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Farmer Charles and his Fat,Horse Cock! A True Sto

This is a true story. And I'm still a little sore.

It was just going to be a quick trip to the local book store. You know,the kind where you can pick up a copy of something and then enjoy a cup of coffee or a light nosh? Well,that was the plan anyway.

I spent about a half hour or so reading the dust covers in the Sci-Fi section and had chosen two books that looked promising,when I first noticed an older gent who kept looking over at me. Paying it no mind,I smiled at him then walked over to where the Westerns were,and began my search for one I haven't read yet. I had just selected one written by an author I had never heard of when...

"You're going to like that one. It's full of adventure,gun fights and it even gets pretty damn raunchy in some parts." I heard a very deep,quiet,raspy voice say from behind me. "A lot of whores are getting fucked between those pages." He laughed. Somewhat shocked,I turned around and had to look down to see who it was that was talking to me. Yep. It was the same old man from earlier.
"Really? I haven't found many Westerns like that before. Sure there's the adventure and all,but raunchy? Normally they just kind of imply that sort of stuff,and skim right over it. Probably because a lot of ki ds still read these books." I replied.
"Maybe in most of the books they sell,but this here has some pretty steamy stuff! Why,in one chapter...well,why don't you just read it for yourself. I don't want to ruin it for Ya." he chuckled.
"Thanks. I think I will! My name's Doug." I said and held out my hand. I was suprised by how firm his handshake was.
"Charles. Pleased to meet You." he said.

I did a quick survey of this old guy. He was around 5 foot 3 or 4 inches tall,with thinning salt and pepper hair. He had a slight paunch and eyes that were such a dark brown they were almost black. I pegged his age to be in the mid sixties,and I could tell he had spent alot of time out of doors because his skin was seamed with the fine lines that can only come from being out in the weather.

"Buy You a cup of coffee? Maybe we can compare notes about some of the books we've read?" He asked. "Most of the youngsters nowadays don't read Westerns anymore,they read those damn Vampire novels. It would be nice to talk with someone I have something in common with."
"Sure. I'd like that,Charles. Thank You." Charles had asked Me with such a note of hopefulness in his voice,I found myself quickly agreeing. He seemed nice enough.

I paid for my books and met him in the cafe. We spent the next hour swapping stories and sipping our coffee. I got to know quite about him. For instance,Charles still lived locally,on his old f****y farm,his wife had passed away about three years earlier and,acording to him,he had read just about every book in the store! I eventually stood up and was excusing myself,telling him that I really needed to get going,when He leaned forward and took his wallet out. "Here. My card. Give me a call sometime. It's been quite a pleasure. Quite a pleasure indeed!" and He shook my hand again saying good-bye.

That was on Saturday. He was right. It was one of the raunchiest books I had ever read. I fucking loved it!
After thinking about it all day Monday,I called him on Tuesday afternoon. He didn't pick up the phone so I left a message. "Charles. Doug here. Thanks for the tip on the book. You were right." I laughed "I'm calling because I recalled you saying that you live on a farm and I was wondering if you had any veggies to sell. I have a catering job on Friday and there were slim pickings at the Green Grocers. Thanks!" I left my number and was walking away from my desk when the phone rang. "Sorry I missed Ya!" He almost yelled into the phone. "I was out back in the,uh,garden when the phone rang. Son,I have almost any kind of vegetable you can think of! I'm an early riser,so why don't you come on by in the morning. I'll have the coffee on and you can have anything you want! Anything at all!" He must have hurried in from outside because it sounded like he was out of breath. I got the directions to his home and then went to the bank for some funds.

The sun had just topped the tree line when I drove up. Charles was standing on the porch and true to his word,there was a pot of coffee and two mugs on a table standing between a couple of old Adirondack chairs.
"Howdy,Son! Come on up! Let's set a moment and enjoy the morning before we go out back!" he greeted me. I noticed that his hair was slicked back and he was freshly showered and shaved. His bib-overalls were dirt stained at the knees and along the sides of the thighs but I could tell that they were clean and that the stains were old and worn it. Charles even had a blue checked flannel shirt on. He really was a farmer!

It was a pleasant morning,sitting there surrounded by the quiet and the smells coming from the barn and the gardens. Unlike some,I happen to enjoy such things. "Well,let's get to it!" Charles said and stood up. I glanced over at him and couldn't help noticing the very long,fat outline of his cock drooping down his left thigh. It hadn't been like that when I drove up or I would have seen it. That's for sure! "Come On,I'll give you a tour of the place. Where do You want to start?" he asked me.
I almost said "With that hunk of beef you're sporting!" instead I said "You're the tour guide! You tell me! What do You think I'd like best?" He looked at me and tilted his head to the side. "Well...I'm not sure yet. You're like one of those Russian novels. Interesting,but hard to read." He laughed. "Uh. Thanks?" and I laughed as well.

The first stop was at the "vegetable patch" around at the back of the house. I didn't know what to expect,but it wasn't this. There must have been over 30 acres divided up and covered with,like He had said "almost any kind of vegetable you can think of!". We had walked about a hundred yards when Charles stopped,knelt down and lifted up a zucchini. He stared at me with a slight smile and said "What do You think about this?" He was holding it with both hands at crotch level and I saw movement in his pants leg. His cock was flexing and growing even longer!
"Um. That's really friggin big. Nicely shaped too!" I smiled and observed.
"Everything on this farm is Top Quality,Son! Top Quality! I guarantee it. And Like I said,You can have any of these vegetables You want. Let's save looking at the rest of the garden for later. I want the dew to dry off. Here,catch!" He laughed when I missed catching the zucchini. It flew right past me and I had to turn around and bend over to pick it up. When I straightened,Charles was standing next to me,he hooked his arm through mine and we began walking over to the barn.

"Let me show You the barn. My wife and I used to spend most of our free time out there." He sighed. "I sure do miss those days. Why,She and I had more fun tending to the a****ls than You may think! Hell,as soon as her house chores were done,if I couldn't find her,all I had to do was walk out to the barn and there'd she be!" He began laughing so hard that he started coughing. "Those were Good times! Good times. Well,here We are!" he smiled up at me. Opening the small side door,he motioned for me to go in first. It was dark and filled with the wonderful smells of a well kept,clean barn.
"I'll introduce you to the Girls first." He turned on the ights and we made our way down between the ailes,stopping at each stall door. Everyone of them had a beautifully curried miniture horse inside. "I raise most of these to sell. You wouldn't believe the kind of market there is for these Gals. Quite popular with the rich folks. But there are a couple that I just can't bare to part with. Take Sally there." and he pointed to a sweet natured little bay mare. "She has been a great comfort to me since my wife passed. Of course so has Queenie and Thelma!" he said as we walked passed their stalls. Two more mares,each white as snow and quite plump trotted up wickering at us. It was Thelma that tried to eat the zucchini I was still holding. "Don't act the Hussy!" he admonished her.
"That's OK. I think She's cute!" I told him and put the zucch on a bale of hay by the stall door.
"She is a pretty little thing. Aint she?" and when he said that he looked at my crotch. "They're also in heat! The little sluts!" He chuckled. "Every One of 'em! Keeps my hands full,I'll tell You!"

I was beginning to wonder about Charles. Was there something going on here,or was I imagining things? I wonder if He...Damn! I didn't know if it was the images that began going through my mind or the scent of all that mare pussy,but my cock started getting hard! Charles looked over at me again and noticed it too. Smiling,he gripped me by the elbow. He almost pulled me along behind him till we were at the back of the barn.

"And now for the Boys!" He said as we walked out the back door. There in the pasture behind the barn,each in his own paddock,were a dozen stallions. "Aren't they something? Each one trained by me,Personally! Like I said,Top Quality! Wait till the wind changes and they get a whiff from the barn! Now That's a sight You won't soon forget!" he exclaimed and patted me on the back,then he reached down to adjust his hardening cock. It was straining against the fabric of his overalls!

And true enough,the wind changed direction and I was treated to a spectacle I know I will Never forget! The stallions began lifting their heads,their lips quivered and they started whinnying as they smelled the air. I could hear answering whinnys coming from the barn. My jaw dropped when first one and then another of those stallions started running their cocks out! It was then that the farm erupted in noise!

"Just look at all those big,beauties,will Ya! They may be small in stature,but those Boys have got some mighty big cocks! Don't they?! Kind of like Me!" Charles had reached down the side of his bib-overalls and tried to adjust his cock. "Sorry!" He said looking at me. "I can get kind of worked up. Hope You don't mind." and he gave me a sheepish grin.
"No. Not at all." I coughed into my hand. My own cock was hard as a rock and throbbing!
"Good! Then You won't mind this." he said and unhooked the bib-overall's straps,letting them fall down. They dropped as far as his crotch but couldn't go any farther. "Mind giving me a hand?" he asked and pointed at his crotch. I knelt down in front of him and began tugging on the pants till they came down and his cock was allowed to swing free. "Fucking Hell!" I blurted out.
"Nice,aint it? Ever seen one like this?" He held both hands,one in front of the other,starting at the base and his cock still stuck out about five more inches! His cock had a weird shape to it too. The head was small in comparison to the rest of it. It came to a point about an inch and a half across,then swelled up till it joined the shaft,which was huge in girth! Now,my wrist is almost ten inches around and that fucking cock was even thicker!

"So.What do you think?" He asked,smiling ear to ear!
"Top Quality Indeed!" I laughed and stood up to quickly undo my jeans. Taking them off I knelt there in the dirt,leaning bact to sit on my heels. Naked from the waist down,holding onto that wonderful,fat,awe-inducing cock with both of my hands,I began to rub my lips up and down it's shaft and then wrapped my mouth over the knob as far as I could. I sucked on it while Charles stepped out of his overalls.

"So,You have been with a man before! I wasn't 100% sure,but I was pretty damned sure. Like I said,You're awfully hard to read,Doug. Glad I gave You my card!"
"So am I,Charles. So am I! Charles? I need to tell you something,I may have sucked on quite a few dicks in my day,but I haven't been fucked by a man in years. Not since I was a boy. And thank God none of my friends fathers were packing a salami like this. That's it! That's what this thing looks like! You know? A long,fat fucking salami with a portabello mushroom stuck on the end of it! And Your Balls! I love,'em! They're enormous! They must be the same size as one of your "Boys" out there! Shit! One alone almost fills the palm of my hand!" I said lifting one up and carressing it between my fingers.

"So,You got fucked as a young'un,huh? Follow me,boy. I want you to tell me all about it while We get Gemma ready." So,I did. I followed him around and answered every question he asked me,then I filled him in on some of the rest.
It was nice walking around like that,letting my pecker just flop any old way it wanted to. It was even nicer thinking about what I planned on doing with that horse choker of a dick,Charles kept swinging in my direction too!

"Hay! You aint got nothing catching,do Ya Boy? Sorry,but I just can't take any chances."
"Never even a cold sore,Charles. In fact I was just tested less than a month ago. And You? I can't take any chances either."
"Nope,Me either!" he gave a full belly laugh then and started coughing again. "All I have is Smokers Cough. And I don't mean from Tobacco either. Know what I'm saying? Now,about that time you started to tell me about,the year when Your Daddy went over seas? What happened then?" He asked,and I could tell something was making him a little nervous.

While we were talking,He had put a bridle on Gemma and was leading her back to an outdoor stall made of log poles. When we got there,I watched as he put a blanket over her back and attached the bridle to a big iron ring. "Come stroke my cock,Doug. Take your time. Stroke it nice and slow but I want to know what happened after Your Daddy left. Go on. Tell Me."

"I had been invited to go over to a friends house for the weekend,and when I got there,the only person at home was his father,Frank.But He told my Mom Jeremy would be right back. Frank was another man with a really big dick and He used to flash it at me every chance he got. When I asked where Jeremy was,he told me it would really be just the two of us,oh,and a few of his friends that would be stopping by later. I knew he had heard stories about me fucking some of the other guys fathers,because he told me he heard some of the men at the barber shop talking about what a great little cocksucker I was."

To show Charles what I meant,I started sucking on the head of his cock and playing with his balls.

"Ah,Damn,Boy! I see what you mean! Go on! What happened?" he moaned. I heard a squishing sound and looked up to see that he had started fist fucking Gemma. She kept hunching her back and then pushing against his fist. Her pussy juice was flying everywhere,and when he pulled his hand out her cunt,she kept opening and closing it,"Winking" at us! Noticing the look on my face he said "I got to get her ready,Boy! Look behind you!" I did. Every stallion was running around in circles. Their cocks swinging wildly beneath them! "And?...Go on..." he coaxed.

"Well,it wasn't really my fault was it?" I said still stroking him and licking at his slit. "It was my homeroom teacher who first got me to suck his cock. He kept me after class one day and told me that He knew I wanted Him to put his dick in my mouth. I don't know why He thought that. I had never imagined doing anything like that before. Hell,I didn't even like girls yet! At that age they were still yucky as far as I was concerned. And we didn't have a gym class,only recess,so I had no idea what any of the other boys even looked like down there,let alone why someone would want to put their dick in anyone elses mouth! Anyway,he spent several times a week after school,teaching me how to suck his cock,till I could make him cum in my mouth without needing to use my hands to jerk him off! That's when He started sharing me with the Janitor. 'To keep Him from telling on us.' He said. And then my teacher began having some of the other boy's fathers stop by. 'Because I know how much You want to be Our little pussyboy.' Whatever that was,I remember thinking. One time there were four of them,six of them all together if you count my Teacher and the Janitor. That was when I got fucked for the first time. All of the men kept telling me what a good boy I was and that they All Knew how much I wanted them to do what they were doing. And no matter how much it may hurt,I had to swear that I would never tell about what I was doing. 'You don't want your parents going to jail,do you?' My teacher kept asking me. Well,No,I didn't! 'Because if you tell them,They Will Be taken away to jail!' So for months on end,my folks kept thinking I was being tutored in reading and I kept doing whatever the Teacher told me to do!"

I stopped my narative to really suck on Charles's cock and try jerking him off. I was getting so fucking turned on telling him about all of those wonderful,kinky, memories and about doing all those nasty,naughty things I have never told any of my friends or f****y! My dick was bouncing up and down in time with my pulse and from the rythem of my hands as I played with Charles's cock! And the sound of Gemma getting fisted,mixed with all the noise that she and the stallions were making,was driving me crazy! Charles reached down and pushed my head back till I was looking at him. Parting my lips,he put his dripping fingers into my mouth and told me to suck them clean. I was suprised by how much I liked it!

Pulling his fingers out of my mouth,he shoved his hand back up into Gemma's free flowing cunt,pumping his fist in and out when he said "Well? I'm waiting."

"Well,that weekend Jeremy's dad,Frank,took me into the bathroom and made sure I was clean. Both Inside and out. Then he had me dress up in some of his daughter Kelly's, underware,blouse and tights. Since her shoes fit me,I wore her purple suede ankle boots too and a black pixie style wig that he had bought me just for the occasion. He put eyeshadow,mascara,some white face powder and black lipstick on me,then he fastened a red dog collar and black leather leash around my neck. He had me kneel in the corner. I wasn't allowed to look at any of the men as they arrived. He told me to stare at the floor the whole time. Is that enough Charles?" I asked,because I really,really wanted to have him cum on my face. I was anxious to see how much of his cock I could deep throat. If any at all!

"Nope. Keep going."

"O.K." I sighed,but I kept tugging and jerking away at that big,fat monster piece of meat that hung down from between his legs. "Frank walked over to me and put a blindfold over my eyes then led me into the room where the men were waiting. I could hear them 'Ooohing and Aaahing' as he had me turn around. That's when the touching began. They didn't know that I was a boy. One of the men took my top off and started sucking on my nipples,then he stood up and told my to open my mouth and start sucking his cock. He had no idea what he was in for,because I swallowed his cock and in almost no time at all I had him shooting his load right down my throat! Over the past six months time that I was blowing and fucking my teacher,he had also taught me how to deepthroat. The next thing I knew my clothes were being ripped off of me when suddenly everything stopped. 'Fuck! She's a He!' someone said 'Yeah,but a sexy little He. Look at "Her" clit! I don't know about You guys,but two inch clit isn't going to stop me at all!' another one said. After that things got kind of blury. All I know is that I sucked too many cocks to count and I had so much cum up my ass after the last man,that when I could finally stand up,so much cum ran down the insides of my legs,it made a puddle around the soles of my feet! Charles,I remember being fucked so many times,by so many different men over that weekend,that I actually fell asl eep when the next to the last man came inside of me." I quit jerking on his dick then and tried to devour it. I couldn't wait any longer! I opened my mouth as far as I could and sank down on that cock! Unfortunately I couldn't open my jaw wide enough to get past the head without scr****g him raw with my teeth! Goddamnit!

"Frank was a fool,Doug. He didn't know what a good thing he had. I said,We'll play later,Doug! Oh,SHIT! Stop That!" he panted "Finish your story."

"Hmmmmmmmmm." I hummed on the tip of his cock until it made him pull away from me. "I came to when the last man finally took me. It was just the three of us left by that time. 'Frank. I want my money back. Why in the hell did even you invite me over? There ain't no way in hell he can safely take this thing!' he said. 'Who cares? Just shove it in! I want to watch!' Frank answered him. 'There is no way I'm going to do that to the boy,Frank.' 'Fine! Here! Take your fucking money and go!'
I heard Frank throw something at the dude. Then in a very quiet voice I heard the man say 'When You come to ,Frank,You had best clean him up real good,be sure that he's ok and take him home.' I think that's when Frank got his lights turned out. "Stay where you are,Honey. Let's try this.' I heard the man say and I felt the biggest cockhead, ever, pressing against my willing asshole. I actually wanted to see if He could get it in me! I shoved my ass up against it as hard as I could,begging him to shove it into me! But when the head of his dick sank into me He knew that was all I could take! I pulled the blindfold off and rocked back and forth as fast and as hard as I could. Over and over I kept asking him to try and put more of into me but it just wouldn't fit. So instead, I humped away and fucked that cockhead until he finally lost it! I remember hearing him grunt and then that wonderful feeling when he blew his load up into me! It was so hot! God,Charles! There was So Much of it! More than any man who fucked me before or since! To this day,even after fucking all those same men for the next three years till I switched schools,I never had a cock like that again!"

"So. You think now is the time to remedy that situation huh?" He asked me.
"Oh,FuckinA,I sure as Hell Do!"
"Well,we have some work to do first. Rule number one. The Stallions cum first."
"What?!" I exclaimed
"Calm down. Why do you think We have Gemma here?" He laughed "You do have to jerk them off,tho. I need some help collecting their semen. Think You can handle that?" and He laughed again.
"Charles! They'll never know what hit them!"

I watched Charles as he led one after another of the "Boys" over to more of the outdoor stalls. Now,those horses may look cute,but they are far from it! Those stallions were every bit as viscious as their bigger counterparts could be!Charles and I both had to fight each and every one of them till he could secure their bridles to an iron ring and put hobbles around their hooves. Only then did He untie Gemma and walk her over to stand with her rump in front of their nose. I'm ashamed to say it,but watching her pussy "winking" at them like that,I have to admit was pretty freaking hot. But,and I Really do I hate to admit this,jerking off those "Boys" actually had me thinking thoughts I never in a hundred years should have had.

I learned alot that day. Including,that no matter how careful You may try to be,even with a condom over their cocks,You Will still end up with horse cum on you. And there's no telling where it will be either. The first time it happened to me,I had taken the bag off of the stallion's cock and was holding it up admiring it's size,when a latent blast shot out hitting me on the right side of my chest and thigh! Charles laughed at my expression as it dripped down my bare skin. The second time it happened,Charles aimed a freshly milked cock right at my crotch and jerked on it a couple of more times till several more streams let fly,soaking my crotch and coating my cock in a hot sticky mess. "Damn! Charles! Why did you do that?" I laughed. "So I could do this!" he said. Then he leaned over and started sucking on my cock. He is definately no stranger to giving blow jobs that's for sure! In fact,he gives one of the best I have ever had! But the best was yet to come.

We finished with the stallions and returned them,spent and sedated,back to their paddocks. As Charley was putting their sperm on ice,He had me bring Gemma back to her stall and she kept nuzzling me the entire way. I had to stop her a couple of times from getting her lips around my cock because I was afraid she would bite it. "She won't bite,You know. I taught her better than that." Charles said as he walked into the barn. "Why do You think People buy them? Hell,Boy! I Told You I Trained Them. Personally! Look! I still have my cock don't I?" He was laughing so hard tears were streaming down his face. "Hell,Son. Don't flip out on me. I ain't gonna ask you to tap any of them. Not unless You want to?"
"Maybe next time." I said. "Look,Charles. I really do want to have that cock of yours up inside of me. Now,I told you my story and I have to admit it,I had a fucking awesome time jerking off all of those stallions with you. But Fuck! That was such a turn-on! I didn't plan on any of this happening. Not at all! I only came over to buy some veggies from You. But please. Charles,I'm begging You. Please quit teasing Me and let me experience what that big,beautiful cock of Yours Feels like as it fills my ass! Will You do that for me? Please?"

Charles didn't say anything. He went into the stall then handed Me a horse blanket and a three legged stool. "Spread that blanket out and put the stool down on it,then meet me around in front of the barn. I did as He asked and met him out front. He stood there holding a hose and looked at me until I assumed the position. When we were done,he took me by the hand and walked me over to the blanket. "Get on you hands and knees,Doug. I'll only be a moment more." He said and went back into the stall.

Part 2 to cum!

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