us, then sat and pulled her top off, tossed it aside and then lay down, lifted her hips and slid her panties down and over her ankles. She went to throw them on the floor after her top but I grabbed her wrist and said, "Don't... can I have them?"

She looked at me and smiled, then placed them in my hand. She had been telling the truth and the whole front of them was soaked with her juices. I lifted them to my nose and sniffed deeply, drawing the musky scent of her deep into my lungs, then placed them between my lips and sucked some of that juice onto my tongue.

"Fuck Mike, that's really hot!" she whispered.

Katie reached over and tugged at the waistband of my boxers. My cock head was still poking up above the elastic, and even more fluid now glistened all over the tip and a small pool had collected on my stomach. Katie pulled and I lifted my hips and suddenly my cock was free and the cool air of the room enclosed it and almost made me cum immediately.

Katie took a pillow and rolled around so her head was now at the bottom of the bed and her legs up near my head. She grabbed my ankle and tugged me down. We were now laying opposite each other, my cock about a foot away from her face and her glistening pussy about the same from mine. She lay back and half rolled and I did the same so we partly faced each other. Her hands slid down over her breasts, rolling her long dark nipples and then, leaving one there she slid the other hand down and stroked her pussy, parting her pubic hair and running a fingertip along the slit between her legs. I had seen Katie naked before, but never this close or in these circumstances. Her pussy was gorgeous, with full plump lips which pushed together to hide her inner secrets.

She lifted one knee so I had a better view, and the musky scent of her rolled out to meet me. Her finger slid up and down and then inside, out over her clit, in again and when next she drew it out it was slick and wet with her juices and when she lifted her hand a thin line of fluid linked her fingertip to her cunt.

"You too," she whispered, and took may hand and drew it down to my cock.

I wrapped its thick length inside my palm and gave a long, slow rub up and down, and groaned," I'm not sure I'll be able to hold on long if I start doing this," I said.

"Slowly, "Katie replied, "rub it slowly because I want to watch, and then when I'm coming you can go faster, and I'll watch you shoot your spunk. I want to watch your spunk shoot Mike. I've always wanted to watch that," she said.

I moaned again and thought that was it, but even though my cock twitched and I felt myself start to fill somehow I managed hold back. Even so a small jet of cum spilled out and landed on the back of my hand.

"Not yet," Kate whispered, then reached over and wiped the slippery patch off my hand with the fingers that had just been inside her cunt, took it and slid her fingers back inside. "But I promise I won't keep you long now," she added.

I continued to stroke myself very slowly, feeling my balls tighten and then relax as I slowed, and watched as Katie dipped first one finger, then two and finally three inside herself, her fingers pushing deep inside so that only the top half of her hand could be seen.

Her hand moved faster, faster still, and she hissed, "I'm there, Mike, I'm fucking there... now!" And she bucked her hips, her legs spasming and she let a long, deep growl out through her throat. Her eyes rolled back and I watched as her muscular stomach tightened, her hand rubbing fast and then slowing, her fingers staying inside her as she relaxed and opened her eyes again.

"I thought I was going to miss you then," she said, "I thought you might have cum while my eyes were closed."

"I waited," I said.

She smiled, "I hoped you would. You can come now though," she said.

I started to rub more quickly, but she suddenly reached across and held my hand, pulled it and took it off my cock. "I want to do that," she said, and replaced my hand with hers, smaller, slimmer, lighter.

She started to stroke me, drew her index finger over the top of my cock and coated it with my fluid, then quickly lifted her hand to her mouth and sucked it off. "You taste sweet," she said, smiling, and dropped her hand and continued to rub. Her eyes were wide and she was breathing hard, staring across the space separating her face from my cock. I was aware that when I came she was likely to get some splash across her and I said, "You need to be careful, Katie, or I'm going to cover your face when I cum."

"You are?" she said.

"I think I might," I grunted

"Oh," she said, sweetly, and rubbed me harder still

That was it. My balls were on fire, my cock was burning and I felt myself losing all control. My hips bucked and pushed forward. Katie rubbed me hard, harder still and I watched the first thick jet of cum shoot from the head of my cock.

Katie was safe with the first one because it flew right over her shoulder and landed on the bed somewhere behind her. She continued to rub and a second stream flew out, and this time it wasn't quite as strong and arced between us, joining the top of my cock and her cheek. I thought she might have ducked back, but she just grunted and continued to milk me.

A third and then fourth jet shot out and landed on her chin. I was almost done, but one last spurt exploded out and landed right across her face, glistening from left cheek to right and covering her lips.

Katie smiled, and then did the most amazing thing. She opened her lips and licked my cum off them and back into her mouth. "Now you taste sweet and salty," she whispered.

"Fuck Katie, I'm sorry," I spluttered.

"No Mike, don't be sorry. I wanted you to do that."

"Oh Katie," I said, "I love you so much."

"And I love you too," she said, and quickly reversing her position threw her arms tight around me and gave be a deep open mouthed kiss. I kissed her back, tasting my own cum on her mouth and not caring.

She cuddled inside my arms and I glanced at the window to see how light it was, and it occurred to me neither of us had tried to be very quiet. I don't think either of us had been in any state to even consider it, and I wondered if Mom might have heard anything or had she been too far out of it. I lifted my head to check, and gasped. Mom was lying on her side, her eyes wide open, staring back at me. Her sheets were thrown back to reveal the full length of her naked body. Her hand was down between her legs, and when she drew it back her fingers too were slick.

She smiled and blew a kiss at me, and mouthed, "Good boy."

I lay back down and whispered, "Katie, Mom saw all of that!"

Katie started and rolled around, "Mom! Oh God, Mom, we're so sorry, we just got carried away, and..." She dried up when she saw Mom smile.

"k**s, it's okay. That's what I wanted to happen... it really is."

"Mom?" Katie said, puzzled.

"Go to sl**p," Mom said, "We'll talk later. But really, it's okay. I absolutely loved watching you do that." And she lay back down and rolled away from us.


We signed out of the hotel early and drove home. Mom acted as though nothing had changed, and after lunch announced that she had to cover the afternoon shift at the realty office where she worked part-time. Kissing us both on the mouth she pulled on her coat and left.

Katie and I looked at each other. I shrugged. She smiled. I wanted to say something, to indicate what we had done was okay – at least, it was okay with me – but suddenly I felt tongue-tied.

"What are we going to do then?" I said.

"I dunno..." she replied. She walked across to the large sofa in the living room and dropped into a corner of it, pulled her legs up and crossed them under her. She still had on the gauzy skirt from the day before but had changed her blouse for a loose tee shirt.

"Come and talk to me," she said, patting the sofa cushions.

I walked over and dropped down, bouncing us both and Katie laughed. "You always do that."

"What shall we talk about then?"

"You know what we should talk about, Mike."

"I guess so."

There was a moment of silence between us, and then she said, "Well?"

"I don't regret it," I said, rushing my words out. "And I'm not sorry for what we did. It might be wrong, but it doesn't feel wrong to me... not at all."

Katie looked at me and said nothing.

"What?" I said when the silence stretched too long.

"Is that really how you feel?" she asked.

I gazed at my beautiful s****r and nodded. "It is..." I waited, and then said, "So come on, Katie, how do you feel about it?"

She stared at me again, a funny expression on her face, one I didn't recognise. More silence, and I was starting to get nervous. I wanted to know what she thought. Then she showed me.

In one quick movement she pushed herself up and towards me, launching herself along the sofa and tumbling me backwards. She landed on top, her face close to mine, her legs wrapped around my thighs. I could feel the soft pressure of her breasts against my chest.

"How I feel, Mike, is I want you to fuck me, right now, right here."

"Uhh," I said.

"I loved what happened last night. I've wanted to do things to you since, God, I don't know since when – probably since forever! But I thought it was wrong. I knew it was wrong." She stopped speaking and kissed me quickly on the lips. "What I want to do with you is wrong, but I don't care." She kissed me on the neck and I felt a shiver run through me.

"D'you think Mom was kind of giving us permission?" I asked.

Katie nodded. "I'm sure she was."

She pulled her skirt up around her waist and gripped me tightly between her thighs, pressing her pubic mound hard down against me. I was starting to become erect and Katie felt it too and wriggled so that the growing bulge of my cock pushed against the lips of her pussy.

She kissed me on the neck again and started to push my tee shirt up, her small hands feeling hot against my stomach.

"Fuck, Katie," I said, "I want you so much."

"Then have me," she whispered. "Have me any way you want. Fuck me, Mike, fuck me fuck me fuck me!"

I grabbed her ass with my hands and squeezed, slid my hands down inside her panties and cradled her naked cheeks in my palms.

Katie sat up and pulled her tee shirt over her head, reached around and unclipped her bra. Her breasts shook free and I revelled in their beauty, full and ripe and smooth. I pulled myself up and enclosed a nipple inside my mouth and sucked it hard, feeling it respond and fill between my lips. I pulled my own tee shirt off and then tried to remove Katie's skirt but it was bunched around her waist and I couldn't work out how to do it. At any other time I would be too embarrassed to continue trying, but now I didn't care and said, "For fuck's sake, Katie, help me out here."

She jumped off me and stood up, twisted the bunched skirt and pulled it down over her hips. She slipped her fingers inside her panties and looked at me and grinned, "These too?"

"Fuck yes those too," I growled.

She slid them down and stepped out of them.

"Katie, when did you shave?" I stared at her completely smooth pussy. Last night she had been trimmed, but there had been hair.

"Mom does, and she said it felt good, so I did it this morning. I did it for you."

"It's beautiful." I reached out and grabbed her hips, pulled her hard towards me, guided her so she was sitting on my chest, the cheeks of her ass warm against my skin. I pulled her higher up and she lifted her hips, knowing what I wanted and wanting it too. Her pussy came to my mouth and I licked my tongue all the way down it, back up to her clit and then sucked the hard nub into my mouth and nipped it with my teeth. She was soaking wet and her juices dripped onto my chin. The taste of her filled my mouth, warm and sweet and sharp.

I gripped her ass in my hands and pulled her again and again onto my tongue, sticking it out as far as it would go and pushing it deep inside her pussy. Katie moaned and pushed back, riding my face with her hips. If she was like me she had been ready for this all day.

Katie leaned backwards, opening herself to me more fully, and as she did I felt her hands drop back against my trousers and fumble for the zip. She was struggling to find it so I took my hands off her ass and unzipped myself, wriggled my pants down to my knees. Katie's hands pushed inside my shorts and found my cock, twisted it up and out, pushing the cotton material down to my thighs.

Her pussy was still locked to my mouth and she started to rub me, the angle of her arms pushing her breasts even higher, her back arched, her flat stomach stretched taut. She sc****d her nails down the length of my cock, reached for my balls and fondled them.

I lifted my hands back up and grabbed her hips and turned her over roughly, then pulled her pussy back to my mouth. She rolled over, her breasts now pressing on my stomach, and I felt hot breath on the head of my cock and then a wet mouth enclose it as she sucked me in.

We were out of control now, her hips bucking and riding against my mouth, my cock stroking in between her lips. In the confusion I slipped and found my tongue running up along the crack of her ass, sliding over her asshole and as it did Katie shivered and I heard her say, "Fuck, Mike, that feels good."

I lifted my head back a little and took better aim, slowly licked my tongue all around her asshole, then directly over it, lingering on the tight opening. "This?"

"Fuck yes that. Keep doing that and I'm going to cum."

I kept doing it. Her asshole was wet now and yielded to my tongue when I pushed and Katie opened her thighs wider to give me access. I pushed again, my tongue now slipping right inside through her tight asshole and I felt her begin to quiver, heard her breath grow harsh and her mouth moved off my cock as her orgasm ripped through her. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back onto my tongue, forcing it as far as it would go into her asshole and she grunted and spasmed, her thighs closing around my ears and then she came suddenly and I felt warm fluid gush from her pussy and soak my chest.

"Oh fuck yes, yes, yes!" she hissed. "Fuck Mike, yes..." She quivered against me, her pussy pushing down against my chin and then she sighed deeply and collapsed against me. I felt her lips cover the length of my hard cock with tiny kisses.

"Oh Mike, I have never felt anything like that before," she murmured.

"I take it you mean in a good way?" I stroked the soft skin of her ass, ran my hand up along her back and down onto her thighs.

"Fuck yes in a good way." I felt her take my cock in her small hand. "But what am I going to do about this?" she said.

"Any ideas?" I said.



"Oh yes, lots. But let's try this to start." And she took me back inside her mouth. She wetted my full length, slid me out, licked me all the way down the underside and on down to my balls, licked all over them and then back up to pop me inside her mouth again. She bobbed her head, pushing me as far inside as she could take, about two thirds of my length, then sucking as she lifted her head back. Her head began to move faster and I felt an ache begin far back inside my ass, deep inside my prostate as it readied to release a torrent of cum.

"Katie," I gasped, "if you keep doing that I'm going to cum in your mouth."

She kept her lips tight around my shaft and increased her speed. Alright, I thought, if that was what she wanted. Her wet pussy was still inches from my face and I inserted my tongue deep between her lips. I felt her hips jerk and then settle back against my mouth.

The delicious ache was spreading now, climbing up inside my cock and I felt my balls lift and tighten. Close now, so very close.

I put a hand on Katie's ass and inserted my index finger inside her puckered asshole as far as the knuckle.

My seed began to boil and expand and I pushed my hips upward, unable to stop myself, and felt the first explosion pour out of me and into Katie's mouth. I felt her try to swallow, and she made a good job of most of it, but that first ejaculation was too fierce and some escaped between her lips. I continued to jet more streams of cum into her mouth, and she filled and pulled back, the last jets squirting up and into her open mouth, onto her lips and chin.

When I stopped she lowered her head back down and drew my softening cock in between her lips, sucking the smaller length inside her mouth, rolling it with her tongue, drawing me all the way in now she was not choking on it and pushed her mouth down against my pubic bone. Immediately, I felt myself begin to stiffen again, and after a moment Katie had to draw back as the head of my cock grew and touched the back of her throat, making her gag.

"Sorry, Kate," I said, "It's got a mind of its own."

She pulled her head up off me and rolled over, looking back at me. She looked stunning, beautiful, her face bright wish passion and her lips slick with my cum.

"I'm going to practice that until I can swallow it all," she said.

"Sounds like a plan," I said.

She grinned and nodded, turned her head to watch my cock grow fully hard again.

"Ready for more?"

I nodded. "You?"

"I'm always going to be ready for more with you, Mike," she said, and wriggled and climbed up my chest and kissed me deeply. The cum on her lips spread across mine, and I could taste my cock on her mouth, but it tasted good and turned me on even more.

Katie spread her legs around me and reached back, took my cock and placed the fat head against the tight opening of her pussy.

I felt her lips part for me and she lowered herself a tiny fraction so my head slid quarter way between them.

She looked down into my face, her eyes bright, her mouth open. "I want you to fuck me, Mike. But I'm still a virgin."


"I've never wanted anyone else. Only you. Only ever you." She lowered herself a little more and the entire head of my cock slid into the welcoming tightness. She pulled herself down onto me and suddenly I felt resistance.

"Is that it?" I whispered.

"I guess it is."

"Are you sure you want this?" I asked.

More than I've ever wanted anything before," she said.

I felt the pressure increase on my cock, soft and yielding, but not yielding yet.

"What if it hurts?"

"We can stop and try again," she said. "I want to be fucked by you all the time, Mike. Always and for ever."

"I want that too, Katie," I said.

"You mean that?" she said.

I nodded. "I mean that with all my heart and soul."

"I love you, Mike," she whispered, and released the weight off her hips. For a moment the pressure grew painful on my cock and then it suddenly released and I slid past her broken hymen and embedded myself deeply inside her.

I saw her grimace when I broke through, and bite hard on her bottom lip.

We stayed like that for a moment, my cock all the way inside her, Katie's face looking puzzled, her eyebrows drawn together.

"Hurt?" I said.

She nodded, "A bit."

"Sore?" I asked.

She nodded again.

I grasped her hips and drew her off me. She allowed herself to slide back until my cock popped out from between her pussy lips. There was a little bl**d, but not much, and I picked up my shorts and wiped myself clean.

Katie lay flat on my stomach and put her arms around me. "I want you to fuck me so much, Mike. Try again."

"We have all the time in the world, Katie. We can try again tomorrow."

"But I want you inside me," she said, and wriggled up, pressing her beautiful breasts against my chest, covering my mouth with kisses. I felt salty tears drop from her eyes onto my lips.

"Katie, it's alright. I can wait. We can both wait."

"I don't want to wait," Katie said. "I want you to fuck me now!"

I put my arms tight around her back and hugged her until she stopped crying. Finally she pulled herself away from me, leaning her arms on my chest and looking into my face.

"You could fuck me in my ass," she said softly.


"My ass. Don't you want to fuck my tight asshole? I really loved it when you licked me there. I want you to fuck my ass, Mike."

"That could hurt as well," I said.

"We won't know until we try."

"Katie, I would love to fuck you there. But only if you're sure. And only if you want it too."

"Have you ever done it before, Mike? Fucked one of your girlfriends in the ass?"

I shook my head.

"But you've wanted to?"

I nodded. "It just never seemed... the right thing to ask, you know?"

She kissed me and jumped up. "Hang on, I'm sure I saw some baby oil in the bathroom."

I watched as she ran across the room and up the stairs, her gorgeous ass jiggling. Within moments she came back down with a half full bottle of oil.

"I don't know how old this is, but I don't think it goes off." She uncapped it and poured oil into her palm, transferred it to my cock, rubbed it all along the length of it. Then she climbed back onto the sofa and leant over the arm, lifting her ass towards me. She looked back over her shoulder and winked, "Come on then..."

I knelt between her thighs and looked at her ass cheeks opened in front of me, their full curve cradling the secret bud within, raised around its edges and pinker inside. The crack of her ass tapered up into her waist, faded and was then continued by the deep valley along her spine. I lowered my head and licked her, going directly to her asshole, making it wet and pushing my tongue inside.

"Oh God Mike, that feel so good," she gasped. "I love it when you do that."

I pushed my tongue inside her and she tasted musky and clean. Katie pushed back against my mouth, moaning.

"I want more, Mike. I want your cock. I want your cock in my ass."

I sat back and took the bottle of oil, allowed a stream of the clear fluid to run directly down onto her asshole, stopped it with my hand and rubbed it in, pushing my finger inside, coating the walls of her asshole with oil. I poured more, worked it inside. When I added a second finger Katie gasped.

"Too tight?" I asked.

"Too fucking wonderful," she said.

I put more oil in my palm and coated the head of my cock well, moved up between her thighs until it hovered an inch from her tight little hole.

"Tell me to stop if it hurts," I said, leaning over against her back and whispering in her ear.

"I want you to fuck me every way you can," she said between breaths, "I want you to fuck me always and for ever."

I straightened up and pushed my hips forward. The tip of my cock touched her asshole and Katie jumped and then laughed. "Oooh," she said.

I pushed further forward and my cock bent as I applied pressure. Katie's asshole opened slightly for my engorged head, and then one of us must have moved because it popped away from her hole and slid up along her crack.

Katie laughed again and reached back for me, couldn't reach quite far enough, and I took my cock and guided the head back to her asshole, placed it once more and held it there as I pushed.

Katie's sphincter muscles fought my entrance and when I pushed she tightened up.

"You've got to try and relax," I said.

"I'm trying. But I want you so much I think I'm getting too tense."

I leaned forward and put my hands around her, held one full breast in each palm and started to massage them, lifting my fingers to her long stiff nipples and pulling on them. I had hardly touched her breasts yet, and wondered why not because they felt wonderful now, full and heavy and firm, the nipples extremely long and very sensitive.

The head of my cock still rested against her asshole, and stayed there while I rubbed her breasts in my oily hands. Katie moaned and pushed back against me, and I felt her asshole relax and open slightly. I pushed back and the pressure increased, built, and then suddenly the head of my cock popped past the tight ring of muscle and an inch of my cock slid inside.

"Nnnn," Katie grunted.


"No... yeah, a little maybe, but whatever you do don't you dare stop now."

"Tell me if you want me to stop."

"I won't"

I pushed forwards with my hips, forcing the fatter middle section of my cock past her tightly puckered asshole. I straightened up and looked down, wanting to see, and almost came immediately at the sight of three inches of my cock embedded inside my s****r's beautiful ass.

I poured more oil around her asshole and pushed, watched as another inch slid inside.

Katie was breathing hard now, her head down between her shoulders.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Tight," she grunted. "Feels full and tight... but nice... hurts a little bit, but feels nice too."

I decided to leave it there for now, not to try to push all the way in. Katie had taken maybe half of my eight inch length and I thought that was a good start. I rocked a little, moving very slightly in and out and Katie grunted again and I hesitated.

"Don't you dare fucking stop," she hissed.

I leaned over and kissed her back. "I love you so much," I said.

"Yeah, of course you say that now with your cock up my ass, but will you respect me in the morning?"

I laughed and Katie joined in, her tight asshole squeezing me as her stomach muscles convulsed.

We were still laughing when we both heard the front door open and Mom shouted, "Hi k**s. I managed to get away early and-"

She stopped in mid sentence. She had obviously walked into the living room.

"What..." Mom said.

Neither of us said a thing. There was hardly any excuse we could make, really, Katie bent over the arm of the sofa, me with my cock up inside her ass.

I pulled myself back and drew my cock out past the resistance of Katie's asshole. I turned and dropped back onto the sofa, sat there like an idiot with my erection sticking up against my stomach.

Katie slid off the arm and sat beside me.

"Mom," I started.

She held up her hand to stop me, a funny look on her face, and I waited for the explosion.

"My sweet, sweet darlings," Mom said. She walked across the room and sat in an armchair across from us. She leaned forward, her arms on her knees. She looked at me, looked at Katie and then smiled. "I see you've shaved your pussy, Katie."

My s****r put her hands down and covered herself and Mom laughed.

"It's a little late for that, sweetheart. And besides, it looks nice like that. Do you like it shaved, Mike?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess."

"So enthusiastic," Mom laughed. "And fucking your s****r in the ass, was that just nice too?"

"Mom, I'm sorry, we kind of got carried away and-"

"Mike, Katie, stop." Mom looked at us and then smiled widely. "It's good. It really is. Don't you think I didn't know how you felt about each other? And last night, did you realise that was me giving you permission?"

"Mom, this is so weird," Katie said.

Mom sat back in her chair, still smiling. "Maybe it is," she said softly. "But only to someone outside of our f****y. It would please me so much if you two fucked each other. In any hole you like!" she added.

I could feel my cock starting to deflate and it softened to lie against my thigh, still long but no longer hard. Mom looked down at it and pouted.

"I don't want you to stop."

We both stared at her. The tension in the air was suddenly electric.

"Am I an awful mother to you because I want you to do these things? I'm..." she searched for words, shaking her head. "Mike, Katie... you know I've been on my own for a few years now. I've never wanted another man. I didn't really want your father, but I was stuck with him, I guess, but I don't miss him now. Maybe I'm bad, really bad, maybe there's something wrong with me, but if there is I think it's the same thing that's wrong with both of you as well. And if it is wrong, I don't care. I want it so both of you don't care either."

I could feel a fluttering nervousness in my stomach. "What do you want, Mom. What do you want me to do?"

She smiled sweetly. "I want you to fuck your s****r, of course."


"Yes now. And here... in front of me." She sat back in the chair. "Would it be too awful to let me watch you?"

The fluttering grew and my breathing was short. I looked at Katie, and she was watching Mom with sparkling eyes. I could feel my cock fill again and it lifted off my leg and started to stand erect.

Mom seemed to relax, all the tension draining out of her shoulders. She put one leg over the arm of her chair and drew her skirt up her thighs exposing her red panties. They cut tight between her thighs, cupping and outlining her full pussy lips. Where they dipped in between they were damp, and Mom drifted her hand over that area and began to rub herself.

My cock was fully hard again now, and Katie leaned across and slipped it into her mouth. I was so turned on at the idea of my beautiful mother watching us fuck. I put my hands on the back of Katie's head and pushed her down onto my cock. She gagged and I let the pressure go.

"Turn around, s*s," I said and she smiled at me and turned to kneel against the front of the sofa, her head resting on the cushions, her ass in the air. I placed myself between her legs again and found the baby oil and squirted it onto her asshole.

"Do you like it, Katie," Mom said, "when Mike sticks his big fat cock in your ass?"

"I love it," Katie said.

"I can tell you're my daughter," Mom said. "I've always liked it in the ass as well. It just feels so dirty and it feels so good..."

I could see her in the side of my vision. She had unbuttoned her blouse and it hung open exposing her large breasts in their red bra, lacy and fine, displaying the dark circles around her nipples. Her skirt had been pulled high around her waist and her hand was pushed inside her panties.

I turned back and put my cock head against Katie's ass. This time when I pushed she opened more easily for me and I slid past the tight ring and inside. I dripped more oil onto the length of my cock and Katie's ass and pushed again, going deeper.

"Okay?" I said.

"Nice," Katie murmured, "doesn't hurt much at all now, just feels real good."

I leaned over and put my lips to her ear, "Mom's watching. She's excited."

Katie grunted. "Turn me round. I want to see her," she said.

Still embedded in her ass I lifted her hips and moved her around. Now she was turned to face our mother who sat in the armchair. Her panties were pulled down around the knee of one leg which was still lifted to the arm of the chair. Her hot red pussy was opened for us, her fingers dipping in and out, withdrawing her juice and smearing it over her clit. She had unclipped her bra which still clung to her heavy breasts, but as we watched it slid, exposing her nipples, then fell off completely and dropped to her waist where her skirt was bunched.

Her eyes were open, looking at us watching her.

"Fuck your s****r, Mike. Stick that big fat cock all the way in her ass. You'd like that, Katie, wouldn't you?"

"I want him to fuck my ass, Mom. I want him to fill my ass with his cum."

Mom gasped and her thighs began to tremble. Her fingers moved in and out of her pussy more rapidly and she pushed her head back against the cushions of the chair.

I applied pressure and slid my cock all the way into Katie's tight asshole. She hissed, whether in pleasure or pain I couldn't tell, but the grinding of her ass back onto my cock indicated she did not want me to stop. Slowly, I began to stroke in and out, withdrawing two inches and then burying myself back inside. I cupped her swaying breasts in my hands and pumped my cock into her ass as far as it would go.

"God, that feels so fucking good!" Katie hissed.

"You like it in the ass?" Mom said. "You like a cock up your ass, Katie?"

"I love it!" Katie cried.

I lowered one hand to Katie's pussy and began to rub her clitoris. She was soaking wet and starting to gasp. Mom's climax was also approaching; I could see her mouth open, breath hitching in her chest, her large breasts trembling as she breathed. Her flat stomach was rigid, pulled inwards and her hips were thrust forward so that her pussy could better meet her fingers.

Katie was starting to moan loudly and I increased my rhythm, feeling my own juices building. I leaned over and whispered in her ear again. "I want to fuck Mom in the ass as well. Would you like to watch me do that, Katie, fuck our Mom in the ass?"

"Oh God!" she cried, and I felt her rear passage spasm tightly around my cock. "Of fuck I'm cumming Mike. Fuck me hard, fuck me hard in the ass!"

Her legs shook and I felt her tighten around me and then warmth on my hand as her cum gushed from her pussy. She bucked underneath me, moaning.

I continued to stroke my cock in and out of her ass, allowing my own climax to build slowly.

Katie gasped as she came down from her high and lifted her head. "Oh shit I think I'm going to cum again," she said in a small voice. She looked across at Mom who had three fingers buried deep inside her pussy.

"Mom," Katie said. "Mom, come over here. I want to lick you... I want to lick your pussy for you. Mom, can I lick you...?"

Mom looked at Katie with lidded eyes. She hesitated and then slid down off the chair, her body loose and relaxed. Her skirt was bunched up under her boobs and she grabbed it and pulled it up and over her head, then pulled herself naked over to us. Katie reached for her and grasped her leg, tugged her towards her. Mom lifted her knees and parted her wet sex and Katie lowered her head and buried her lips into her mother's pussy.

Mom kept her eyes wide open and stared up at me, smiling.

"My beautiful, dirty c***dren," she whispered.

The sight of my s****r sticking her tongue inside Mom's wet pussy was more than I could stand and I felt my balls contract tight up against my body, felt the first spasm rocket up the length of my cock and I shot an enormous stream of cum deep inside Katie's ass. I grunted loudly and came again, and again.

Mom's smile had taken on a tight edge as her own climax swept through her. She put her hand on the back of Katie's head and pushed her down, pushed her hips back to meet her daughter's tongue and let out a long groan as her body shook and the spasm peaked.

I shot load after load into Katie, and as she felt my cum fill her asshole it sent her over the edge and she climaxed again, tightening once more around me.

Finally I slowed, feeling myself soften and withdraw from my s****r's beautiful ass. Katie sighed as I popped all the way out, and lay flat, her head on Mom's stomach. I lay on the other side and leaned over and pulled one of Mom's long nipples into my mouth.

We lay there for long minutes, arms around each other, the feel of smooth skin under our hands. Each of us knowing that tomorrow, and all of our tomorrows, were going to be very different from now on.

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