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The Day I Knew Who I Was!

Hiya my names Amna from West Midlands,UK, I’m 18 years old and this is my true story.I tried to keep it short.

I was 13 years old and I had just finished the last day of school for the week (Friday), I couldn’t wait for the weekend cuz my best mate from school was coming over to stay till Sunday night.

Now remember we were only young teenagers and didn’t know jack shit about sex, porn or pregnancy and stuff like that, we just knew the basics tits, pussy and ass lol.

It was Saturday and we played a few games and were getting ready to go sl**p, and just before we went sl**p we would kiss each other good night on the cheek (you know how young girls are) but this time when we kissed, we got each other on the lips now when this happened we just starting giggling and then I said shall we do it again and so we did over and over again not knowing what we doing wasn’t right, as we were kissing my older s****r walked in to see if we were asl**p and she seen us kissing and said ‘eeeee don’t do that that’s what lesbians do’ and she shouted at us, we then obviously got scared and went to sl**p.

The next day (Sunday) we were just relaxing in the garden when I said to her remember yesterday and she said yeah your s****r called us lesbians what the fuck is that, so curious of what it meant we went onto the internet, cuz we knew anything was possible on the net and we found a sex site where we watched lesbians videos and realised what they do to get the name lesbian.

Since that day we know get into freaky stuff with each other like licking her pussy and she licks my ass and feet and stuff all from the videos. And that was the day I knew I would never like a boy because I was a lesbian.
Thanks for reading I know it’s kind of a shitty story but just wanted to share it with everyone cuz they all kept asking me how I became a lesbian.

I wrote this in like 10mins aswell while smoking a spliff lol so very sorry for any mistakes.

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