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My First White Woman

My b*****r and I were asked to help my dad and uncle at their business. Uncle Mike had a catering business and had a wedding reception to do and wanted my b*****r and I to help serve and clean up. We liked doing this as it was easy money and fun.
I was s*******n at this time and my b*****r was eighteen. I had had sex with two different girls, both black. I had never seen a white woman naked, my dad had always said if I get a chance to stick my dick in white pussy jump at it as it is really good!!
At this reception it was all white people. And they drank and ate alot. There was four married women, good looking white women that were really d***k and flirted alot with us. They had said they were without their husbands and ready for fun. We flirted back but thought they were just playing. When the party was over we had everything cleaned up and packed the van. We were finishing up cleaning the community center when the four women had snuck back in. One of the women went up to Uncle Mike and told him that she had heard that black had big cocks and she would show him her pussy if he showed his cock. Uncle Mike walked into a smaller private room with a couple of large tables in it. He pulled down his slacks and pulled out his cock. It was huge!! About eleven inches and it was getting rock hard. He had a huge nut sack to go along with it. The woman gasp and said she had never ever seen one that big before. She pulled down her pants to reveal a very wet golden brown snatch. She pulled of her top and bra showing a nice set of tits. She leaned back on the table and spread her legs an stuck her finger into her pussy. My cock was throbbing. Uncle mike moved over to her and she started to fondle his cock. Uncle Mike is about six foot seven inches tall and about three hundred pounds, this woman was five foot tall and maybe hundred pounds and about fifty years old with a big diamond ring on her finger. Another woman walked up and started to fondle Big Mike. My dad stepped up and removed his clothes to reveal a giant cock also. My dad and Mike are the same size and build. That other woman removed her clothes to show a dark haired snatched with a bikini trim and big tits, she was blonde, and around fifty also. She knelt down and took my dads cock into her mouth and sucked it for a minute then laid back on the table a pulled dad over to her and guided him into her pussy. Dad pushed his cock all the way into her slowly till he was balls deep. She said that is the biggest cock she has ever had in her pussy. Dad started to bang that pussy, slow and hard. Then he picked up speed, her boobs jiggled like jello. This woman had her leggs wrapped around dad and was holding him tight and he pounded her. Her breathing was getting heavy and she was getting vocal. She orgasimed and held dad tight, he came too filling her with his jizz. I could see some juice leaking from around his cock. They stayed like that just holding each other.
Big Mike was now ripping into the petite blonde and showing no mercy on her pussy. She was nearing her orgasim, she said she had never had sex this great before. Watching Mikes dick go in and out of her pussy was making me very horny. She orgasimed very hard and Mike dumped a massive load into her.
The other two ladies were now getting ribbed by the the two women that had already been fucked. A darked haired woman pulled her clothes off and then removed mine. She had shaved pussy, medium sized boobs. She was dripping wet and I really liked how she was playing with my cock. I had never seen a shaved pussy, I had never been with a married white woman or one that old enough to be my mom. She pulled me over and said she wanted to feel me inside her. She then said she had never been with a black man, or ever cheated on her husband. She also said she had never had a cock the size of my ten incher inside her. I watched as my black cock disappeared into her pretty pussy. I was not going to last long, she held me very tight as I thrust harder and harder into her. She came quickly and this caused me to explode a large load deep inside her. I wanted to keep fucking, and my cock stayed hard inside that sweet pussy. My b*****r was fucking away on his girl doggy style. They both came soon.
The women wanted to fuck some more so we went to a hotel. We had all switched partners and fucked again. The women feel asl**p and when they woke they wanted some more cock. I fucked two white women that night several times. And it was good to watch my dad fuck also.I still fuck those two ladies every now and then. They love my young black cock. I now agree with my dad, there is nothing better than being balls deep in a white married pussy and filling it full of jizz.

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