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Through The Studio Window

November had arrived once again. The long days of summer were now firmly in the past. I contemplated such situation as I walked home from work. I changed my route recently to walk passed a ballet studio. There was a vision of beauty training on her own in that studio. Long legs, supple body and blonde hair tied up in a bun showing her sensuous neck. I loved to walk by the window and take a quick look as she practised. There was never anyone else there and the curtain was always open. I always stood there looking through the window. My penis enlarging as legs descended in her tightfitting pink tights and her breast showing through the lycra in her leotard. I was quite safe, she could never see me. Or that was what I thought.

She looked at the window, I was sure she couldn't see me. It was too dark outside, the glass would only reflect the inside light. She continued to look at the window and smiled. She stretched her leg on the barre and bent down again slowly. She looked at the window again and walked towards it. Had I been caught?

I couldn't move. My penis was so erect. My heart started to throb. She opened the window. "Hi there!" she said. "I've seen you the last few weeks looking at me train. That is why I always come in early before my class begins. I get a little turned on by the fact that someone is looking at me dance, come in there will be no one here for another half an hour". At the moment my heart was racing, oh she was so sexy. Beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. I went in, oh how I wanted to play with her dancer's body.

She played the music and started to dance. She bent her knees to the music as I felt her supple body through the lycra in her leotard. She raised her leg behind her as my fingers played with her nipples. I started to caress her neck with my tongue to the rythym of the soft music in the background. I moved the straps of her leotard down and saw her wonderful feminine body. Then I gently kissed her soft pink lips.

As our tongues played a slow pas de deux I moved my hand slowly up her pink tights. The body heat combined with the fabric of the tight fitting tights was so pleasureable. Suddenly, something felt weird. A large, hard muscular object that should not be there! I tried it again. Wait a minute, that's a fucking cock! I was so turned on. Wait no was not. I didn't want to feel so turned on. I backed up. I'm not gay! I went back, she was so beautiful. NO! I shouldn't feel like that. I'm a tough trades man. I went to my bag and took out my duct tape. No one fucking does that to me!

I roughly threw her, (no him!I shouldn't be feeling like this I said to myself) to the ground. I ripped open the duct tape and roughly tied her hands behind her back. I then took a piece and put it over her mouth. Hopefully the strange attraction I had towards her (no him!, no it!. I turned her around and looked her fiercely in eyes.

But my anger subsided. Her eyes were so feminine. I let her hair fall down. Her golden locks beside the silver duct tape was just so beautiful. No, I should not feel like this! I was so horny. I turned her around, spanked her and quickly took off her leotard and tights. I saw her erect penis. Wow I was still so turned on.

Oh hell, I let go. I kissed the duct tape over her mouth. I took it off and we aggressively kissed for what seemed like an eternity. "Suck me!". I took some more duct tape and blindfolded her. I put on the music. "Now, prove how artistic you are! Suck my cock to the music". She slowly sucked my cock as the music started. As the pace of the music quicked so did her sucking action. As the tempo increased so did frequency of her oral actions, wow wow wow.

"Now I am going to fuck you" I said to her as I untied her hands. I had never experienced anal sex before but it was not long before pure sexual instinct took over. I inserted my cock into her ass and started to fuck her at a fast tempo. No, I stopped myself. Slowly, does it and let it build. I started to fuck her thrusting slowly and deeply. She started to moan, ooh, ooh. "You're making too much noise" I stopped and gagged her with the tape again.

I thrusted slow and deep as she mmphed into the tape. Deeeeep in, deeeeep in. I thrust my cock into her ass quicker and quicker deep in, deep in. Then as my sexual urge increased I just went in in in in in. I ripped the tape from her mouth. She screamed from the pain and pleasure in equal measure and I made like Vesuvius.

Oh wow, my heart was still racing. I was so in love. She was so feminine. I gently hugged and kissed her. Our mutual body warmth gave me so much pleasure. Our naked cocks touched. I couldn't care, she was the most feminine girl I'd ever met.

"Excuse me! What are you doing!" The teacher of the adult ballet class that was about to start was there. "Oh shit" I said to my partner. "I'm going to call the police" the teacher shouted. I looked at my partner as I picked up the duct tape and opened it, "should we...."

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