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Hot Tub Flashing

I just came back from the hot tub in the hotel in which I'm staying for the week. It's a nice property, about the nicest in the community where I'm doing business.

While in the hot tub, I pulled up one of the legs of my swim trunks so I could exposed my cock and balls to the turbulent hot water. I find this stimulating and emotionally relaxing - and do so whenever I have a hot tub to myself.

I was so relaxed after a long, hard day of work, I must have dosed off. I thought I was dreaming, for I felt a soft touch on my left leg. This leg was propped up by my heel, resting on the bottom step of the tub. Since I was merely dozing, I opened my eyes to find a woman standing on the steps of the tub. She was garbed in a nice one-piece swimsuit - black with very narrow shoulder straps. The hip cut was high, and the crotch of the suit nicely hugged her cunt. As I glanced upward from her pussy, I saw a rather deep V cut to the bodice. She absolutely gained my favor.

"I didn't want to disturb you - you looked so relaxed - but I needed the hot water. I see you really relax," as she stared down at my crotch. Realizing I was still exposed, I quickly put my hands over my "jewels" and apologized. "Oh, don't think a thing of it - I'm well over 21 (actually, she's 45) and have seen a naked dick and balls before!" I thanked her for her understanding, and realized she was a pretty open woman.

I remained on my side of the tub, and she moved over to my right. We were about 5' apart. When she sat, the waterline only slightly covered her tits. What part of the swimsuit wasn't immersed was glistening from its dampness. I reached out my right hand and introduced myself to her. She reciprocated, and smiled.

We began to talk - mostly chit-chat. Within a couple of moments, she grinned and asked, "So, how long have you been 'hangin it out' in hot tubs?" I laughed, and said, "Hey, you're all right. For a relatively short period of time. I've only been flashing since the first of the year!" She smiled, laughed, and said, "Well, don't let ME stop you!" I asked if she was sure, and her reply was in the affirmative.

I then stood up - pulled one leg of my swim trunks aside - and exposed my cock and balls again. I sat on the bench of the hot tub and got settled. Since she was so "cool" about everything, I asked, "Why don't you join me?" Now, she REALLY laughed, and replied, "God, I've done a bunch of stuff, but not that. I don't know if I could!" My response was, "Well, since you've invited me to do what I'M doing, I thought it only right to return the invitation. After all, you ARE 'well over 21,' aren't you?" She laughed again and said, "Oh, shut up!"

I figured it would only be me "hanging out." I was wrong. After staring at her tits for a bit, she said, "Oh, what the hell" and proceeded to stand up (facing me), reached down and pulled the crotch of her swimsuit aside, revealing a nicely clipped (but not shaved) cunt. Instead of sitting down right away, she took a bit of time in the standing position. I took that as an invitation to make a comment. "Wow - now THAT'S what I call beautiful!" She smiled again, thanked me for the compliment, and took a seat.

"All right, now doesn't that flowing water feel good on your pussy" I asked? She said, "Actually, it does feel nice! Thanks for coaxing me!" We continued our conversation for a bit, and I noticed no other guests were coming into the pool area. As such, I then said, "Well, my cock and balls are as exposed as your pussy. You've had opportunity to look at my tits since your got here, and I've not been able to do the same with you. Whattyasay?"

Now, this lady could have done much to avoid me and my quirkiness, but she did not. That's the beauty of being with older, more mature women. They mostly "get it." She responded with a quick, "Well, I guess that's more than fair. Do you really think I should?" "I wouldn't have brought it up if I wasn't serious about seeing your tits, now would I?" She reached up to one strap and pulled it down. She did NOT exposed that side of her chest. She then reached up for the other strap and pulled IT down. Still no exposure of what appeared to be more-than-ample sized tits. I pouted, and asked, "Is that it? You're a tease!"

She sat there, straps floating the water, but tits still covered. "O.K., we had a deal!" She then hooked her thumbs at the top of the bodice and pulled down. I was right - she has great-looking tits. Since she's in her 40s, I expected some Cooper's droop. While this was true, it was only very slight. I guessed her to be about a 36 C, and asked her how close I was. "You've obviously done this before - I AM a 36 C."

So, now my tits were exposed to hers, and hers to mine. My cock and balls were exposed to her cunt, and her cunt to my cock and balls. It was a great little "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." It was as though we were both in junior high school, playing adolescent games.

We continued to talk, but the conversation began to become more adult - more serious. All of a sudden, the jets stopped blowing and the water calmed. I was torn between leaving the water still, or getting out of the tub and reactivating the turbulence. I decided to not be TOO obvious, and said, "I'll turn 'em back on!" I then stood up, and began to pull down the leg to my trunks. "Oh, don't do THAT - I like the idea of you 'hangin' out' in front of all the windows!" I obeyed like a dog with a command from his owner. I took a few steps, rotated the knob to '30' and re-entered the tub. I discovered she'd taken my place on the bench of the hot tub, and I said, "Hey - that was MY spot!" "Oh, don't whine! I just wanted to see you climb down the steps with your dick swinging! Come sit by me!"

O.K. - no more subtleties. I sat next to her, but before doing so, I stood in front of her and re-adjusted my trunks to expose as much of my crotch as I could. She smiled and went "Mmmmmmm!" I sat, and she placed her hand on my thigh. Not to be rude, I placed my hand on hers. The only difference? I ran my hand up to her bush and rested it there. "If you don't mind my saying so, I was excited to see how you trim your pussy hair, but don't shave it. I LOVE seeing pussy hair v. the stereotype shaving.

When I touched her cunt, she very gently and slightly slid her butt forward - as though to meet my hand. I pushed back slightly and said, "Ooooh - very nice!" She permitted me access to her cunt, and I began to slide my hand up and down in the water - against her bush. She did nothing but surrender.

"Now, if ANYONE comes in, we need to stop this shit!" I simply said, "O.K., we will. Trust me - I'm a man!" She then laughed harder than she had since we began this craziness. "Yeah, right. Does that go along with 'I promise not to cum in your mouth?" We were having a GREAT time!

After resuming the reciprocating motion on her cunt, she spread her thighs slightly, so I slipped my middle finger into her slit. NOW she reached over to my cock - which by now had grown considerably. She just held it at first, but then picked up my pussy-rubbing tempo and timed her movements to my strokes.

"Hey, if we keep this up, we'll contaminate the water with your cunt drippings (I stopped guarding my language) and my cum. We'd better either stop, or continue in the sauna!" "I vote for Number 2," she replied. We quickly got out of the hot tub - still exposing ourselves. As we walked toward the sauna (other end of the pool), she grabbed my erection and walked me like her pet poodle. I did not object one bit, for I felt like this was a 'Hey, I REALLY want you!' move. We entered the sauna, closed the door, and I wedged a towel at the bottom of the door. We turned off the light, so the only illumination was from the small window in the door.

I put her on the top bench of the sauna, and I sat on the lower bench - facing her. I reached up and pulled off her swimsuit. She said, "You, too!" Soon, we were both naked. I spread her legs apart, and her dimly-lit cunt was staring at me. It took no time to push my face to her pussy. Her hair, while short, was soft. I began to lap at the lips. She responded by putting her hands at the back of my head and pulled me close - tight - to her crotch. More affirmation that she REALLY wanted this. I ate her like it was the first meal I'd had in weeks. She appeared to really like getting tongue-fucked.

As I continued to "Dine at the Y," I inserted an index finger into her cunt. Feeling like it was well-received, I inserted a 2nd finger - then a 3rd. She gasped, sucked in a bunch of air, and gave off a deep, throaty "Ohhhhhhhh!" I knew I had the right ingredients to make a pussy happy!

While continuing my oral/digital maneuvers, she did nothing but enjoy. Not long after the "Ohhhhhhhh," she began to suck a lot of air, with breathing intensifying. I knew she was going to cum. In the wink of an eye, she put her hand up to her mouth and bit down on it. She must have known she was a screamer, and wanted to muffle the sound as much as she could. I felt her cunt tighten on my fingers and she "did her thing!" It felt really good to bring this middle-aged beauty some pleasure.

After recovering, she looked at me with a "just fucked" look in her eyes. "So, what about you? What can I do for you?" I simply looked at her and said, "You've already done it! I am happy to bring a woman to orgasm, expecting nothing in return!"

"What? Are you for real? NO man thinks like that!" I assured her I was quite serious, and that - for me - bringing a woman to the brink and pushing her off to fall into Orgasmic Gulch - was a genuine pleasure.

"God, I've died and gone to Heaven! Now - seriously - if I could do one thing for you, what would it be?" I didn't have to think for 2 seconds. "If you really want to do something in kind, here's what I'd like. Rest your back into the corner, raise your knees, and play with your cunt and tits! I'll be masturbating in front of you while you pleasure yourself. How does that sound?"

"After what you did for ME, I would do anything for you right now!" With that, she slid her sexy, mature ass across the bench and 'assumed the position.' She used one hand on her cunt and the other on her tits. I loved watching this, and began to jack off within inches of her. She massaged her magnificent mammaries, all the while massaging and penetrating her slit. I asked her not to stop until she was direct to do so. She was getting into the whole masturbatory thing, so she merely nodded in consent.

I soon felt my loins stiffening, and my balls aching. It was time to release my load. I nudged even more closely to her great naked body. I had one knee on my bench, and the other leg supporting me from the floor. This put my cock in direct line of fire from her cunt. I told her I was ready to cum. On cue, she intensified her pussy play, and said, "Come on - spray me!" That was it! I stroked as hard and as fast as I could, and gave her a "Oh, God!" Within seconds of each other, she orgasmed and I sprayed her cunt with my load.

After I blew my wad, and her cunt was glistening from her female juice and my jizz, I rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy - just for a minute. She looked at me, gazed with sl**py eyes, and said, "You must be a dream. No man has EVER been so selfless, and so into me!" I simply said, "No Charge!"

We cleaned up with towels, got back into our swimwear, and went our separate ways. It was, indeed, a "hot" tub experience!

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