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When I was growing up, my f****y were sort-of 'home nudists'. We never went to nudist camps, or nude beaches, or anything like that, but within the confines of our own home, we were all - me, my twin s****r Molly, and our parents - naked around each other pretty much all the time. Molly and I joked that we played naked together for nine months in Mom's womb, and nothing had really changed since. Our f****y's nudity was no big deal for us; it wasn't sexual at all, it was just the way we were, and it felt very open and comfortable. I even felt kinda bad for my friends who had to wear clothes all the time.

It was easy enough to see that Mom had breasts, from which Molly and I had both nursed when we were babies. Both Dad and Mom had thick pubic hair around their genitals (it's hard to call them 'private parts', when we were naked around each other all the time), and Dad's body was just hairier all over than everyone else's. It was all very interesting, and I looked forward to the day when my body would look more like Dad's.

By the time Molly and I turned eighteen, we both had our full-grown bodies, with thick pubic hair just like Mom and Dad, and Molly's breasts were full and firm and round, just like Mom's. I started to experience feelings of sexual arousal at the sight of Mom's or Molly's nakedness, which might spontaneously cause me to get an erection. It was an odd sensation, and I really liked how it felt; but even so, I was a little embarrassed about it at first, and I hoped no-one noticed.

Of course, they did notice; but they weren't put off by my arousal in the least. One day Mom sat me down and told me that erections are perfectly normal and natural, and I shouldn't be ashamed. In fact, she said, it meant that I was becoming a man, and getting ready to have sex with a woman someday. That sounded even more exciting, so I tried not to worry about it so much. The next time Molly walked by, her firm young breasts bouncing and jiggling, I popped a huge stiffy. I know she saw it, but she acted like it was no big deal, like it was utterly normal, and she might even have expected it.

One time, when we were all having dinner together – naked, as we always were – Dad and Molly started teasing each other, and she playfully sat on his knee. Dad started to get hard, the first time I'd ever seen him get that way. Mom and Molly both teased him about it, and he laughed right along with them. So I didn't feel so odd about my own erections after that.

By then, as you might expect, I was a fairly frequent masturbator. It wasn't always easy, because we had pretty much of an 'open door' policy in our house. Mom and Dad didn't even have a lock on their bedroom door.

So, Mom or Molly might walk into my room at any time, without knocking. A few times, I was lying on my bed stroking away, and Mom came in with some laundry, or Molly came in to borrow something from me, and there I was, with my dick in my hand. They didn't seem to mind, though; they just apologized for interrupting me and went about their business – "Oops, just let me set this here" or "Let me just grab this and I'll be out of here". They just accepted it as normal. Once Molly even watched as I climaxed, shooting my cum onto my own belly.

One time, I walked in on Molly masturbating, and that was when things really started to change. I opened her door and walked into her room, and there she was, fingering herself on the bed. Quickly, she closed her legs around her hand, while with her other hand she continued fondling her breast. She had a really nice pair of tits, firm and perky. Especially considering that she and Mom never wore bras.

"Oh," I said. "Sorry." I just stood there, looking at her.

She smiled. "That's okay."

I went to retrieve a CD she had borrowed, and saw that she was waiting for me to leave.

"Don't stop on my account," I said.

After a few seconds, while I took my time finding the CD, she began to fondle her breast again. When I turned, she had resumed fingering herself, but not as actively. I stood there watching her for a moment, and I was beginning to get hard.

"Look at you," she teased. "Am I turning you on?"

"A little," I said, a bit embarrassed.

Molly opened her legs very sensually, licked her lips, and began slowly massaging her mound. She was such a tease.

"You think you're the only one who gets off when you're alone?" she said. "I always know when you're jerking off in your room, you know."

I laughed nervously. "How often do you do it?"

She shrugged, propping herself up on her elbows. Her breasts were pushed out, giving me a very pleasing view of her delightful young rack.

"A couple times a week," she said casually. "Why?"

"Just curious. Has Mom ever seen you?"

"Sure, she knows I do it. She knows we both do. It's normal."

I sat on the edge of her bed. I was used to the sight of her naked body, and quite delightfully so. But this was different; we were both aroused. I was still hard, and I could smell the rich scent from her sex. Her arousal wasn't fading.

"If it's normal," I said calmly, "then why are we doing it separately, in private?"

She smiled, knowing where I was going with this. She cocked her head. "What are you saying?" she asked, playing along.

"I dunno; maybe we could help each other out."

She ran her hand up and down my chest, causing me to let out a moan.

"What if Mom sees us?" she asked. "What do you think she'd do?"

We were a very open f****y, to the point of intimate. I didn't really think Mom would mind, but right then, we weren't just a pair of horny teenagers getting themselves off behind closed doors. I loved my s****r very much, but this was beyond sibling intimacy. This was sexual. I could see the lust in her eyes. She wanted to see me get off as much as I wanted to see her.

I began to stroke my dick, and she resumed rubbing her pussy. I felt like I was going to cum very soon, so I relaxed and enjoyed the sight of Molly playing with herself. Her eyes were glued to my erection as she diddled herself. With her free hand, she played with her tits, pulling at her nipples. When she started to tense up, I stroked myself even more urgently.

Molly groaned and threw her head back, and I knew she was having an orgasm. She whined and bucked her hips, and her breathing was erratic while she climaxed. By the time she finished, it was all I could do to keep from squirting my load all over her bed. She breathed deeply and looked down at me.

"You didn't come?" she asked in surprise. She scooted closer to me and put her hand on my thigh. "C'mon – shoot your. . . stuff on my stomach."

She put her legs on either side of me and pulled me to her until our groins almost touched. My balls were sliding against her cunt-lips as I jerked off. When she touched my chest, I couldn't take it anymore. I grunted and released my semen onto her. Molly smiled, and giggled in delight as I shot ropes of my cum onto her flat stomach. When I was finished, five wet trails of my sperm crisscrossed each other on her tits and her belly. She rubbed it around on herself, and even scooped up a fingerful to taste it.

"I've never seen it this close before," she said. "It tastes kinda salty."

I sat back and sighed, taking in the sight of her naked body with my cum all over it. She smiled as her eyes met mine.

"That was fun," she said, tugging at my dick. "What next?"

"How about dinner?" came a voice from the doorway.

Our heads spun around to see Mom standing naked in the doorway, casually rubbing her own pussy. She smiled as she saw our guilty expressions.

"Come on, you two. Your father is waiting."

Mom left, and I just stared at Molly. Molly got up and cleaned herself off. Then we both wandered out to the kitchen.


We ate dinner without a word about what had happened. I don't think Mom told Dad, because he didn't act any differently, but Molly and I exchanged looks every once in a while, and Mom seemed to enjoy our uneasiness. When we were finished, Dad went to the living room. Mom told Molly and me to wait.

"I haven't told your father yet," she told us. "But I want to let you know that we'll be discussing things soon."

My heart sank. Molly and I looked guiltily at each other. This was not gonna be good.

"Oh, now don't get all worried," Mom reassured us. "There's nothing wrong with what you were doing. It's all perfectly normal and natural."

Molly and I both heaved heavy sighs of relief. "You mean, you don't mind if we. . . you know. . . get each other off?"

Mom continued. "Heavens, no!" she exclaimed. "It's just time – past time, really – that your father and I brought you up to speed on sex. Have the two of you had sex together yet?" I noted, with some surprise, that she said 'yet', as if she expected that we had. Or at least, that we would.

"Uh. . . no, we haven't."

"Oh!" said Mom, acting surprised. "I thought you would have by now. That's why I've had Molly on the pill for the past two years." Molly and I looked at each other and shrugged. "Well, will you do this for me? Don't have sex with each other until I have a chance to talk with Dad. In the meantime, feel free to play with yourselves to your heart's content."

I was stunned by Mom's words. Far from telling us to stop, she was giving us permission – heck, encouraging us – to continue, so long as we didn't actually fuck each other until she got back to us. I looked at Molly; she was grinning from ear to ear. I started to get hard, thinking about the fun that lay in store for us, that our own mother was encouraging us into.

Mom smiled as she saw my growing hard-on. "Soon enough, my son," she said, with a wink in my direction. "All in good time."

Mom got up and started clearing the dishes, and before I could say anything, Molly grabbed my hand and led me off to my bedroom. She shut the door, and broke out laughing.

"Can you believe Mom said that?"

I started to relax and laugh a bit. "Yeah, I know. She must have seen everything, and she's okay with it."

"It sounded to me like she was a little more than just okay with it. It sounded like she's got some definite plans for what comes next. Anyway," Molly continued, "let's get on the bed; I want to play with your dick for myself."

"And I want to play with your pussy."

Molly climbed onto the bed, and we situated ourselves so that our heads were aligned with each other's groins, so we could easily explore each other's sex organs. My cock was hard before Molly even touched it, but at the sensation of her feminine hand on my hard-on, I nearly lost it, exercising every ounce of self-control I could muster to keep from spraying my cum all over her face.

"It's amazing," she said, as she slowly stroked her hand up and down along the length of it. I was twitching and jerking at the intense sensations of her movements. "It's like it's alive," she said.

For my part, I was utterly fascinated by my s****r's vagina. I had never seen one – either hers or Mom's – up close like this before. All the intricate folds were endlessly interesting. I cupped my hand over her pubic mound, and slowly rubbed along her slit, running my fingers through her luxuriant pubic hair. When I tentatively slipped a finger inside her, she gasped momentarily, then let out a groan of satisfaction at the sensation of my finger inside her. When I slid a second finger into her, she gave a sensual squeeze with her vaginal muscles, which made my head spin with excitement.

Soon, Molly was vigorously stroking up and down along my erect cock, imitating what she'd seen me doing before. "Is this how you do it?" she asked me.

"You're. . . doing. . . just. . . fine. . ." I groaned, as I began to grind my hips against her hand motions. I could feel myself slipping past the point of no return. "Oh, Molly," I groaned, "I'm gonna . . . I'm gonna cooo. . ." Before I could finish speaking, thick jets of warm semen erupted from the end of my cock, splashing on my s****r's arms, and breasts, and face.

She grinned, as she continued stroking my slowly-deflating cock, squeezing every drop of cum out of it. "I made you come!" she exulted. "That is so COOL!"

I sat there, gasping for breath, feeling like the entire insides of my body had just shot out the end of my cock, while my s****r, as she had earlier, rubbed my sperm over her tits and belly, pausing from time to time to give herself a taste.

As I slowly caught my breath, she sidled up next to me. "Okay," she said, "now it's your turn to get me off." She climbed between my legs, sitting with her back to me. She placed my left hand on her tits, and my right hand between her legs, on her pussy.

"Okay," she began, "just follow my lead." She had me run my finger along the length of her slit, then probe inside her, while she groaned in pleasure.

"That's nice," she purred. "You're doing good. Keep doing that for a while." Her musky aroma was filling my senses, as I slowly stroked my finger in and out of her warm, moist sheath, all the while squeezing and caressing her breasts with my other hand.

She moved my hand to the top of her slit, showing me the hard little knob nestled in the upper folds of her opening. "Feel that?" she asked.

I nodded.

"That's my clitoris," she explained. "It's like my little girly hard-on. If you want to get me off, pay close attention to my clitoris."

"Okay," I said, dumbly. I rubbed my fingertip lightly against the stiff little nubbin, which caused Molly to jump.

"Go a little easy, at least at first," she instructed. "Rub around it, not right on it."

I did as she told me, and rubbed little circles around her clit, which she seemed to like. At least, she closed her eyes and purred happily, as she began grinding her hips against my fingers.

"Oooohhhh, that's nice," she sighed. "Don't change a thing you're doing. . ."

After a while, Molly began groaning louder, and grinding her hips against my fingers more urgently. Her body began to shudder and twitch, and she took my hand in hers. Holding it stiffly against her clit, she had me rub her clit vigorously. She was gasping and whimpering, writhing in my arms, until, with a loud quavering cry, she came. Hard. She kept jerking and twitching for another minute or more, as the last tremors of her orgasm went through her. Finally, her body came limply to rest, as I held her in my arms.

"My god!" she exclaimed. "That was incredible! If you can do that to me with just your fingers, what will it be like when we fuck?"

I did a double-take at her question. When? When we fuck? Not 'if'; 'when'. At that moment, I loved my s****r more than I ever had.


The next night, the four of us – Mom and Dad, Molly and me – sat naked around the dinner table. There was a sense of anticipation in the air, although neither Molly nor I had any idea what was going on; only that Mom and Dad, at any rate, seemed to be excited about whatever it was they had planned.

Dad spoke. "Your mother tells me the two of you have been masturbating together."

Molly and I looked nervously at each other, then at Mom. She just smiled encouragingly, non-verbally urging us to answer our father.

"Uh-huh," we answered in unison, nodding.

"Well, that's great," Dad continued. "That means it's probably time that your mother and I showed the two of you the ins and outs of sex."

"Oh, David. . ." Mom groaned.

My ears perked up. Bad pun aside, he had my attention. I looked at Molly. She was paying him rapt attention.

"I don't want to get ahead of myself here," Dad went on, "but after dinner, we'll all meet on our bed, and Mom and I will help you get things started, okay?"

I didn't know what, exactly, they had planned, but I knew it was gonna involve sex, so I was all-in with it, whatever it was. And judging from how vigorously she was nodding her head, so was Molly.

I don't even remember what we had for dinner that night, but we finished eating and clearing the table in record time.

We all met in Mom and Dad's room, sitting cross-legged on their king-size bed. Mom and Dad sat next to each other at the head of the bed, while Molly and I sat together, off to one side. Dad's cock was semi-hard, and Molly was staring at it. Mom's pussy was openly displayed. I could see her pink petals as they peeked out from inside her pussy. The air was filled with the same musky aroma that I'd smelled from Molly's pussy earlier; I couldn't tell if it was coming from Molly or Mom. Probably both.

Dad spoke. "Okay, now. . . the first thing we're going to do here, is your mother and I are going to have sex together, and we want the two of you to just watch us, and pay close attention. I'm not going to explain much as we go; the two of you just watch and learn, okay?"

I nodded, dumbly. So did Molly. Mom and Dad were gonna fuck right in front of us, and we were gonna watch them. Un-fucking-believable.

Dad and Mom laid down on the bed, facing each other. Instantly, their hands were all over each other, and their mouths were locked together in a passionate, sensual kiss. Dad was slowly stroking along Mom's ass, and down her thighs, and Mom was stroking Dad's chest and shoulders. With one hand, he stroked and kneaded her breasts, and then he leaned down and took her other nipple in his mouth, which drew a happy moan from Mom. After a while, Dad reached down between Mom's legs and began fingering her pussy.

I smiled and looked knowingly at Molly.

Mom gripped Dad's cock, now fully erect, and began to stroke and caress it. I could see a bead of pre-cum growing from the tip, and Mom rolled her hand around his cockhead, smearing the slick fluid all along his length.

Mom got up momentarily, and moved down, positioning her face in front of Dad's cock.

Molly and I looked at each other again. Molly leaned close to me and whispered, "She's gonna suck his cock! Cool!" Mom shot a quick glance in our direction and winked.

Mom ran her hand up and down on Dad's shaft for a few strokes, then she leaned over and covered the head of his cock with her mouth. Her other hand cradled and caressed his balls. She hummed and purred happily as she bobbed her head up and down on Dad's cock. I could see that she was also running her tongue around his cockhead. Dad rolled his head back and groaned at the sensations Mom was giving him.

"Oh, Diane," he groaned, "that is amazing. . ."

After Mom had sucked his cock for a while, Dad touched her shoulder, and she rolled onto her back next to him. "Your turn," he said. Mom gave a little whimper of anticipation as Dad slid down between her legs. He flipped her knees up over his shoulders and began gently nibbling at the insides of Mom's thighs.

Once more, Molly and I shot a wide-eyed look at each other.

Slowly but steadily, Dad drew closer and closer to Mom's opening, licking along her labia, which were soft and puffy now. Then he probed inside her with his tongue, licking along her pink inner lips, while Mom moaned and writhed under his stimulation. Finally, he settled his mouth over the top of Mom's vulva, which drew a deep moan from her.

I leaned over to Molly. "Clitoris?" I asked, whispering.


"Cool!" I whispered back. "I'm gonna do that to you, later."

Molly groaned, and began lazily rubbing her hand on her pubic mound.

At first, Dad seemed to just lightly suck on Mom's clit; she seemed to like it, as her moaning and writhing increased in intensity, and Dad had to work a bit to keep his mouth engaged with her clit. Then, he began to make broad, ice-cream licks across it, and Mom went to another level.

"Oh god, Dave! That's amazing! Keep doing that! Oooohhhhh, I'm gonna come. . . Ooooohhhhh. . . YES!" She bucked her pussy fiercely against Dad's face, but his tongue never left her clit; he just kept up a steady rhythm and pressure, and Mom kept coming.

"OOOOOHHHHHH," she wailed. "I'm coming, Dave! Don't stop! I'm coming!"

Watching my mom come on my Dad's tongue was about the most exciting thing I'd ever seen. I mean. . . this was my MOM, and she was having this incredible orgasm, right in front of me! I looked over to Molly again, but her eyes were wide, and riveted on Mom's pussy, and what Dad was doing to it. Her hand was moving purposefully over her own pussy.

Mom just kept coming, and coming, and coming. I had never imagined that anyone, much less my own mom, could just keep coming like that. Finally, she pushed Dad's head away from herself, and lay there, gasping and panting. Her face and chest were flushed, and her breasts heaved up and down with her labored breathing. Dad laid next to her and idly fondled her breasts until she could finally speak.

"How do you want to start?" she asked Dad, still breathing heavily. "How about if I'm on top first?"

"Sounds great," Dad agreed, and he rolled onto his back. His erect penis stood straight up from his loins, like a missile about to launch.

Mom climbed on top of him, and straddled his hips. At first, she just held his cock against her pussy, so that it looked like it was her cock, sticking up from her own thatch of pubic hair. Then she slid forward. Molly had a better viewing angle than I did, but she was sliding her pussy-lips lengthwise along Dad's shaft, while Dad stroked her sides and fondled her breasts. It looked very relaxed, and yet, incredibly hot.

After a few minutes, Mom paused briefly. She raised herself up onto her knees, placing Dad's cockhead against her cunt-lips. She turned to Molly and me. "You're going to want to see this," she told us.

Molly and I scrambled around to get a better angle, and once we were situated, Mom smiled at us and lowered herself onto Dad's cock with a moan. It was the most erotically thrilling sound I had ever heard.

We watched as Mom's vagina slowly slid onto Dad's cock, his shaft slowly disappearing inside her. When he was all the way inside her, I could only see the tangled snarl of their pubic hair tangled together. I scrambled around behind Mom, and saw Dad's balls tucked snugly against her ass.

"Mmmmmm," Mom purred. "I love how you feel inside me."

"Me too," Dad groaned.

Mom leaned forward and ran her fingers luxuriantly through Dad's chest hair, slowly raising herself back off of his cock, his shaft seeming to reel out of her. Then, just as slowly, she reeled him back in. I could see her ass-muscles clench, and I wondered if she was squeezing Dad's cock the way Molly had squeezed my fingers earlier. Whatever she was doing, it made Dad groan.

The next time Mom sat up, there was a glistening coat of what looked like butter-cream coating Dad's shaft. Dad cradled her ass in his hands, lightly guiding her movements, and pulling her onto himself. Soon, she was fucking him with a steady rhythm, alternating up-and-down strokes with back-and-forth strokes, and sometimes even side-to-side.

After awhile, Mom relaxed her rhythm and looked down at Dad. "You wanna do doggy-style for a while?"

"Sure!" he agreed.

Mom climbed off him, and got on all fours next to him, while Dad scrambled around to a kneeling position behind her. Molly and I looked at each other again, and smiled knowingly. We'd seen neighborhood dogs fucking lots of times. It had just never occurred to us that people could fuck like that, too.

Dad's cock stood straight out in front of him from his loins. Taking it in his hands, he stroked it up-and-down along Mom's slit a few times. Then he snugged the head in between her pussy-lips, and drove forward into her, with a satisfied groan.

"Mmmmmmm," Mom purred. "That's nice."

At first, Dad went slow again, hunching himself over Mom's back so he could fondle her tits while they fucked. But eventually, he took a more upright posture, and just slapped his groin against Mom's ass, while she rocked back on her hands and knees to meet his thrusts.

Molly and I snuck another glance at each other, stifling a mutual giggle at the rhythmic 'slap-slap-slap' of Dad's legs against Mom's ass.

They continued on with the doggy-fucking for a while, but eventually, Dad pulled out of her again, and Mom rolled onto her back, spreading her legs in eager welcome, and raising her knees against her chest. Her pussy gaped open from Dad having been inside her; her vulva was a bright, well-fucked pink. Dad leaned forward, Mom's legs folded over his shoulders, and he nestled his cock into her opening once more. Slowly, he pushed into her once again, as they both groaned in pleasure. As Dad held himself deep inside her, straining to reach her deepest core, Mom cupped her feminine hands over his ass. As he began pumping steadily in and out of her, she pulled him f***efully into herself.

Molly and I watched in awe as Mom moved her legs downward, wrapping them around Dad's waist, sliding them sensually along his back and over his ass, then locking her ankles inside his knees, to improve her leverage.

"Fuck me, Dave," she urged. "Fuck me with your magnificent cock. Pound it into me. Make me come. . ." Molly and I glanced at each other. We had never heard Mom – our mother! – talk 'dirty' like that before.

Soon Mom and Dad were banging frantically, driving their hips against each other, grunting loudly with every stroke. Mom began to wail and moan, her head rolling from side to side. "Oh god, Dave!" she cried. I'm coming! Don't stop! Oh, yeah!"

Dad was straining now, his face bright red as he pounded furiously into Mom's pussy. With a loud groan, his head rolled back, and he made one last, deep thrust into Mom. I could see his balls pulsating as they pumped great jets of his cum into her, groaning in release with every spasm of his cock.

"Yesssssss!" Mom cried. "You're coming in me! I can feel your cum inside me! It's warm and wet, and it's you, and you're in me. Oh, baby, I love you!"

Dad was panting from the exertion of his climax, and soon he fell on top of Mom, still instinctively pumping his softening cock in and out of her, while she cooed and purred and stroked her hands all over his back and shoulders and ass. Some of Dad's cum was leaking out of her, trickling down the crack of her ass, onto the sheets.

"Oh, baby," she purred softly. "You are the most amazing lover I could ever have."

"No, Diane," Dad replied. "It's you – YOU'RE amazing!"

Molly and I looked at each other, both of us in silent awe at what we had witnessed – our parents making love; Dad's penis filling Mom's vagina. But the revelation of getting to watch them was that it seemed to be more than that, somehow – much more. It was like a powerful connection between the two of them. And my s****r and I couldn't wait to experience it for ourselves.

Finally, Mom and Dad caught their breath, and Dad rolled off her. Then they both leaned up on their elbows and looked toward Molly and me.

"Any questions?" Mom asked, with a giggle.

"Uh. . . I. . . uh. . . No," I stammered. "I can't think of any. . ."

"What Mike said," Molly agreed. "I think we just need to do it."

"Sure!" Mom agreed. Then she held her arms out to me. "Come here, my son," she cooed. "You can go first; your father's gonna need some time before he can get hard again for Molly."

I did a double-take. Mom and Dad meant to initiate us themselves – to take their own k**s' virginities. I had sort of thought that Molly and I would be each other's first, but I couldn't argue. There was definite sense to the idea of starting out with someone experienced, who could show us the ropes. Uh, so to speak.

Dad got up and joined Molly on the side of the bed, while I crawled over to Mom. She had me get on my knees between her legs. I looked down, straight into her open cunt. I could see Dad's cum, white and gelatinous, puddled inside her. My cock was throbbing and pulsating with desire. I wanted so badly to be inside her, to shove my cock into her maternal cunt, feel her warmth wrapped around my erection, to shoot my cum into her. . . into my mother.

But Mom had other ideas, at least at first. She pulled me down on top of herself, and kissed me deeply. Her tongue parted my lips, and probed inside my mouth, swirling and tangling itself with mine. Between my legs, I could feel Mom gripping my cock, sensually sliding her hand back and forth along my length, smearing my slick pre-cum all along my shaft.

Then she pushed my face down to her breasts. "Suck my tits, Mikey," she urged me. Obediently, I took her nipple into my mouth, licking and sucking on her firm tit-flesh, running my tongue around her nipples, cupping my hands around her breasts, savoring the mature heft of my mother's tits, the same tits that had fed Molly and me when we were babies.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice, Mike," she purred.

Finally, she positioned me back between her legs. "Now," she began, slipping briefly into 'Teacher Mode', "We're not going to do lots of different positions, your first time. Dad and I just wanted to show you some of the possibilities. When you make love on your own, use whatever positions seem interesting and fun, and make up new ones as you go. But this first time, we'll keep it basic, okay?"

I nodded. God, all I wanted was to put my cock into her.

She gripped my cock with her hands and placed the head against her entrance. "OK, Mikey," she said, looking directly into my eyes, "Put it in me. I want you to feel what it's like to be inside a woman, to feel her warm pussy wrapped around your cock. And I want to feel your strong young manhood inside me."

I nodded, and pressed my throbbing erection into her. Almost instantly, I was balls-deep inside her; Dad had really warmed her up for me.

"Oh, Mom. . ." I groaned.

My mind reeled at the sensation of having my cock buried inside a real, live woman. The inside of Mom's pussy was warm and wet and smooth. Dad's cum squished out of her as my cock displaced it inside her, and it tickled my balls as it trickled down toward the bed. I didn't want to come too soon, so at first, I just savored the feeling of being inside her. Slowly, I began to instinctively pump in and out of her, as Dad had done a short while before.

As I slid my cock in and out of Mom, she looked into my eyes. With a giggle, she said, "You know, this is my first time, too."

A confused look crossed my face, though I didn't break my rhythm as I continued to fuck her. It felt like my cock was glowing with a happy warm buzz as I stroked it in and out of my mother's vagina. "Your first time?"

"Mm-hm," she said. She looked over at Dad, who was sitting cross-legged, with Molly in his lap. With one hand, he was fondling her breasts, and with the other, he was lazily stroking along her slit, and gently probing inside her. With a giggle, Mom said, "This is the first time I've ever had two cocks in the same session."

Dad laughed out loud. "You're right!" he chuckled. "I hadn't thought of that!" Molly reached behind herself and gripped Dad's cock, which was well on its way to renewed erection.

"So you see," Mom went on, without breaking our fucking rhythm, "there's something new for all of us tonight."

I snickered at my Mom's nasty erotic imagination, and continued thrusting in and out of her. Her pussy felt so warm, so comfortable; I didn't want it to end.

"You're doing great," she encouraged me. "You feel wonderful inside me. What a marvelous cock you have, my son."

I smiled. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it felt even better than I'd imagined. Eventually, though, and all too soon, I felt the sensations of orgasm rising from my balls. I lost control of my muscles, and my body began to twitch and shake. I gasped for breath, and then I felt a huge rush as my cum surged from my balls, up the full length of my cock, and exploded into Mom's cunt. It felt like all of my insides were shooting out the tip of my cock.

With her hands tightly gripping the cheeks of my ass, Mom clutched my body to herself. Her head rolled back and a rapturous grin spread across her face. "Oh, Mike. . . oh, my son, you're a man. . . I made you a man today. Oh, you're filling me up with your sweet young cum. OOOoooohhhh, yessssss. . ."

My cock was spasming with orgasmic aftershocks for what seemed like an hour afterward. I fell on top of Mom, with my slowly softening cock still inside her as we gently kissed and stroked each other.

"You were wonderful, my son. Any woman would be happy to be fucked by you. Thank you; it is an honor for me to be your first."

"Oh god, Mom," I gushed. "Thank you! It was incredible – even better than I thought it would be!"'

"I'm glad," she said. We slid to the edge of the bed, making room for Dad and Molly.

Molly wore a look of giddy anticipation as Dad laid on his back on the bed. As it had earlier, his erect cock stood straight up from the tangle of his pubic hair. At first, Molly sat cross-legged next to Dad's hips, slowly, happily stroking his cock. Then Dad pulled her down on top of himself, and kissed her passionately, while his hands roamed freely over her body, kneading her lovely firm ass and thighs. Molly broke their kiss, and slid herself forward, offering her breasts for Dad to suck, which he did, with great relish.

Dad raised Molly into a sitting position, straddling his groin. "Your first time," he said, "I want you to be on top, so you can control the penetration, and go as fast or as slow as you want, okay?" Molly nodded, nervously biting her lower lip as Dad lifted her up, positioning her virgin womanhood against his cockhead. "Okay," he said, "whenever you're ready."

Slowly, Molly pressed herself down on Dad's shaft, moaning with every millimeter of her downward progress. She hadn't gone very far before she stopped, grinding her hips in little circles on Dad's cock, but not taking him any further into herself. A look of worried consternation crossed her face.

Mom reached out and stroked her face. "It's okay, honey," she said. "It's your hymen. Once he's all the way inside, it won't hurt as much, and it'll feel a lot better.

Molly laughed to herself. "I'm sure as hell not gonna back out now!" she said, determinedly. And with that, she f***ed herself downward, giving a little whimper as her maidenhead gave way, and quickly, she was bottomed out on the base of Dad's cock.

"That's my girl!" Dad encouraged.

"Oh god!" Molly breathed. "Oh god, it feels so good!" She shot a glance at Mom. "He's filling me up!"

"I know," Mom said. "It's incredible, isn't it?"

"Shit, yes!" Molly blurted. Instantly, her hips were a blur, as she ground herself frantically on Dad's thick pole. Dad did his best to match her rhythm, and soon Molly began to wail and moan – a quavering, tremulous moan – as her first orgasm on a man's cock exploded within her. As I had done, she lost control of her body, and began to quiver and writhe in jerky, spastic movements. "Oh god!" she cried. "Ohgodohgodohgod. . ."

When her climax finally subsided, she sat astride Dad, still making small grinding movements on Dad's cock. Without stopping, she gave voice to the exhilaration of her sexual initiation. "Oh Daddy. . . that was incredible. . . even better than I thought. . ." She stopped, and looked down to where Dad's cock was still buried inside her.

"You're still hard?" she asked, incredulously.

"Oh, Dave. . ." Mom said, with a grin.

"C'mon, Molly-girl," Dad said, smiling. "It's your first time, and I want it to be special. Think you can come again?"

"Ohmigod, Daddy. . ."

Immediately, she began grinding herself on Dad's cock again, while he thrust himself vigorously up into her, holding her hips and driving her onto himself. It was only a short climb back to the summit of Mt. Orgasm for Molly, and her second was even more intense than her first.

With a loud cry, almost a shriek, of pleasure, Molly came powerfully. Her thighs squeezed rhythmically on Dad's hips, and her entire body squirmed and spasmed in ecstasy.

"Please, Daddy," she begged. "Please come in me! Shoot into me, Daddy. . . I want to feel you come inside me. . ."

With a final upward thrust, Dad groaned, and I could see his balls pulsating as he sent his cum surging into his daughter. My s****r.

Molly glanced at Mom. "I can feel it!" she gushed. "I can feel his cum inside me, like a warm bubble inside me!"

Mom's eyes began to well up; she leaned over and began to smother Molly's face with kisses. "Oh, my dear, now you know. Now you know what it's like to be a woman, and to love a man, and feel him inside yourself. Oh, I am just so proud of you!"

"And you, Mike," she said, turning toward me. "I'm so proud of both my c***dren. You're both wonderful lovers, and I'm so happy for you!"

And we all fell into a happy, naked, satisfied pile in the middle of the bed, kissing and stroking and fondling each other, for a long time afterward.


Molly and I finally rolled off the bed, leaving Mom and Dad to work out their joy over their c***dren's sexual initiation together. Eagerly, we padded down the hall to Molly's room, with the purring and moaning sounds of Mom and Dad's renewed lovemaking wafting in the air behind us. Closing the door behind us, we fell onto the bed together.

"What was it like to fuck Mom?" Molly asked eagerly, her eyes aflame.

"It was incredible! She really knows how to fuck!"

"Well, she and Dad have been married for 20 years. They've probably gotten pretty good at it."

"No k**ding! What was it like, fucking Dad?"

"Ohmigod. . . his cock felt wonderful. I bet Mom is a happy woman."

"She seems to be."

We both laughed. What an incredible night it had been. And yet. . . neither of us was ready for it to be over, yet.

"You know," I said, "After Mom and Dad finished fucking each other, I thought you and I were gonna fuck. I didn't think Mom would take me and Dad would take you."

"I know; me too," Molly agreed. "But I'm glad they did it that way."

"Me too."

For a minute, neither of us said anything. Finally, Molly spoke.

"So. . . you wanna?"

"Oh, hell yes!" I cried, and instantly, our two bodies were a tangled snarl of arms and legs and asses and hands and feet and teeth and lips, and her tits and my cock and her pussy, rolling and writhing on the bed.

We came to a brief pause, with Molly's pussy blossoming directly in front of my face. Her musky feminine aroma was intense, inundating my nostrils and overwhelming my sense of smell. I rolled her onto her back, and slid myself between her legs.

"I've got a promise to keep to you," I said.


"When Dad was eating Mom's pussy, I told you I would do that to you."

"Oh, yeah!"

"So, enjoy the ride, dear s****r. . ."

Tenderly, I nibbled along the insides of her thighs, slowly moving closer to her musky womanhood, playfully tugging on her pubic hairs with my lips, and nuzzling into her opening with my nose, causing her to giggle and squirm at the sensations

"Mmmmmm. . . that's nice," she purred.

I ran my tongue over her puffy labia, then along her inner cunt-lips, tasting the droplets of her building moisture, along with a starchy taste that I figured must be Dad's cum. Molly was going to be my own second pussy of the night, and both of them full of my father's semen by the time I got to them. . .

At last, I moved my mouth over Molly's pubic mound, exploring the folds of her pussy until I found her clitoris. I sucked lightly on her little nubbin and the surrounding flesh, which caused her to jump at the intensity of the sensations.

"Oh!" she cried. "That's a good one!"

When I began to make broad, flat tongue-strokes across her clitoris, she squirmed and twisted on the bed, groaning with pleasure at the sensations I was creating in her. Her movements made it difficult for me to keep my tongue engaged on her clit, but I did my best, and before long, she was writhing and moaning and bucking her hips against my face.

"Ohmigod!" she gasped. "Oh god, Mike. . . I'm gonna come! Don't stop! I'm. . . almost. . . OOOOOooooohhhhhh! Yesssssss! Oh, I'm coming, Mike! You're making me come!"

Orgasmic spasms wracked her body, and her feminine aroma and flavor permeated my nostrils and my tongue. I relaxed the pressure I was putting on her clit, and she continued rolling her cunt into my face for a few minutes after her climax had crested.

Then she pushed my face away from her pussy, and pulled me up on top of herself.

"I want you inside me," she said, urgently. "Put your cock in me, Mike." She gripped my cock with her feminine hands, and placed my cockhead against her wet, eager sex, nudging it between her labia in a sexy genital 'kiss'. Then, placing her hands on my ass, she slowly, gently pressed me into herself. I gasped as I slid into her – my s****r, and now my lover.

"Oh Mike," she moaned. "At last, you're in me; at last you're fucking me, my sweet b*****r! God, I love your cock!"

Her pussy was much tighter than Mom's, and I reveled in the wet, frictional sensations as my cock slid snugly in and out of her sultry channel. I felt myself bottom out inside her. Her eager pussy, no longer virginal, clung tightly to my cock. She clenched her cunt-muscles around my shaft, driving me wild at the sensation.

I looked down at her. "You picked that up from Mom?"

She grinned. "Uh-huh."

I had just fucked Mom an hour or so before, so I was in no hurry to come. My cock buzzed with a warm, frictional glow, as we settled into a comfortable rhythm, and fucked on and on.

"Oh god, Mikey," she breathed. "It feels so GOOD. Just keep fucking me, and don't stop. . ."

"I know," I gushed. "I just wanna fuck you all night long."

I don't know how long we fucked like that; it was a while. At last, I saw Molly roll her head back, and her groans became more urgent. Slowly, inexorably, she increased her tempo, and I matched her rhythm as best I could. Soon, she was groaning and writhing, and throwing her pussy up against me furiously.

"Oh god, Mike. . . I'm coming! Oh, my b*****r is fucking me, and I'm coming! OOOooohhh, YESSSSS!"

I watched her face as her orgasm overtook her. I never saw her so beautiful. My dear s****r. . . I was overcome with love for her. We came into the world together, and now. . .

I couldn't hold it back. With a massive, tremulous shudder, I came, shooting great gobs of my cum into my s****r, mingling with what Dad had left in her an hour before.

"Ohhhh, Mike, yesss! You're coming inside me! Yessss. . ."

By the time our orgasms subsided, we were both thoroughly spent, both physically and sexually. I lay on top of her for several minutes, still savoring the sensations of my slowly-softening cock nestled snugly inside her. At last, with a wet *plop* it slipped out of her, and I rolled off her.

We cuddled for a long time afterward. I fondled and caressed her delightful young breasts, and we drifted off, into a deep and happy sl**p.


The following morning, I slowly drifted into consciousness. My 'morning wood' was nestled between Molly's ass cheeks. Lazily, I began to stroke her tits anew, and gently grind my cock into her ass-cleft.

Soon, Molly awakened. Sensing my erotic attentions, she rolled over to face me. Wrapping her top leg around my hip, she tugged on my cock and pulled me close to herself, placing my cockhead inside her opening. I pulled her close to myself with my hand on her ass, and soon we were lazily fucking again, lying on our sides. I kissed her, and she returned my kiss, eagerly and passionately.

It was so mellow, so comfortable, that we didn't even notice when the door cracked open, and Mom and Dad peeked in on us.

"God," Mom whispered, "They're just as horny as we were."

"What do you mean, 'were'?" Dad replied, "At least, they come by it honestly enough. . ."


Since that day, life at our house has changed a lot. For one thing, Mom and Dad are much more open about their sexuality around Molly and me. It hasn't been unusual for us to walk into the house to find them fucking away in their bedroom, with the door left ajar. Once, they were even going at it on the living room couch.

Shortly after our 'Initiation', I moved into Molly's room (it's bigger than mine), sharing her bed, with Mom and Dad's blessing. Even aside from the sex, she's a perfect roommate for me – she knows me better than anyone else, and we just really like spending time together.

Don't get me wrong, though – the sex has been incredible, and it hasn't gotten old. We've been like honeymooners, fucking two and three times a day. Once a week or so, we'll have a 'lesson' with Mom and Dad, either the four of us all together, or as separate couples in separate rooms. They know so much more than we do about sex, we learn something new every time we're with them. And Molly and I are still having fun learning about each other, besides.

I have no idea where all this is headed, long-term. But for now, we're all happy to leave tomorrow for tomorrow, and just enjoy being a f****y together. . .

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