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Down in the Woods.

Well near to where I live is a small copice with a Hevily wooded area down near the river leading into a small creek, where I liked to walk my dog after work relax and watch the wild life. I was down there this one day and met this woman walking her dog from the opposite direction to what I had walked. I had seen her down there before normaly she was in jeans and a jacket, but today she was in a flowery Summer dress, it was really warm and the sun was shining throu the trees. I was in my jeans and t shirt, I called my dog to me and she looked startled as she realised I was there.
She looked at me and smiled, I smiled back at her saying, “ it’s a lovely day, really hot!” “Yes!” She replyed, “ it’s really nice to be down hear by the water, It feels cooler!” We then stopped and chatted for a while about all sorts of things, It was nice to just chat with her as we stood on the path by the rppling water, I then said good bye to her and we both walked away in opposite directions. It was the same for the next couple of days and we met each day at the same time and the same place, i became friends with her and found out that her name was CLAIRE, she was 56 years old and Married to the same man for 36 years. She had 3 c***dren from her Marrage and had never been with anyone other than her Husband.
It was on the forth day the weather was even hotter and when I got to the point where we had met I could see her waiting there for me, as I approached her and she saw me she came running up to me and I could see she was crying, “ I’m so pleased your hear I have had a horrible day!” she carried on telling me how she had been arguing with her husband and that her dog ran off and when she found him this man was really rude to her, I asked what he had done and she explained he had made a pass at her. “as if i would want to have sex with a stranger like that!” she explained, “ I mean to just have sex with him hear in the woods! I mean he was dressed really dirty and looked like he needed a shower!” she then continued saying, “ I don’t have sex with my Husband, so what made him think I would have sex with him?” “ I have not had sex for over 10 years! My Husband can’t get an erection any more!” She told me all this and just hugged me as she was sobbing on my shoulder. I just held her and tryed to reasure her that every thing was OK. As she looked at me and a smile appeared on her face as she said, “ If you had said that I would not have minded and I might have even done it with you!” I just looked at her and leaning forward I kissed her shining red lips, as her tongue entered my mouth and we explored each others bodys, she waisted no time pulling at my clothes undoing my belt, trousers and pulling down my boxers, as my cock sprang into view she gasped, “OH how big you are! Your twice the size of my husband, I won’t be able to take that it’s far to big!” I kissed her neck and licked at her ear lobe, blowwing gently as I wispered, “ it will be fine! I will be very gentle and take it very slowly.”
She looked at me and then taking me by the hand lead me into the trees we walked off the path way for about 100 yards untill we where in this small clearing, I didn’t even know was there, it could not be seen from the path but from it you could see if there was any one around, we both called our dog’s and they cam running to us and then we made them lie down as she pulled this old coat from out behind this tree, I looked at her and she just said, “ I brought it with me earlier!” She had a wicked look on her face and I felt as if she had planned this, she then said, “ Well my friend said I should ask you and that I should be prepaired!” I just looked at her and said, “ Are you sure you want to fuck me?” “What about your Husband!” I asked her, as she replyed, “ He is not interested in having sex with me anymore!” “ I so need to have a man make love to me again!” Well I didn’t need to be asked twice and as I un buttoned her dress and pulling it open I was surprised to see her lace bra, matching suspender belt and brown seamed Stockings, her panties where not thereand her greying pubes looked wirey. I just laid her coat down on the ground and her on top of it. She raised her legs up untill her knees where touching her shoulders, I just knelt down and sucked at her pussy, she squeeled and gave out a moan as my tongue lapped away at her pussy lips and then diving my tongue deep into her open vagina, tasting her wet pussy.
She just laid there in shock as I eat her willing cunt, she had never had this done to her before and was just enjoying the feeling that was washing over her mature body, she clawed at my back and raked throu my hair with her finger nails as she had an orgasam on my tongue, shooting a jet of her cum into my mouth. I licked at her clit and sucked on her flaps as I made this woman cum uncontrolled two, three and even more times, her sweet little noises where echoing in the warm summers air as I pulled my jeans down to my knees with my boxers and then she looked at my hard cock head between her legs as I slowly pushed it into possition and then I was over her pushing the whole lenght into her wet open cunt really slowly as she was so tight, she looked straight at me as she could feel my hard long shaft sliding deeper into her the look on her face was like pure disbelife as her mature cunt was streched wider than it had ever been before as the 5inch girth opened her up wide and the knob bored into her like a drill bit. Then as my cock head came to rest inside her love tube she reached down and could still feel 2 inches of cock that had to go inside her, I gently pulled back and stroking her clitoris as I slipped back in, pulling out again and her inner walls coming with my shaft as I slowly fucked her. My rhythm got up speed and as I pushed hard forward her inner walls gave and my whole shaft screwed deeper into her open tunnle as my knob hit the very back of her cunt, pushing against her womb. She just squeezed my cock shaft with her cunt muscles and then she shuddered to her full orgasam as my whole erection penetraited her, she had taken the whole 8 inches and was swooning as she fucked on her first cock for 10 years or more. Then I felt a sudden pain as my cock head clicked an inch deeper and locked into her, it felt like a finger being dislocated as I realised my knob had fitter inside her inner chamber of her cervix then my young seed was shooting from me right inside her tubes to her womb, my balls where so heavy and full with my cum that I shuddered as jet after jet was fired into her I was only just turned 20 years old and she had to be in her fiftys, the thought of making her pregnant had never even crossed my mind as I pumped her full of my firtile seed, both our bodies where in a uncontrolable state as we both held onto each other as we felt the passion hit us.
She was laying on her back looking up at the tree tops as my throbbing cock was twitching in her wet open cunt, she didn’t want it to stop as she had never felt like this with her husband and she wanted more of what she had just had, she was laying there and making sounds, “WEEEEEEEEEEEEE, I’m flying up there with the birds!” she said, “ I’m flying with the pleasure you are giving me my lover!” So as I started to fuck with a steady rhythm she looked at me and could not belive I was still hard and ready to fuck her again. “Oh yes please my darling give me more of that young hard cock!” “Fuck me hard right now!” I was allready building up steam as I fucked this sexy lady some more. “Your my lover now and don’t you stop till I say you can!” was all she said as I started to fuck her some more. It was starting to get dark as the twilight was rising in the sky and I pulled out my shaft after unloading my balls inside her again, as my knob fell out with a plop sound and I looked down between us and could see my cum dripping off my helmet, the shaft was shinning with the wetness from our mixed juices and it dripped onto her coat, pulling up my jeans and pulling my t shirt back on as she placed her tit’s back in her bra, then placing her hands down at her mound and packing it with some tisue that she had taked from her coat pocket along with her panties.
This Lady was full of my cum and as we dressed she grabbed my hand and kissing me thanked me for giving her the best fuck of her life, she asked If I would meet her again and I told her anytime she wanted to I would be there. We had an Affair for about 6 months and I even fucked her several times each week for the whole 6 months until she explained that her husband had a job promotion and they where moving so he could be near to the new office. I will tell you more of what happened later and how her leaving lead to me meeting another Married Lady that fucked me with her Husbands permission, But that is another story.

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