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couldn't believe my shit b*****r had mailed me an invitation to his wedding without even calling first to let me know he was getting married. Kevin had been living away from Indiana in Nashville where he managed a Cracker Barrel.

I called up our parents to find out what was going on. They said they had met Kevin's wife to be, Daisy Lyn Hallowell, and she was a very nice young lady. I called Kevin up to "congratulate" him and to chew his ass about not phoning me with the news.

I made arrangements to go down to Nashville a few days before the wedding. I would stay in my b*****r's spare bedroom in his apartment, since he and his future wife did not live together.

Both Kevin and I were in our mid-twenties, with Daisy being a few years younger. Both my b*****r and I were adopted. We didn't look anything like b*****r and s****r. I was a short girl with 38DDD breasts and very fair complexion. Kevin was dark skinned, almost Hawaiian looking with an extremely large cock. Daisy, I would later find out was pathetically flat chested. When she did get pregnant her breasts swelled to the size of walnuts. I also found out she was extremely religious and believed sex was not for pleasure but for procreation only. She did not give head, hand jobs, do funny positions, or watch Disney movies, as they were a sure way to lose one's soul. I couldn't believe my own b*****r Kevin was that hard up for a piece of ass to be marrying this woman.

I borrowed a fancy dress from my girl friend Rachel to wear for the wedding. It was a little snug at the top, but it would do. Kevin had a fairly nice apartment which I found comfortable with overstuffed furniture. I was joking with Kevin when I asked, "When's the bachelor's party?"

Kevin hung his head and said, "There ain't going to be one. Daisy said if she catches wind that I had a bachelor party, the wedding is off."

"How does it feel to be on a short leash?" I couldn't help rub it in.

Kevin ignored my question. It seems he and Daisy would not be seeing each other for three days prior to the wedding. It seemed dumb to him too, but she insisted upon it. The "best man" named Dick Gooch would be over tonight, and every night until the wedding. These guys "hung out" together all the time. I guess that is how one gets to be the best man.

I was changing clothes in my room, getting rid of the sweatshirt and jeans for shorts and a tee. Kevin was standing in the doorway watching when he said, "Hey Tams. I have a great idea. Why don't you be the entertainment for my bachelor party?"

I looked at Kevin, standing there in my bra and shorts. "How does NO sound?"

C'mon Tam, it will be great!" He pleaded.

I shook my head, "The thought of me dancing around naked for a bunch of your d***ken redneck buddies is just too depressing for me to fathom."

"It wouldn't be all my buddies- just me and Dick Gooch. C'mon s*s, wadda ya say?"

"Let me think about it for awhile." I looked around the room for about a second and turned to Kevin and said, "No. Besides, what would Gooch think if you had your own s****r dancing around naked for your entertainment?"

Kevin pleaded his case some more, "This is Tennessee. Everyone has sex with their s****r."

"Oh it's sex now!" I chided. "Besides that's West Virginia, not Tennessee."

"s*s," Kevin continued. "I wouldn't ask you to do anything we haven't done before."

I was now being reminded of the time I gave Kevin a couple of blow jobs back in our teens. I was hoping he would act more adult about those incidents. It is not that girls mature faster than boys; it is simply that girls mature.

"Let me think about it. We have a couple days." I had no intention of getting naked for him and his buddy, let alone having sex with them. Maybe if I put him off for a couple of days, he would go beat off and forget about it.

Dick Gooch came over that evening. He was a real nice likeable guy, always laughing and joking. He was a little on the short side with short dark hair and glasses. He could lose a little weight, but then couldn't we all. He knew enough to bring his own 6-pack. We sat back on the couch, sucked back a few cold ones, watched some tube, and then passed a doobie around. It seemed like Anywhere, USA until Dick reached into his pants and said, "Let me whip this thing out."

Dick pulled out a plastic baggie with some white powder in it. He asked me, "Have you ever tried any coke, Tammy?"

In all honesty I hadn't. I didn't know if I should show my innocence or try to fake it. I sort of compromised, "No, but I'll try anything once. What is it like?"

"Well, it's hard to compare it to anything," Dick said. This made me all the more curious.

Dick laid out a few lines. Kevin did not join in. Dick continued, "That's fine Kevin, that's just more for us."

I copied what Dick did. Before long I was snorting long lines and rubbing my gums like a pro. This stuff was great. I felt I was on top of the world. I started to talk about stuff I never mentioned to anyone, although I found out quickly, while my desire to talk increased, my ability to form sentences decreased. I don't know if it was the numbness of my mouth, or the speech center of my brain, but it was weird, real weird.

We did a few more lines and my jaw was grinding away. My mind craved more, but just then Dick stopped me. "I hate to be an asshole, Tammy, but this shit is expensive."

Hate to be an asshole!!! I thought. Well then that's it for me, except I really wanted just one more line. I tried looking cute and helpless, "But I don't have any money."

Kevin chimed in, "Yes Tammy, it is very expensive; perhaps we could work out a deal."

I almost knew what was coming. Well I can tell you right now I wasn't going to blow these guys, especially my b*****r in front of someone, for a line of coke.

I looked at Kevin, almost glaringly as if to say, "Go ahead and say it asshole."

But instead Kevin had another idea. "How about if you just remove your top, and keep it off for the evening for another line?"

This didn't seem too bad. I would take off my shirt- heck I had a bra on underneath, do another line and go to bed.

"And no going off into another room either, you stay here where we can admire you," Kevin continued. This guy knew me too well.

I wouldn't be showing off anymore than if I was at the beach, so oh, what the heck. "Make it a big line and we got ourselves a deal," I agreed.

Dickie cut a fat line out for me. "I wouldn't think of cheating you, Tamara. How is this?"

It was a bigger line than what I had been doing. This would do. I slipped my tee off over my head and sat there on the sofa in my bra and shorts. I leaned back first so the guys could get a good eyeful of my cleavage, then I bent over and leaned forward to snort my reward off the coffee table. I understand now why they made these things with glass tops.

Later on in life I would realize I made an error at this point. Rather than do larger lines, which would make me crave more, I should have been cutting back.

Dickie did another line, leaned back on the couch, stared at my bra covered tits and said, "Sweet". He continued, "I see you still have some more clothes on, should you want some more."

Kevin refreshed our Dixie Beers from the kitchen and sat back down next to me. He reached up and touched my tit. I slapped his hand and said, "That wasn't part of the deal."

Kevin asked, "What would it take to make it part of the deal?"

Now Kevin had seen and played with my tits as teenagers, however that was a long time ago. He was getting married in two days and was now coming on to his sweet innocent s****r in front of the best man. This wasn't right.

My mind was starting to ask for more coke. Dickie said politely, "How about you letting us feel your boobs for a minute for another line."

This was getting ridiculous, but it sure did beat paying for it. I had to think about it for a moment. "The bra stays on." I said, laying down the ground rules.

Dickie looked at Kevin who nodded in approval. "Sure, sure," Dickie agreed.

Dickie cut out another nice line. I said "If you make another line that size, I'll give you two minutes." I'm no idiot. As long as I am in it for one minute, I might as well do two.

The second line was cut and the deal made. I did the first line and leaned back onto the sofa. I was going to save the other line for later. Upon leaning back, the guys began to grab at my tits. "Wait a second!" I shouted as I lifted my arms to push them away. "We need someway to time this."

Kevin had a Jesus clock on the wall. It was one of those you get at a roadside attraction. The clock was on a laminated piece of wood. Daisy had gotten it for him. We agreed that would be our official Olympic Breast Feeling time piece. When the second hand got up to 12, I said, "Go".

And they were off and feeling. Kevin on my left jumped into the lead early by gently pinching my nipple through the soft white cotton fabric. Meanwhile Dickie was doing a palm move, using both hands to feel my right tit. His fingers then located the nipple, where they made small circles in an attempt to catch up.

The tit play continued as I watched Jesus' lamenting face and said, "one minute". Kevin decided to get bolder and stick his finger inside my bra to feel my naked nipple. The bra did stay on, although this wasn't what I had in mind when I made the deal. I was feeling extremely generous at this moment, on top of the world, and didn't mind the attention. I would let the guys get away with it. Dickie quickly followed Kevin's lead with his fingers.

It wasn't but a few seconds before the guys had both of my tits pulled out of the bra, so the nipples were showing. They were each pinching a nipple and then sucking on my tit when the time was up. This was feeling so good; I let the clock slip by an extra 30 seconds. I pretended to have missed the mark, and then stopped the guys. "Time's up!" I said. "Looks like I gave you more than what you asked for." I stuffed my tits back into my bra.

The guys grumbled a bit. They wanted my tits left out. I did my second line.

"How about taking the bra off Tammy, since we have already seen your nipples?" Kevin said in an attempt to use logic.

"Because if I took it off, you guys wouldn't be able to keep your hands off of me. You would be pawing me- that's why" I said.

Dickie, always thinking of something chimed in, "What if we promise to be gentlemen and should we touch you without your permission then the deal is off, and you don't have to stay here with us? -All null and void so to speak."

I thought a while. "Well I guess I could. What would you give me to do that?"

"How about another 2 lines," Kevin said being generous with Dickie's coke.

"Make it three and you got a deal." I bargained.

Dickie peered at Kevin over the top of his glasses and cut the lines. They weren't as fat as before. They were about the size of two fat lines made into three. I decided not to press the issue as Dickie was starting to get a little tighter with the powder. I restated our deal, "I go topless the rest of the evening and you guys keep your hands to yourselves. If you touch me without my permission, I go to my room- agreed?"

The guys nodded their approval like drooling bobble head dolls. I did the first line, saving the other two. I reached behind my back and unhooked the bra. I brought it forward and paused for a second as if I was having second thoughts. The guys had their eyes glued to my chest. I don't think they even noticed I was trying to mess with them. The bra came off revealing a set of 38DDD bare naked titties. Dickie stared and finally said, "I don't think I have ever seen any that big before in real life."

Kevin added, "I told you they were nice."

I leaned back on the couch and put my arms around the back of it. I was going to let Mr. Gooch get his money's worth. My tits were out in the open. I was almost hoping my b*****r would grab one and allow me to exercise my veto power over these mere mortal men. But that was not the case. I was feeling lively. I wanted to dance, move about a little. It would be a little awkward to do topless, with my tits flopping everywhere, but hey that was the deal. Now I don't normally get a craving to go dancing, however I had one now. The guys sat there with their mouths agape watching me as I moved around, sometimes facing them, sometimes with my back turned to them shaking my ass at them. Dickie turned to Kevin and remarked, "You got a great s****r."

Kevin said, "Yea, I know" loud enough for me to hear. "I only wish TAMMY WOULD TAKE HER SHORTS OFF", he raised his voice over the music.

I danced some after I heard the request; only now I would on occasion roll the top of the shorts down just far enough so the guys could get a glance at wisps of pubic hair and then I would roll it back and listen to them give a mild groan.

Dickie couldn't handle it any more, "Tammy, we need to see some real fur. Help us out!"

"Oh" I said still dancing, pretending not to be too interested. "Now what do I get out of it?" I stopped dancing for a moment and went back to the couch and did the rest of my coke as a signal of what I really wanted.

"Tammy" Dickie continued, "I'll lay out four very long fat lines for you, if you take your bottoms off for the rest of the evening. Since you are almost already there, what's the harm?"

I thought on this for a while, but not too long. That should be enough coke to last me the rest of the evening. Damn I was feeling good and didn't want to come down. My b*****r had seen my pussy many times before, so what's the big deal here. If the guys want to see a naked girl this bad, I would go ahead and show them one. There was no sense letting them go to a stranger. "Make it five lines and you got yourself a deal-I shuck off all my clothes and parade around naked for you guys the rest of the night."

Dickie could hardly say no. "Alright then. You drive a hard bargain." He then turned to Kevin and said, "Are you going to help me out on this, like you said?"

I saw Kevin reach into his billfold and pull out what seemed to be a small wad of twenties and hand them to Dickie. I didn't think this white stuff was that expensive.

The five lines were placed on the glass table. Kevin drew a box with a grease pencil and wrote the words "Tammy's Lines" like I was going to forget my lines. I did half a line in one nostril, than the other half on the other side. I was getting to be a pro at this. The radio was playing Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible." I was the line "She's so fine, there's no telling where the money went."

Again I arose and pranced around to the music bare chested. The guys were watching with great anticipation as I again teased them with the elastic band of my shorts, dipping it enough to give them a glimpse of my fuzzy, but not taking it off completely. They were polite enough not to complain about the tease. Near the end of the song, I turned my back to the boys and bent over and removed my shorts. This was not a panty day. As the song wound up I turned around, stark naked, lifted my arms high up into the air and said, "Tada!" Dickie's eyes lit up as her stared intently at my pussy. I walked over to him and stood in his face, "Here, take a closer look. You guys paid for it. Just don't touch it." My pussy wasn't more than 6 inches away from Dickie's face. I got to feel his hot breath blowing across my vaginal lips.

Kevin said, "Hey, hey, what about me?" I then moved over to Kevin's side of the sofa, to let my own b*****r have a close up shot of his s****r's pussy. Dickie looked over at Kevin with a slight frown as if to say, "Hey guy, this is your s****r. What's wrong with you?" But no one ever spoke a word.

After the guys got their eyefuls, I sat down between them again. The sexual tension grew. I could see their trousers were about ready to break open. I fully expect Kevin's zipper to pop open and his cock to spring out at any moment. I fought off an urge to grab Kevin's cock and suck it. I was feeling very horny about now, but still was uncomfortable about having sex with my b*****r in front of someone I just met. After another line, I did some more dancing for the guys. I felt like strutting my stuff.

We pretty much did a repeat of before. I danced around, mostly holding my boobs to keep them from jiggling about, then going over in front of each of the boys and giving them an up close and personal look at my fur. This time I hiked my leg up on the arm of the sofa, spreading my pussy wide open. My pussy wanted some dick and I am sure the guys could tell by the wet glistening pink of my vagina lips.

We repeated the above scene one more time over the next hour, as my coke pile diminished. After giving Dickie and my b*****r a third eyeful of hairy snatch, he couldn't contain himself any longer. "Tammy," he blurted out. "I just have to touch your body! I must touch your pussy. You let us touch your breasts before, how about again?"

We entered into profound intense negotiations. I knew once they started feeling me up, it would only lead to sex. I wanted sex, but wasn't too excited about having sex with these guys, but it seemed it would be them or nothing. Maybe it wouldn't lead to sex. Maybe it was possible I could get away with them just touching me.

We quickly came to terms. Either I was a great negotiator or Dickie and Kevin were just horny as hell. I would let the guys touch me, feel me up, and even put their mouths on me (no penis). I would do lap dances (after Dickie explained what that was) for the guys for the next hour. I could do all the coke I needed during that time.

A lap dance as it turns out was something we called in high school "dry humping" except I would be naked and getting pawed.

Some more Tone Loc came on the radio. Is this guy going to be big or what? I began a quick little dance, a few sways and then plopped myself down on Dickie's lap. I could tell he was "glad to see me." I centered the crack of my butt on the swelling in his trousers and worked my ass back and forth in a somewhat circular motion. Dickie was groaning as he reached around with his hands to work both my breasts and pussy. He didn't leave anything untouched. My tits were massaged, and then the nipples gently pinched. His fingers then went down to feel my little clitty. Dickie slipped a finger inside of me which made movement difficult, if not dangerous. I then leaned back in surrender on Dickie's body while he had his way touching all my private parts. It was difficult not to get aroused. I rubbed my ass all along Dickie's cock until the point I thought he was going to cum. Between having my pussy probed and the coke, I was feeling the desire for some strange cock.

Speaking of which, I need a few more lines. I think I earned them. I excused myself off of Dickie's massage lap and did a couple of lines to get me going. My b*****r was eagerly awaiting his turn with his butt naked s****r.

I mounted Kevin's lap. I had forgotten how big his cock was for a moment, but was promptly reminded. His hands quickly turned to his s****r's tits and wet pussy. Kevin pawed me for a while, and then he put me in a semi-paralyzed position as did Dickie when he wedged his fingers in my pussy. I leaned back on Kevin's body while his hands played with my body and he ground his cock into my ass.

I rubbed my ass up and down on my b*****r's cock while his buddy watched us. Dickie looked on as Kevin squeezed my tits and fingered my pussy. It felt great, yet at the same time I was feeling the taboo nature of what I was doing through Dickie's stares. Kevin's cock felt really great through his pants. I was getting a little too turned on- close to the point where I would lose control. I had to stop for a moment- coke break!

I slipped off of Kevin's crotch and slid to my middle spot on the sofa. Dickie had completed hacking out some new Tammy lines on the coffee table. I grabbed the straw and did a few lines. I sat back for a moment to savor the effects. I had planned on going back to doing more lap dancing, but seeing my naked tits open, free, and easy-the boys had other ideas.

They each grabbed a boob and commenced sucking on the nipple. I felt like I was nursing twins for a moment. They then licked my boobs while their fingers wrest over who would find a home for them inside my pussy. Dickie's fingers won out as he probed my pussy.

Dickie slipped off the sofa, maintaining finger contact with my warm box, not wanting to take a chance on losing his pole position to my b*****r. He knelt down in front of me and parted my legs far enough as to fit his body between them. He lowered his head to my knees and slowly licked the inside of my thighs from the knee upward, stopping just short of my pussy. Between this and my b*****r's tit play, I was getting terribly aroused. The second time Dickie did the thigh lick; I arched my pussy forward to meet his mouth. Dickie got the message and proceeded to eat me out. It didn't take but a couple of licks of his tongue on my pussy to make me cum. It wasn't an earth shattering orgasm, but it relieved a little tension, yet at the same time made me want more.

Dickie slurped up my love juices while my b*****r was working over my tits. Kevin broke the silence of my moans, "WOW! I have never seen anyone eat my s****r's taco before!"

This only encouraged Dickie to eat me out some more. His tongue sped up to about 60 words per minute. I couldn't contain my passion any longer. I had moved my hand to my b*****r's pants, attempting to undo his trousers with just one hand. As I fumbled around, Kevin was dear enough to help his s****r out and undo his belt and snap. I was able to pull the zipper down and again with Kevin's assistance, I sprang his cock free as all 20 inches of it stood up in the air. (Okay maybe it wasn't 20 inches, but it was huge.)

I grabbed my b*****r's mammoth cock, and just as I was getting ready to devour it, I said, "I bet Dickie never saw a guy get his dick sucked by his s****r before either?" I lowered my head and placed Kevin's cock between my lips.

"Are you k**ding?" Dickie replied. "I'm from Tennessee!"

I watched Dickie out of the corner of my eye while I sucked on Kevin's cock. Dickie had his face buried in my muff, watching me suck on my b*****r's pipe out of the corner of his eye.

After I made a few bobs up and down on Kevin's dick, I took the little fiend out of my mouth and licked the shaft, occasionally flicking my tongue on the helmet. I worked my way down to the balls and placed them in my mouth. I sucked on my b*****r's balls for just a bit, and then released them making a deliberate loud satisfied popping sound with my chops. I then went back to the business at hand and put Kevin's cock back in my mouth. Kevin's hands had gone from my breasts and were resting on my head, gently forcing my mouth onto his dick.

Mr. Gooch, watching my cock sucking display, had to reach down to his crotch several times and readjust his pants to make them more comfortable. Finally he couldn't take anymore and said, "So how does a guy get some of this action?"

Seizing the moment, I took Kevin's dick out of my mouth, held it in my hand as if to offer it to Dickie and said, "Here, you want some?"

"That's not quite what I had in mind" Dickie replied.

"If you put some of that coke on the end of you dick, I bet Tammy would lick it off," Kevin chimed in.

I nodded my head in agreement and gave an "ah-huh" while having a mouth full of cock. I know I was taught you shouldn't talk with your mouth full, but I was sure the boys would be forgiving.

Dickie dropped his pants and put what I thought was an ample amount of coke on his cock. Apparently he didn't want me to miss a spot. I always wondered what an albino's penis would look like. Dickie stood gently wagging his cock for to me come get. I was ready for a little more coke. I didn't think my b*****r appreciated the way my jaw was starting to involuntarily grind on his cock. Not that he would dare complain and risk the chance of me stopping, but I could tell by what was turning into a rhythmic wince every time I closed down a bit. I think he was almost happy to turn his s****r's cock sucking lips over to the best man.

Dickie stood next to me anxiously waiting for my lips to wrap around his candy covered dick. I had him move to the opposite end of the sofa, so I could put my elbows on the arm rest. Kneeling on the sofa, with my ass waving in my b*****r's face, I gently grabbed Gooch's penis near the base. I didn't think it would be fair to Dickie if I accidentally removed the coke with my hands and licked them instead. I started at the tip of his cock with small slow circular licks, pausing after each revolution to savor the coke and work it against my gums with my tongue. It took four or five of these passes just to make it to the circumcision scar. Dickie's head was leaning back. His eyes had no irises. Gooch's hands had a hold of my head. I think he would have fallen flat on his ass, if he had let go.

With my pussy winking at my b*****r, I think he finally got the message. With one foot on the floor and a knee on the sofa, Kevin mounted me from behind. His huge cock filled every void in my pussy. G spot, hell- he was hitting everything from A to Z and then some.

With my pussy expanding to meet my b*****r's demands, I continued to work on Mr. Gooch's now semi-albino penis. I carefully took some more licks on my candy cock. Dickie had come out of his stupor for a moment, to watch my b*****r mount me from behind. He started to become a cheerleader of sorts as he encouraged my b*****r, "That's it Kevin, fuck your s****r's pussy. Give it to her good."

Kevin responded and picked up the pace giving my pussy a good pounding it hadn't had in a long time. His massive cock opened me up wide, pounding my interior walls. I couldn't begin to count my orgasms as they seemed to follow very quickly. This excitement caused me to lose a little control, so instead of giving Dickie small licks, I gobbled his whole cock. I had coke all over the inside of my mouth. I removed his erect cock and used it as a finger to rub the coke on my gums. Dickie liked that move and placed a little bit more coke on the head of his dick so I could rub it on my gums.

He really got off watching me rub his dick across my teeth and gums. He remarked to Kevin, "This is quite the entertainment center you have here Kevin." I didn't mind being referred to as an "entertainment center." However if he had made a reference to the "Big Easy" he might have been one digit short.

Kevin had a firm hold of my hips as he maintained a slow rhythmic ramming motion into my pussy. He let out a load grunt with each thrust into my pussy. It was almost comical and I would have laughed out loud a few times save for the mouth full of sweet tube steak I was working on. The mouth sensation was slightly different than a normal cock sucking job as Gooch's velvet headed cock glided over the semi-numb portions of tongue and roof of my mouth. I experimented a little bit in rubbing his dick over various portions of the inside of my chops. I didn't get a solitary complaint.

Meanwhile, to my delight, my b*****r had picked up his cadence in fucking his k** s****r's pussy. His thunderous grunting had subsided to what I would call "whisper grunts". I felt Kevin supporting more weight on me as he did a reach around and fondled my hanging, jiggling breasts. His cock detonated inside my pussy spraying hot cum everywhere. This gave me a quick orgasmic rush as I was now pumping on Dickie's cock to make him cum in my mouth at about the same time. But it was no-go. With warm sticky cum oozing out of my love muffin and running down my leg, I realized Gooch wasn't going to cum right away because the coke had numbed some of his nerve cells. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and licked all around it with my tongue just to make sure I didn't miss any spots. I held his cock up and licked underneath it and then his balls. Kevin meanwhile decided he wanted to get a closer look at his s****r's tonguemanship. He just plopped down on the floor next to the sofa near my head and watched while he nonchalantly played with my breasts. They were just b*****rly soft feels and pats on my boobs, with a finger rub on the nipple, to make sure they stayed erect. It is not every b*****r that gets to check out his s****r's work this up close. I wanted to make sure Kevin didn't miss anything as he was now destined for an eternity of no head. Kevin remarked, "I've never seen anyone suck a cock this close up before, let alone my own s****r."

I wanted to tell him to be sure and take notes, because he wasn't ever going to see it again, but decided not to put a downer on what will be his "blissful" wedding day. I was going to give my b*****r a good show. He would get to watch his naked s****r suck off the best man while he felt her up.

Kevin watched attentively as I wrapped my tongue around Dickie's cock. Once his cock and balls were dripping wet I placed them in my mouth. I moved the meat puppet leisurely between my lips. Kevin massaged my tits more firmly as I slowly pumped Gooch into my mouth. The medicinal taste of the coke had worn off, or was sucked off to be more exact. I now had a true taste of cock in the back of my throat.

Dickie became more f***eful as the numbness had apparently worn off and he was getting the full arousal effect of my dick sucking lips. With a gentle grasp of my head, Dickie said, "Faster Tammy, Faster." I began a wicked head bob on his dick, allowing Dickie to give me a good face fuck. My b*****r had shifted his roving hand from my boobs to my wet sticky pussy. He quickly found my clit and masturbated me rapidly with his fingers.

Gooch looked down at me for a moment. I lifted my eyes up, with his cock still in my mouth, to greet his stare. Apparently the sight of my eyes gazing at him with my cheek poked out to one side was too much for him. He let his cum spew into my mouth. If Kevin had not been fingering me at this moment I would have had to have done so myself. But hey, what are good b*****rs for.

Dickie had delivered a hefty payload. I was unable to hold and swallow the whole thing in my mouth. A few drops oozed out the side of my mouth between my lips and his cock.

After I milked the last little bit out of Dickie, I took my finger, gathered up the cum off my chin and noisily sucked it off my digit. I felt complete.

We stayed awake until early in the morning for some reason, watching old movies on the late show. I was allowed to put back on my shorts and top, on the condition I would occasionally lift my top and let the guys fondle my boobs from time to time.

The next morning rolled around and I had the worst hangover imaginable. I kept looking into the mirror to see where my head was splitting open. The hangover lasted two days, well into Kevin's wedding. Kevin got married without a hitch and had seen his last blowjob. I went back to Michiana never seeing the best man again. The wedding was very nice. I was ready for one of my own.

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