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Step father

I was 16 when my step fater caught me in my shorty pajamas in the kitchen. Mom was at work and he had been eyeing me for months. He walked behind me and rubbed my ass. "You have a nice ass" he told me. I just laughed. Then he lifted my top. "Those are nice tits too. Better than your moms. Hers sag from k**s and age." Then he took his hands and rubbed across my tits. "Do you like me touching your firm tits?" He kept rubbing me as he spoke to me. "I bet your tits taste real good." Then he bent down and sucked a nipple. My nipple went hard instantly. "Yes, you do like me sucking your hard nipples. Lets take this top off." He then pulled my top over my head. I was then naked from the waist up standng in front of him. He took turns sucking each nipple getting them hard and kissing all over each tit. He ran his hands down to my ass and felt my cheeks. "I love that firm ass of yours" he whispered as he pulled down my bottoms.

His hands played with my ass as he sucked on my tits and nipples. He then moved to my pussy and began to finger my clit and back to my hole. He rubbed my clit between two fingers just before he pushed a finger into my hole. "Oh baby girl your pussy is so nice and wet and warm. Your feel so tight against my finger. I just want to finger fuck you hard and make you cum for me." He pushed a finger deep in me and fucked me hard till I came which did not take long. He then lifted me and sat me on the table. He spread my legs and continued to finger my pussy as he watched his fingers assault my tight hole. "Look at your cunt pulse as i finger you. I am going to eat that pussy and lick and taste that cum as I make you cum over and over." His face went down between my legs and he pushed me on to my back as he licked and sucked my pussy and pulled my clit with his teeth. As I began to cum for him, his tongue licked my juice around my hole. Then he pushed his tongue in my hole and began to tongue fuck me. He heard me scream as I multi climaxed with his tongue in me and he looked and me and said "You are so young and sexy and made to fuck. My cock is throbbing for your pussy."

He then unzipped his pants and stepped out of them and his big cock was rock hard. He pulled me to the edge of the table and spread me wide as I felt his cock at the entrance to me wet cunt. He then began to push his cock into my hole. It was big and hard and hurt as he entered me. "You are so tight. So wet and so warm. You are going to feel so good as I fuck you deep and hard." He then pushed inside me with his big cock and I screamed but it felt so good after he got inside me. He began to push in and out till the whole cock was buried deep in my hole. As he cock fucked me his hands grabbed my tits and squeezed and massaged them. I was cumming fast and hard again and again. I really loved his big cock in me and loved that he knew how to fuck me and make me cum. As he fucked harder his fingers grabbed and pulled and twisted my nipples making me hotter and hornier. I just wanted him to fuck me for hours. Soon he bent over and grabbed my tit in his mouth and as he filled my cunt with cum he bit my tit. I was torn between pain and pleasure.

He then pulled me around and tipped my head over the edge of the table. "You like it rough don't you? Now suck my cock and I will have another surprise for you." As my head hung over the table he pushed his cock to my mouth and began to fuck my face. I gagged as he got deeper in my throat. "Just relax and let that cock go deep. Suck it hard and enjoy the size of it. Make me cum and let the cum run down your throat." I sucked him for quite a while and getting used to his big cock and then he filled me with cum which I gagged on but swallowed any way.

He then pulled mu upright and kissed me. "I love to taste my cum on your tongue. You are a hot fuck. I am going to fuck you every day when your mom goes to work. I love your tight cunt. My big cock feels so good in it. Now go get in your bed and let me fuck you a few more times. I am hard already thinking about your hot body.

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