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Step Father 3

My step father decided to go visit his two c***dren by his first wife. He asked my mom if I could go with him. She said it was fine. I knew he had some sexual adventure in mind. He was alway driven by sex. He and I had sex every day and also did 3somes a lot. He liked a cock as much as I did. We even did a 4some one day. It was four hours of hard fucking with two men with hard cocks. I had my first with a guy in all three holes at once. It was amazing.

On the drive to his k**s, my step told me to take off my pants and get next to him so he could finger me. With three fingers in me I reached over and unzipped him and pulled his hard cock out. I was stroking his cock and rubbing his balls as he fingered me. He then told me "Put your head in my lap and that ass in the air. Suck my cock while I finger your ass and cunt" As I sucked on his cock with my ass in the air his fingers were deep in my ass. I pushed my hand between his legs and found his ass. I pushed two fingers in and as I sucked his cock I finger fucked his ass and made him cum hard. He then told me "I need to fuck you. You turn me on like no one ever has. I have sure taught you to be a sexy nympho." He then pulled the car to a side road and pulled me out and pushed me over the fender and pushed his cock in me deep and hard. His hands went to my tits and fondled them as his cock rammed me deep and hard. "I love fucking your young cunt. I can not get enough of you. You never get enough cock and love to fuck any hard cock.
This week end will be fun. I promise."

We got back on the road and kept our sex to light petting. We pulled up to where his k**s lived and got out and went inside. His son greeted us and then his daughter. He introduced me to them. The boy was Jon and the girl Joy. Jon kept looking at my tits as I wore no bra and he prob guessed I wore no panties either. I felt he and i were going to do a show and tell very soon. If I was lucky he would have a big hard cock like his father. The daughter grabbed her dad and kissed him on the mouth and I could see the exchange of tongue. Her dad pulled her tight and rubbed her ass as he exchanged tongues with her. She had a nice body with smaller tits than me but a nice perky set. They walked arm and arm into the big f****y room which had two benches and a huge bed.

My step asked Joy, have you been naughty while I was gone? She laughed and looked at jon and said "yes, very daddy." The step replied "Well I must spank you then. You would like that wouldn't you?" She giggled and said "Yes, daddy. I need you to spank me." He then pulled her to her feet and pulled off her pants and turned her bare ass over his lap and gave her several hard spanks. I watched his hand print show on her bare ass. He then rubbed her red ass and put his leg over one of hers and spread her far apart. He spanked her another dozen times then ran his hand down between her legs and we watched as his fingers rubbed her pussy and then pulled on her clit. Her dad told her "My little girl seems to be very horny today. Do you need some cock?" She replied "Yes Daddy."

He then put her on her knees in front of him and she pulled his cock from his pants and began to suck her father. He then told Jon. Jon, strip naked and come here." Jon removed his clothes and went to his father. His dad grabbed his cock and began to rub it. I watched it grow in size and I was right. He was built like his father but maybe thicker. His dad stroked him for a bit then told him "Now fuck your s*s as she sucks my cock. She is naughty so I want her fucked hard and punished." Jon then grabbed Joy's hair and mounted her from behind as she sucked her dad's cock. He gave no warning and shoved his cock deep in her cunt making her cry out. Her dad then pushed her head down on his cock making her take every inch and he held it there deep in her throat and began fucking her mouth. She started to gag and her dad pulled his cock from her mouth and told her "Suck my cock like a good cocksucker. Take it all and suck hard. Make daddy cum." Then he pushed her back down on his cock and held it deep in her throat. Jon was pounding her cunt hard and fast. When the step said ok they both filled her with cum.

My step then turned to me and said "You are next. Get naked. You girls are going to be fucked non-stop. This week end you are the sex slave nymphos." I took off my clothes and Jon grabbed me and pushed me down on the big bed. He shoved my head to his cock and I began to suck him. Then Joy spread my legs and began to eat my pussy as my step watched. As I sucked Jon's big cock his balls bounced against my chin. Joy made me cum again and again and the more I came the harder I sucked that hard cock. Jon had his cock balls deep down my throat and I sucked and licked as he fucked my face. I loved to suck cock and was quite good at it. Soon Jon filled me full of cum which I swallowed and licked his cock clean. He then kissed my mouth and tongued me before going down to suck my nipples. My step then put Joy on the other tit and I was going wild as it felt so good with the double sucking.

My step then was nude and he spread my legs wide and began to finger me. He had three fingers in me making me cum as the two k**s sucked tits. Then my step pushed his cock into my cunt and began to fuck me hard and rough. He then shoved the k**s from my tits and rolled over on his back and pulled me on top of him with his cock still deep in my hole. He then said to Jon "Jon, fuck her ass. I want both cocks in her deep. She needs a deep rough fucking. Now pound her ass with your cock." Soon both were in me riding me hard. My holes were filled with two big cocks that were ramming deep into my insides. As they fucked me my step would spank my ass. This turned me on more. He also grabbed my tits and pulled and pinched them. Then he took a nipple in his mouth and told Jon to spank my ass as he then bit a nipple. The pain at both ends with the cocks in my holes put me over the edge. I began to scream "I want more. I need it harder. Punish me. Hurt me. Make me cum." My step continued to bite at my tits as Jon spanked my ass. Both kept fucking me.

My step then told Jon "Pull your cock out and put it in her cunt with my cock. We are going to double fuck that cunt of hers." I then felt Jon's cock enter me as his dad fucked me. At first the pain was sharp but as I stretched to let the second big cock in I loved it. My step dad then said "Jon, your cock feels amazing rubbing mine. Pump her hard and rub against my cock." Jon replied "Dad it is amazing feeling our cocks rub together. I love your hard cock too." Both guys fucked me for an hour before they both loaded my cunt with cum. I knew they liked rubbing their cocks together in my hole so I was going to get plenty double fucks this week end. My step had a weakness for cock himself.

My step then told Joy "Sit on her face. Give her a pussy wash. Rub that pussy all over her as she tongues you." Joy then straddled my face and began to gyrate her hips and rub her pussy all over my face. Then she rubbed her clit against my nose and I felt her cum. She covered me with her juice. She then slid her hole over my mouth and I put my tongue up into her cunt and tongue fucked her making her cum several times. I then grabbed her tits and squeezed them as I tongued her wet hole. She was moaning and moving loving my tongue when I then pushed a finger into her ass. She then screamed "Yes, finger fuck my ass as you tongue my cunt. Make me cum." I gave her a good fuck for quite a while till my step then decided he needed more action.

He looked at both of us and said "I knew you two would fuck like whores. You both like cock and pussy. Now get on your hands and knees and my friend Bo is going to give you a huge treat." As we got on our hands and knees the door opened and a naked man walked in and we just stared. He had a cock that hung almost to his knee. He was huge. He walked in front of us and rubbed his cock on our faces then slapped us with it. As we watched him the cock got hard and looked like a missle hanging on him. He said then to my step "These pussies look like they need a big cock." Then he went to us and told us to lick his cock then his balls. He had huge balls that hung down also. By now his cock was sticking straight out and hard as a rock. He went behind us and started with me fingering my cunt. Then he finger fucked us both at the same time. He then put his cock to my fuck hole and began to push in me. It felt like a baseball bat entering me. Lucky I had fucked two cocks so I was ready to stretch. As he pushed in me he kept four fingers in Joys cunt fucking her hard. Joy was covering him with cum. He looked at my step and said "You have some nice horny cunts here. How hard shall I fuck them? If I give them my all of my big rod they will not walk out of here." My step answered "Fuck them hard. Give us a show. They like it rough and we love to watch your monster cock fuck." Then he began to push that huge cock deeper in me. I felt like I was being ripped in two. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled my back to him as he rammed in deeper and deeper. As I screamed in pain he slapped my ass hard. Then I felt something cold go in my ass. He had my step hand him a metal dildo which he inserted in my ass as he fucked my cunt.

He showed no mercy as he fucked me hard. As he fucked my cunt he pushed the dildo in and out of my ass. My step dad then got in front of me and said "No use letting this hole stand empty" and he shoved his cock into my mouth. Now all three holes were getting pounded. My step grabbed my hair and held my head balls deep over his cock. Bo was damaging my cunt with his big hard cock. Bo then pulled the metal dildo out and I felt balls inserted into my ass. I counted six. Bo then said "When I cum I will pull out these anal balls fast and you will feel like you are in space. You will cum harder than you can imagine." Then he pushed on the balls with his thumb pushing them deeper in my ass. "I am not down yet horny girl." I then felt his hand rub something across my clit which made it tingle and I began to cum hard. He rubbed more on me and I was cumming fast and almost insane. He laughed "Yes, all the bitches love my clit oil. Makes that clit vibrate like it is being sucked by a vacuum. He kept laughing and fucking and rubbing the oil on my clit. He then gave my ass four hard smacks and then began to cum and pull the beads from my ass. As I came so hard I thought I would black out. I had never had a sensation like that before. I had cum running in puddles on the floor. This big cock and balls was loaded.

He pulled his cock out of me then turned me over onto my back. He spread my legs and looked at my fuck hole and showed it to my step and Jon. "Look how big she is gaping now. I fucked her hard with my big cock. She may want more balls in her ass too. She is quite a fucking slut. If you get rid of her I want her. She loves cock and look how my oil made her clit zing. Let me know when you want me to give her more of this cock. I am ready and willing. I love to fuck a tight hole. I love to see them in pain as I enter them." He then laughed and left the room.

My step dad told us "That was amazing. Now lets shower and rest before we bring out the toys and ropes. Bo also left me some of his oil." He laughed a wicked laugh.

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