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Trouble at the Bank

Over the weekend, I considered my position. I took a long look at myself. At 30, I knew that I was not gorgeous, nothing special in that men generally don’t fall at my feet. I’m 5’ 8½ “, a good size 14, with long legs and powerful thighs, a high full ass that J’Lo and Beyonce managed to make the must have in a petit woman, my stomach is round and firm, my breasts full and heavy with what I think the Americans would call dime sized nipples, inky black. My face round with full high checks, a small wide nose and full lips, which earned me the tease rubber lips at school, but they weren’t rubbery, they were soft and biteable. My eyes, brown, almond shaped and slightly tipped up at the corners. Because of the bank job, I had long extensions stitched into my hair, but that weekend I had them removed and had my natural hair cut into a short afro. This was always the best look for me. The short hair made my eyes, checks and lips pop, but you know afros are just not mainstream, fashionable. But, things had to change.

On Monday, I went into work with an idea forming in my head. Dressed in my usual grey, skirt suit, white shirt, neutral tights and black sensible shoes, I strode into the building. Jeff was on the desk. He was a tall, strongly built man, with dirty blonde hair and light coloured eyes (I’d never really registered their exact colour). He was Polish and always looked as though he’d barely had any sl**p because he’d been up all night fucking, drinking, taking a whole heap of d**gs, or just all the above. He didn’t recognise me at first, but there are few black females that walk through those doors in a suit, so he soon came round. I flashed my id badge at him, but instead of allowing me to walk by, he stopped me.

“Ms Grant, step aside for a moment” My stomach flipped, but it wasn’t the anxiety I had expected. It was anger. “What is it Jeff!” I could see this was not the attitude he was expecting from the smile that died on his face. He looked away then back at me. “You look so different with your new hairdo, we’re going to have to take another picture of you. Come down at 11 and I’ll do it for you.” “Okay” I turned and began walking away. “Ms Grant.” “What?” “Your hair looks really good” I was surprised and just managed a nod before I continued on my way again.

I felt good that morning. I received a few compliments, a few double takes and a few odd looks, but suddenly I’d ceased to be invisible. I found myself zipping through my work, everything made sense, I was rolling.

I noticed the time at 11.05 and was considering not bothering with the photo when my phone rang. It was Jeff reminding me of our appointment, so I made my way down to the security office wondering what he exactly had in mind.

I knocked on the door and walked into the office, but one of the other security men was there. The office was the size of a semi’s box room with two tables with 4 computer’s on each and two chairs per table. There was a filing cabinet with a wire basket piled with files with photos paper clipped to them The security man was sitting at the bank of computers with their backs to the door. He was smiling at me and indicated the chair beside him.

“Hello Ms Grant, Jeff will be back in a moment. Just come over here and sit down” “Thanks, ” I said settling into the seat. I looked at him, but his head was focussed on the screens in front of us, so I turned to look too. It was only then that I saw what was on the four screens. Me sitting on Mr Salmon’s lap with my tits out and him sucking quite ferociously on one of them, one of his arms was wrapped protectively around me and the other hand was first fingering and then plundering me, so energetically that I was bouncing on his lap like a nursing baby. The silence in the room had the quality of rising steam; the only sound was whatshisface’s heavy breathing. He reached forward and said, “This is my favourite bit”, clicking to enlarge a shot of me sucking my juices from Mr Salmon’s fingers. “You must taste really good, ” He said laughing. The sound of the door opening made us both look up to see Jeff coming into the room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Ms Grant” He was all seriousness. “You’ve met David, I see” David stood and in a smooth movement stepped behind me, put his hands under my tits and pulled me to my feet

. “What are you doing?” I demanded, struggling to get his hands off me as he popped the top three buttons on my blouse. “Stop doing that!” As he manoeuvred both breasts over the top of my padded bra (all the better to keep my temperature, sensitive nipples hidden). The shock of his cold hands on my tits, the cold hands of a security guard whose name I didn’t even know made me gasp. He held them in his hands weighing them and jiggled them up and down. “Get your hands off me!” I screeched, struggling, but all I was doing was increasing his sense of power, and giving him more reason to hold onto me tighter pulling me into his body and digging his fingers into my soft tit flesh.

“Look, ” he patiently explained, “Jeff told me what he saw so we came in early and pulled the tape from that night. “We’ve copied last Friday’s tape, so no one will know that it’s missing or know what you’ve been up to. It sounds like Friday wasn’t your… first time with Mr Salmon, but we only keep the tapes for 2 weeks. Now Jeff really likes you and wanted to help you out, but he didn’t know how to replace the tape, so he asked me and I expect to be rewarded.” Jeff gave me a look that might have said Sorry or Oh well, I couldn’t really tell, but I saw him catch a look from David and he moved to take his place behind me. He removed my jacked and pulled the straps of my bra down. They both gave a lovely gasp of appreciation which in other circumstances I might have appreciated. “Shit, Jeff, you weren’t wrong, there’re incredible.” My tits swung heavily free, my nipples instantly hardening in the air-con air.

David started mauling my tits, squeezing the mountains of flesh that even his big hands couldn’t contain. Helpfully, Jeff put his hands beneath each tit and held them, pointing the nipples towards David’s mouth who needed no further cue he sucked a nipple deep into mouth then pulled away, as my tit fell from his mouth the release suction made a big pop. I groaned at the humiliation of having his mouth on my nipples, his hands on my naked flesh. He repeated the move several times sucking harder and harder, switching from nipple to nipple, sucking one while rolling the other like a Cuban cigar. He squeezed both of my tits together and sucked my hard nipples into his mouth, then caught them with his teeth and while Jeff held my breasts slightly away, David stretched my nipples. I yelped, feeling his sharp teeth on my nipples. He flicked his tongue from one then to the other. He captured my nipples with his fingers and twisted them, squeezed them, stretching them into elongated sensitive rubbery flesh.

“Man,” he mumbled, “I just love big tits.” Jeff had both his arms wrapped around me as David wrapped both hands tightly around one tit making it look gruesomely bulbous. He wobbled it, mockingly flicking his tongue and licking his lips, before he first stabbed at the nipple with his slimey tongue then sucked and slurped the bloated nipple into his mouth. He barred his teeth and gripped my nipple moving his teeth back and forth rasping my tender teat, then sucked it deep into his mouth again sucking as hard as he could pumping the flesh as though he were trying to milk me like a handed calf.

“Get her to suck on her tit for me, Jeff” I actually felt Jeff’s body stiffen behind me. What else is going on here? “Come on, Jeff. She can do it. Jeff grabbed my tits and lifted them to my mouth. “Go on Ms Grant. Show David that you can suck your own tits.” “Oh yeah man.” David said as I stretched my neck down and sucked on my own nipple. “You do one and I’ll do the other.” He slurped on my free nipple. I looked down at him and watched him watching me suck my tit. I groaned again mortified. He dropped to his knees and lifted my skirt, pushed one of my legs onto a chair and buried his nose in my crotch. I tried to lower my leg, but Jeff grabbed it and held it high so David could continue rubbing his hands over my mound beneath my tights. He went as if he meant to pull them down but then grabbing the flimsy covering ripped it away from my crotch so now he had only to push my panties to one side to let his fingers fiddle my fanny. He ducked his head forward and flicked his tongue in. “Hmmm… lovely” He looked up at me and grinned. I was humiliated. He went back to my pussy with his mouth. Sticking his tongue into my cunt, tasting me, and licking me from perineum to clitoris with long lapping licks then feathering short ones like a dotted line on a page. He managed to draw my swollen clit into his mouth and sucked it gently then harder swirly his tongue around. I was trying not to be excited. He started to nip gently on my clitoris, nip and suck, nip and suck, and I was lost.

“Ms Grant!” He mocked, “You came!” His eyes slid over to Jeff then back to me. “I’m going to fuck you in your ass now” I laughed and looked at him. “I would rather be sacked than let you do that dickhead” He went a deep red but recovered and looked at Jeff again. “Fair enough, I’ll fuck you while you suck Jeff off.” He flipped me round and roughly tore the shreds of tights from my ass. Jeff pulled his trousers and pants down sat on the desk. His cock was a brilliantly fat 9 inches of rock hard fuckness.

“I want to see you put it in your mouth Ms Grant, ” David ordered. I looked up at Jeff who smiled down at me (smiled). It was the kind of smile I would expect to get if we were on a date. I pressed my lips to the tip of his cock and let him smear his pre-cum like lipstick all over them. My desire wanted this cock in my mouth, but this was not the place my pride insisted so my resistance, which was minimal to his holding my head in place as he easily, slid his thick cock between my full lips. He pushed it all the way tot he back of my throat then began a steady rhythm. Every now and then he would pull his cock almost all the way out so that the bulbous tip only was between my lips, then he would thrust it all the way back in again and shudder. He stocked my throat and I sucked and swirled my tongue around his cock.

“Oh yes, man, make her suck your cock” I had forgotten about David, who was sliding his cock between my butt checks. He slapped one check and then the other obviously enjoying watching the flesh undulate. I could tell it took a hell of a lot of restraint for him not to just go for my ass. He kept lingering and poking the puckered hole, but in the end he drove his pencil thick dick into my cunt. He must have known that he had a small dick because he tried to use the f***e of his thrust to make sure I felt him. He held my butt checks apart and after a while, I understood why as he moistened his thumbs with our juices and his spit and started to work them into my anus. He wiggled his thumbs around in my butt so much it felt like he was trying to stretch my anus open. Both men were groaning and thrusting into me. Jeff fucking my mouth with his hands on my cute afro and David driving into me with his thumbs up my arse. I tightened my pussy, hard, twice.

“Fuck!” David pulled out and spun me round, grabbed my nipples and slapped his pulsating cock between my mammoth tits. “You bitch, ” he said with wonder in his voice. “you fucking bitch” as his cum pooled and ran down my tits. The sight must have triggered Jeff. David pulled my head back so I got the full shot of Jeff’s come on my face. I closed my eyes against the spatter. When I opened them, David had his mobile in his hand and was snapping shots.

“Something to remember you by Ms Grant” He passed me some tissues. “You’d better get cleaned up and back to your desk. Jeff can take you official picture later. “

Jeff walked me to the lift. “Come back about 4.30. We’ll talk.” I stepped into the lift. “Thanks, Jeff.” “My names not Jeff.” He said as the doors closed. His eyes were grey.

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