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Cuckold meet up for Indian couples and white studs

Me and Suneeta nervously knocked on the mansion door,A middle aged Indian lady opened it and smiled at us she said hello and invited us in she introduced her self as Rupika, As we entered she asked us if it was our first time i said yes and my wife blushed and nodded.

Rupika then took us into the living room and there were 5 other indian couples seated and she then excused her self, As we sat down they gave a smile to us but remained quiet, It was a special party for indian couples to meet white boys however the white boys were not there and we felt a bit anxious but i was too shy to ask the other couples anything as they were extremly quiet.

Twenty minutes later Rupika walked back into the living room and apologized for keeping us waiting and said the guys got stuck on the way from the airport and would arrive shortly we all felt releived and suddenly 2 of the couples started talking with each other, and as time passed by we heard a door bell ring and a few seconds later we heard some chatter and then Rupika entered the living room along with 9 well build white guys they were like giants compared to us. Except for 2 the remaining 7 looked quite handsome, Rupika then put on some traditional indian music and invited the indian wives to join the white men on the dance floor and said there are plenty of rooms available upstairs if they were needed.

I was seated with the other husbands as we watched our wives dance with the white studs. My wife was going wild, she was wearing a dark green sari and so were the other wives with different colours except for one who had a dress on.

After a few minutes i noticed my wife dance in the arms of on of the well build white studs he had dark brown hair and green eyes and was wearing jeans and a shirt, as they danced i noticed that he was almost double the height of my wife, they danced slow and suddenly he started to french kiss her, my wife seemed to enjoy as she started to run her dark brown hands all over his back and then moved it along to his butt, I felt jealousy as well as excitement and a few minutes later my turned and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and then she held his hand and lead him towards me, as they got nearer i stood up and then my wife said this is Collin and introduced me as well after we shook hands she said that she would like to go upstairs and waved to Rupika she smiled and came upto us and led us upstairs.

To be continued

hope you enjoyed my first cuckold experiance ill continue the incident some other time, i would like to hear from other indian couples and white guys in cuckold experiances.

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