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Part 5

How I came to meet my GF, and eventually her Daughter and Stepson......who now live with me

On one Saturday morning after my GF had left for work I had slept a bit later than usual. Lisa had stayed at a friends over night and wasn't home. When I got up I went to the kitchen to make coffee and see what I could find for breakfast. While the coffee brewed I decided to check on David, who was also sl**ping late. I walked down the hall to his room to ask if he wanted some breakfast. His bedroom door was partly open so I just stuck my head in to see if he was awake. As I opened his door and was about to speak I stopped without saying a word when I saw him still laying on his bed sound asl**p. The sheet was bunched up at his feet as he lay totally naked on his back, one leg cocked up against the wall, the other straight on the bed. I looked in amazement at his slim young body fully exposed in the morning light. His seven inch cock hung limp over his thigh like a huge banana with a plump mushroom shaped head at the tip. As I looked at him for a minute I began to imagine how big he would be when it was hard. I was getting aroused by the thoughts of just walking in there and sucking his beautiful cock. I resited the urge and pulled his door closed and returned to the kitchen. I pour a cup of coffee and stood at the counter, rubbing my growing boner through my shorts. With my coffee in one hand and my cock in the other I walked down the hall to my room to jerkoff. As I reached the end of the hall, my room on the left and the bathroom on the right, David opens the bathroom door and steps out.

He was still naked and we both froze in our tracks. We stood there looking at each other for a moment, I couldn't keep my eyes off of his enormous cock hanging between his legs. Finally I said "Damn boy that's a big cock you have, I bet all the guys envy you." He smiled and said "Yeah it is pretty big isn't it? Everyone watches me in the showers after soccer practice. I get turned on when I see them looking at me." I laughed and said "Do you ever mess around with any of them?" His smile grew bigger and his cock began to twitch and stiffen. "I have a few times with a couple of my buddies. We jerkoff together and see who can shoot cum the farthest. I'm always the winner." By now his cock was standing at full attention and had grown to nine inches, his mushroom head had swelled up nearly twice the size it had been.

My own cock was rock hard and throbbing as it poked up under my shorts. He glanced down at the bulge in my shorts and said "Looks like you're getting turned on. I'd love to see your cock." I was surprised by his forwardness and couldn't think of anything to say right away then it came to me, "How would you like to get in the shower together?" He said OK and turned walking into the bathroom as I dropped my shorts to the floor and followed him. He turned the water on and as we waited for it to warm up we stood looking at each other stroking ourselves then stepped into the shower. I grabbed the soap and began rubbing my chest and down my belly. "Would you like me to wash your back David?" He said yes and turned around as I began soaping him up. I ran my hands down his back to his firm ass speading the lather over him. I put my arms around him rubbing his chest and belly before making my way to his cock with both hands. As I stroked his rigid monster cock I pressed myself against him letting my cock slide between his ass cheeks and moved up and down between them. He reached back with one hand and started stroking me and rubbed the tip of my cock across his hole.

He started moaning each time my cock went over his asshole. He looked over his shoulder and said "Do you want to put your cock inside me?" I felt my cock throb hard as he held it guiding me as I pressed forward util my cockhead penetrated him. He bent over as I began pushing gently working my shaft deeper into his tight hole till our balls were touching. I reached around stroking his long hard cock as I pumped in his ass, running my hand around the fat head of his cock. In a short time I was ready to cumm, I pushed deep into him as I squirted my hot load. I pulled my cock out and turned him around rubbing our cocks together in my hands for a minute then I knelt down and started sucking him. I slid my lips over his swollen cockhead and several inches down his massive rod as I played with his balls. I could only get about half of his cock in my mouth and I wondered how much of it would fit in my ass.

I stood up, my back to him and spread my ass cheeks apart, "Your cock is so big David, be gentle with me." I felt his hand slide down my crack and between my legs to my cum covered cock giving it a couple stokes, then back to my asshole. He spread my cum on my hole then slid one finger inside working it in and out a few times. He pulled his finger out of me then I felt the tip of his shaft pressing at my hole. I tried to relax waiting as he pushed against me until I felt him enter me. As his fat cockhead slowly entered I felt a rush of pleasure run down my spine, he pushed deeper and deeper filling me up. With a few more thrusts I felt his balls slap against mine with every stroke. I couldn't believe how incredible it felt as his nine inch shaft slid in and out of me, I reached down cupping our balls in my hand as they met.

For five minutes he fucked me, it seemed like an hour to me. With his hands on my hips he pulled me back as he arched his back driving his cock deep as he started to cum. I could feel his hot cum squirting inside me over and over again, I thought he would never stop. Finally he relaxed and pulled his cock from my hole, I looked down as I felt his cum running out of my ass and down my legs. We finished showering and rinsed ourselves off and stepped out to dry our bodies. His cock was was still standing proud and hard as we left the bathroom.

He went to his room and sat on the edge of the bed and said "Hey, you want to see something I learned to do?" I stood at the doorway as he proceeded to curl his body over and started sucking on his cock taking nearly half of it in his mouth with ease. I watched as he bobbed up and down on his beautiful cock five or six times. He looked up at me and smiled "What do you think of that? My friend Alex showed me how to do it. He can suck his own cock too." I said "Wow thats amazing, and I know how good it feels too. When I was a teen I could do that but I could only get about two inches in my mouth. I sure wish I could do it now. I love having my cock sucked." He grinned and motioned for me to come closer, "I'll take care of sucking your cock for you whenever you want." I stood next to him as he bent over to suck himself while he stroked my cock with one hand then raised up to suck me. He alternated sucking himself then me for the next ten minutes or so utill we were both ready to explode. We quickly laid on the bed in a 69 position sucking each other off. We both swallowed and licked each other clean. In the weeks that followed we enjoyed ourselves in many ways. Many times I went into his room in the morning waking him by sucking his cock as he lay sl**ping on his bed, feeling him grow hard in my mouth before waking up just as I made him cum. It was a great wat to start our day.

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