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My Husband's Boss Helps Me Out

I was sharing some stories with my s****r, and she said I should write them down, so here goes.

I'm 55 years old, and I was married to Richard for 22 years until 10 years ago when the marriage ended. I'm in good shape for my age, still thin with 36c boobs. My sex life during the marriage was frequent but very limited. My husband was fifteen years older than me and very much in charge. I was his "kept woman" and expected to meet his sexual needs, though he preferred a routine from which he rarely strayed. Every Saturday he would screw me, and usually at least twice a week he would get a blowjob before bed, usually after a dinner or some other occasion to go out. He liked to have me dress in a way that was conservative but also showed off my boobs for his friends to oogle. Then when we got home I would pleasure him with my mouth until he orgasmed, and then I would go to the bathroom to spit the semen. I would occasionally masturbate in private but otherwise I never sought sexual pleasure outside of the routine he had established for all of those years. Then after 22 years I found out that he had another woman on the side, and things changed.

Arnold always wanted me to be very reserved, even prudish, about sex. I never talked dirty or made sexual comments, and he liked for me to wear expensive lingerie but very conservative—full briefs and that sort of thing. And that's how I found out he had a young thing on the side. I rarely went to his office, and never alone, but one day I stopped by unannounced. He was down the hall in a meeting, so I told his secretary that I would wait in his office. He had a sofa in there and I stretched out to rest. One of my earrings fell off and I reached between the cushions and discovered a pair of very tiny panties there. They were obviously used. I was stunned, but I didn't say anything. Instead, I started paying closer attention, and the next week I used money from a savings account and hired a private detective. Soon I had photos of Arnold and his little girlfriend. But what to do?

I turned everything over to a lawyer friend, but I wanted to do something to vent my hurt and frustration—even if Arnold didn't know, I would know. I decided that the thing that would shock him the most would involve Richard, the one man who was his boss in his business. Richard was a big fat man who frequently belittled Arnold. He was always nice to me, though. I sent him an email asking if we could have lunch, and he set up a lunch date for that Friday. As I nibbled at my salad I unburdened myself to him about Arnold, and he was very compassionate. The next week we met again, and this time he suggested we meet at his home. His wife was away, and we had lunch on the terrace and then went inside and sipped wine. When I started sobbing he put his arms around me, and I knew the time was right.

I wasn't sure how he would react, but when I pressed my boobs against him that was all it took. He slid a hand up my blouse, and while I gave him a startled looked, I also didn't stop him. He started kissing me roughly as he basically yanked the cups of my bra down. I unbuttoned my blouse and opened it so he wouldn't rip it, and he immediately started pulling on and sucking my nipples. While there was nothing appealing about him sexually, I could feel my panties becoming soaked at the thought of what was happening. He started trying to get his hand inside my pants, so I pulled my boob out of his mouth just long enough to unsnap my slacks and slide them down, and he put his hand in my panties and started thrusting his fingers in me while he sucked my nipples. It felt very vulgar but also erotic, and as I felt his fat fingers going in me I began to think about what else he had waiting for me in his pants. I didn't have to wait long. He pulled his fingers out and stood up, letting me practically fall onto the sofa. As he took his pants off he said, still the boss: "go ahead and take those panties off sweetheart." I did, and watched as he pulled his own briefs down. Underneath that big stomach I could see a short, fat knob. It wasn't long, but the head was enormous. The sofa was wide enough that he could put one leg up and leave one on the floor and fit between my legs. I opened as wide as I could, and let out a loud yelp when he pushed it inside. He was saying crude things as he started pumping, like "Oh baby your pussy feels good . . ." Even though with his big stomach I was feeling squished, the way his thick cock pressed against my clit I felt an orgasm building fast, and I guess he could tell because he said "oh yeah baby . . . you're going to cum aren't you . . . ." And I did. Richard kept pumping for a couple of minutes after my orgasm, then he stopped and sat up and said, "You're going to have to finish me with your mouth. Get over here and suck Daddy's dick." I slid onto the floor and positioned myself in front of him. I felt like I was stuffing an apple in my mouth, but I managed to get the head inside my mouth and started sucking. When I looked up all I could see was his stomach, but I could hear him: "That's it Linda . . . suck Daddy's dick." The taste of my own juices mixed with his salty, sweaty taste and even the scent of his sweaty butt, which normally would have been repulsive but instead was oddly erotic for me. I felt very turned on and sucked harder. After about ten minutes I could actually feel his head swell in my mouth and then he started moaning and said "Ohhhh yes . . . I'm going to cum in your mouth . . .swallow it . . . swallow it." The first spurt went right down my throat and he kept spurting and I just gulped it down—my first time to ever swallow semen.

Over the next few week I would occasionally stop by Richard's office and he would have me kneel in front of his chair and "suck Daddy's dick," as he always called it. He also made sure I had a great lawyer and that my divorce from Arnold was very successful. And my new sex life was just beginning . . .

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