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Last Boy On Earth

I woke up in a blur.............count see much, just a collaboration of images and words, I suppose that’s the thing people are talking about when your life flashes before your eyes before something horrible happens to you. I heard voices very faint hard to make out whom it was, or let alone what it was. It was a woman a beautiful women, then i realized where i was, in a hospital bed.

"Take it easy k**" that’s what the nurse said, or doctor i wasn’t sure at the time. I was more worried about my body; i mean was I fucked up missing a limb? I could never go to the army if that happened. It was rather strange; as i looked around I noticed that all the staff was female.

" where am I? is this Mercy hospital? Could i see my doctor? His name is Doctor. Franks?" I said.

Unknown Nurse: "His name?"

"Yeah that’s right his name" i said reassuringly.

Unknown Nurse: She giggled "There’s no male doctors around here"

I gave her a funny look.

"What do you mean?"

Unknown Nurse: "You’re the first male, we have seen in 6 years."

"Um you have a phone I can use?"

Unknown Nurse: "Yeah, right next to your bed, Hit 9 first, you know before you dial the number."


I tried calling my dad’s cell, my mom’s work, my home phone, even my own cell phone, nothing all i get was busy signals or this number was not in service.
I was awed that no one was worried, my mom was a nurse this would be the first place she would check was the hospital, and then i realized maybe I wasn’t in Ferndale anymore. I called the nurse.

"Excuse me i may have hit my head a little too hard where am I?"

Unknown nurse: "You’re in St. Teresa Hospital"

"I mean like state?"

Unknown Nurse: "California, anyways I’ll be right back i think someone a little higher up should know about this."

Higher up? i thought to myself? What the fucks going on? California, why in the hell would someone take me to California from Ferndale, Michigan because of a car accident? don’t they need to inform my parents? I waited about 20 minutes for her return. I grew tired and took a nap.

Unknown Nurse: "Hey wake up k**, there’s someone here to see you"

I was blurry again I looked up saw a sharply dressed women in work suite her hair out with a badge in her side & a Glock; i couldn’t make out the text on the badge.

Sharply Dressed Women: “Could you excuse us for a minutes nurse?"

Unknown Nurse: " Yes sorry"

Sharply Dressed Women:" This is so exciting, I’m Agent Starling."

"Names Damien"

Sharply Dressed Women: "You got a last name k**?"

"Evans, you got a first name agent?"

Agent Starling: "Names Jesse."

Agent Starling: "Well Damien, not really any other way to put this, you’re the first male eve seen in 6 years?"

"What? The nurse said the same thing? What’s up with that?"

Agent Starling:" In 2012 there was a virus that killed and attached to the male Genome by the end of 2012 95% of the male population on earth was either dead or dying."

"What the fuck? What year is it?"

Agent Starling: "June. 10 2016"

"Holy Shit!"

I panicked i thought she was fucking with me I wanted proof.

"Turn on the TV."

Agent Starling:" You don’t believe me" she laughed

A series of commercials came on all containing women’s products, women advertisement and all female news anchors.

"You’re not k**ding are you?"

Agent Starling: "No I’m not."

"Well this doesn’t make any sense? According to your story then I should be dead?"

Agent Starling: "You’re sitting here aren’t you?"

"Wow, ok i need to get some fresh air"

Agent Starling: Well they found you lying outside on the road, with some clothes there a bit torn but, because finding male clothes is a bit impossible we had em patched up and washed, there on that shelve. Go ahead and get ready Ill drive you to get some food & coffee.

"Is my wallet here?"

Agent Starling: "I believe so?"

"You still use the same money?"

Agent Starling: she giggles “Yes we still use American dollars."

"I’ll buy"

Agent Starling:" No we will go Dutch"


I get up grab my clothes

"There a bathroom i can change in?"

Agent Starling: "Just change in here"

I look at her funny?

"Can you like go for a second?"

She gets a little red, and smiles

Agent Starling: “Sure sweetie"

I quickly changed, but there was no shirt.

I opened the door Agent Starling was waiting outside the door

"Uh....there’s no shirt?"

Agent Starling was staring at me, bit her lip for a second.

I looked at her funny.

Agent Starling: “Oh sorry, yeah its being Ironed just a second.”

Another nurse hands me my shirt also stares at my bare chest for a min. I quickly shut the door, put the shirt on, I mummed to myself. Last dude on earth? Fuck Ima like this.

Agent Starling: "you ready k**?"

"Yeah, I’m ready"

Agent Starling and i walk down the hall to an elevator, i realized this defiantly wasn’t Ferndale’s hospital. All the staff and a few patients were giving me funny looks. We finally reached the main door. Outside was Beautiful i mean beautiful palm trees, down the left a few blocks was the beach RIGHT THERE? a hospital right by the ocean that is either fucking beautiful or a serious tsunami risk.

"This place is beautiful!"

Agent Starling:" It is"

We came to a really nice Black Dodge Charger, I’m not sure how care producing was anymore all the men gone, i suppose women just picked everything up because the world kept going just fine, but just no men.

We got in the car and she started driving.

"So where we heading?"

Agent Starling: “There’s a place more in town i like"


"Quick question?"

Agent Starling: “Shoot"

"How’s like everything keep going? I mean like since people can’t know reproduce? Populations got to be low."

Agent Starling: “Why do you think they sent me?"

"What like for protection?"

Agent Starling: “Think about it, you the only male left in the entire world as far as we know, you like are only hope for the human race we could die off if you died and 2 hours ago we accepted that, but now your here."

"Well I’m flattered but the same time worried"

Agent Starling: “I think there’s enough of you to go around; at your age you produce more sperm than a full grown male!"

"Oh god...."

Agent Starling:" Giggles lets Go eat!"

Turns up music and we continue driving.

We come up to a close together store block at the corner is a Cafe. She parks on the side and we walk in.

Unknown Black Women:" Hey, Jesse how you doing girl?

Agent Starling:" Hey Monica! This is my friend Damien"

Monica drops coffees sever.

Monica: Oh my god! Is that a man? Oh shit girl, he ait bad looking either....mmmmmhmmmm

Agent Starling: “Laughing"

Monica: What can i get for ya`ll?

Agent Starling:" I get a coffee & the usually he will have a coffee & a menu, he probably don’t know what he wants.

Monica: You want cream in your coffee baby?

"Sure lol?"

Monica mumbles from the back of the kitchen, I want his cream in ma coffee.....

Agent Starling: “So you know what you want"

I looked at her, finally got a good look at her face, she was simply put beautiful a dead blue with a mix of green eyes, dark black hair, a little scar on her check that only made her more beautiful.

"You have beautiful eyes."

Agent Starling: “Thank you." She blushed.

"That looks good"

Agent Starling:" What?"

"The menu, I’ll have that"

Agent Starling:" Oh ok thought you were talking about something else."

I smiled so did she?

Monica came out brought a coffee refilled Jesses and got our food.

We talked as we ate.

"So what exactly am i supposed to do?, I mean back...where....still not sure how this is possible, but I was going to join the army, I’m guessing that there isn’t one anymore."

Agent Starling:" You’re right not really anymore, once all the main threats were eliminated there was no reason to have war anymore, were all in good standings I mean all the countries found new females leaders, if not wife to the successor. So the army kind of died it’s more of just communications now, all the bombs and weapons and vehicles are all just like history pieces now."

"Amazing, Stalin once said Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem. This is a little more literal then he thought."

Agent Starling: “Indeed”
“So what am I supposed to do just go out and get a minimum wage job and try and live I mean the army was going to be my life?”

Agent Starling: “No, you can’t be by yourself to dangerous”

“Hey, as you can see I’m not a small man? I’m a pretty big dude I can handle myself”

Agent Starling: “It not about that, damn now I remember why we hate men, your egos, listen k**, you big but there are women out there who haven’t seen a man let alone felt or slept with a man in ages, there’s women out there who will put a gun to your head just to fuck you. And you think I’m k**ding. As soon as were done eating I’m instructed to take you to the HQ.”

“Oh shit”

Agent Starling: “Alright Monica thanks for the bite.”

Monica: Oh you mean you guys are leaving already, can I say goodbye to the boy?

Agent Starling:” No we need to get going”

Monica: Damn I wanted to say goodbye in my native tongue, I’ll be seeing you again boy believe that.

I smiled, blushed, happy and slightly scared at the same time, I walked out with Agent Starling to the car.

We sat in She looked at me and giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

She bit her lip, and then started to drive.
We got to a parking of a large builidng lot she stopped looked at me for second.

Agent Starling: “Are you a……….a virgin?”


Agent Starling: “That’s good”

“Are you?”

Agent Starling: “no………I um had a boyfriend before the virus, but I left him after I caught him cheating.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”

Agent Starling:” Don’t be.”

I glanced at her legs for a minute; I looked back up at her.

“You know, you’re beautiful, all women deserve to here that, I’m sorry he cheating on you, I wouldn’t have if I had you.”

She stared at me, bit her lip again, she slid her Glock & Badge off. I reached over to kiss her she backed off a bit.

Agent Starling: “Are you sure you want to do this, I won’t stop you if you do.”

“Only if you want to?”

Agent Starling then launched at me we kissed passionately, she was the more aggressive one, I didn’t really know what I was doing. She grabbed my dick started rubbing it through my jeans, She with her other hand slid her panties off. She f***ed my hand on to her pussy.

Agent Starling: “I haven’t been with a man in years”

“Oh my god you’re fucking sexy”

She unzipped my jeans searched for my erect cock; she pulled out spit on her hand beat me off faster than I ever could as we still kissed passionately.

Agent Starling:” This isn’t a good place, let’s go to my office”

I put my stuff away; she slid her Glock and badge back on, but not her panties.
We walked into the main building I was more concentrated on her but the place was fucking huge. We walked to the elevator, Like in the hospital I got all kinds of weird looks from similarly dressed women as Agent Starling. In the elevator she kept looking at me biting her lip. The elevator finally stopped. She grabbed my hand and rushed me to the end of the hall with a large Mahogany wooden door, she rushed me in The back side was all glass, I didn’t realize how high up we were, she jump on me threw me down against the black leather couch that smelled of armor-all. She got on her knees unzipped my pants found my cock again, this time she started sucking, it felt amazing it was my first time here beautiful eyes that little scar it was perfect. She sucked without making a sound she finally said “Lets Fuck” she took of my shirt, pulled off my pants and boxers, she started striping down herself till she was completely naked with nothing but a small 38. Special strapped on her leg, she slowly pulled it off.

“I think I fucking love you!”

She moaned and jumped on top of me. She grabbed my cock, spit on her hand and stroked it to get it wet, she slid it in her pussy we fucked reverse cowgirl style, she moaned with one of the cutest moans you can possibly imagine. She grabbed on to my biceps turned around and kissed passionately at the same time. We fucked for more than 3 hours it felt like, the sun was setting down and the beautiful room glowed gold. She started to have an orgasm, I couldn’t control myself and I was going to as well.

I whispered: “Jesse………….oh god Jesse! I’m going to!”

She said in the sexiest voice in the world

“Do it baby!”

I came one of the biggest loads I ever shot in my life in her sweet pussy.
And this ladies and gentleman is my story as the Last Boy on Earth.

-Written By Damien Lacambra AkA (Crazydrummer)
Btw Agent Starling is Megan Fox.

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