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My friends wife at home.

Well I have told you about my friends Wife JANE, as I said she is a BBW and I had an affair with her for 15 years. I have so many sexual stories to tell you about her, so hear is the next one. We fucked a lot in the car over many years and enjoyed a lot of outdoor sex, but one of the best times was when i fucked her in there house while her husband was at work.
It was a hot summers day and I was working nights, Jane had the day off and phoned me to go and help her with something, little did I know what she had in mind. When I got to her house she opened the door she was dressed in a summer dress as I looked closely at her I noticed her large nipples poking out against the material and as she turned around and saw her large bum wiggle It was so obvious that she had NO panties on either, She was totaly naked under her skirt she led me into the kitchen and then turned and opened her dress to show me her large naked body, with the rolls of her fleshy womanly curves and the mat of pubic hair looking so welcoming on this sexy Lady I just grabbed her and we kissed long deep passionate kisses, as our tonges explored each others mouths. She was pulling at my shorts and grabbed hold of my cock pulling me out then going down on me a sucking the whole length into her mouth giving me a brilliant blow job. She did this for ages and then led me to the stairs, I asked where we where going and she told me to my bed. I freeaked out and explained I didn’t mind fucking her anywhere, but I drew the line at her marrital bed, so she just lead me into her lounge and laid on the Sofa spreading her legs and telling me to get down there, I went straight at her pussy that was dripping with her cum, I lapped at her juices and gave her an orgasam with my tonge and finggers, she looked so horny and I was so hard I just mounted her and entered her open cunt starting to fuck her really hard and deep, she flooded the couch in seconds and she rolled me onto the floor so she could ride my cock, this hurt her knees so I rolled her onto her back and rising up on my toes and hands slammed my hard cock deep inside her willing cunt, as her juices ran down her crack to her arse and made a pool on the floor, I shot my cum deep up her love tube, we always fucked bareback as she was not able to have anymore c***dren. She struggled to have her daughter and was unable to have any more even thou I tryed to give her my baby many times she could not get pregnant by me, I was fucking her so hard on the floor my knees and toes where getting friction burns when she rolled me over and taking me by the hand led me up stairs and into her bedroom, she just laid back on her bed and I looked at the pillow where her husband rested his head to sl**p with her, then loked at her wide open cunt looking so inviting for my cock as I remounted her and slipped my knob back into her thick cunt lips pushing deep inside her and cumming as I entered her in her marrital bed where she had been fucked by her husband, the excitement and guilt hit me as I filled my friends wife with my thick white spunk, coating her inner walls with my baby batter as I fucked her harder than I ever had before, this was a really strange feeling, but so erotic to fuck her like this as she was having multipul orgasams and I was cumming about every 15 minuets, we fucked hear for two hours not even stopping when the phone rang, there was no way I was going to pull my cock out of her. Then we both had one thundering earth shattering orgasam together and I pumped even more cum in her then collapsed onto of her as she just laid there and shook violently as her own orgasam ripped throu her.
We where both totally exhusted and we laid together for a while then got up and went to find our clothes to get dressed, I had just put my shoes back on and Jane was just pouring out a coffee when the front door opened and in walked her Hubby, “Hi mate do you want a beer instead of that!” pointing at the coffee in my hand,” I hope she has been looking after you and given you what you needed?” If only he knew I had just been fucking her and my cum was dripping out of his wifes wet cunt while we stood and chatted, he had finnished work ealry because he didn’t feel to good. “ I think I’m going down with something!” was all he said, as Jane went to the bathroom to clean up. My cock was getting hard again thinking about the state of the bed upstairs and the pool of cum on the floor in the Lounge, well I was sure he was going to notice some thing, but he didn’t and when I left Jane kissed me and said “ I’ll see you later!” and she did, but that’s another story.

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