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What women do with retarded young males

'OMG! have you seen the size of him?' I looked at Roxanne, a girl slightly on the plumper side, not overweight, but heavy breasted and rotund hips, the type of girl that makes for a good shagging, when your really up for being wrapped around by a woman.
Her exclamation would indicate this girl had seen very little of horny men, her outcry would imply she has seen or felt very little of men.
We were all on a field trip of a difference, we were taking young adults who were mentally retarded in a slight way, for an outing and picnic, our primary objective was to keep the girls and boys apart, though some of us were more inclined to let them fool around and stop them just before penetrative sex could happen, sounds cruel to most, but even they should enjoy the fruits of a woman's body, getting between the amorous couple was easy, and a firm grip on the cock as he hump air, would assure that the boy at least would achieve something, the girls needed to wait until they got back to their rooms, where a loaned vibrator would ease their frustrations.
Our qualifications and orders made us aware of these perceived sexual problems with these young adults, but listening the most of the girls and women here, a quick wank was never a problem, in fact most enjoyed administering 'Relief duty', after-all, most including myself have been jacking men off for years, we clean their asses and mop their vomit, so why not do what God intended women to do, for us it was a pleasurable part.
But Roxanne, her voice trembled, she had obviously see Billy, the s****rhood's favorite boy, a retard, (Sorry if the term offends you), but Billy was hung like a stallion, the term a 'Babies arm holding an apple', springs to mind, Billy had provided us, which means most of the women and girls, with our own moments of sexual frustration, a pleasurable release during our 'One on one', sessions, yes we passed Billy around, like a life-like dong, none of us admitting we were using him, but we all knew we were, Billy made us horny, he was controllable, we were in charge, and Billy could never sting a sentence together, so we were never in danger of being told on, he was perfect, very handsome youth, muscular, and a cock to die for, even old Bertha, in her fifties, was caught on top of Billy, all I saw was his balls under her very fat ass, as she labored on him, I quietly closed the door and let her get on with it, you see Billy had no option, he had to do what he was told, thank God he appeared to enjoy it.
Later on I pulled Roxanne aside, 'What happened back there?' Roxanne's eyes widened, 'The boy they call Billy', she spluttered, 'He had his thingy out', I could not help laugh, 'You mean his cock', I corrected her, she stared back wide eyed like a doe, and nodded, 'was he up', and I indicated using my arm with my two fingers across the fold at the elbow, moving the arm as if it were an erection, bobbing in her direction, she stared and nodded, at least she knew that much.
'Listen Roxanne', I began my advice lecture, 'In such a situation you take the boy aside, lead him into the bushes, and wank him off', her mouth fell open, her lips were dry, 'Or fuck him', I concluded.
I could see her brain working overtime behind her sky blue eyes, and to add fuel to the fire I had just stoked, because sometimes it is better to get the message home crudely, I concluded, 'Wank it or use it, that why God made us sweetheart, and put us in charge of these young men', and at that I got up and left her to ponder her options.
It did not take long for Roxanne to catch back up with me, she was full of questions, that was a good sign, it showed she was interested, I smiled inwardly, having seen Billy's appendage, what faithful woman would not go weak at the knees and have doubt cast on her believes.
I could answer questions all day, but a plan hatched in my dirty mind, show by example, was my motto, so I took her hand and simply said, 'Come with me', and pulled her towards a group of young men, where Billy sat, 'I want to show you something', as I felt her falter at the sight of him.
We went to the group of young men, 'Billy come with us', and he jumped up and shuffled towards us, like a proverbial penguin, the way a c***d does when they are not sure of their reception, or like I do with a pair of ankle restraints when entertaining guests in our local swingers club.
'Take his hand Roxanne', and I took the other, and together we led him off to a quiet clearing in the bushes, 'Here is fine, we shall not be disturbed', I said, and without any further ado, I took Billy's head in my hands and tenderly kissed him full on his mouth.
Roxanne stood quietly and watched as kissed him tenderly, breaking off momentarily to explain how Billy likes to be kissed a lot, 'He responds to our smell, we are warm and smell different', I concluded as I went back to kissing him full on the mouth and in the nape of his neck, each moment of tenderness, passing reaped rewards as I could feel him responding against my crotch, which was exactly why I was doing it, well partially, as I loved to mother these boys as well as pleasure them.
I broke off and stood back so Billy was in full view of Roxanne, 'Look Roxanne, see how hard his cock is', Billy was straining against his pants, 'There is enough man there for the two of us', I remarked, it was my hormones were coming alive and his cock always triggered such a response, 'Do you want to go first, or watch', the look on her face was of shock and horror, I decided to put more pressure on her, 'Look Roxanne, when a mans bl**d is hot for a woman, they can be dangerous, so to defuse the situation and make our lives easier, we cool them, now we can use God's tools, our hands, mouths, or our cunts, that's the best option, because we pleasure ourselves, try and look at it as a small perk, or as in Billy'd case, a very large perk', this last comment brought a smile to her ashen face, I could see she was swayed, so I moved up to Billy again and undid his belt and pulled his pants down, releasing the monster within.
I looked at Roxanne, she was frozen his cock had captivated her, only this time instead of running away to blabber about him, she was going to be a woman and please him, 'Get stripped I ordered her, he wont stay up forever', and she started to undo the many fastening that held her decent in public, I was stroking Billy's manhood while he marveled as her flesh came into view, she was a newbie, but it was short lived as she stopped in her undies, so I added somewhat sarcastically, 'You do it in your undies', to which she hurriedly added that she did not, in fact she was a virgin and had never done anything like this before, 'You here that Billy, a virgin', I was sure Billy understood the significance of the work, his brain might be miss-wired or cross-wired, but these young men were not stupid, I looked at Roxanne as she simulated a shivering, not from cold, but from too much fleshy exposure and the immanent task she was about to perform, 'Watch or Fuck', I said as I sank to my knees and started to perform oral sex on Billy, inwardly hoping my cue would trigger her to respond, and as I worked hard on his 'Bell-end', I could hear the final vestiges of her clothing being removed, I turned with Billy's cock in my mouth, to see her finally naked and ready, I looked at past his balls to see him staring at her shaved cunt and huge breasts, he stiffened more in my mouth, so I broke free, Roxanne had found new strength, she was pushing alongside me, her warm thigh against my face, her small hand encircling his massive girth, pressing it hard against her leg, her body half turning as she made way for him to glide in between her legs.
I think she forgot I was still down here at crotch level, she was so focused on her own empowerment, and as she half turned I glimpsed her vaginal swelling rubbing against his massive cock, as it disappeared between her thighs, before their bodies closed together, sealing out the explosive nature of cock and cunt merging, I pulled myself up and stood alongside them, locked together in an embrace, kissing warmly on the mouth, she was certainly a quick learner, and as I stepped back I could see they had a little bit more to go, as Billy'd cock jutted from between her legs, she was straddling Billy's shaft, riding his length, with about 3 inches sticking out behind her bum, who could blame her, she had never had one in her cunt before, so she could be forgiven for thinking he was, his veinous shafting was rubbing her clitoris, so she was focused on enjoying this new feeling, the cock in cunt was for another day.
I stood behind her, marveling in her voluptuous young body being thrilled for the first time, so I touched her, not in a lesbian or bi way, more in a natural way, we were all sexed-up, so touching a woman was like touching a man, when in such a mood, but Billy's cock looked cold and lost stuck out there in no-mans land, so I opened my front and pushed my warm body against hers, she never said anything and Billy's cock found my own lips, as he pushed harder, and I pushed back in her, soon his cock head was rubbing my clitoris, and as I rode his head I rubbed against her softness, she reached behind and cupped my buttock, she was pulling me into her, the three of us locked in embrace, I cupped her massive breasts, and pulled her closer, Billy'd cock was opening me up, both us girls wrapped around his cock, our thighs providing different powers as we crushed him, she on the shaft, my own on his knob end, coupled with the soft pillows of her bum, 'You have a nice bum', I whispered into her ear as I chewed on it and tweaked her abundant nipples, I think it was the only time a man could feel two women cum simultaneously on his hardened cock, I clung to her, she to him, and he stood pumping his seed back into the hole from which he sprang all those years back.
We uncoupled and billy's cock hung like an exhausted elephants trunk, 'Clean him Roxanne', I was wiping his cum as it oozed from my cunt, 'f****y cream pie', I muttered, as she dropped to her knees and licked Billy's cock, in her mouth and down in his scrotum, 'You're getting good at this', I humored her, she smiled back at me, 'Is Billy really your son?' I looked at her and nodded in the affirmative, 'He knows shit about anything, here he knows true love, mine and other women's, I see to that, so it's not as weird as it sounds', I looked at her, she smiled back, 'You know I think you're right, I want to love Billy too, and share him with you', and that gesture she reached out and took my hand, we kissed, then led Billy back to his group.
As we walked away I stopped and suggested to her she might like this one, 'He has a fatter cock but a stayer, never cums just stays hard', she smiled, 'I think I will try them all', concluding, 'You know, they're kind of life supports systems for a cock', she said somewhat cruelly, I had to laugh, taking her hand, 'Want to stay at mines tonight', 'Thought you might never ask', and together we walked off to our new relationship.

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