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Sharing my girlfriend

This took place a year ago, last summer, i was 19 at the time and with my girlfriend named Bella, aged 20.
This is a true story.
Bella had been with 2 guys before myself, one of them a one-night stand.
Bella was around 5'4, black hair, and a very nice plump pair of 34DD's. She also had an amazing bubble ass, and prefered to be trim down below rather than shave. Her curves astounded me as she was in extemely good shape and not fat at all, going to the gym around 4 times a week!
She also was on the contraceptive pill.
Which helped get the amazing set of tits!

Me and Bella had been together a year at this point, and i often had fantasies about her getting shared with another guy, i was a little apprehensive about suggesting it to her, then i decied to lie to her telling her i had a dream about it, and told her every dirty little detail about my "dream" and the thought seemed to arouse her, since not long after mentioning it we was having sex, in which i whispered dirty little thoughts about her getting fucked in both holes, our cum filling her up completely, then us swapping holes and going again.
Before long we was discussing who we would have one with, my thought quickly turned to her one night stand with a friend she knew since school that she had a month before we got together,though i chose not to say straight away to arouse suspicion, she thought about it for a couple of seconds then agreed.
She began texting Matt (the one night stand) that night, having just got out of the bath she dropped her towel just below her ass and took a picture to send to him, he obviously took the bait and began dirty texting her, after all who wouldn't seeing a nice plump bubble ass dripping wet!

Since Bella's parents was away on business for the week so we had the house to ourselves, so we arranged for him to come round the day after, and we was going to inflate the 8 foot swimming pool and relax in the sun, i don't know what they text each other after that, but my imagination was runnging wild, imagining all the dirty things whey was texting, but i chose to save my excitement until tomorrow.

Sure enough tomorrow came, and as the hose off to get the pool filled there was a knock on the door, sure enough as i answered Matt was stood there, swim kit in hand waiting to come in, Matt was 19 too, having only slept with 2 women he wasn't exactly the ladies man, about average looking and for his age rather scrawny, not like it mattered however.
Just as we finished the plesantries and closed the door i heard footsteps coming down the stairs, we both looked up to see Bella slowly walking down the stairs, in a skin tight bikini, with a bikini top that was obviously too small, as her tits was nearly popping out of them with every step she took walking down, i had a feeling both me and Matt was fighting the urge to fuck her that very second, we of course got talking and went into the living room, we started settling a bit more now and put some music on while we relaxed, Bella however had other things in mind, she was making an absolute meal of this, she "accidentaly" dropped her phone, and bent over thrusting her ass out to pick it up, you could tell she was loving the fact she had two VERY horny men staring at her amazing figure, and wanting to ravage every hole....

Before long the pool was ready, we all chatted and soaked for around an hour and then decided to get out, Bella decided she would go into the kitchen to strip off, then get changed into some dry clothes upstairs, me and Matt decided we would just get changed upstairs, as i went in to check on Bella she had got completely naked, dripping wet with just her towel on which barely covered her tits and ass up!
With both me and Matt completely wet in our swim shorts, we moved to the hallway about to go upstairs, Bella decided to go first, i let Matt go up straight after, with good reason, as Bella walked up, you could see up under her towel at her perfect bubble ass, water still running down all the way down her thigh's. she seemed to walk slower than usual and put on a much more exaggerated femanine walk, and i swear i heard Matt make a slight groan in anticipation, as now we both had a perfect image of what was waiting for us...

As we got to the top of the stairs and Matt finally managed to pull his eyes away, he started to walk into the spare room to get changed, just as he reached for the door handle Bella said "You can both get changed in my room if you'd like"
After which she walked off into her room slightly dropping her towel to expose the most part of her toned back, and the top of the crack of her ass before dissapearing into the room...

Me and Matt both looked at each other with a cheeky grin on our faces, and we walked into the room, we were both greeted by Bella crawling slowly on all fours across her double bed completely naked, her body and bubble ass still glistening in the sun coming through the windows.... She leaned back and thrusted her ass out showing her cute, tight little asshole and her lovely pussy, on offer for all..... She turned around and sat down with her legs crossed leaning back, showing her huge tits off to us, then slightly biting her lip and staring at both our huge erections easily noticable through our swim shorts, said "Well, what are you waiting for?" There must have been 10 seconds silence, and i could tell Matt was a little nervous, as was i, but being my fantasy i was ready to cum mearely at the sureal moment taking place in front of me, i had butterflys, but i made the first move, taking down my swim shorts still clinging to my body revealing my rock hard 7.8' cock, already wet mearly at the sight of Bella's naked body, Matt followed and started to slide his down too, i walked over to the bed and slid on next to Bella, who by now had her legs spread and was rubbing her perfect little pussy, her body moving in rhythm to her breathing, which was getting increasingly louder.... I looked over at Matt who had taken his shorts off and was now stood there watching us while slowly stroking his rock hard cock, his cock was not as long as mine, i'd say nearly 6.5 inches, but was thick for it's size.

I started licking Bellas nipples while playing with her clitoris, as she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure, Matt got on his knees beside the bed and slowly run his tongue up Bellas perfect tight, moist pussy, before long he had his tongue in deep and was loving every second, Bella gasped in pleasure and her groans became increasingly louder, thats when it hit me, my fantasy was coming true, i was sharing my girlfriend with another man.

Matt moved away from her pussy, as he moved up i could see his glistening chin from her pussy juices, Matt moved up parallel from me licking Bellas other nipple and playing with her boobs, i started kissing her and slowly slid my fingers down her body and into her soaking pussy, she gasped in pleasure as she was now grabbing hold of the covers, i felt Matts fingers slide down and begin rubbing her clitoris, as now Bellas gasps became closer together, i felt her body tremble as a powerful shockwave traveled across her body as she orgasmed, letting out the loudest groan i have heard her do, i slowly removed my dripping fingers...

She sat up as both me and Matt watched her get on all fours, i got to my feet and positioned myself infront of her, my throbbing cock suspended just above her mouth, as she looked up at me, with her big blue set of hungry eyes as she took my cock in her mouth, Matt on the other hand was at the other end by her ass, and started kisssing down the crack of her ass, before running his tongue down Bellas perfect little butthole, both loving the taste and the scent of her holes as he buried his tongue in my girlfriends bubble ass, Bella was clearly loving it as she started thrusting her ass more and more out, allowing him to get deeper, while i was getting my cock sucked deeper and deeper, i could hear and feel her groaning as her perfect ass was getting licked, and she loved it!

I took my cock out her mouth, as Matt moved away from her ass, wiping his mouth which was now covered in a mixture of her pussy juice and his saliva, Matt then sat up grabbed her shoulder and pulled her upright, his cock sliding between her ass cheeks, she leaned her head back and started kissing him as i stroked my cock watching them, she made a slight groan of pain as Matts rock hard cock pressed against her little asshole, with that he pushed more as her groans started to turn to pleasure, they stopped kissing for a brief moment as his cock slowly slid into her tight, round ass, i reached my hand under and began playing with her pussy, before long she begain grinding, and Matt began thrusting to meet her, i was now watching another man fuck my girlfriend in the ass!
She and Matt both began groaning in pleasure as she was being buttfucked, her ass and tits jiggling with every thrust, i fingered her pussy faster and faster as her groans became almost deafening, she grabbed hold of my shoulders and dug her nails in as she let out one continuous scream of pleasure as i felt her pussy pulsate as she bagain to squirt, her body shaking as Matt gasped for breath.

Matt then slowly took his cock out of her ass as i got off the bed to take his place, her cute tight ass was now nice and open, i slid my cock up and down her open, gaping ass when i decided to stop, Matt had laid down on the bed, slowly stroking his wet cock, i put my mouth to Bellas ear and whispered "Let's try out my little dream huh?" To which she gave a kinky smile and a little giggle as she crawled on all fours over to Matt, she got on top of him, her legs either side of him, as he reached up and grabbed her huge tits, as she slowly slid down his cock with her drenched pussy, letting out a loud groan, her wet hair hanging down from her face, this was even hotter than my dream, i stood up on the bed and lowered myself down to her ass, my cock, already wet from her blowjob slid straight in, letting out a slight cry of pain, now taking an even bigger cock in her ass, me and Matt both instinctively started pounding both her holes, i could feel Matts cock slide in in time with mine, our balls slapping against Bellas violated holes, i grabbed her shoulders and thrusted in harder, as Matt grabbed her hips and started fucking her harder, both of our groans was drowned out as Bella began, almost screaming in pleasure, then Matt began letting out louder and louder groans as he began to thrust harder, as i could feel his cock begin to throb as he shot his cum in Bellas tight pussy, being just like my dream i couldn't hold any longer, as i began to pound harder as i felt my cock swell with pleasure as i shot what seemed like 3 loads of cum into her tight ass, Bella couldn't hold it either as we was all reaching our climax,Bella's body again started shaking as she squirted, her ass tightening up as she almost collapsed in ecstasy as her groans began to dampen as she buried her face in the pillow, me and Matt removed our drenched cocks, as Bella was now looking dazed due to her third orgasm, she laid there on her side, both holes open, leaking either of her, mine, Matts or a mix of all our fluids. Cum dripping from her open holes as she tried to catch her breath.

Like my dream however i knew the grand finale, and so did Bella, as me and Matt stood there completely breathless after both our immense orgasms i looked at Bella and said "i could go again" Putting on a smile, Matt too, for the first time since we started fucking added "So could i". To which Bella let out a very excited laugh at the thought of what was about to happen.
Matt was the first one back on the bed out of us two this time and laid on his back again, but this time Bella mounted in reverse, she easily slid her hot lubed up ass down on Matts cock, but this time she was sat up and facing down towards Matts feet, with a groan of pleasure Matt pulled her back, so her back was on Matt's chest, as he lifted up her legs, as i climbed on the bed looking at her nice wet ass balls deep on Matts cock, and her pussy on offer for me, i leant over her and my cock slid in with only a bit of resistance, Bella's body tightened almost instantly as she nearly came due to her sensitive pussy, i waited a second, looking at her, strands of wet hair d****d across her face, eyes closed and the naughtiest smile imaginable on her face, i began fucking her and Matt soon followed, i held her legs up, as now, both me, and Matt, balls deep inside my girlfriends open holes as she struggled to control her body, shaking in pleasure, letting out groan after groan, it took the best part of a minute, before we felt her beginning to cum again, we slowed down but didn't stop as she let out an immense scream, gasping for breath, me and Matt continued for another 20 seconds or so, both of us groaning trying not to cum just yet, the pleasure unreal as i felt every thrust and movement the three of us made, then i felt her body start to tremble again, the tell tale sign, as she reached out either side of her, grabbing the cover and nearly ripping it out from under us, as her legs shook and her toes curled as there was a mix of groans, moans and screams as we all began to cum, my orgasm felt like it lasted minutes, as we continued through, until finally slowing down, i leant over and started kissing her, she kissed back passionately, as we all just stayed here for a minute or two, both of us in her cum filled holes.

We all just laid on the bed for a while, Bella cuddling up to me, and Matt seemingly falling asl**p, we spent the rest of the day relaxing naked, before Matt went home. Me and Bella are still together to this day.

The end.

Hope you enjoyed my story, sorry it was a long one, took me a while, i ended up getting side tracked writting it it made me that horny! Haha!

Please comment if you would like to hear more on mine and Bella's adventures!

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