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I was 16 and Loved playing soccer I also had become preoccupied with guys. It was scary at first but I soon learned to accept it, though the only others who knew were guys that I hooked up with but all us kept it on the low. I was at 16 5'11 and 155 with black hair and green eyes. I was on the varsity team because I was so good at soccer. Mr. McGuire. He was a 37 year old man who had a rock hard body yet having a a very slender muscular build. He kept a perfectly manicured beard and had brown hair. The attraction I had to him was so strong and I could not explain it. I wanted him to fuck me so bad, that when he would talk to me on the side lines I would have to think of other things to keep my cock from getting hard from feeling his breath on my neck and in my ear as he whispered a play he wanted me to do and then slapping me on the ass and saying "now get out there Boy" to everyone else it just seemed as if it was just the typical slaps that they do in sports but it was turning me on. I had no idea that it turned cock on too until one night after practice we had all taken showers I was one of the last and everyone was quick and out of there. I came out of the shower wearing my towel and sat on the bench drying my hair. Coach began to talk to me about the game and what he though I should work on and I loved it hearing him talk he felt like he was a cool mentor.

My cock started to stiffen and before I knew it I was rock hard. I sat there as it pulsed and could feel my pre-cum starting to ooze out of my young teen cock. At on point my cock pulsed and a huge wad of pre came out and that's when the coach stopped talking and looked at me he noticed that the pool of liquid on the floor was too thick to be water not to mention that a huge bead of pre-cum dangled on a string of pre. "Mark are you cummin?" it got real awkward and then I saw his massive man cock harden in his shorts. Nothing was said and I just put my hand on his cock and started rubbing. I was really oozing then and I unzipped his shorts and pulled out his 9 inch dick. I licked the pre cumm off his tip and began to suck his cock with my teen boy mouth. We had a nice rhythm too he would face fuck me as I moved back and forth. "fuck yea suck this big cock. ohhh fuck your teen boy throat is so tight and warm oh fuck yea" I kept Deepthroating and stroking with my hand. I stood up and kissed him he sucked on my nipples as I played with his "oh fuck coach I want your cock" i moaned. He then began to suck my cock and I gasped in ecstasy. "ooooooh yea awwwww fuck" he gave great head and had my 8 inch teen prick feeling good. He stood up and bent me over. His cock was really wet from all the slobber from my mouth and throat. My ass was still wet from the shower and He slid his cock slowly in my firm round teem ass. I moaned as I had one leg propped up on the bench one hand stroking my cock and the other pressed against the locker to steady myself. I love the love the way a cock feels in my ass and he was completely naked too and his body was so lean so muscular and he had buzzed chest hair. "you fucking pussy boy yea take this man cock pussy boy i fucking love my cock inside your ass..oooooh fuuuuck yea" he said as he began to speed up I moaned and quickly became a bitch "fuck me coach..fuck my teen boy cunt..oh fuck ah ah ah.oh god get in deep." I begged as his huge cock rubbed against my prostate gland. I relished being fucked like a girl I was glad to be his fag boy and take that cock in my teen boy hole. I stroked my cock as I was being fucked and kept my self on the edge. "oh fuck oh fuck oh f-fuck" the coach moaned as he began to fuck me faster I could feel his man cock swell inside me and I knew that he was close as was I.

My cock was so read and swollen and pre cum fell on the floor in droves and I could feel my balls tighten and my ass contract around his cock. "OH GOD OH G-GO-AH-AH-GOD...I'M GONNA NUTT!" i moaned and with that I blew thick white rope after thick white rope shot out of my cock I could hear my teen cum hit the floor and lockers and bench. I shot 14 ropes of cum from my cock and as I did he blew his wad deep in my ass "f-fuck fag boy your tight boy cunt is gonna make me blow...sss oh sh-sh-shit I'm Gonna CUM!" and he sank every inch of his man cock deep inside me. I could feel his cock pulse with every jet stream of cum that shot out of his dick and filled my ass the walls of my boy pussy were coated with his man cum for sure that day. He moaned as he came and his leg shook as he tried to steady him self. He slowly extricated his massive man cock from my little teen ass and I could feel his nut running down my leg. We both got cleaned up and before I left I went to his office as he sat on the couch just sort of staring. He said he was sorry and that we should not have done it no matter how much we liked it and begged me not to tell. I walked over and straddled him and looked him in the eyes and said "coach I will never tell and want you to fuck me when ever you want. I wanna be your fag boy." He looked at me and kissed me and said "you promise it's just between us and I can fuck your teen boy pussy again?" I nodded and yes and he almost cried from happiness.

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