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The first time I shared my wife (TRUE STORY)

A night without the k**s led us to a night at home with a few drinks. I was chatting with some misc guys online when I began talking to a guy that only lived an hour away about me and him sharing my wife. My wife and I have talked about having threesomes with a male, female, or with another couple several times for 2+ years. We are both secure, worked out the kinks, and decided that when the right time came, we were both ready.
So after chatting a for a few hours, sharing a few pictures, and a few more drinks later, we talked about setting something up early that morning so we would have a little time to sober up as well as let the sun come up since it was like 3am. After the deal was set in stone if all went well, I told him to give me a few and let me talk to her. At first she was like “what???” and was a little shocked but after talking to her for a bit and opening her up to the discretion assured etc she was like “we might as well, we been talking about it forever so why not.”
We both showered and drank some coffee. On the ride there, I encouraged her and assured her the OK’s for all the negative aspects any married couple would have. Both nervous, we pulled up to his apartment. When we came into his small studio apartment, we both felt like fish out of the water. It was very awkward. We sat and were listening to music, trying to find things to talk about just to kill the numerous moments of awkward silence. He left the room to get something to drink so I took the opportunity just to make sure she was still willing and didn’t want to rain check. She said “we’re here now, so we might as well.” I knew if she didn’t want to go through with it, that she would have took that exit so of course that just made me hotter knowing she was feeling it. While still chatting and nervous, she laid over on the bed where we were sitting to surf through songs on the list that he was playing. When she laid across the bed on her stomach, with him on one side and me on the other, I knew she was ready. I began to rub the back of her thighs and ass. She sat up a few minutes later facing me and we began to kiss. A moment later, he scooted up behind her and pressed his chest against her back while kissing on the back of her neck. We began to help her take her shirt off then stood her up and took off her pants. We laid her on her back and with us on each side of her. We began to kiss her stomach and chest. We took turns kissing her and rubbing softly across her warm skin. He began to slide down towards her pussy and softly kissed her puffy lips through her black panties. I stood up beside the bed, and pulled my throbbing cock from the slit in my boxers and sat it on her mouth. She began to lick the head and take it in her mouth. I slowly started fucking her mouth while she moaned. Then he slid her panties off and started to lick big long licks across her smooth lips. He then focused on her clit and sunk his face deeper in her wet lips. She started to moan heavier and softly jerked with pleasure.
A little while later, I pulled from her mouth and motioned him to lie down on his back. I then motioned her to get on top of him. She began kissing his neck and licking through the hair on his lightly muscular chest. With her beautiful ass poking up in the air, they began to kiss deeply as she slowly rocked her big tits up and down his chest. I couldn’t resist any more. Her asshole was so appealing as I took a big long lick between her cheeks from bottom to top. I then began to lick her tight asshole as I would occasionally push my tongue firmly in her ass. This was slowly opening her up and my tongue was sliding deeper and easier into her tight hole. She then started to work her way down his chest, across his abs to his pubic area. She was licking his skin though his pubes as I firmly grabbed and pulled on her ass cheeks. I pulled back for a moment as she began licking the head of his rock hard dick that was soaked of pre-cum. As she took more of his cock in her mouth and started sucking him at a steadier pace, I started licking her wet lips. She was so wet. I started licking her clit and she moaned so deeply. Then she began rocking back and forth and was grinding her pussy in my mouth as she went back and forth on his cock. I continued to lick her clit, and occasionally lick her pussy hole and ass. I raised up for a bit and put my hand on the back of her head and help motion her to suck his cock which she was doing very deeply now.
She took her mouth from his dick, and began sucking mine while I stood on the floor beside the bed. She then raised up and leveled her waist with his. She went back to kissing his neck then mouth as she raised her ass, lined her pussy hole with his big cock, and slid her thick hips downward on his big shaft. She was slowly but deeply riding him. I was rubbing her tits, and back telling her that it was so hot, and that I loved her so much. I got on the bed behind her and started kissing and biting all over her back while she rode his throbbing dick. I went back to her asshole and got it as wet as I possibly could with my mouth. I got between his legs and positioned my head with her asshole. As she rode his dick her ass was pushing into my dick as her tight hole started to slowly wrap around the head. After pushing the head into her ass, she started to push further onto my shaft. Once I was balls deep in her ass, I could feel the firmness of his cock n her pussy rubbing back and forth with mine as we deeply fucked her together. She continued to moan and grind our cocks. After a while of slowly deeply fucking her, it turned into ball deep pounding. We were fucking her so hard when I felt her start to pulsate. She was jerking so deeply and I knew she was fixing to cum. She continued to jerk and moan loudly as she continued her orgasm. After that I couldn’t hold back any longer and I knew I was about to cum. I pulled from her ass and said I’m about to cum. She quickly rose off his cock and got on her knees on the floor. She began sucking me with only her mouth and no hands when I felt the explosion. I came so hard and so much that she couldn’t take it all in her mouth. When she opened her mouth further, the cum started running off her lips and dripping down on her huge tits. After sucking the last drop out of me she turned to him who was stroking his hard dick inches from her face. She pushed her warm wet mouth around his dick and quickly began to suck long and fast. She wrapped her hand around his dick and sucked while stroking him at the same time. He was moaning hard when he said I’m about to cum. She started to suck him faster and harder and cum began to shoot into her mouth. She kept her mouth open and let it splash all over the lower part of her face. He kept cumming a huge load that was soon all over her mouth, cheeks, and chest. I was so hot from watching, that I quickly regained my hardness. However, due to the fact that we had all came and it was still an unusual setting, we dressed, while chatting, and exchanging giggles and thank you’s followed with a few mmmmm’s and groans. We left with the possibility that we might try again sometime. The whole ride home I was so hot and we kept talking about the situation and what we liked the most. When we got home, we took a shower together and washed each other’s bodies. After the shower, we crawled in bed and went another round before falling into long deep sl**ps.

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