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I am Jason and I am a sex addict." I stood looking at my fellow members of SA. There was the usual murmur of 'hello Jason'. "This is my first meeting and I guess I should tell you why I am here." The older gentleman that ran the group gave me a smile and a nod. "This all started with my step daughter, well she wasn't my step daughter at the time..." I paused collecting my thoughts. "...I was dating her mother and the little tease would wear the most provocative outfits around me." Everyone leaned in and one girl actually licked her lips and winked at me. "It happened six months ago. I came home from work dripping wet from head to toe. My car had broken down on the way home and so I had to take a bus home. I had to walk to the bus stop in the pouring rain and then again from the bus stop to my house. To say I was in a bad mood would have been a huge understatement. I stripped at the front door leaving a puddle of water and a pile of soaked clothing; then I walked upstairs to the bathroom and took a hot shower. I toweled off and tied the towel around my waist and took the time to run a brush through my tussled hair. I took a deep breath and let out the anger and stress and decided to go down and spend time with my fiancé." I paused and looked at the group. "Am I boring you?"

"Oh no!" said the old man who ran the group, "your story is quite interesting please continue."

"Ok, where was I oh yeah I walked downstairs to my office and found her." Again the girl licked her lips and winked.


"Kaela stands a little over five feet tall with long natural red hair that framed her heart shaped face. She had almond shaped green eyes that pierced you to the core. Pale freckles dotted her ivory skin that was barely covered with a half shirt and a mini skirt. The shirt and skirt were plastered to her like a second skin. Her hard nipples were easily seen through the drenched material. She was bent over my desk talking to her mom who was sitting shaking her head. I stayed in the doorway watching silently at the exchange between the two."

"Jason is going to be furious! That puddle on the floor is going to cost you!"

"Nahhh, I'll just bat my eyes and pout and he'll just melt."

"The cute thing may work on the boyfriend but Jason will tan your ass."

"This ass will keep him in line just like all the other guys!" Kaela slapped her ass with a loud wet thwap to accentuate her point.

"We'll see it's a dangerous game you're playing." Kaela rolled her eyes and made 'that' face of hers. Mom rose from the chair and turned to face the window. "Man it's raining outside! He should have been home by now, I hope nothing bad happened." Kaela bent over even more leaning on both arms watching her mom and I could see from my vantage point the slut wasn't wearing any panties that's when the idea came into my mind. I slipped into the bedroom dropped my towel and retrieved a bottle of lube. I applied a generous amount to my quickly hardening cock. I slipped back to the doorway and Kaela was still bent over mumbling something about how pathetic men were. Staring at her young perfect ass I stalked silently behind her and with a fluid motion I lifted up her short skirt and rammed my cock to the hilt into her tight young pussy stretching it to the max. Kaela moaned/gasped as I ground my hips against her ass cheeks then I grabbed her by the hips and began pounding her pussy hard and deep.

"Jason!" She managed to f***e out. Patty, her mother, spun around at the mixture of Kaela's moan of my name and the slapping sound of our bodies as I fucked the little minx good and hard. When she saw what was going on she smiled and shook her head.

"I told you," Was all she said as she crossed her arms under her large breasts.

"Nnnnn," Kaela tried but failed to say 'no' as the waves of pleasure robbed her of her voice. "Oh god... so big!!" I smiled and continued to fuck her harder and harder.

"I warned you!" Patty said leaning over the other side of the desk her face almost in kissing distance to her daughter's face. "Do you like the feel of his dick in you?"

"Uh huh..." she managed to moan weakly.


I looked down at the other addicts their eyes glazed over with lust especially the young girl who couldn't have been much older than Kaela.

"Maybe I should stop for now?" There was a collective groan. "I mean this was very traumatic for me." The old man nodded and rose to his feet.

"Let's give Jason some time to catch his breath everyone, after all this is his first meeting." Everyone else stood up and split up into pairs or small groups. As I headed for the coffee pot the girl caught me by the arm.

"Can I suck your dick?" She said as she molded her body to mine. I could feel her heat and it was intoxicating.

"What?" I said stunned and confused and very excited by the offer. She was very attractive with black hair and the most amazing blue eyes, which seemed fixed on me at the moment. Her firm breasts were pressed hard against my chest and a long muscular leg was wrapped around me. She wore a plain gray sweatshirt and matching sweatpants and I imagined that was to hide an amazing body beneath.

"I want to suck you off, you know swallow your cum..." I cut her off before the litany of oral sex acts continued.

"I thought you came here to get better?" I asked her.

"Yes," she moaned as she slipped her hand between my legs and on my raging hard on, "better at sex. Your cock doesn't lie it wants to be pampered, let me!" How do you turn down an offer like that? In the end I simply nodded. With that I was d**g into the girl's bathroom, sat down on a toilet and she did the rest. She unzipped me and freed my iron hard erection. "Jackpot!" she moaned and lowered her lips over the head and began flickering her tongue over the very sensitive head. Then inch-by-inch she dropped her head until her lips brushed the base. Then she began to bob her head up and down over the entire length of the shaft pausing now and again to pleasure the tip. She checked her watch and groaned which sent waves of pleasure through me. Her mouth came off my dick for a moment.

"Sorry lover going to have to rush this one, the break will be over soon. But I promise to swallow every drop this time and next time will be even better." Next time I thought? But that was soon driven from my mind as she used her slender fingers wrapped around the shaft stroking it as her lips and tongue pleasured the tip. The stroking got faster and faster and it wasn't very long before I was on the brink of a very strong orgasm. It took everything I had not to scream when I came and as she promised she swallowed every drop. She even licked the head of my cock clean afterwards. I composed myself as she checked to see if the hall was clear of traffic. She nodded and I walked out and back to the meeting area. I fixed myself that well deserved cup of coffee and sat down. She returned to her seat and the old man called the meeting back to order.

"Well Jason would you like to continue?" The old man asked.

"Oh no, maybe someone else would like..." but I was told I hadn't finished and that wasn't healthy for my recovery. I shrugged and stood up and thought where had I left off. "Ok so then..."


"I think it's time for a change of position." Patty said. "Jason sit in the chair." I obeyed; I pulled out of Kaela and sat in the chair. "Now Kaela strip and let him see those firm young tits of yours; which you inherited from me by the way." Her daughter did as she was told. She slowly peeled off the shirt from her and let it fall to the floor with a wet smack. She cupped her large firm breasts and licked the nipples one then the other.

"Do you like them Jason?" I nodded. "Good I am glad. I love your cock!" She purred.

"Come and have a seat little girl." I moaned. She smiled and moving slowly reached down and unzipped her skirt and let that fall to the floor as well, it too hit the floor with a dull wet smack. I looked down at her pussy and saw she was shaved and her pubes formed a downward facing arrow. She moved towards me and taking a wide stance she straddled me. Kaela took my cock in hand and slowly guided the tip to the lips of her pussy.

"Ready?" She asked and I nodded again in response. Slowly she dropped down I felt her pussy open to my cock stretching it once more and soon it was hilted in her again. We groaned in unison as she began to ride me and that tight pussy of hers gave me so much pleasure. She leaned down offering her nipples to me; and being the gentleman that I am I opened my mouth and suckled them as she lifted up and dropped down on me. She started to moan louder and louder as I penetrated her deeper than ever before.

"Oh god yes!" She groaned. I groped her tits and began caressing them teasing her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Her groaning became a panting now. "Un unn unnn..." I could feel her getting close to her orgasm. She stopped lifted up and spun around and lowered herself down facing away from me. Using the desk for leverage she rammed her hips up and down much faster now. "Oh yes!" she growled over and over again. But this time I could feel her body tensing for her upcoming climax. Finally her entire body trembled she lifted high and rammed her hips down climaxing as she did so followed by a muffled scream. When she lifted her head there was her mom standing naked next to her.

"My turn." Patty announced. Kaela rose up on weak legs and watched her mother approach me with a look that almost appeared to be reverence. "How do you want me?"

"On your back on the desk legs pointed at the ceiling." I whispered. She just smiled and without another word she followed my instructions. I stood up and approached the table very slowly. "You sure you want to get fucked in front of her?" She looked over at Kaela and then back at me.

"Yes." She moaned.

"And I can do anything to you?" There was no pause now.


"I can abuse any part of you?"


"Your mouth?" I asked tracing her lips with a finger.

"Yes!" Her body was trembling now.

"Your tits?" I asked teasing her left nipple.

"Yes!!" Her torso arched now wanting any contact possible.

"That lovely pussy of yours?" I touched her pussy lips tracing them slowly.

"Oh god yes!" Now her hips arched to meet my touch.

"Even that tight little ass of yours?" My index finger teased her anus.

"YES!! Even my ass is yours to violate!!" I looked over at Kaela to see her expression and her mouth hung open hearing her mom speak like she had.

"Your mother and I have an arrangement. She has a very stressful job and is in charge all day long. When she comes home I take away that stress by taking away her decision-making. Isn't that right sweetie?"

"Yes Jason." She purred. I took my cock in hand and tapped her sensitive clit with the head and Patty nearly jumped off the desk.

"My you are tender tonight but I will take care of all of that." I eased the head between her pussy lips and slowly into her warm wet depths. She let out a sound somewhere between a purr and a growl. I put her legs one over each shoulder and began to move my hips slowly at first but then faster and faster. The slapping sound of wet pussy and hard cock was loud in the air.

"God I love this dick!" Patty howled and the obscenities didn't stop there. "Fuck me Jason! Fuck me like dirty little whore I am!!" I started to grunt with each drive of my hips.

"Take that and that you tramp!" I yelled at her. I grabbed her tits and squeezed them and used them for leverage as I drove my cock in and out her with as much f***e as I could. I took my pleasure from her and she adored me for it. I looked over at Kaela and she was still open mouthed in shock at how I was treating her mom. "Get over here you little whore!" She hesitated for a long time. "I said get over here!" Her footsteps were slow and unsteady but she followed my orders. When she stood next to me I said, "Turn around and grab your ankles." Once again she hesitated but it was her mother this time.

"You heard him, turn around and grab your ankles!" This time she did as she was told and spun around bent over and easily grabbed her ankles. What a view of her dripping slit of a pussy and her tiny puckered anus.

"That's better!" I moaned. "What a lovely ass she has mom." I gave it a gentle swat then another. I traced a finger along her slick cunt lips and then her very sensitive clit and watched her twitch involuntarily. So when I inserted two of my fingers into her oh so very tight pussy they slid in easily. She groaned and actually leaned back causing them to go in deeper. "See that mom she likes my fingers in her tight little cunt!" Patty just nodded and as I slowly rocked my hips fucking her wonderful pussy and I also managed to finger Kaela's young tight twat.

"Oh Jason I love your dick! Make me cum please!" Patty begged so I obliged. I pulled out of Patty's pussy; "on your belly wench I will do you doggy style now." Patty did as she was told eagerly. Soon my cock was buried deep and she was pushing back with each of my forward thrusts. "Okay k**do it is time for you to learn a new pleasure." I eased the fingers that were slick with her pussy juices slowly into her ass and the other two fingers into her pussy.

"Jason! Oh... my... god..." Then slowly I started fingering both of her holes.

"Can you hear your daughter? She has two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass just like you love to have." I informed Patty.

"Lucky girl." Patty moaned. "Make me cum Jason... I am so close!"

"I will if she follows my orders to the letter."

"Kaela, listen to Jason now." Patty ordered her daughter.

"Yes Mom."

"Okay girlie reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart." Kaela did as she was told without reservation and reached back and gripped each cheek and pulled. "Beautiful! You look so slutty like this don't you agree?"


"How does it feel to have both of your holes violated?" I accentuated each word with a thrust, which she met like her mother with a backward movement.

"I... love... it..." She moaned louder and louder.

"Yes just like your mother," I said looking down at her mother's pussy filled with my cock. "So tell me mom are you ready to cum?"

"YES!" she howled. I stopped fucking her but she never missed a beat as she kept moving her hips backward driving me deep and hard. Her thrusts were slow but very powerful. "UNN... UNN... OH FUCK!!!" She screamed as her cunt gripped me like a velvet fist as she came. She ground her hips back hilting herself on me then as she continued to come Patty made slow circles with her hips. When her climax had finally stopped she was a sweaty panting mass of gorgeous woman. Patty flipped her soaked hair out of her face and looked back over her shoulder smiling her evil smile. "You haven't cum yet." She moaned.

"No I haven't what are you going to do about it?" I asked.

"Sit down and you'll find out." She said. I eased my fingers out of Kaela's holes, which made her moan softly then I sat down which pulled my cock out of Patty's pussy. "So daughter of mine have you ever titty fucked anyone?"

"Uh no." she replied.

"Then watch and learn." Patty left the room and returned with a bottle of baby oil. She walked over and stood right in front of me offering me the bottle, which I took. She knelt and offered her large firm tits to me. I drizzled the oil on and between her breasts then I rubbed the oil in until her skin shone with a shiny glaze.

"Ready Jason?" I nodded and she leaned in enfolding my engorged cock with those soft pillowy breasts. She moved up and down and I began moaning now as the head of my dick poked out from time to time. Kaela walked over and knelt to the side of her mother licking her lips as she saw the precum on the head of my cock.

"Can I?" she asked her mom.

"Sure." Patty replied leaning back giving her daughter room. Kaela lowered her head and suckled the head of my dick. Mom kept on teasing the shaft with her breasts while daughter licked and sucked the rest. I grabbed the arms of the chair as I felt my own climax getting closer and closer. The sensations were just too much to fight for very long. "Look at him, he's going to cum any time now." Kaela looked up and her eyes glittered with unbridled lust. "Do you know how to swallow cum?" Patty asked her daughter. Kaela shook her head. "Ok then let me show you how." Kaela let my cock leave her mouth with a loud 'pop' and mom took over. Patty adjusted her position and took the shaft of my dick in hand and lowered her mouth to engulf the entire head. I felt her tongue and lips come to play as her hand stroked the shaft slow at first but then as my orgasm got closer and closer it moved faster and faster.

"OH GOD!!" I howled. "So fucking close!!" Patty's hand moved at a steady fast pace and her lips formed a tight seal around the head. Hardly had the last word left my lips than the first pulse of hot cum hit the back of her throat and she began to swallow as quick as she could. Even when the last bit of cum was gone she continued to stroke me and I'll be damned if she didn't manage a second orgasm from me. I howled as more cum flowed and she drank it all. Now it was my time to pant and wheeze as she daintily wiped the corners of her mouth and smiled.

"Feeling better?" Patty cooed. I could only nod.

"That was fucking amazing!" Kaela said. "Can you teach me?"

"Yes, but later Jason needs to catch his breath."

"Of course he does." Kaela moved to sit on my lap rubbing her young cunt on me. "Is there anything I can do for you Jason?" She asked whispering in my ear.

"Yes." I said.

"What is it, I will do anything!" she said eagerly.

"Clean up that puddle you made and pray it hasn't damaged my wood floor or next time you'll have my cock buried deep in your ass young lady!"


"And that was my first encounter with Kaela, but it wasn't to be the last."

The old man rose to feet and walked over and gave me a hug. Soon the group surrounded me and it felt strangely comforting. Then they stepped away and the old man smiled at me.

"Excellent first day I would say wouldn't you?" The group nodded and murmured their agreement. "See you next week?"


"Hey Jason can I get a lift home?" The girl asked with a knowing smile. "Remember I still owe you one."

"Yes I remember sure I can give you a lift."

"Such a nice young man you are Jason, I can't wait until our next meeting." The old man said and turned to speak with the other members of SA.

She followed me out to my car and I turned to her and asked, "You know I don't even know your name."

"I was wondering when you were going to get to that little bit of information." She just smiled and grabbed my arm leaning into it. "The name is Jessica, Jessica Magnus and I am your humble servant." We reached my car and I unlocked it and moved to open her door and she looked at me like I had slapped her. "What are you doing?"

"Being a gentleman and opening the door for you."

"I am anything but a lady, which you will discover soon enough." She shouldered past me and opened the passenger side door and made herself comfortable in my car. I shrugged and made my way to the driver side and found the door already open. Jessica had leaned over and opened it for me, how nice.

"So where to?" I asked.

"Just drive." She said.

"Okay it's your taxi ride lady." She just smiled and once the vehicle was moving she reached over and set her left hand over my cock.

"Ready for that payback?"

"Did you really feel rushed back in the ladies room?"

"Oh yes I did and now you get the full treatment."

"Sounds serious." I said trying to keep my eyes on the road.

"Oh I take sex very serious Jason. So do you think you can keep your car on the road while I administer some much needed worship of that cock of yours?"

You bet I can!" I hadn't had road head in forever and this little tramp was so very eager to do just that. I was so fucking hard it was almost painful. I felt her hand as she easily unzipped my pants and freed me.

"Oh my you are eager for some loving!" I felt her cool fingers wrap around the shaft and slowly start to stroke me. "Gods would I love to have this inside of me right now!" She squeezed me a bit then continued stroking now a bit faster. "What do you think Jason? Would you like this monster in my tight little pussy? It's so wet just me thinking about you stretching me and filling me up so nice." She said as she leaned over and purred in my ear. "Ready?"

"Yes! I want you to suck my cock you dirty little whore!" I said as I slid fingers into her hair, made a gentle fist and pushed her head down.

"Oh god yes let me suck your dick Jason!" Then her lips were around me and she was licking and sucking as I held her head down. I had to keep my eyes on the road but I desperately wanted to look to see her sucking me off. After a little while I started to push her head down further then lift it up feeling her lips around the shaft and her tongue working it too. We had traveled a mile or so when I lifted her head completely off my cock and she was gasping and growling.

"Why did you do that... give me your cock!"

"Beg for it." I said. Again she growled but then she purred and narrowed her eyes.

"Please Jason let me suck your dick!"

"Not yet, show me that wet pussy of yours first." Her eyes lit up and she sat back in her seat then hunched down placing her feet on the console. Slowly she lifted up her skirt revealing a beautiful bald cunt that was slick with her pussy juices. "Play with it!" I demanded. Splitting my attention between her and my driving was getting hard.

"Yes sir." She whispered. She pulled her pussy lips apart to show off her cute button of a clit. Then she eased one then another finger into her wet slit. Then slowly she began to finger fuck herself moaning softly at first but then louder and louder. "I wish this was you instead..." she moaned then Jessica looked over just as we entered the parking garage. "Are you going to fuck me Jason?"

"Yes, yes I am you filthy whore... I am going to fuck you rotten!"

"Goodie!" Round and around we went until we reached the roof where no one was parked. I parked near the edge of the roof.

"Get out!" I said as I opened my door and came around to her and grabbing her by the arm dragging her to the edge of the roof. There was a concrete barrier and that is where I bent her over, flipped up her skirt and just like Kaela rammed my cock deep into her wet pussy. Jessica moaned like the slut she was and pushed back each time I thrust forward. There was no love or even like here it was just primal lust being expressed seven floors up. I grabbed her hips for better leverage and started to really pound that tight slick pussy of hers. "Take that you slut! I am going to abuse that naughty pussy of yours!"

"Yes abuse me! Do whatever you want! Anything to please you Sir!" She was panting now and the look of total abandonment on her face drove me mad with passion. I wanted to drive my dick right through her.

"Look down at all those proper people living proper lives while I fuck you." I said observing the men and women driving and walking here and there oblivious of our actions high above. "But you're not proper are you?"

"No Sir I am just a worthless whore at your mercy."

"Would you have it any other way?"

"NO! I want only to please You!"

"Good." I said as I pulled out and stepped back. "Get undressed. I want to see what my whore looks like." Without any hesitation she stripped down to nothing but an evil smile. Her head was lowered allowing her shoulder length brown hair to cast shadows over her lovely features. She had a long elegant neck that begged to be kissed and bitten. Jessica had a slight build and her breasts were a bit larger than I expected but there are no complaints there. Her belly was rock hard with noticeable abdominal muscles showing. Her hips were nicely rounded leading down to long muscular legs that would be lovely to have wrapped around me. "Turn around." She slowly turned around and I saw the tattoo on her neck but her hair mostly covered it so I walked up and grabbed her hair and lifted it. The tattoo was of a bar code.

"So what does this symbolize?"


"Property?" I asked.

"Yes, I am property to whomever finds me worthy."

I looked at her back and the lovely curve of her spine leading down to an adorable bubble butt. I cupped one cheek in my hand gave it a healthy squeeze. She purred on command and I liked it, very much.

"Go sit on the hood of my car in a proper position." She turned around and walked to car and sat on the hood with legs spread in two different directions one heel touching a different headlight. "Enticing I must say." She didn't speak she just smiled pleased that I was happy. I walked over to her and looked her in the eye and she nodded. I eased my cock into her once more and moved slowly at first enjoying her wrapped around me so damn tight. She was a wonder! The perfect submissive for my dominant personality and so as I moved my hips nice and slow she closed her eyes and whimpered. I kept up the slow pace for a long time and she was panting after a while.

"Are you ready to come already?" I asked her.

"Yes Sir, I have been waiting for someone like You for so long and my body is out of control I am sorry."

"Don't be, I want you to cum for me. I want to feel what your orgasm feels like while I am in you." There was a look of pleasant shock on her face and she smiled brilliantly as I picked up the pace just a bit. The car moved beneath us and made for an interesting addition to the movement. I grabbed her firm young tits for better leverage and drove myself deeper and harder into her. It wasn't long before I saw and felt the signs of her climax. "Come on you dirty slut come for me!" And she did her pussy gripped me tight as the waves of ecstasy gripped her tight. Jessica's eyes fluttered shut and she bit back a scream. I kept on thrusting and to my pleasant surprise the little wench came again even harder than the first. It took a lot not to come myself. Finally there was a panting exhilarated young woman lying on my car. She opened her eyes and gifted me with one of her brilliant smiles.

"I haven't done that in a very long time Sir, thank You."

"Get off my car." She obediently followed my order. "Now it's my turn to come. Bend over and grab your ankles." Jessica once again did as she was told. "What a view now I am going to fuck your pussy and then your ass taking my pleasure from both of your tight holes." There was no protest so I stepped forward and slid my cock into her pussy as I lubed up a finger with her juices and eased it into her ass. She simply grunted and took it in stride. Soon my finger was moving in time with my cock and before Jessica knew it I had two fingers in her very tight ass fucking it as easy as her pussy. Now the slut was grunting in time with the fingers making me eager to fuck her ass so bad.

"Unn unn unnn oh god it feels so good Sir! Is your cock ready for my tight little ass?" She reached up without prompting and pulled her ass cheeks apart. "See it my dirty little hole so eager for you!" I could resist no longer and yanked my cock from her pussy and pressed the head to her anus and pushed very slowly but deliberately.

"Oh god yes... I can feel the head of your dick trying to violate me!" She pushed backwards and with an almost 'pop' the head was in. "Yes Sir! It's in me; your dick is in my ass. More! Please give me more of your hard thick cock!" Slowly I pushed my hips forward inching the shaft after the head into her ass until it was all the way in. "Unn gods yes its all the way in!" Jessica grunted and growled now.

"Fuck my ass Sir! Please take your pleasure from it!" I grabbed her hips and slowly started to do just that. Every time the head hit bottom she groaned in pleasure and begged for more. "Yes fuck that dirty ass Sir fuck it hard and fast please!" I thrust harder and faster now our bodies slapping when they met; the sound echoing off the empty roof. "So good! I love your cock in me!" Now it was my turn to groan as I felt my climax getting closer and closer. "Can I ride you Sir... so you can better see You violating me?" I slowly pulled out and lay down on the ground. She straddled my cock and eased it back into her ass ever so slowly. "Do you like the view Sir?"

"Yes I do."

"Good." Inch by inch once more my dick was driven deep into Jessica's ass. She leaned back so I could see her ass being violated by my cock. "How's that? Can You see it going in?"

"Yes!" There came that tingling sensation of a feeling bigger than my body could hold. It was going to be a very strong orgasm I could tell. I watched her lift up until only the head remained inside of her and then she dropped down all the way impaling herself on me. "Oh god yes... fuck me Jessica! Make me cum inside your ass!" That's all the prompting she needed soon she was fucking me as hard and as fast as she could. She used her strong legs to drive herself up and down impaling herself over and over again. Soon my body was shaking from the strain of fighting off the climax but I couldn't fight it anymore. I looked her in the eye and nodded. She lifted up and rammed her hips down and the waved broke over me and I felt pulse upon pulse of my cum spurt inside of her. We both managed to keep from screaming and she lay on top of me when the orgasm subsided. I ran my fingers through her hair and held her close. After a long while we both knew it time to go. We got to our feet and I opened the trunk and fetched some baby wipes for her to clean up with. Then I stripped out of my dirty clothes into some comfy sweats.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yes." She replied. "That really was amazing! Thank you!"

"No thank you. Now let's get you home." We got into the car and exited the garage and headed west towards home.

"Hey you missed my turn." Jessica said at one point.

"I said we were going 'home' I never said I was taking you to your place."

"Oh... does this mean?"

"Yes, you have officially been adopted into the f****y."

"But what about your wife?" Jessica asked.

"She'll do as she is told, after all we have a spare bedroom you can have and Kaela needs someone to show her the ropes and since you have such an excellent work attitude you have the job."

"You want me to teach your step daughter about sex?"

"Yep!" I smiled. "I want you to teach her everything. How to suck cock and the tricks to anal sex; the whole works. And you will of course be obliged to follow every command I give you without fail is that understood?"

"Yes Sir!" Jessica barked out smiling from ear to ear. And that is how Jessica joined our little f****y of sex addicts.

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