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Package delivery

I got a trip to Vegas for a training week and could take one other person for an extra couple of bucks.
I took my wife, thinking she'd have a good time gambling and shoppin and stuff.
I didn't know how much fun she'd have..
She hung out at the pool the first morning and I went to work thinking she'd be tipsey at best when I got back to the room.
I didn't expect to see a used bed with stains on the sheets and pillows when I got back that day.
She was sittin at the pools bar chattin with a guy, when I walked up. She looked kinda strtled and said hi to me. She introduced us and said his name was Malcom and introduced me to him.
I didn't think much of it and said Hi to him and asked how her day had been. She wasn't sunburned, so I assumed she hadn't been out at the pool all day.
She told me she had a great day and that Malcom had been very nice to her and shown her a lot of things to do while I was working.
I asked her, like what?
She said she would tell me later, but she'd made reservations at the casino's club for dinner.
I said ok and that I wanted to go shower before I did anything.
She told me to hurry, cause they were for 5 and it was already 4:30.
I said ok and went back to the room and jumped in the shower.
When I got out I couldn't find a towel that was dry. There were 6 wet ones lying around the bathroom and I figured she'd gotten bored and taken a couple of showers. Only she would know why she needed them. Duh?
I called room service and they had some new ones brought up to me in actually less than 5 minutes.
The sexy lil latino girl who delivered them said to call her back any time I needed anything.
I asked if she had a number to call her so I could get ahold of her and she gave me her cell number.....(very cool, I thought)
I couldn't help noticing that she was wearing a very tight fitting white tanktop and silk shorts. All of which made her look very HOTT.
I went down to dinner and met my wife in the line to get in. She was there with Malcom and 3 of his friends.
I asked her what was up? and she said he had actually invited us to meet him here. It's kinda hard to get reservations to this particular club.
I kinda felt a little innadequate suddenly. Why was this guy that interrested in my wife and more than that... To be un-PC why was she sooo interrested in this Black guy?? I could imagine suddenly what she had been thinking and or worse... doing all day.........
Next chapter? Dinner with her friends.
Dessert is a fun thing

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