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Looking online again trying to find something that i like to quench the hunger i feel, the never ending desire. I realize nothing here will be able to do that. What i want cant just be watched, what i hunger for is the experience. I can watch all i want, I can cum all i want to them but its hollow it'll make me content for a while, but ultimately i'll become horny again wanting relief. I decide to take my chance on you, i'm not one to do something like this, but im excited i've never done anything so daring. Im sitting on the bed fidgeting I have no idea how this will turn out. I hear a knock on the door and my heart jumps "come in" i say shakily, im nervous as hell and excited at the same time. You're already hard i can see it trying to escape the confines of your pants, you've been looking forward to this i see. You lock the door behind you not taking your eyes off of me. I blush and look down, biting my lip like i always do when im nervous. You smile my shyness amuses you. You lean down and grip my chin leaning in for a kiss. A light one hesitant at first you dont want to scare me then you deepen it your tongue slinking in and out of my mouth, i moan softly feeling your hands on my body, you lift up my shirt and smirk at my lack of bra, your fingers brush my nipples making me shiver. You kiss down my neck then nibble on my ear. "lets see if you're just as bare down there." your voice turns me on so bad i cant speak im enjoying the moment too much. You squeeze my breast and continue to kiss my neck as your hand slides down my belly, leaving a burning trail getting a slight moan from me as it goes past the elastic that holds up my skirt finding ive already taken my panties off. Your rub your hand over my shaved pussy finding the clit with the tip of your finger. "You may act shy but it looks like we've got a very naughty girl" i can only shiver in response as you rub harder sticking your fingers in and out of me. You capture my moans with a searing kiss, one hand rubbing and squeezing my breast, pinching my nipple from time to time to drive me crazy, the other under my skirt sticking your fingers in and out getting my juices all over them. I'm getting so wet and you've barely started. I kiss you back the feel of your lips intoxicating.

You lay me down on my back and pull off my skirt leaving me completely naked before you. You smirk as you tug off your shirt and undo your pants. You discard them over the side of the bed and turn your attention to me, I love the look in your eyes, the wonder the desire. "So beautiful" i hear u say softly and it sends a wave of pleasure coursing through me. Your hands run along my body as you take in every curve with your eyes as your fingers trace down my skin. I close my eyes loving the feel and then i feel your mouth on my nipple my eyes snap open and i moan as you flick your tongue on and around my nipple sucking on my breast as your hand takes care of the other breast. I moan and writhe under u then i feel your shaft pressed up against my pussy and I can feel that familiar hunger only its so much stronger. The feel of your body against mine, the pressure of your weight the feel of skin to skin, I never thought that it would feel this good. It feels like my entire body is on fire. Then you start rubbing your cock against my pussy as your tongue lavishes my breasts, sending me on a moaning fit. “mmm your soaking through the fabric. Mind taking care of that hun?” u nibble my breast before leaning back. I smile as my hands go to your cock as first I leave ur underwear on just rubbing you through the fabric feeling how wet it is from just rubbing up against my pussy. I take off my glasses so I don’t have any hindrances as I kneel down and nibble your shaft, sucking as I do it. I reach back up and kiss your lips sticking my tongue inside your mouth, my hands run down your chest then slip underneath your underwear hooking my thumb onto the edge as my hands spread out and trail your body as I pull your underwear down. Your cock is pressing against my stomach now and I start rocking letting it stay trapped between our bodies. You break the kiss as u get ur underwear past your knees and onto the floor. Still leaned back your bodys arched in front of me your kneeling and you cock is starting to get really stiff.

I kiss you again passionately over and over again then I move to your neck nibbling and licking, sucking on your earlobe nibble the sensitive edge of your ear and running my tongue along is as I start to kiss your chest my hands tracing lines all over your body as I let my lips and tongue work on you. Then I feel your cock under my chin and I grin at you, your watching me with that hungry look again and I know what you want. I squeeze your ass for fun as I start to lick the tip of your cock going down on it, my lips pressed tight around u, my tongue twisting itself all over you. As I start to fuck your cock with my mouth u moan alternating between grabbing my hair and my shoulders. I circle my tongue all along your cock licking it up and down, flicking it giving you that quick little sensation. You’re getting so hard in my mouth and im so wet. You grab my shoulders again and growl pushing me onto my back. You kiss me deep your tongue intertwining with mine. You grab your cock and use it to rub the entrance to my pussy, if your mouth wasn’t on mine so tight id probably moan a scream, damn your cock feels so good against my pussy and you’re not even in…….. oh god oh damn that feels good, your cock is in my tight wet pussy now and damn do you feel good.

The initial thrust was enough to get me moaning, I can feel every bit of you in my pussy. When you started thrusting my mind wasn’t on keeping quiet, I dint care if anyone heard my moans, all I could think about was damn you felt good. The friction of you dick in my pussy set it on fire, an explosion of ecstasy as you bury yourself deep over and over again. Then you pulled out I whimpered at the sudden loss of you but that was quickly replaced by a shocking pressure of your tongue. I jerked and my moaning got louder never in my wildest dreams did I think sex could feel this good and damn did it feel good. Your tongue swirled around my clit, licked my pussy and buried itself as deep as it could go, I was writhing and moaning at your touch and it only got better when ur mouth returned to my clit and your fingers started pounding in and out of me. “Oh god im gonna cum,im going to cum all over your fingers.” I could feel the buildup, feel the spasm like shivers taking over, my pussy getting tighter, and then on one more trust my release finally came. “There we go baby, now turn around im going to see if we can make that two or three for u.

I flip over and get on my hands and knees. At first I feel your fingers and it brings out a moan, then while your fingers are rubbing my clit I feel your cock enter me and I scream a moan into the sheets. God you cock feels so good inside of me. Im still tight from coming and that only makes it feel even better. Every thrust gets a returning moan as you pound in and out. I can feel your cock stiffen and I know whats about to happen. “Can I come inside your pussy please.” I smile as you keep thrusting you didn’t have to ask I wouldn’t make a protest but you were considerate enough to ask, how could I turn down such a nice request. This is our first meeting after all you want to make sure im comfortable and that im fine with the unprotected sex. “Yes please give me your hot cum in my pussy. The birth control’s protecting me, you can cum all you want inside of me and I want your cum.” You thrust faster and harder your grunts turning into moans “Im going to cum.” I moan and realize im reaching that peak too. “Me too, please give me your cum.” I reach underneath me and start to rub my clit, my pussy gets so tight sending u over the edge when I cum us pulsing and tightening together, an amazing feeling. I can feel your cum inside of me. Both of us panting collapse onto the bed pulling each other close wanting to feel bonded. Im so glad I gave you a chance. It was worth it. I snuggle up against you for a few minutes both of us catching our breath. You were absolutely incredible. I can feel your cock against my leg and the thoughts of what just transpired were making me wet again. I reach down and stroke your cock.

“That hunger of yours is insatiable isn’t it?” u chuckled pulling me close and kissing me “Hmm never got any chance to test that out.” I nibbled your bottom lip and smiled. You grinned and pulled me on top of you , your cock already starting to get hard against my ass. “We’ll just have to test that out wont we?” I kissed you and smiled this has been the best day ive ever had, theres no way im letting you outta my sight after this. “thank you” You smirked your eyes sparking your lips twisted into a smirk im already growing to love. “Oh and who says we’re done.” You pull me down against you your lips pressed tight against mine, your arms embracing me and your hardening cock against my already wet anticipating pussy……….

Hope you enjoyed hun, cause i know i did :D
-mostly dreams and fantasizing :P what I wish I could experience with a person, this is my point of view down to the very last thoughts so let me know what u think-
Any suggestions for a future story is also welcome- hope u enjoyed have a good day/day-
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