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A little dancing, a lot of cocksucking

I often wondered, what would it feel like? How would it feel to take another man’s cock into my mouth? Would the taste be revolting or would I yearn to welcome the flow of thick semen down my throat? What would it feel like to have a real cock in my ass instead of the cheap dildo I had purchased from the adult bookstore?
All questions that weighed heavily on my mind. I wanted to experience sex with another man but didn’t know quite how to go about it. Sure, I’d had luck with women over the years beginning with my first cousin with the long, blond hair. I once asked one of my mom’s friends if I could lick her pussy and although she scolded me on that day, she parted her legs for me only a few months later. I had the luxury of a threesome with my first wife and one of her girlfriends. I even fucked one of my own young employees in the office.
Porn began to generate a lot of interest when it came to my desires. At first, I strictly watched straight porn with big tits and blowjobs my favorite topics. More and more, I began to enjoy those sucking cock scenes and soon imagined that it was me doing the blowing.
Then one night, I came across a bisexual scene involving two men and a woman. I guess I didn’t realize what type of video I had rented but got a huge hard-on when one guy started to suck the other. It was especially hot to watch a man and woman share a huge cock between their lips.
My curiosity got the best of me and I tried to experiment with my wife. I got out a dildo one night and asked her to fuck my ass with it. She went through with it but I know she felt it was disgusting. It was an act that I couldn’t ask her to repeat. At the same time, I happened to have the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had while she used the dildo to fuck me.
Just last month, my wife left me and moved to another state. We’re not officially divorced but I think we’re headed in that direction. I’m not real broken up about it, however, because now I have more jerkoff time with my bisexual and tranny videos.
I think I’ll head to the bar tomorrow to see what’s what.

* * * * *

I can’t believe what I did tonight
I started off my evening at around 8 o’clock and took a seat at the bar with a cold brew. Within the hour, I was doing shots of tequila. The alcohol helped me work through social fears and chat with other people.
It appeared to be just a routine evening until about 30 minutes before closing time. A very attractive woman asked me to dance and with her long hair and big tits, who was I to say no? But a funny thing happened. About halfway through our dance, she switched partners. All of a sudden, I was dancing with a guy with dark, black hair, big muscles and an intoxicating scent.
I considered taking my seat back at the bar or just getting the hell out of there but I had enough alcohol in my system to keep me interested. I don’t know if any of my associates were at the bar that night but for those few minutes, I didn’t care. This man, whom I later found out was named Alex, leaned in to ask me a question.
“Do you want to get outta here?” he asked.
I stammered at the thought and wondered if this was going to go somewhere. My cock apparently thought so because I noticed that I was starting to get hard – not an easy task after several beers and shots of tequila.
“OK, what did you have in mind?”
“How about your place,” Alex said.
Within a minute of that comment, we were out in the parking lot headed for my car. Once inside the vehicle, he grabbed me and shoved his tongue into my mouth. My God, I was kissing another man. And I like it. I must’ve liked it because I developed a raging erection that was actually beginning to hurt within the confines of my jeans.
Without any conversation, I quickly started the car and drove the five blocks to my apartment. Thank God I didn’t get pulled over because I was definitely over the limit.
We headed into my apartment and I started to act like an a****l the second the door closed behind us. I don't know what came over me. I pushed him against the door and immediately dropped to my knees. I undid his belt buckle, pulled down his pants and aggressively started to suck his cock.
Not wasting any time, I savored the texture and the f***e of his cock moving in and out of my mouth. Man, it felt awesome.
Alex stumbled over to my livng room couch and laid down on his back. I followed him and repositioned my mouth over his raging dick. After a few minutes, I climbed aboard and shoved the cock right up my ass. It felt so good, I couldn’t believe it. Lost in the moment, I suddenly realized that I was about to vomit. That damn tequila caught up with my system.
I got up and bolted for the bathroom where I spewed into the toilet. Yep, I ruined the moment.
I went back out to the living room where Alex was playing with his cock in an apparent effort to stay hard for me. I told him that he needed to go home and he said he didn’t have a ride. Reluctantly, I put my clothes back on and we headed for my vehicle.
He lived clear across town so I tried to concentrate on my driving. The last thing I needed was a DUI. About three blocks into the trip, he leaned over from the passenger’s seat and unzipped my fly.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“I want to blow you,” he replied.
It felt a little uncomfortable to be getting a blowjob from this dude while I drove down the road. But I relaxed a little and allowed him to work his magic. Juat a few minutes before reaching his part of town, I blew my load down his throat.
“Thanks, I needed that,” he said.
I wanted to return the favor because I wasn’t able to finish the job back at my apartment. The alcohol and getting sick took its toll, however, and I just didn’t have the drive to do anything else. When we reached his house, I noticed the female who had pulled me out onto the dance floor looking out in our direction from a front window.
“That’s my roommate,” he said. “She’s straight but enjoys watching me and other guys once in a while. Do you want to come in?”
I passed on the invitation and said I needed to go home before I passed out. At that moment, he grabbed the back of my head and kissed me deeply. Our tongues probed the other’s mouth and I noticed the sizeable bulge in his pants.
I decided that I couldn’t let this poor guy walk in the house in such a state. I started to feel his dick through his pants and he unzipped so I could begin to jerk him off.
We continued in this fashion for at least five minutes – kissing deeply while I jerked his cock. My own dick even began to stir for another round of action. Finally, I lowered my mouth to his huge dick and swallowed as much as possible.
Beginning to sober up a little, I really enjoyed giving this blowjob. His cock felt incredible in my mouth and I couldn’t seem to get enough. My pace quickened as I bobbed my head up and down on this guy’s rock hard piece of meat.
Suddenly, his body tensed and I knew he was close to cumming. I continued my rabid pace in a quest to taste his semen. Only a few seconds later, he started spurting cum into my mouth. I tried to take it all but it was too much and some dribbled down my chin and out of the corners of my mouth.
As I looked up at Alex, he grabbed my face and kissed me deep once again. We shared what was left of his cum and he moaned in thanks.
Alex zipped up, said his good-byes and I started the engine. We agreed to meet up at the bar again this weekend and I sped home to re-live the episode in my mind.
I finally got some answers to those questions. After all of those relationships with women and a marriage that had high points and low points, I found out that I liked to have sex with men.
I can’t wait to suck my next cock.

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