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The Quest (Chapter 5)

Chapter V

The Man - I stand in the hallway and decide to go outside into the garden for a while. The evening is a friend. It is already dark and the breeze is cool. I sit by the pool, number two brings me a bite to eat and a glass of wine. She's a treasure. In the moonlight I see her eyes glow. I smile and kiss her forehead before she disappears again. I look up at the stars, sip my wine and light a cigar, let the smoke curl through my mouth and escape again through my nose, tasting the dark, sweet Brazilian tobacco. My mind replays today's video. Image by image, carefully analysing each one, looking for small clues, signals, responses. I close my eyes. How am I supposed to devide my emotions between these two women, one so close to me and one very much on her way to chew up yet another a piece of me even though she doesn't know that yet. I won't sl**p much tonight.

Back in the hallway I stop by the gate. You're asl**p now. sl**ping quietly. Only one candle is left burning and I can barely see you. Your blindfolded face is turned towards me. There is a peaceful expression around your lips. The one I was hoping to see. For a brief moment I have to fight the urge to open the gate and go inside.

In my own room I hear the soft and gentle breathing that should be there. That I knew would be there. I open the curtains, allowing the moonlight to come through the large window. Very softly I take off my clothes and let my body sink on yours. You moan in your sl**p as I slip inside your tortured vagina. Then I let my weight slowly come down on your body until it rests on the two think blue welts.

"Yes Sir, please," you moan, waking up. My hands dig into your hair, f***e your head back and I kiss you, gently starting to move my body now. Every move hurts like a whiplash, no matter how gentle. I feel your body arching into the pain, pressing it against mine. Your eyes remain closed, your lips curl in pain, the muscles in your neck swell. The gentleness gradually turns to strong and full pushes. The pain increases. So do your emotions. I can feel you contract around me. Then I replace my hands and let my nails dig deep into your tortured and over sensitive shoulders. Your cry out, push yourself harder and harder against me. In my head I hear "wheels of fire" playing as I increase my f***e, feel the needing, the wanting build up inside me. God, I want to dig into you completely, feel you giving everything ...... everything you've got. You're not there yet. .... this wheel shall explode .....

Again I reposition, grab your nipples and pull and squeeze them to the maximum. You yell out and keep yelling. Your hips are thrusting themselves against mine.
"More," I demand. "More." I twist your nipples even further. Then your body stiffens, trembles for a brief moment and there it is, all of it. It doesn't stop. You moan, yell, curse, cry out for mercy and in the same second ask for more, shaking uncontrollably now and I throw myself into you deep, giving you back everything I've got.


Alexus - I was sl**ping... I was dreaming I think, about the day and the whipping. At first I was walking and there were flames everywhere. My body was on fire. I could feel the heat as if it were real. And then you were on the other side, reaching for me, pulling me out. I was burning, and you saved me. What was it I felt, relief? Disappointment? My mind races even in my sl**p, this house seems to do that to me.
I awake to feel you touch me but still I am not sure if it was a dream. My mind is still foggy from the space you left me in. I don't think I ever really came down afterward, just fell asl**p.
You are inside me now and its what I want, what I need. Each time we move together my body burns again, but I don't mind. I crave the heat you bring. You push harder, deeper into me and I thrust to meet you. Each time we meld together I need more. There is pain and sweat and I need more. You ask more of me too, you require it of me but I am holding back. I scream in your ear, squeezing you with my long legs.

Your fingers torment my sore nipples and I scream louder. I hear the sounds of night outside the big French doors, and I hear moans, gasps. I hear the sound of you taking over me yet again.
We are rocking, slamming against the bed. The combination of pain and pleasure is intoxicating and leads me further and further away. You tell me again, you want more from me. I am yours, you have it all, I think. Your mouth covers mine in a lovers kiss and we share even our breaths. Again and again we move together, until my body is simply responding. My mind is no longer controlling me, you are. It is instinctual now, I am exhausted and the pain and pleasure radiate. I fight against you, I can go no further surely you must see this.

You pound into me.... harder and deeper and I welcome you all the way through, give me this, I am needy. And then I am screaming again, and my body is shaking.

From somewhere deep inside me, IT comes. Up from my soul, travelling the length of my body, leaving its mark, and then it comes out of my mouth in a****l sounds. I am flying. I have let go and I can feel little sparks of electricity all over me, every part of me is alive. My back arches as I raise us both off the bed. Oh this is good... This is what I live for, what I need. You are moaning in my ear, you feel it too. It comes and keeps on coming and I think it will never stop. I hope it doesn't. We are both here, I know it. If I could speak I would share the words with you, share the wonder, but on some level I know you need no words. I forget to breathe and you kiss me to remind me. I am gasping ... gasping. Yes ..... Oh ... yes .. Resting here in the dark, our sweat and cum holding us together, I clear my mind. Tomorrow will come and with it, more trials, more experiences, more emotions. For now, I will be still and silent and float.


The Man - I have removed the cuffs. You are curled up against me, still shaking. I gently rub your body with an Oriental oil that will take the burning out of your flesh soon. You cry softly, letting emotion out, feeling the gentle rubbing and crawling to me even closer. I let you and keep rubbing you, long after you have fallen asl**p again.
The next morning I wait for you to wake up, kiss you and smile. "Morning A. Don't talk. You'll stay here today. You will rest and you will taken care of. Don't try to do too much yourself. You have given all you have got, way more then you ever dreamt possible. You need to rest now and recuperate."

I get up and shower. Get dressed and walk down the hall. As per my instructions you have not been released and are still asl**p in your cuffs. I smile as I open the gate and carefully remove the cuffs. You wake up as the gag is taken out.
"Good morning Teresa. Don't talk now. Someone will come soon and will bathe you. Leave the blindfold in place and do as you are told. Today is going to be your first very special day."
I leave you and almost immediately a woman enters. She carefully bathes you and prepares you, massaging your wrists and ankles. As soon as you are ready she replaces the blindfold by a fresh one and cuffs your hands on your back again, using soft but firm and effective leather cuffs that are padlocked together. She leads you to the living room and places you standing up, next to my chair as you soon notice. Not a word is spoken but you can hear me eating breakfast. You are not given anything to eat, just left standing here. At least half an hour must have past when you finally feel my arm around your waist and I lead you away. You don't know where to but you sense it is a large area and it feels like you are being placed in the middle.

Soft music is playing in the background. Violins and you hear me walking around you.
"Spread your legs Teresa." You do as you are told. The slow footsteps continue. Then my hands touch your body, gently feeling your shoulders, arms and back. The beginning of a very, very complete inspection. Not one spot on your body is missed, gently caressing, feeling, pushing and squeezing your flesh. It feels strange. Exciting and humiliating at the same time. You hardly dare to breathe. The most intimate areas are saved for last and you shiver as you finally feel my fingers opening your labia and slipping in. You blush, knowing you're wet.

The entire inspection takes more than an hour and when it is done your body is glowing all over. You feel something being attached to your cuffs and your arms are being hoisted, forcing you to bend forward with your arms being raised backwards. It hurts in your shoulders and makes you feel very helpless. A spreader bar is being placed between your legs, keeping them wide apart. The footsteps start again, slowly walking around you.
You hear clicks. The spreader bar is being secured to the floor. You are fixed in position. No escape, whatsoever. Your heart is beating. IT is about to happen. My hands touch your bottom, grabbing the cheeks. Squeezing them, moulding them.
"Today you are going to learn to let it out Teresa. What is in you should be brought out. I know that is dangerous. I know how much that feels to you like giving up. Like losing yourself. Still you are going to learn to do it." My nails scratch your skin. Your body is stiffened in fear and expectation.

SLAP! The sound is worse then the impact. The large room seems to produce an echo. SLAP! ... SLAP! ..... SLAP! You bite your lip. My hands come down in a slow but steady rhythm. You've heard about this. This is not a spanking. This is a warm up. SLAP! ..... SLAP! No words, just the sound of flesh on flesh. Let it out! every slap seems to say. Let it out! .... Let it out! .... Let it out! Your breathing starts to adjust to rhythm ... your life adjusts to rhythm, the world adjusts to the rhythm. The world IS the rhythm. Let it out! ..... Let it out! ..... Let it out! Your butt is glowing and your body swings from left to right within the limit space of movement your have. Your head hangs down, your arms seem to be torn from your shoulders. SLAP! .... SLAP! .... SLAP!

Tears flow. The blindfold is soaking. Your body is shaking. Sweating. Why doesn't he touch me, hold me? Why just his hands? Why not a flogger? Why his hands?

The impact changes and the slaps become more intense, vibrating through your body, setting your butt alight. The red on your skin is changing from light to dark and my fingers leave flashy red spots that fade away quickly, blending into the red. ... the rose tattoo of fingerprint from me on you ...
Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Your moaning now is part of the rhythm, one after another. I walk away for a while but you hardly notice. When I come back the next slaps are different, more intense. In each of my hands is a short, broad leather paddle and the rhythm starts again, alternating from one cheek to another in the same slow but inevitable sequence. SLAP! .... SLAP! .... SLAP! Let it out! .... Let it out!
"I can't!!!!" You yell out, crying uncontrollably. "I can't"
"Oh yes you can." The rhythm doesn't stop. "You can. Do you want to?"
"Yes! Yes! I want to. But I can't ... I shouldn't. I mustn't"

"Nooooooo!" The impact of the cane causes a blistering pain, as if a glowing sword is cutting into your flesh. The air is driven out of your lungs. The world starts to spin.
Swish! Another cry, desperate and lonely like a gull flying over the beach and crying out to see. Swish! Swish! Swish!
I drop the cane and one hands pulls your burning bottom cheeks apart. The other grabs your ponytail. I pull your head back far and push in at the same time. Your feel your anus being split, f***ed open and penetrated.
"Now Teresa. Tell it. Tell it to me .............."


Teresa - The feeling of the gag being gently removed from my mouth awakens me and I sense you are close to me. I can smell your now familiar sent and I smile softly. The cuffs have also been removed and you have my hands still resting lightly in your lap but you have left the blindfold on me and I am not going to question you about that. So many things happened to me as I lay here on this bed last night. So many different emotions passed over and through me, but one that remained strong in me was a feeling of acceptance.

I can and will get through each obstacle you put before me. No matter how difficult they may seem or become. I know I am safe here and the things that may happen will only help me grow. I take a deep breath and shift my body slightly and this causes you to smile as you watch me. My movements even after being tied to the bed all night are instead of being blunt and angry, smooth and relaxed ... almost feline.

You tell me not to talk and I immediately and without question obey you, listening as you give me my instructions before rising and going out the gate not locking it this time. I lay still on the bed only a few moments before a woman entered the room and took me to the bath were she bathed me before removing the blindfold and placing a fresh one over my eyes. She then pulled my hands behind my back and cuffed me again.

I was a bit curious but kept my questions to myself as I knew she would not answer them anyway. All to soon she was leading me out of my room and down the long corridor to the living room. The smell of hot coffee and warm food assailed my nose and made my stomach growl. I thought I would be led to the table but instead I was moved to stand beside your chair and I wait for someone to come and lead me to the table. I hear you eating your breakfast and still no one comes and then I feel your arm around my waist and you are guiding me away from the dining area. A slight frown touches my lips as I realise I am not going to be allowed to eat but again something new inside me keeps me quiet and I obediently move with you.

You take me into a large area. Faint violin music is playing in the background and I tilt my head a little in appreciation of its soft melody. You take me into the middle of the room and tell me to spread my legs wide and I obey you. I can hear you moving around me and I feel a bit nervous as I cannot see what you are doing. And then I feel your hands upon my nude body, touching my shoulders and smoothing the skin on my arms and back. You continue to move along my body and I realise that you are not trying to soothe me but to inspect me. Every last inch of me and I flush with embarrassment as at last you reach my most intimate place and gently slide your fingers over me and then into me. My arousal is apparent to us both.
I feel you moving again and you attach something to the cuffs at my back and my arms are hoisted up causing the muscles in my back and shoulders to strain painfully. My feet are pushed wider apart and a spreader bar is connected to my ankles. I feel myself on the verge of panic and I tell myself to calm down. There is nothing I can do about this and I must trust you. I do trust you and I trust my David would never put me a position he did not think I could not handle. Even still I can feel my heart pounding in my chest. I feel your hands on my bottom and I am a bit embarrassed as I feel myself leaning into your touch. I listen as you speak softly to me telling me today is a very special day indeed. It is a day where I will be taught to let it all out. I stiffen as I hear your words and pain spreads down my arms and to my shoulders. I am helpless to do anything but listen and obey you.

You continue to tell me you know how hard this will be for me, and you know that I will fight against it. But that even as I do, I will still submit and it will happen. I feel your nails raking over my flushed and heated skin and I stiffen uncontrollably.

SLAP! SLAP! I feel the first blows upon my bottom and they sting but they are not what I had expected. I realise after several more swats that you are using your bare hand and that this is only the beginning. The "warm up".
SLAP! SLAP! With each slap upon my increasingly sore bottom I keep hearing the words echoing in my ears.. Let it out Teresa! Go on! Do It!! but I shake my head violently. "I can't!" I shout to the voices in my head. "I just can't!"
Tears flow from my tightly closed eyes and slide under the edge of the blindfold as the swats intensify. My bottom is glowing red with the heat and pain of the continued spanking. MY world revolves around this pain. I have become one with it. My body moves with the rhythm of the pain I feel and my breathing steadies to follow its pattern. But I still will not let it go.

In the next instant the pain becomes a little more intense and I realise you are no longer using just your hands. I moan low in my throat as you strike my bottom again and again with a leather paddle. My arms strain against the hoisted cuffs and sweat pours from my body and face. Let it out Teresa! the pain screams to me again and I sob loudly, shaking my head yelling at it. "I can't damn you.. I can't!" My body hums with the pain and my struggle to hold on to my emotions. I feel myself weakening and I take deep pain-filled breaths to try to gain some semblance of control but it is too late. I know the end is nearing and I am so scared. "Please! Please help me!" I beg you in my mind, the words never escaping my lips. All that comes from me are low keening sobs as you continue to torment me. Demand from me all that I still possess.

Once again I feel a change in the rhythm of the pain. It is more intense than ever before as I hear the swoosh of a cane in the air and feel it as it explodes across my naked flesh.
"Nooooooooooooo!" I scream as it hits me again and again causing large red welts to immediately appear on my already tortured flesh.
"Let it out Teresa. You know you want to. Just let it flow from you NOW!" The words come to me from far away now and I hear someone crying a low and desperate cry but I do not know where the sound is coming from. I am drowning in this rhythm and am not sure I can stop it or if I want to anymore. It is all around me now and yet I want ... need more. God help me! I want to drown in it.

Suddenly the caning stops and I feel your hands opening me wide. One of your hands reaches up to my long ponytail and twists it cruelly around your fist as you jerk my head back and then it happens. The most intense pain fills me as you push your way inside my anus. Pain is everywhere now and I scream with the enormity of what is happening. My body jerks and I am thrust even closer to you. I feel you going deeper into me. I hear your words whispered harshly in my ear as you pull my head back even farther. "Now Teresa. Tell it. Tell it to me...."

"I hate you!" I scream until I am hoarse and sobbing uncontrollably. "Gawds I hate you!" My worlds become mumbled as they mix with my wracking sobs. My pain has now mixed with so many different emotions and I hardly notice I have stopped fighting, my body is now moving in rhythm with yours, matching your thrusts against me. I am responding and you know it.
Your hand releases my hair and begins to run lightly over me. Your words are no longer harsh but soothing as I pour my soul out to you. Many of the things I say would seem unintelligible to many but you hear every word I say and you take them in. You tell me over and over as I cry to you, as you continue to move inside me that it is all right. You know everything I am feeling and you want it all. You tell me I need to say these things and I believe you. As each emotions floods out of me I am being filled with new and different ones. I feel as if I am growing at a rapid pace and it is amazing as well as frightening. I feel my body tensing again but not from pain. Oh no, this is from need. From the hunger you have aroused in me and I moan softly now and push against you begging for fulfilment. I am shocked at myself for wanting this, but I beg you not to stop it now.


The Man - I move around you and sit on my knees, half before, half under you, moving my head back, grabbing your hair again and pulling your face close to mine. Then you feel my fingers opening your labia. Something big enters, something extremely big, filling you up completely.

"Now, tell me what it is you are so afraid of. Tell me, talk about it."

Something rams inside you, up and down, up and down. It takes a while before you realise you have "swallowed" my entire fist.
"Tell me." Your thrust yourself on my fist, moving wildly now. "Tell me!" My fingers move and you feel your G-spot being squeezed and pressed like it was an orange. For a brief moment you resist, then you feel an orgasm coming like you have never felt before. Like gallons and gallons of water are leaving your body. I pull your face against me as one intense wave follows another. "Now Teresa. Tell me......"


Teresa - I scream with the intensity of my orgasm. Nothing has ever felt like this before. No one has ever done to me what you are doing now. I feel as if I am going to be split apart any second. The feeling of this continuos onslaught of painful emotions erupting in me as well as this exquisite release are to much for my already battered senses and I begin to scream and cry louder. I tell you how much I hate you for doing this to me and how much I am hurting inside but you just keep demanding more from me. I spasm against your fist again and again and as I do I tell you all the things I am afraid of. I tell you I am afraid of losing my will. I am afraid of losing what little bit of self-control I still possess. I glare at you as I tell you I am afraid I will lose who I am and wake up tomorrow not knowing anymore. I tell you I am afraid of you. But mostly I am afraid of myself.

As the last wave of my orgasm fades away you slowly remove your hand from inside me and sit there looking into my tear stained face and just nod. You do not say any words, you do not have to at this point. You take up a cloth that was laying on the arm of the chair and gently bathe my face before releasing my arms from their hoisted position but keeping them locked behind me and cradling me in your arms as you release me from the spreader bar. You gently pick me up in your arms and carry me down the hall to my room telling me that was just the first of many "special" days to come.


The Man - The curtains are opened. You must have fallen asl**p again. In the light you see her contour, the slender body, the long red hair. She sits by you on the bed and smiles. Touches your lips with her fingers, traces your face. No words, just eyes meeting. Your hand reaches out, touching her little lock.

She takes your hand and leads you to the bathroom. The huge tub is filled, hot water almost entirely covered with the leaves of roses. She helps you slip in. Your body can hardly move. The hot water and the upward pressure, temporarily relieving you from your own weight is a blessing. Her gentle hands start to wash you, softly, carefully, tracing the welts and bruises with intense softness as if she wants to draw the pain out with her fingers. Fingers, lips, gently touches, soft kisses, full understanding without words. s****rs that share this incredible intenseness.

A long massage follows. Oil again taking the burning out. The smell of strange herbs mixing with her fragrance, the ever present gentle fingers. You doze off, wake up again, doze off another time, enjoying this while reliving last night. Then she puts your lock back in and takes you out into the garden, both naked, both wanting to feel each other. There is blanket near the pond. And food, and drinks. You sit down, she takes your hand and pulls you down ....


Alexus - She is beautiful, as I remembered. She is soft and feminine and her hands feel wonderful on my aching body. As she bathes me I remember the night before, thinking about His hands on me, him being inside me. I wonder at her, if she ever feels any jealousy at the others The Man is with. She softly runs her fingers over the welts on my back and our eyes meet. She looks at me with understanding, knowing the ordeal I must have gone through. She dries me and leads me out to the garden. What a wonderful sunny day. I am reminded of a day not unlike this one several years ago, the first time I met her. What an emotional day and the day I received the tiny gold lock that now is between my legs. I wonder if she knew that day how much I wanted from her. How much I ached for her.

We sit on the blanket and she pours wine. Neither of us speak much, as there isn't really much to say. We don't want to spoil the beauty of the moment, the serenity of the day. For this short time, we are not slaves, just women enjoying a warm afternoon. I pull a g**** off the stem and offer it to her. She nibbles it out of my fingers and laughs. I laugh too, relaxing a bit. I hand her another g**** and this time she takes my wrist, eating the g**** and then licking my fingers. A flood of desire washes over me as her soft tongue touches me. I want more of her and move closer. She has beautiful dark green eyes, much like my own. In fact if it weren't for her lighter skin colouring, we might be s****rs with our flaming red hair.

I take a sip of wine and then kiss her softly, letting my wine flow into her mouth. I dip my finger into the glass and then leave a trail of wine down her neck and chest. She smiles at me and I begin to lick her smooth body, tasting her and the wine. There is a soft breeze blowing and her nipples harden. She has beautiful small round breasts and I lick them softly and then bite each nipple lightly. She moves back onto the blanket and sips her wine. My tongue continues its exploration of her body, and occasionally I drip a tiny bit of wine on her and lick it off.

Finally she lies back all the way, her red hair spread like a fan on the blanket underneath her. I move beside her and trace my fingers along her stomach, feeling her softness. She closes her eyes now and I hear her breathing begin to deepen. I slide my hand between her legs and feel how wet she is. I touch the tiny gold lock, so much like mine and feel incredibly close to this woman. There is the smell of fresh air, of the meadow and the pond, and then there is the soft feminine scent of her. I pour a small bit of wine slowly onto her stomach, knowing it will trail down between her legs. I watch as it makes its way like a raindrop, to her sex. She moans a little, knowing what is to come. I lean down and taste the wine left on her stomach, and move down further. I am always amazed at the softness of women, after so many years of touching and tasting men. She spreads her legs for me and I begin to lick the wine from her sex. The mix of the wine and her own juices are delicious and I want more. Her hands are in my long red hair now, pulling me and urging me on. My tongue moves around the tiny lock, teasing. I know she wishes it were removed, but that is not for a slave to decide, so we must pursue our pleasures as we can. I tease her clit with my tongue over and over again, sucking on it and biting lightly.

She is moaning louder, pulling my hair. I continue, moving my mouth faster, sucking harder. Then she is coming. Her body arches up and she grabs my hand, squeezing it. I am overwhelmed with desire as I watch her cum, writhing on the blanket. God she is beautiful. I lay my head on her stomach, feeling it contract as the orgasm washes its way through her body, and she holds me close. The sound of the birds in the trees, and the breeze relax us as we lie together, just being close.

I have been asl**p for a while I think when I feel her tongue in my ear. I wake to find her smiling next to me. She has poured more wine and opened fresh strawberries. I smile sl**pily as she pops one into her mouth. She moves closer to me and whispers: "Now I will please you Alexus...."

To be continued…

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