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My Bitch 3

Well its been awhile, but I think there is going to be a great Summer this year. You see, Brandi and I had a seperation of ways this last winter, She thought she wanted some time for her personal life with her Boything... but thats what a Bitch gets for doing her own Thinking.
Brandi, as you have read in my other 2 stories is my Bitch. Not a Slave, there is a differance. She wanted this, lusted for this and now she knows she has to have this life to be truely HAPPY.
Brandihas lost a little weight this past winter, and I have to say it does look great on Her. She is now 5'8" tall bare foot, 40dd,26, 36. Not too bad for a mother of 2. Shesaid the weight loss was from depression, Boything couldnt really give her the one thing she needed to really be happy. That was to be free to live a life that gave her happiness in the sex department. You see she needs to be given Permission to suck a cock, permission to fuck more than 1 cock, permission to eat a pussy, in other words, She needed ME.
I am the Hangman. I am an Independant Bike rider with friends on both sides of the Law. I like the Life. It has its rewards and Brandi MY Bitch is the one reward this life has given me that I too must now admit, but not to her, that I have to have. You see, the Power that I have been given over Her life is a power that gives one the ability to control my own life without any questions as to if things are right or wrong,I just know its right for me. I have many other women friends that are in my life, some for sex only and some very dear friends that I would do anything for. One of those girls is Daniele. Damn she is beautiful, She is 23 yrs old, has a 2yr old girl. She and I met at a place I work to make that thing called a living. Daniele has been a cause of many wet dreams and an occational hard-on that almost got me into some shit at work. But thats a story to be told someother time.
One day as I was sitting at the club, drinking my Jack and coke, getting my cock sucked by Brandi under the table, I was telling a b*****r of mine about Daniele, telling him about the fact that she is a constant turn on, and really wanted to just bend her over a pallet of boxes at work and just pour the meat to her. All of a sudden I got my cock sc****d from Brandi's teeth. I grabed a hand full of her now short red hair, that she changed from a blonde, and jerked her to her feet at my side. "What the fuck was that Bitch, You know you NEVER touch my cock with your teeth", I yelled at her. This causing everyone around me to laugh,knowing it was time to disaplin the cunt. Brandi just looked me straight in the eyes, "You sorry Bastard,"she screemed at me,"I do anything and everything you ever asked of me, anytime anywhere, and you want to fuck that un-dicilined pig of a cunt". I had never seen Brandi or heard her get that tone.She was really pissed of at me. She normally has nothing to say about who or how many we fuck, but this really hit home with her.
I smacked her across the face, not real hard but hard enough so the people a few feet away heard it. She stopped, looked around, and knew she was on the edge of real trouble, not only from the teeth on my cock, but also for the way she talked to me. She right away, droped to her knees, stck her ass in the air and pleaded for the whipping she deserved. I told her to get up, go out to the Bike, and get my tool case. She knew then that she had really fucked up.
She went out, and came back in a couple min. later with a small bag from the front of the Bike. In it were some of the tools to work on the bike if it too failed me as well as a few tools of punishment in case Brandi failed me.
Out of this case I took out 2 alligator clips that have very sharp teeth on them. I told her to kneel down where sh belonged. She got down on her knees, turned her ass up to Me. As she did this, it causes her cunt to push out behind her, perfect for shuving a cock into, but not tonight, Tonight I reached out and slapped her twat hard a few times making it red and sensitive to the touch. I then took one of the clips, and clipped the INNer lips togather with it. She cried out in pain as I squeezed it togather to make sure it was in place and fall out, She does have a very wet and thick pussy juice, andits hard to keep things in place, If ya know what mean. I then took the second one and did the same of the outer lips. I then reached into the bag and took out a butt plug that is only used for the punishments that are to make sure she dont do these things again. It is about the size of abeer mug in diamiter BUT 10" long. it is round on the end as most butt plugs are, however it gets to its thickest point in 3" so when I shuved ti in to her ass without any lube, she screemed out so loud I thoght the cops would come running in as the station is only half a block away. I told her to sit in the chair next to Pete the reast of the night. She was not to go pee, shit or even service anyone the rest of the night, I then started to ignore her,except to buy her drinks that I knew would make her piss a lot.
The barmaid brought over a small was bucket and placed it under th chair she was sitting in and had tears in her eyes because she had been disaplind this way only a year ago by me, because her master didnt have the heart to do it himself. She knows the pain that comes from not beeing able to piss but having to. She knew the pain that comes from the BURN of raw flesh as when you do piss, it flows all over the clips and the holes still bleeding that they made. They keep raw because as you sit on then and the pain gets worse the more you move and twist, the more you move and twist the rawer the wounds get, so no relief till I take them off.
After a couple of hours of this, I hear a muffeld cry as i know she is peeing on the chair, and the knoledge that it was doing its job made me happy. I loked over to see the bucket ab saw that the piss was red. Real red,from her bl**d, I guess I tore her asshole some when I placed the plug into position.I know she had to shit too but that was impossible.This all started remember when Brandi yelled at me about Daniele. So I now ask her what her problem was with Daniele. Brandi just sat there and wouldnt say anything, I then told her she could tell me without worring about anymore punishment about it. She looked around and whisperd she was jelous of her. Pete, sitting beside her reched over and started to grab her by the arm and pull her down onto the chair hard, I kicked his chair out from under him causing him to hit the floor hard, "I told her no punishment for telling me her feelings." Brandi then went on to say how it upset her to think that Daniele could cause me to have wet dreams and she couldnt. I thought about that a minute, and said," You dont need to be that way. You can have Me anytime anywhere I or you want, you know that. We have something as close to a perfect luv that anyone could have, But that the fact that I would never have or ever could have a chance to take that sweet young Daniele, never have the knowledge of what it would feel like to have my meat burried deep into her so tight and wet cunt, or to have her mouth around my cock and delivering such pleasure to me. Never to know the satisfaction of her complete posession."
After hearing me out Brandi ,I believe understood, my thoughts, because in her own mind she also has the desire for things that will never happen.
I had her stand up, and took the clips off her pussy lips, and told her to go to the restroom and pull the plug out. When she returned, she then kneeled down to my right side and stayed there for the rest of the night, Like a good Bitch should. I even let her suck my and petes cocks again.

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