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Lives experiences as a girl growing

The art of copulation is an immersion of both mind and body, the female body fitting snugly into the male form, locked together for a private personal liasion, where only they two exist, or something like that.
A good fuck, is somehow a shortened but more down to Earth way of expressing the same sentiments, and I am all in favour of a good shagging.
I suspect a lot of guys would suffer pre-mature ejaculation if they knew that their s****rs and mothers were masturbating in the next room, and very possibly while they were at it at the same time.
I stayed with my aunt and uncle as a girl and when asked to take my uncle a cup of tea, I walked in to see him masturbating, and stood there mesmerised, as he stroked a very long member, to completion.
Today he is still alive and we are great close friends, but even he never knew how that scene or vision, was replayed over and over in my young developing mind, as I went futher with the same story as I got older, fantisizing I got into the bed with him, first face up then face down, relieving him then myself, as my vision rolled-on and I came.
When living in Africa as a fifteen year old during Summer vacation, with another girlfriend, she invited me to her bedroom one hot afternoon and called me over to the closed curtains.
Putting her finger to her lips in a Shushing symbolism, she parted the fabrik and out in front of her bedroom window, were three black youths, all naked and showering.
They were workers who worked the fields and they showered here and bedded in the adjoining huts.
Her parents knew this when they choose her room, warning her to make sure her curtains were closed, when going to bed, as the black men knew this was her bedroom.
Her mother wanted her to see the black men naked as part of her education, but they were not to be aforded the privilege in return.
She was an astounding beauty, taller than I and more rounded and longer legged, and if only those black men knew what we were doing as they showered and as we watched them, I was convinced we would have been ****d to death.
Yes we masturbated together as girls, watching the black boys shower and I have to admit looking at them and her in the same point of view, made me cum quickest, as the different skin colours and body shapes, gave me a strong desire to copulate with them, even to this day, I still harbour a strong craving for black meat.
Before moving away from theme in Africa, I must add that both she and her mother finished up with black lovers, she observing her mother letting a black boy in his teens, who was delivering vegetables to the kitchen early morning, mount her across the kitchen table.
She was in the adjoining dining room, standing behind the slightly ajar door in her nighty and her mother was in a see-through negligee, waiting for the boy to enter, as he did daily.
Her father was away in the fields supervising so mummy was taking advantage of relieving herself with the available abundance of cock on hire.
The boy entered as she stood full frontal to him and then the penny dropped, as the boys face lit up and he put the basket down on the counter and dropped his shorts in the same move.
He was naked, no underpants and his penis was very large, hand-picked for specifically that purpose of pleasing mummy
She never knew this was going-on, mummy was fucking the workers every morning when daddy was in the fields, and now armed with this evidence, the daughter insisted on having her time with the boys, only she would go to them and shower outside her room, with the boys doing their duty, one at a time.
She was convinced both her parents were watching as her curtains could be seen to flutter when she looked in that direction.
Back home in Sweden all three are Swingers and both Mother and daughter are regarded as insatiable women.
Of course as for myself after graduating I went back to Africa to work and soon began relieving my fantisies with black men, as some of my stories highlight my sexual exploits with other teenage girls from Sweden.
Like many readers on here I also spend many days in the year, living in hotels, being bored which leads to having sex with strangers and staff alike.
I remember once we flew to Tokyo, well Narita airport actually, and after taking the long bus journey into Tokyo's TCAT, we went to our hotel and went straight out still dressed in our uniforms.
Our destination was Ginza, the seedy Soho of Tokyo and we visited a nightclub, but to our disapointment, then our amusement, as we decended down into the bowels of this building, we bought a beer and stood among all the business suited man watching a long stage around which sat about 50 other men all holding drinks and sitting very politely.
Suddenly the lights were dimmed and the stage exploded in lights with very loud music and a Japanese girl emerged naked except for a wedding veil and a bouquet of flowers, and wearing white stockings like a schoolgirl, and she pranced up and down the stage in a very aggressive manner, stopping occassionaly at a particular man, sitting down and opening her legs wide, just inches from his face.
The the most peculiar thing happened, he would jump up and start masturbating as she pretended a humping motion, raising her ass up and down on the edge of the stage, legs wide open and the hairiest pussy exposed to everyones delight.
He wanked and she remainded until he shot his load right onto her, not caring where it landed, she would jump up and continue all over until most of those seated had relieved themselves, almost an hours dancing to be replaced by another girl.
What my friend and I did not realise as we watched we were being splattered by just as eager men behind us, the only difference being was that the men seated payed good money for the privilage of creaming the girls, the guys behind us were getting it for free.
Later back in my hotel I counted clearly 27 cumshots on my whole uniform.
It was also in Tokyo I was invited to a proper nightclub, exclusive to Japanese only and watched a group of Australian girls sing and dance and then get fucked in a back room orgy, later that night and all the men were in their 60's and the average age of the girls was 22.
I of course, was stipped and fucked before I left, but like the girls, was well rewarded in Yen.
I could not think that had I been living in Japan as a ten year old, I would be a millionairess as Japanese men love school girls and I would have loved living there.

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