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My Bitch revisited

I am 55 now. This all started after my girlfriend of 8 months,decided to move out without even saying anything to me. I think it was her Mother and younger s****r that convenced he to leave. I was 52 at the time and she was 27.
That happend on Jan 1st. 2010. I was really hurt by it and got into a drinking mode that had left me d***k every night.
A real good b*****r owned a bar at the time,and this didnt help the situation any. But as the month was comming to a close, He decided to close down the place because it wasnt really making any money to speak of.
He decided to have a closing party, and all were invited. He had a Rock band there that was tops in the area, and had their own following at all times.
This night there was a woman that I had seen at their concerts a lot, Her name was Brandi. She is 24yrs old 5ft 10in , blond, 42dd, with a baby roll, you know that roll that has not disapeared from having a baby.
My friend Doc told her of my needing some cheering up, and she decided to give the old man a try for the night. We sat and drank beer,then we went outside to the parking lot where I had parked the truck. I had a bottle of Jack, and another bottle of vodka. She took the vodka and downed half the liter, while I nursed the Jack.
We went back in and listened to the music for a little while longer, then she ask for my phone number. We went back outside and to the truck, where she just droped to her knees, unzipped my pants jerked my 10 inch semi hard cock out and swollowed it all the way down. She never even hesitated. It didnt take but a couple of times bottoming out my cock like that and I flooded her belly with my hot and much bottled up spunk. She took it all like a trooper.
After that Brandi said she needed to get home as she needed to let the babbysitter go home. I said ok and asked when we could see eachother again. She said she would call soon.
Well as luck would have it we both lived in the same direction, so when we left I was behind her for the first couple miles. My cell rang and it was Brandi. "Are you following me" she asked, and I told her No that i just lived in the same direction. She said that being that we both were going the same direction I might as well follow her home. Well I didnt hesitate. We got to her home, and the babysitter left, She checked the k**s, there are 2. When she came back into the livingroom, she was wearing a robe, and ploped down on the couch beside me. The robe poping open at the waist letting me see those great tits. As we sat there kissing and playing with eachother I let my hand go to her neck. There I massaged her and then lightly began to chock her. She began moanning and began to cum right there on the couch. I couldnt believe I found this bitch. She was into the same things I was into, But as I was to find out she was into it more. After a night of playing slave girl to me She said she needed a couple hrs of sl**p before going to work. I went home and that afternoon I got a text from Brandi, saying she wanted to meeat and talk something over. I said OK but really thinking Shit she wants to too close.
We went to a club that was open in the afternoon and has dark booths for "that" kind of hook up if you know what I mean.
I got there before she did and ordered us drinks. She came into the club, and all the noise that was there just got quiet. She was wearing a black short skirt,a corsett type of top, a dog collor with spikes and a small leather cap. I damn near cum in my pants at that. She waled over to me and sit down next to me, thus pinning me in so could not get out of the booth without her getting up and letting me out.
She didnt beat around the bush, She just said," I want to be your Bitch."
This was way out of anything I expected.
A thing about me is that I am a Biker, and her being my "Bitch" will have a differant meaning, so I ask her if she knew what she was asking, and she said" Test me." So I just told her to Suck me right there. She looked around shrugged her shoulders and unzipped my fly and proceeded to suck me off.
The barmaide saw what was going on and came over to say something,and I looked at her and said, Your next. She didnt say anything and turned around to go back behind the bar. Just as came in Brandis mouth, I called the barmaid over, and told her to sit on the other side of the table. When she sat down i told Brandi that now it was the barmaids turn and to get busy. She lookedlike I had lost my mind...But she got on her knees under the table and went after the womans twat like it was better than anything she had eatten. When she finnished with her, She got out from under the table and sit down ... she asked if she did well. All could say was " we will see" that night I called a few buddies and their ol ladies over, we all got d***k, Brandi was wearing the same outfit she had on that afternoon, and we all had turns with her. God she could fuck. She took all cummers and their ol ladies.
She is still to this day my BITCH Other women have "Property of" patches on their vests, but not Brandi, Hers Says "His BITCH" Ask him for permission.

More to come soon will get more details down for you

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