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Chapter 1

Missy Somers lay back on her bed with a sigh. Tomorrow
was going to be a big day. Her b*****r Donnie was coming
home after an entire year at military school – no breaks
and no holidays. She'd been thinking about him a lot as
the day for his homecoming neared. Donnie was a year
older than her sixteen years, and he was as cute as any
teen heartthrob you cared to name. And she wanted to
fuck him.

Oh she knew that it was something wrong, taboo,
disgusting and just plain yucky to contemplate, but he
was all she could think of. She squirmed on her bed,
loving the feel of her pink satin pajamas against her
skin. She rubbed the slick material over her nipples and
wondered if he ever thought of her that way.

"Mmmm...Donnie," she whispered as she unbuttoned her top
and gently massaged her B-cup sized breast. She'd caught
him looking at her tits a time or two. And why not? She
was cute with a nice figure – all her friends said so.
She was a slender five foot six, with soft brown eyes
and dark hair cut in a pixyish bob.

Missy kicked off the fuzzy pink bunny slippers that
matched her pj's. Quickly, she stripped off her pants
and her bikini panties. Both her parents were out of the
house and she loved the rush of freedom that she felt as
she spread her legs. She unbuttoned her top and exposed
her pert tits. Her nipples were nice and pointed with
her arousal. She tweaked them between forefinger and
thumb, sending a shiver of desire through her frame.

She began to massage her clit with two fingers. She
loved to masturbate to the fantasy of what Donnie could
do to her body. She made lazy circles with her fingers
above her clitoral hood. When the sexual warmth began to
fade she whipped her fingers back and forth to renew the
tension. . "Mmmm... that's so nice, Donnie," she said
trying imagine his hands down there, arousing her,
making her dizzy with lust.

She moved her fingers to her vaginal lips. They were
already wet with her juices. Damn, she was a horny bitch
today. She slipped a finger into her cunt, feeling the
slick inner walls. She began to finger fuck herself,
imaging that Donnie lay on top of her with his dick
plunging in and out of her willing pussy. She worked a
second finger into her pulsing cunt. After all, his cock
was at least that big – hell, probably bigger. She'd
never seen her b*****r naked since they'd been little.
But a couple of years ago she had caught him coming out
of the bathroom, wearing nothing but his jockey shorts.
Her eyes had locked on the sideways bulge in those
shorts. She had replayed that picture in her mind a
thousand times. Was his cock that big when it was limp,
or had he been playing with himself in the bathroom? She
knew guys did that stuff a lot.

Probably no more than you do, she told herself as her
fingers pounded in and out of her slick cunt. "Oh
yeah... fuck me, Donnie... fuck me," she moaned as her
head whipped back and forth, and her hips gyrated on the

She bent her legs so that she could work her pussy and
clit at the same time. The pleasure mounted until it
sent her into a mindless orgasm. Her back arched and her
hips humped up and down uncontrollably. "Oh shit,
Donnie... OH YES, she cried out. She stared sightlessly
at the ceiling as the waves of sexual release rolled
through her cunt.

Missy fell over on her side. As her breathing returned
to normal her sexual frustration returned. One orgasm,
no matter how good, was never enough when she felt like
this. She grabbed one of her spare pillows and crammed
it between her legs. She rolled over on top and began to
hunch her hips and to rub her clit against the pillows
softness. A few more orgasms would keep her libido down,
at least until tomorrow when Donnie was due home.


Missy and her parents, Robert and Helen Somers, met
Donnie at the airport the following day. She squealed
out his name as he emerged from the flow of arriving
passengers. He looked very handsome in his school
uniform of light blue shirt and navy slacks. She ran to
him and threw her arms around his neck. Wow, he must
have grown two inches in the last year, she thought as
she gave him a solid kiss on the cheek.

Donnie repeated the hug and kiss routine with his mother
and then he shared a hearty handshake with his dad.
About eighteen months ago, Donnie had gone joyriding
with some neighborhood boys. Their car had struck a SUV
carrying a f****y of four. Two of the f****y members had
sustained severe injuries. Donnie swore that he hadn't
known that the car was stolen before he got in. Robert
had huddled with Donnie's attorney and the district
attorney, and they had hammered out a deal. Donnie would
spend the balance of his high school years at a strict
military school and, providing he did well, his juvenile
record would be expunged. To everyone's mild surprise,
Donnie had excelled at the school. He had even been
named a squad leader over a dozen other first year

After a long lunch at a chain restaurant, the f****y
made its way home. Missy went to her room and changed
into a pair of cutoff denim shorts and a tee shirt that
was a size too small. She couldn't wait to talk to
Donnie alone so she went to his room, tapped on the door
and then entered.

Donnie had already stripped down to his underwear. His
uniform as well as his duffle bag lay on his bed. He was
pawing through a dresser drawer, apparently looking for
something much more casual to wear. "Hey," he said when
Missy entered and closed the door behind her.

"Hey," she said. Her eyes lingered on his lean, hard
body. "Wow, you've been working out, haven't you?"

Donnie saw the appreciation in her eyes and blushed.
"Yeah, calisthenics at dawn everyday plus sports will do
that to you," he said. He liked that way she was looking
at him. And he liked the way she looked to. Her shorts
revealed practically every inch of her slim, tan legs,
and the way her tee-shirt was stretched across her
breasts didn't exactly leave him guessing about them
either. "You're looking good too, Lil' Miss s*s," he
said, using his pet name for her. Suddenly he felt an
erection begin. Damn, this isn't supposed to be
happening, he thought. She's my s****r. But he had to
admit that he had awakened many a morning with a raging
hard-on and the memory of his s****r in his dreams. And
now she was here, looking like that – even hotter than
he remembered.

Missy saw the way her b*****r was drinking in the sight
of her body. She could even see the effect she was
having on his cock. Was this her chance – so soon?
Without giving herself an opportunity to consider her
actions, she went his side. Her fingers slid across the
warm, soft ridges of his pecs and abs.

"Thanks," she said barely above a whisper. "I can't tell
you how much I missed having you around.

"Hey, I really missed you too," he said.

The stared into each other's eyes for a long moment and
then suddenly they were kissing. She wrapped her arms
around his neck as he slipped his tongue into her mouth.
Their open mouths hotly twisted against one another, and
Donnie kneaded the twin globes of Missy's ass as he
pressed his growing cock against her.

Oh my god, he wants this as much as I do, she thought.

Missy became more daring and let her hands rove all over
his back and his hard muscled ass. She stopped kissing
and hooked her fingers in the waist band of his briefs
and pulled them down. His fully erect cock sprang up
between them.

"Oh my god, Donnie," your cock is beautiful and so big.
She ran her hand ran the length of his hot meat and
cupped his balls.

" this alright?" Donnie asked. "I mean we're
b*****r and s****r... and all."

Missy answered by stroking his dick faster. "You're all
I can think about," she said. "Don't you want it too?"

He reached out and caressed her jutting breasts. He
could feel her hardening nipples through the fabric of
her bra and tee-shirt. "Oh shit yes, that feels so damn
good," he said as a reply.

Moving as one they lay on Donnie's bed. They faced one
another and Missy raised her leg. Donnie took that as an
invitation and began to massage her pussy through her

"Down a bit," she said. He moved his hand an inch and
was rewarded with a gasp from Missy.

"Oh that's it," she said and began to grind her hot cunt
against his hand.

They worked at pleasuring each other, their breath
coming faster each second. "I want to fuck," Missy said

"Whaaa...?" cried Donnie and his cock exploded. Ropes of
thick boy cream erupted from his cock-slit. Two big
streams landed on Missy's arm and then more of the stuff
ran down his engorged cock and covered her hand. That
seemed to trigger her own orgasm, as she trapped his
fingers against her trembling pussy.

When they had regained their breath, Missy's hand was
still firmly wrapped around his cock. Donnie looked at
all the cum he'd produced and said, "Hang on a sec." He
reached into his open duffle and pulled out a tee-shirt.
He carefully wiped up the evidence.

"I guess you'll have to volunteer to do your own
laundry," Missy said with a gleam in her eye and they
both laughed. But then her face turned serious. "I mean
it," she said.

"I know how to do laundry," Donnie said.

"I mean I'm serious about us having sex." She had never
really stopped stroking his cock and it was already
returning to life.

Donnie glanced at the door. "We can't," he said. "Mom or
Dad could walk in here any second.

"Not now, silly," Missy said. "We'll wait until they've
gone to bed. You know they won't hear anything."

Donnie knew that was true. They lived in an oversized
ranch style house. The master bedroom was an old
converted porch on one end of the house and the k**'s
rooms were completely on the other side.

Donnie bit at his lower lip. "This a lot to process you
know. I'm home for less than an when my s****r jacks me
off and then declares that she wants to screw me."

Missy unzipped her shorts. She took Donnie's hand and
put it between her legs. "See how wet I am for you," she
said. I can't tell you how many times I've dreamed about
you feeling my up just like this."

It was all he could do not to throw her on the bed and
fuck her right that moment. "Alright, after Mom and Dad
have gone to bed then." he said in a trembling voice.

"Cool," Missy said, and then she gave him another kiss -
this one on the cheek. She actually skipped out the
door. Donnie couldn't believe it. His own s****r was
coming on to him, and he liked it – a lot. He stroked
his cock a couple of times. It was back to full hardness
already. He was like that. He could cum and pretty much
keep his hard-on. He'd spent many a night just after
lights-out quietly beating his meat in his bed, thinking
of some sexy TV star – or Missy, sometimes. He'd shoot
his load into a wad of tissue, only to do it again the
next morning before arising.

"Mmm...Missy," he said softly as his hand flashed up and
down his dick. He was already on the edge of an orgasm.
He imagined what it would feel like with Missy and that
put him over the top. He fumbled for his already cummy
tee-shirt, and barely got it in place before he fired
off another heavy load.

He felt as if he could stay hard even longer, but then
he looked down at his throbbing member and told it,
"Easy, boy, we wouldn't want to disappoint Missy
tonight." With a grin he began to dress.

Donnie had grown accustomed to keeping a neat room, so
he unpacked and got everything squared away. At that
point, he realized that he really did need to do
laundry. He was down to his last pair of clean


Helen heard movement in the f****y's laundry room. It
was a small space next to the kitchen just big enough to
hold a washer, dryer and a clothes rack. She saw Donnie
sorting through a laundry bag, tossing his whites into
the washer.

"Oh, honey, I can do that," she said.

"I got it, Mom," he said. "We have to take turns at
laundry duty at school."

Helen watched as he bent over, going through the bag. He
certainly has a great ass, she thought to herself. She
winced at the thought of looking at her son that way,
but it was true. He was quickly becoming a man – and a
damned hunk too. He was wearing a pair of running shorts
and she admired the play of muscles in his legs as he
moved. He'd certainly grown since she'd seen him last,
and if he'd gained any weight it was all muscle. He was
going to be taller and better looking than his father.

Helen winced again. In just two more years, Donnie would
be as old as his father when she'd married him. She had
been s*******n and Robert had been nineteen when they'd
married very much over the protests of both sets of

Now a smile played at Helen's lips. Those had been the
days. She and Robert had been hot to fuck – any place
any time. She'd suck him off on the way to a restaurant
and he'd finger to orgasm under the table when they got
there. They'd done it once in the bathroom of her
parent's house in the middle of a Thanksgiving meal.

They played hard but they'd worked hard to. Robert's
first job had been pushing shopping carts for a major
retailer and now he was a district manager of the same
company. She had gone to work as a receptionist for a
real estate firm. Realizing that the people there
weren't exactly a bunch of Einsteins, she had gone to
night school to obtain her real estate license. Now she
was one of the firm's top salespeople.

Donnie had been born shortly after the marriage and that
had put a damper on their sex life. They had wanted a
sibling for Donnie and so Missy had come along two years
later. After she was born, their sex life had surged but
then declined again. Now, she and Robert fucked only two
or three times a month. That wasn't nearly enough for
Helen. She had a collection of dildos and vibrators that
she kept in a locked drawer in her closet, and she used
them on a regular basis.

She'd had affairs too – and so had Robert. She'd kept
her figure and looks over the years so it hadn't been
difficult to entice men, even much younger men, into

There had been that one guy, Artie something or another.
He had been young and full of cum. They had gone at it
like bunnies for weeks before she found out that he had
lied about his age. He had claimed to be twenty-two...

Helen stifled a gasp. It had just occurred to her that
Artie had been only a few months older than Donnie was
right now.

"Mom?" Donnie said.

She realized that he'd been asking her something.
"Sorry, honey – just day dreaming. What did you say?"

He held up a plastic container and shook it to show that
it was empty. "Any more bleach?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "It's in the big lower cupboard in the

"I'll get it," he said. He brushed past her as he left
the room. Helen idly walked to the washer and pulled out
some of his underwear. Well, she thought, at least he's
keeping them reasonably clean. Nothing in there was too

She picked up a tee shirt and noticed that it was wet.
"What in the world?" she whispered to herself when she
saw the gooey, milky stains. Oh shit, no, she thought to
herself when she realized it was semen – boy cum. But
there was so much of it.

Donnie hadn't been home for two hours and already he was
masturbating like – well, like the teen boy he was, she
had to admit. After all, she had begun to notice his
stained sheets and pajamas from the age of twelve.
Whether from wet dreams or masturbation, she knew that
he was a healthy youngster.

But this? She held the tee-shirt up between her hands
and examined it by twisting it back and forth. Had he
been saving himself all that time in military school?
What kind of equipment did he have? Was he hung with a
couple of extra large balls swinging between his legs?
And his cock, did he have something like one of those
big-dong dildos in her bedroom?

She heard steps. She dropped the tee-shirt back in the
washer and stepped away. Donnie came back through the
door, carrying the bleach. She cleared her throat and
said, "About a half-cup in the dispenser."

"Really?" said Donnie, "I usually pour most of the jug
right on the clothes." He twisted the cap off and lifted
the jug as if he might just do it.

Helen heard the tease in his voice, though. She said,
"Alright, smarty, I'll leave you alone." She reached up
and ruffled his hair and then gave him a kiss on the
lips that lingered just a beat longer than a mom's peck
should have. "It's good to have you back," she said as
she walked out of the room.

Donnie watched her leave and put a finger to his lips.
What had that kiss been about? It had felt just like the
kiss Missy had given him a few minutes before, at least
until Missy had shoved her tongue in his mouth.


There was a cookout later that day that left everyone
complaining about stuffed tummies. After cleanup, they
all settled down in front of the television. Helen went
to bed early, mentioning a morning showing the next day.
Robert dozed on and off in his recliner until eleven
o'clock, and then he gave it up and turned in. That left
Missy and Donnie studiously watching an old movie that
they wouldn't have paid any attention to at any other
time. Clearly, they were avoiding the i****tuous
elephant in the room.

Fifteen and then thirty minutes passed since their dad
had turned in. It was Missy who finally took the
initiative. "I think they're asl**p by now," she told
Donnie as she went to where he was sitting and knelt at
his feet.

"I don't know..." he said hesitantly. He gazed over
Missy's shoulder as if their parents might burst into
the room any second.

"We could do it right here," she said. She put her hand
on his very evident cock bulge and gave it a squeeze.

"Okay, okay," Donnie said, grabbing her wrist. "Let's go
to my room."

Once they were in his room, with the door securely
locked, the two teens faced one another. Donnie may have
had some mental reservations, but his cock was at full
attention and raring to go. He was trembling – with
nervousness or just plain lust, he wasn't sure of. He
looked into his s****r's eager, expectant face and gave
into his wanton feelings. He grabbed her ass and pulled
her groin against his straining cock as he kissed her
hard and then slipped his tongue between her lips.

They kissed hungrily for a few minutes; their hands
roaming all over. Then she pulled his tee-shirt over his
head and he did the same for her. He fumbled with her
bra strap until she giggled and showed him how simple it
was once the tension on the clasp was eased. Donnie
eagerly dived to her pert breast and drew the nipple
into his mouth. He sucked and tongued the rough nubbin
until it swelled with desire.

Missy watched as his cock filled and lengthened until
she wondered how his briefs could hold the thing back.
She reached down and tugged at his underwear until
Donnie's dick sprang upward, revealing it's red,
distended head.

At that point they parted and seemed to race to see who
could get naked first. "You are so beautiful," Donnie
said, running his eye over her nubile teen form.

"I don't know anyone more handsome than you," she said.
She kissed him wetly and reached between their bodies so
she could stroke him.

"Let's get on the bed," she said, leading him by the

Donnie had no choice but to follow. She positioned him
on his back, and then she curled up beside him. She
gripped his cock at the base, and to his incredible
surprise, she took his cock-head into her mouth.

"Oh...oh shit, Missy," he groaned as her tongue swished
over the sensitive head. " do you know about

She lifted her head and looked at him with mischievous
eyes. "Girls talk," she said. "But I can stop if you

"No, suck it please," he said, lifting his hips toward
her lips.

Missy actually licked his cock, tickling the sensitive
skin with the tip of her tongue. She grasped his shaft
just under the head and realized his cock was as big as
her forearm. "It's so big," she said, gazing upward.
"Bigger than most guys I bet."

"Yeah, I guess so," he said modestly. Actually, he knew
from looking at the other guys at school in the showers
that he was bigger than even the oldest of the cadets.
He had suffered a lot of k**ding, but he soon learned
that it was out of jealousness. Missy kissed the head of
his cock and drilled the tip of her tongue into his cum-

Donnie groaned with desire. "Suck it, Missy," he begged.

She took pity on him and slipped her lips over the head
of his dick. She bobbed her head up and down a few
times, swirling her tongue around the tip. She was
surprised that she actually liked this. The texture of
his cock felt wonderful as it glided past her tongue.
The boyish smell of his aroused body was intoxicating.
She took longer strokes, letting his cock-head enter her

Donnie writhed on the bed. He'd never imagined that
anything could feel like this. "Oh shit, Missy...this is
amazing," he moaned.

She grinned despite having a mouthful of heaving cock.
She beat him off with her hands as she sucked. His shaft
was runny with her spit and his pre-cum that was
steadily flowing. She loved the feeling of power. By
just using her lips and tongue she could make her
b*****r writhe in an agony of sexual ecstasy and beg for
more. Soon, she was meeting his thrusting cock with her
plunging mouth. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. She
wanted to experience the taste.

Donnie gathered the bedclothes in his hands and held on
as if it were a lifeline. The pleasure was almost too
intense. His back arched as he tried to stuff all of his
rigid dick into his sweet s****r's face. "Missy... oh-
my-god... Missy... I'm going to cum... I'M GOING TO

The salty, creamy cum shot into Missy's eager mouth. She
remembered how much he'd cum earlier that day, but this
seemed like much more. She swallowed a mouth full, and
then another. When it seemed he'd run out, she locked
her lips around his engorged cock-head and sucked up
even more. Finally, his cock-shaft softened in her

"That was amazing," said a dazed Donnie as Missy lifted
her head. "I bet I've had a million orgasms, and none of
them ever came close to that."

"I'm glad you liked it," Missy said. She kissed him
deeply. Her tongue made sure that he knew how his cum
tasted. She was delighted that his kiss was as eager as

He responded by flipping her onto her back. He kissed
her eyes, her cheeks and the hollow of her neck. She ran
her fingers through his hair as he moved on to her tits.
He squeezed her soft mounds and sucked the nipples into
his hot mouth. "Mmm... your breasts are so beautiful,"
he told her.

"Thank you," she murmured. "I wish they were bigger."

"You're only sixteen; I bet they'll be as big as Mom's,"
he said, massaging her pert teen tits.

"That would be cool," she said. Their mother had kept
her great figure.

Missy saw that Donnie's cock hadn't gone soft. In fact,
it looked as hard as ever. She couldn't wait to feel it
plunge into her pussy. She spread her legs in invitation
and pushed at Donnie's head.

He took the hint and kissed his way down her flat tummy.
In seconds he was licking and nipping at the silky
softness of her inner thighs. She had only the briefest
strip of downy hair at the top of her pussy lips. He
realized that she must shave for her bikinis, and
suddenly he was filled with the desire to see her in a
skimpy bathing suit. That was silly of course; here, her
pink and creamy nude form was all laid out just for him.

He kissed at her flowered pussy lips and then he slipped
his finger inside. It was warm and slick and he could
feel her muscles gently pulling. She moved her hands
down there and spread her lips. Then she rubbed her
finger tip across a nub of flesh at the top. "Lick my
clit," she told him. "It's like me sucking the head of
your cock."

Donnie wanted nothing more than to plunge his renewed
dick into what he knew would be the gloriously tight fit
of her cunt. But he also knew that waiting would only
make it better. Besides, he really owed her one.

Missy felt the flat of Donnie's tongue run over her
clitoris. Her little clitty was so sensitive right then
that she gasped in pleasure. "OH, not so hard... but,
yes that's it."

Donnie worked his tongue and fingers. He looked upward
to see if Missy was pleased. The young teen girl was
holding her tits as her fingers played across her
nipples. Her eyes were closed and her head moved with
the rhythm of his tongue. He wanted to do something
else, though. He'd heard the older guys at school talk
about eating out a girl. Some of them had bragged about
how far they could get their stiffened tongues up a
girl's pussy. At the time, that had sounded kind of
gross. But not now, not in the heat of the moment.

Missy was in heaven. Her handsome b*****r was between
her thighs. His tongue was tickling her clit just right.
His finger was doing something wonderful. She wasn't
entirely sure about just where her g-spot was, but she
thought that he'd found it. There was a surge of sexual
energy each time his finger plunged inward. Then it all
stopped. She opened her eyes and craned her head down
just in time to see Donnie open his mouth wide and
thrust his tongue into her wet cunt.

"DONNIE...OH SHIT... OH FUCK," she hissed. Missy
couldn't believe the mind blowing sensations that were
ripping through her pussy. The feelings that her
b*****r's mouth and tongue were creating were a hundred
times better than she'd ever dreamed.

Donnie knew that he was giving Missy at least as good an
orgasm as she had given him. Her pussy was leaking juice
and he lapped it up by running his tongue all over her
vaginal lips and clit. She flopped around on the bed and
came at least two more times before she quieted and drew
his face up to hers.

Missy gave her b*****r a soft kiss in thanks for all the
pleasure he'd just bestowed. "That was great," she told
him. "Now let's fuck." She stuck her finger into her
heated, wet cunt and began to finger herself. Clearly,
she hadn't had enough.

"Do you really want to?" Donnie asked.

"Are you k**ding?" she said. "And don't pretend that you
don't want me." She pointedly looked at his cock. It was
throbbing in its hardness and there was a steady drool
of pre-cum oozing from its slit.

Donnie looked at her lust filled eyes, the way her hair
was wildly splayed on her pillow, the hardened nipples
on her pert breasts and the way her fingers plunged into
her cunt. He growled softly and raised up on his knees.
He took his shaft in hand and bent it downwards as Missy
removed her fingers. It was hard to believe that such a
wide dick would fit into that tiny slit – but he was
more than willing to try. He slotted the swollen head
just inside her lips and then pushed. The sensation was

"Donnie...Donnie, you're so big...oh god, you're filling
me so good," she moaned.

Donnie pushed until his cock was completely buried in
his s****r's silky, tight pussy. She wrapped her legs
around his hips and grasped his shoulders. She couldn't
get enough of his hard muscled body. He began to stroke.
At first, he was awkward. His cock would slip out and go
sliding up her slit. Which wasn't so bad since it also
slid across her swollen clit. But they quickly
established a good rhythm as she pushed her hips to meet
his thrusts.

Missy felt her pussy lock around his cock. She could
swear that she could feel his pulse as he surged in and
out of her. His lips on her clit had been mind
shattering, but this was even more pleasurable. She
became overwhelmed in orgasmic bliss.

Donnie felt his s****r's cunt milk at his cock. She was
cumming good and he wanted to keep her there. He varied
his thrusts as she twisted and moaned beneath him. He
wanted to give her as much pleasure as possible, but it
was becoming tougher and tougher to hold off his own
cum. Her cunt was milking his cock, urging him on. She
came yet again and that put him over the edge. He felt
his cock expand as a rush of semen roared through its
length. His entire body jerked and trembled as he poured
shot after shot of cream into her clutching pussy.

"Oh, Missy," he moaned as he fell over sideways onto his
back. Immediately, she kissed him. She kissed his neck,
his nipples, his quivering abs and then she took his
still hard cock into her mouth. His swollen cock-head
was so sensitive he could hardly stand it.

"Oh shit, Missy...oh shit... OH SHIT." His body tried to
curl around his s****r's head as he came again – much
faster than he would have thought possible. His cock
thrummed with sexual energy. She emptied his balls, but
his muscles kept on trying to pump out more cum. It
seemed like he came for an hour.

Chapter 2

Donnie awoke just as the light of dawn peeked into his
bedroom. He had both feet on the floor before he
remembered that he was at home and not back in military
school. No one here was going to sound reveille over a
PA system. He could sl**p until noon if he wanted – but
first he had to take a piss. He was only going to step
across the hall to the bathroom, so he threw on the
first thing he came to – a loose fitting pair of gym
shorts that he'd worn the previous evening.

He crossed the hallway to the bathroom and closed the
door. Hiking up one leg of his shorts, Donnie let loose
an impressive stream into the toilet. When he was
through, he did the obligatory finger rinse and dried
them on a hand-towel. He opened the door and almost made
it back to his bedroom when the smell of fresh brewed
coffee hit his nostrils. He'd developed a caffeine habit
at school, and it was hard to ignore the aroma. Oh what
the heck, he thought. One leisurely cup would be good.
It wouldn't be enough of a jolt to keep him from dozing
through the morning.

Helen Somers had arisen early that morning. She had
three houses to show before noon and she hated to rush
through her morning routine. She was eating a breakfast
of fruit, yogurt, toast and coffee when Donnie padded
into the kitchen, barefoot and shirtless.

"Well, hello," she said as Donnie crossed to the coffee
maker. He wore only a pair of gym shorts and he looked
lean and cut with his wide shoulders and six-pack abs.
"I didn't think you'd be up this early."

Donnie snorted. "At school, we'd call this sl**ping in."

Helen raised an eyebrow as Donnie took a mug from a
cupboard and poured it half full of coffee. She'd never
seen him express any interest in the liquid. Then she
smiled as he stirred in liberal portions of milk and
sugar. "I see you like a little coffee with your cream
and sugar," she said.

Donnie smiled. "Yeah, I guess so." He nodded to the
newspaper and said, "Sports?"

Helen pulled out the sports section and handed it to her
son. "Thanks," Donnie said.

Helen was seated at a small table in the f****y's
breakfast nook. The nook was separated from the kitchen
by a high counter that doubled as a wet bar during
social events. The bar had a couple of high-backed,
swiveling stools situated there. It had been Donnie's
habit for years to eat breakfast at the counter.

Helen took the last bite of her breakfast. She scooted
her chair sideways so that she could hold the newspaper
in its properly unfolded position. Movement caught her
eye and she looked up to see Donnie practically facing
her as he sipped at his coffee. The sports page was
lying on the counter top, but he wasn't reading it. He
sat in a slouch, slowly swiveling back and forth, his
eyes unfocused. Clearly, he was lost in thought.

Because of the difference in height between the stool
and her chair, Helen's eyes were on a level with her
son's crotch. She couldn't stop herself from taking a
peek up the loose leg of his shorts as it flopped open
with his movements. Helen was getting a glimpse of
Donnie's cock every couple of seconds.

Her first thought was about her son's lack of underwear.
Her second thought was about his considerable dick. The
last time she had seen his penis, closely anyway, had
been when she was still giving him baths. He would
giggle and grab himself as she washed his cock and
balls. It had been amusing, embarrassing and even a
little exciting to see it fill out.

There was nothing small about his cock now, though. The
thing lay across his balls and down the leg of his
shorts. And it seemed to be getting bigger. Was her son
getting hard right here, early in the morning, in the
kitchen of all places?

u*********sly, Helen crossed her legs. She didn't notice
that her robe fell open, revealing her leg nearly to her
butt. She flexed her inner thigh muscles, squeezing her
clit. She could masturbate to orgasm doing this. It was
a trick she'd learned years ago, and it had gotten her
through many a dull business meeting. What in the world
am I doing, she wondered to herself. Am I so horny that
I'm trying to get off at the sight of my son's cock? Her
inner thighs clenched and released sending little
thrills through her clit.

Apparently, that's exactly what I'm doing, she thought.
She could actually tell that Donnie's cock-head was
getting bigger and closer as his dick lengthened. He's
got the biggest cock I've ever seen, she told herself.
Her husband, Robert, had nothing to be ashamed of in the
male equipment department, but their son had him beat.

Donnie held the mug of coffee just under his lips,
occasionally taking a sip. He had the sports section in
his other hand. He'd started to read an article about
the MLB Braves needing better pitching if they were
going to make the playoffs, but the words failed to hold
his interest. The memory of his first fuck kept
repeating in his mind. Missy had been so damn hot. She
had gone wild on his dick and cum so many times. His
eyes drifted downward. He was rock hard just thinking
about her. His dick was tenting the loose leg of his

OH SHIT, his mind screamed. He had a full fucking hard-
on right in front of his mother. He glanced her way just
as she sniffed, cleared her throat and turned the page
of her newspaper. Good... it looked as if she had been
engrossed in some article or another. She hadn't even
noticed that her crossed leg was bare to the hip. Damn,
even his mother looked good to him this morning. Nice
smooth, shapely legs. He could see the slope of her tits
down the top of her dressing gown. Shit... he turned
away, hiding his cock. He searched the sports pages. He
needed something to take his mind off sex and loose his
hard-on so he could go dress properly.

Helen saw Donnie's eyes slide in her direction. Quickly,
she ducked her head and hid her discomfort behind a
screen of movements and sounds. She thought she'd die of
embarrassment if her son caught her staring at his
stiffened cock. When she dared to peek over the top of
her paper once again, Donnie had turned away. His eyes
scanned the sports page. Helen gave up on her
masturbation fantasy. It would have been deliciously
naughty to have quivered with a fast orgasm, but now it
was time for her to get ready for work. She arose,
rinsed her dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

"So what are your plans for today?" she asked Donnie.

"His head jerked up from the paper. "Oh... uh... I might
go back to bed for a while," he said with a laugh. And
maybe crank out a load of cum to get the day started
right, he added silently.

"Enjoy it while you can; I think your father wants you
working at the store next week," she said.

Donnie moaned and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I know," he
said, resigned to his fate. It would be another summer
of pushing shopping carts and helping little old ladies
carry their purchases. He didn't work directly for his
father. Actually, he worked for the manager of the local
Charles'Mart, Rick Allison, their neighbor from across
the street.

Helen walked over and put her arm around his bare, warm
shoulders. "Hey, don't knock it. I know you get top pay
for anyone in that job, plus you make all those tips."

Donnie smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I can charm the pants
off those old women." Now why in the hell did I put it
that way, he asked himself.

Helen laughed in agreement and said, "I just bet you
can." She leaned over and kissed him – not on the cheek
, but nearly on his ear – so that her warm breath
tickled. "See you later," she said quickly, and then she
f***ed herself to leave the room before she could pull
anymore flirty tricks on her son.


Helen had one showing early that morning. She was trying
to set up a young couple with something they could
afford on middle class earnings. She rushed through the
second showing because at noon she had something that
could draw a really nice commission. Shortly before
twelve o'clock she drove to the upscale side of town and
pulled into the drive of a large Tudor style home. Her
clients, the Thompsons were already there. They were a
couple in their mid-fifties. Hal was a handsome man with
a thickening middle. Marie was stocky but dressed

"Hello, sorry you had to wait on me," said Helen as she
exited her car.

The couple said their hellos. "No, really, Hal's not
happy unless he's very early to an appointment," said
Marie. "Helen, this is our son, Frederick." She gestured
to the third Thompson in their midst.

Helen smiled at Frederick. He looked as if he was old
enough to be in college, plus he was dressed about a
preppie as you could get. He was wearing madras shorts
with a matching, solid polo shirt. His sockless feet
were clad in a pair of deck shoes.

"Please, call me Freddie," the young man said as he
stuck out his hand.

"Hi, Freddie," said Helen, taking his hand. He didn't so
much shake her hand as give it a couple of gentle
squeezes. He had his father's good looks minus the
excess weight. She could tell from his confident smile
that he probably had great success with the coeds.

"Well, let's take a look inside, shall we?" said Helen
as she led the Thompsons into the house.

They made a tour of the downstairs of the two story
home. The elder Thompsons expressed approval of some
features and disapproval at others. Freddie seemed to
content to simply tag along and only offered an opinion
when he was asked. The tour ended at the French doors to
a flagstone terrace that overlooked about a half-acre of
decorative garden.

"Hey, guys, why don't you check out the garden while Ms.
Somers and I do the upstairs," Freddie said to his

Mr. Thompson checked his watch and said, "Good idea,
son. We're running a bit late." And with that, Hal and
Marie were out the door.

"I knew they were dying to get out there," said Freddie.
"They're just a couple of frustrated landscapers."

"Uh...okay," said Helen. If that's how they wanted to do
things, she could only go along. "The foyer is this
way." She led Freddie back to the main entrance and the
stairway that curved upward to the second floor. At the
top of the stairs she turned left and said, "The smaller
bedrooms are down here." They made a cursory inspection
of those bedrooms and baths.

That put them back at the landing at the top of the
stairs. "I really wish your parents would see this,"
Helen said as she gestured to a double door. She opened
one of the doors and stepped inside an enormous master

"As you can see, it's a generous space for a master
bedroom," Helen said as she walked to the center of the

"I'll say," said Freddie. He stood, hands in pockets,
just inside the door, taking the high ceiling and square
footage. "You could almost play half-court basketball in
here," he said with a laugh.

"There's more," said Helen. She went to a pair of
folding doors and pulled one to the side. "Plenty of
closet space, too." Freddie gave an appreciative whistle
at a closet that could have held a couple of the lesser
bedrooms of the house.

"I suppose the bathroom is just as opulent?" Freddie

Well, at least he's showing some interest, thought
Helen. "Of course," she said aloud. They trekked next
door to the bathroom. "It has dual basins," she said as
she motioned at the marble topped counter. "And over
here is a whirlpool tub for two." The oversized tub sat
next to a shower.

"That looks like fun," he said, leering into the tub.

"Yes, it can be," Helen said with the air of someone who
knows from firsthand experience. "Now let me show you
the view," she said before Freddie could respond. She
strode out of the bathroom and across the room to a set
of French doors that mirrored the ones from downstairs.
Opening the doors, they walked out on a balcony that
overlooked the garden. Helen went to the railing and
rested her hands on the top. Freddie stood beside her
and put his hand on hers. Helen glanced at his hand, but
didn't move.

Out in the garden, Hal and Marie were gesturing and
pointing as if they were already directing a revision of
the grounds. "You know," Freddie said, "they really like
this place."

Helen looked at him, encouraging him to continue.

Freddie stroked the back of her hand with his little
finger. "In fact, I think my parents like this place
more than they want to let on." Helen lifted an eyebrow.
"And I think I could be persuaded to persuade them to
close the deal."

"I see," said Helen. "So what would it take to persuade

Now it was his turn to quirk an eyebrow. "The I'm a man
and you're a woman sort of persuasion."

Freddie's look was expectant – with a trace of boyish
hope. Helen liked that; it was cocky and condescending
that she would have rejected. She took his wrist and
pulled him back inside. She made sure they were out of
sight from the doors before she stopped and lifted her
face. Right on cue, Freddie kissed her.

Mmmm...he's good, thought Helen. He had soft, playful
and moist lips. They kissed lightly for a full minute
before Helen decided that this was not some romantic
make-out session. She slipped her tongue between his
lips. That seemed to rev Freddie's engine. His hands
went to her waist, and their kisses became deeper and
wetter. He put his hands on her ass and pulled her

Helen moved her leg between his and rubbed her pussy
mound high on his thigh. She could feel the pulsing
hardness of his erection. Her hands moved over his back
and squeezed his biceps. Freddie was slim but soft. He
certainly didn't have the broad shoulders and well
defined muscles of her son, Donnie. Oh god, why am I
comparing him to Donnie, Helen wondered? She had an
armful of aroused, young male right here, no need to
bring in thoughts of someone she shouldn't have.

Freddie kissed her cheek and then began to nibble his
way down her neck. He reached up and fondled her breast.
Helen had worn a light silk blouse over a navy hued,
lacy full cup bra this morning. That let her tits move
like dark, full shadows under her top. It was something
that her male clients appreciated. Now Freddie was
sliding the slick material of her blouse over her
thirty-eight D cups.

"Mmm...your breasts are beautiful," he whispered. He
undid a button on her blouse and slipped a hand inside.
He gently squeezed and fingered her bra clad breast. He
was almost too slow, too reverent. She wasn't some
school girl who needed to be seduced. Her mind wondered
back to Donnie. She wondered if he had fucked yet. She
bet he had. He had the looks. He had that slow, shy
smile that drew girls in. She bet that all he had to do
was to pull out that club of a cock he carried around
and the girls would swoon. She bet... Oh shit, girl, you
better get on with this, she told herself.

She withdrew Freddie's hand from her blouse. "Come on,"
she said and pulled him into the bathroom, closing the
door. She unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it
without letting the garment brush the floor. She folded
it neatly in half and laid it on the counter. Her
panties, thank goodness they were the frilly ones that
matched her bra, soon fell atop her skirt.

Freddie was standing there looking slightly stunned.
"Never seen a woman undress before?" she asked.

"Of...of course," he stammered. "You're just so damn
hot." His hands arrowed in on her tits once more.

Helen could practically feel her cunt oozing her juices.
I'm hotter than you know, she thought. She unzipped his
shorts and soon found that Freddie was a boxers kind of
guy. That made it easy to pull his rigid cock into the

Helen stroked his swollen penis. It was averaged size,
maybe a bit bigger. It certainly wasn't as big as her
husband's, and far from what Donnie had down there. But
Freddie's cock had the virtue of being here, and of
being hard and eager.

"Nice one," she said. You could never go wrong by
praising a young stud's cock.

"Thanks," he said, trying to sound as if he heard that
compliment all the time.

Helen stepped back and jumped up so as to be seated
between the basins on the counter. She moved until she
knew that her pussy was situated at the edge. She and
Robert had fucked in more than one bathroom. "Come here,
Freddie," she said as she spread her legs.

She saw that he was so hard, his dick fairly vibrated as
he moved between her legs. He was one second from
plunging his cock into her lust swollen pussy lips when
she said, "You better make sure I'm all lubed up down
there." In truth, she knew that she was more than ready.
But she wanted Freddie to work for his fun.

He began slowly, at first merely brushing his lips up
and down on the wet lips of her cunt. As he licked
gently along her puffy slit, he extended his tongue a
little and stroked it along the dewy crease where the
outer lips of her cunt were barely parted. Freddie
spread her vaginal lips and flipped his tongue across
her distended clit.

"Ohhh, Freddie!" Helen moaned as she pulled his face to
her pussy. He was surprisingly good at this. "That's
it," she urged as she hunched against his questing lips
and tongue. He laved at her throbbing clitoris as his
lips closed around it to suck the bud-like nerve center
up inside his mouth. Electric-like bolts of sexual
excitement thundered through Helen as she felt his teeth
nipping at her sensitive bud, she threw wide her legs
and f***ed him on.

Helen kept Freddie at his heated oral play for two full
minutes. She could feel her orgasm building. Pulling at
his head she said, "Now Freddie, get that prick of yours
in me."

"Yeah," Freddie said, as he looked up with sex glazed
eyes. He stood, positioned his cock head between Helen's
inviting pussy lips, and pushed in one movement. "Oh
yes," he moaned as her flesh wrapped around his like
hot, oiled satin.

"Come on, show me what you've got," urged Helen. "Pound
my pussy...POUND MY PUSSY."

"Yeah...okay," Freddie said. He grabbed Helen's ass and
shagged her as fast as his hips could move.

Helen dug her fingers into Freddie's shoulders. His cock
was no pussy stretcher, but he was slamming it to the
hilt with every stroke. She came. It was a nice orgasm,
but she knew the next one would be the one to send her
into that realm where nothing mattered but the
sensations in her loin. If he could just...

Helen felt Freddie's strokes falter. She opened her eyes
to see his expression screwed up in an orgasmic grimace.
His body shuddered and he slowed to a breathless stop.
He'd lasted all of thirty seconds. Helen sighed in
frustration. No wonder the boy was better than expected
in foreplay – he couldn't last worth a damn. He stepped
back. Already, his cock was a shriveled, wet

"Helloooooo?" came the faint voice of Marie Thompson
from somewhere on the first floor.

Hello indeed, thought Helen. She pushed a dazed looking
Freddie away from her. "Put your dick back in your
pants," she instructed him. "Then go tell your parents
that I'm powdering my nose, or whatever."

"Oh...yeah... sure," Freddie said. He put his wilted
dick away and left the bathroom.

Helen flipped on the room's vent fan. She dealt with the
fluid leftovers from their little session – thank
goodness the plumbing was working. Then she took the
time to get her makeup refreshed and her clothing back
into place. As she combed her hair, she wondered if she
should cultivate Freddie as her next young stud. She
could probably teach him self control. It took her about
a second to decide that he was too moneyed and too
privileged to easily contain, and besides, he was never
going to be a stud – her pussy felt distinctly
underused. As she left the room, she decided that if
Freddie lived up to his promise to nudge his parents
into a buy, then that would prove to be her most
fulfilling part of the day.

Robert Somers, husband to Helen, father to Missy and
Donnie gazed across the top of the clipboard he was
carrying. Ten feet away were a couple of teen girls
carefully scrutinizing various shades of eye shadow.
This was a perk of working for the retail giant
Charles'Mart. In each of the acre-plus sized stores
there were always at least a few good looking women to
gaze upon. In the middle of the day you had your young
moms who had regained their prenatal figures. Yeah, they
were burdened with k**s, but they also tended to want to
show the world that they could fit back into their tight
jeans and tee shirts. Said tee shirts over flowing with
hormone enhanced breasts.

Early evening was best though. That was when girls in
their late teens and early twenties showed up. They were
on their way to or from somewhere more socially
interesting, but they came to Charles'Mart to pick up
the necessities. And, like those two a few feet away,
they took the time for hair and makeup and they wore
clothes to attract the eye. One of these girls was nice
looking but kind of plump. The other was a real beauty,
though. She was wearing a sun dress and heels. The dress
showed off her flawless, tanned skin while a cascade of
dark hair flowed over her shoulders. Presently, they
made their selection and moved on. Robert's eyes flicked
back to his clipboard.

"Is everything alright, Mr. Somers?"

Robert turned and saw the middle-age woman who ran the
beauty aids department of the store. He winked at her
and said, "Everything's in good shape, Vera." He'd known
the woman for years, but it was a good thing she had on
her nametag, otherwise he'd have been stuck.

She nodded as if he'd just confirmed what she already
knew. "Well, I try," she said. "Heaven only knows where
they expect me to put all the stuff that's back in that

"But you always do," Robert pushed in when she paused
for a breath. "Now, I've got to head over to hardware
and see what kind of a mess they have."

Vera laughed. "Okay, see you later, Mr. Somers," she
said as he moved away.

Robert was the district manager over a dozen stores and
it was his duty to inspect each store on a regular
basis. That was what he was doing here, about fifty
miles from home. He felt a vibration at his belt; it was
his cell phone. Robert checked the screen. It said
'Scheduling,' but that was just a cover. He knew from
the number that it was his lover, Mia.

"Hey," he said into the phone. "You must be halfway down
seventy-eight by now," naming the road between this
store and the regional office where she worked.

Mia was a five foot tall firecracker. She had dark hair
and eyes, perfect tits and a great ass. She had been a
cashier at one of Robert's stores when they met. It had
been lust at first sight. He had conspired to just
happen to be at the employee entrance when she left the
store that day. Thirty minutes later she was giving him
a stellar blowjob in his car. And not long after, they
came to an agreement. He would advance her position
within Charles'Mart to the limit of her capabilities and
she would give him her body; it having the benefit of a
decade of gymnastic training. The girl could fuck him
upside down, sideways and backwards.

On the phone, Mia said, "No hell no, my car broke down.
I'm at the dealership. I'll have to leave it here so
they can take a look at it in the morning."

Robert sighed. Mia drove an old Honda with reckless
abandon and with reckless disregard to any sort of
maintenance. He was tempted to give her an 'I told you
so,' but that wouldn't help the situation. "So how are
you getting home?" he asked.

"Dad's coming to pick me up," she said. She still lived
with her parents.

"Okay," Robert said, trying to sound positive. "You
could drive his truck over here."

"'s too late. You know, by the time I
got there we'd have lost the dinner reservations and
then I would be so late getting home, not to mention the
fuss Dad would have over the mileage I put on his
precious pickup."

"Mmm...I was really looking forward to tonight," Robert
said in disappointment. He had made reservations at a
nice restaurant, and then after dinner he and Mia would
have spent a couple of hours fucking their brains out.
With the help of one of his little blue pills, Robert
could usually make it three or four times.

"I know, me too," Mia said. "But we'll have that
convention in Vegas in a couple of weeks. Listen, Dad's
here – I have to go. I'll call you tomorrow." The two
said their goodbyes.

Robert snapped his phone closed and did his best to
shove it angrily back in its case. He hadn't had a good
screw in two weeks. Tonight was supposed to tide him
over until he got together with Mia in Las Vegas. Oh

He checked his watch and did some figuring. He had
planned on finishing his inspection of this store
tomorrow morning. But if he pushed things along, he
could be home and in his own bed – no matter how horny –
around midnight. He pulled out his phone and called the
house. Helen answered on the third ring.

"Hi, honey, how's it going?" he asked.

"Mmm...things are pretty calm," she answered. "We had
pizza for dinner, and then Donnie went to a movie.
Jennifer came over; she's going to spend the night with

"How's Jennifer holding up?" Robert said. Jennifer
Allison was the daughter of Rick Allison, the manager of
the local Charles'Mart in the town where the Somers
lived. His wife had left to, "find herself," as she put
it, somewhere in northern California. Jennifer had taken
it badly.

"Oh, between the crying jags, she's okay," Helen said
with a snort.

"Well, too bad," Robert said. "I'm going to finish up
here tonight, so I'll be home late."

They talked a few more minutes and hung up. Not for the
first time, Robert reflected on his marriage. He and
Helen usually meshed together nicely on the practical
matters in their relationship. Too bad there was no
passion left between them. A couple or three basic fucks
were all they could manage in a month. He felt that
their sex was only slightly better than masturbation.


Missy watched as Jennifer took a tour of Missy's
bedroom. Jennifer hadn't visited there in months. "Why
do you have a math book?" Jennifer asked, pointing to
the textbook on Missy's dresser.

Missy rolled her eyes and sighed. "Oh, I failed the
advanced placement math test. I'll have to take it again
in July."

Jennifer sniffed and said, "I thought you were smart."

"I am smart," Missy said, trying to sound offended when
she knew that her friend was only ribbing her. "There're
just a couple of things I can't get."

"Hey, I know who could tutor you," said Jennifer.

"Who's that?" asked Missy.

"Ned Turkleton,"

"Nerdleton?" Missy said, surprised.

"He's not so nerdish these days," Jennifer said. "He got
Lasik, or maybe contacts, anyway those awful glasses he
used to wear are gone. He's let his hair grow out. He's
looking pretty good."

"Hmm...well maybe," Missy said. Ned was a rising senior
at the high school. He was also an A student who tutored
for a fee – most of his clients were the school jocks
who ran to him when it looked as they might go on
academic probation and thus lose their playing

"Oh," was all Jennifer said. She was getting that look
in her eyes again - the one she got just before another
crying spurt.

Oh crap, Missy thought. She'd done her best to keep
Jennifer's mind off her runaway mother. They'd even
played dress up – of a sort. Missy had pulled out her
nighties and they had tried them on. Missy had ended up
wearing a satin navy number that fell only to mid-thigh.
Jennifer was wearing a frosted white one with lace bra
cups. It was supposed to fall loosely to below her
knees. The hem was below her knees, alright. But there
was nothing loose about it.

You see, where Missy was slim and cute – Jennifer was a
blonde bombshell. Her breasts practically spilled out of
the cups made for a less endowed girl. The thin straps
looked as if they might part at the least exertion. And
the sheer material of the nighty clung to her curves so
that there was no doubt that Jennifer was wearing a low
rise, flower patterned panty.

Missy was seated on her bed. She motioned for Jennifer
to join her. "Come here and I'll tell you a secret," she

Jennifer seemed to perk up at that. She lay down on her
side beside Missy, propping her head up on her hand.
"What is it?" she asked.

"Donnie thinks you're hot," Missy confided.

"No way," Jennifer said. Donnie had always treated her
like another little s****r, when he'd taken notice of
her at all. She turned her head down so that her long
ash blonde hair fell across her face. It was something
she did when she felt uneasy. "You're teasing me," she

Missy reached out and brushed her friend's hair back
behind her ear. "My god, Jen, have you looked in the
mirror lately? You're sexy as hell."

Jennifer giggled and sat up. "Really? I mean about
Donnie?" she asked.

Missy nodded. " both."

"Thank you," Jennifer said with a catch in her voice.

Missy leaned forward. She said in a low, soft voice,
"There's something else; he's a really good kisser too."
She tilted her head and kissed Jennifer on the lips as
lightly as a feather. Jennifer responded, soon their
lips were parting as they brushed one another. Missy put
her hand on Jennifer's thigh. Her tongue began to play
about on Missy's lips.

They had done this before. At first it had been 'let's
practice kiss,' but there had also been just plain old
make out sessions which had led to some heavy petting.
Missy had always ended those evenings masturbating
furiously, alone. They never talked about it, but Missy
had often dreamed about them going farther.

Jennifer caressed the back of Missy's neck and pulled
her closer. Her tongue slipped between Missy's lips and
their kiss grew deeper and wetter. They went at it for
three full minutes before Jennifer pulled back to get
some air. "I bet he doesn't kiss any better than you
do," she said. She paused for a beat and he eyes shot
wide open. "Wait a minute, how do you know he's a good

"Because I've kissed him," Missy said in a matter of
fact voice.

"Oh you're k**ding me," Jennifer said.

"Huh uh," said Missy, her face was only inches from
Jennifer's. She slid her hand beneath Jennifer's nighty
and made circles on her soft skin with her forefinger.
"And another thing... he's got an incredible cock."

"He does?" Jennifer asked in a weak voice. "You've seen

Missy moved her hand up Jen's feverishly hot thigh. If
she went another inch she'd be pressing on her friend's
pussy. "Seen it... felt it... I've jerked him off. He
cums... so much. It's unbelievable."

Jennifer whimpered. "But he's your b*****r."

"I don't care," Missy said. "He's a hot stud. Maybe it's
that school. He's horny all the time."

Jennifer pulled Missy back into another kiss. This one
was frantic. Their tongues twisted and fought as their
lips locked hungrily. Missy pressed her hand all the way
until her thumb was stroking the other teens panty
covered pussy.

Jennifer moaned. "Oh my god, you guys have done it,
haven't you?" she asked breathlessly.

"Yes," said Missy, "and it's amazing. I mean, you can't
believe how good that cock makes me good
it'll make you feel."

"Oh shit, Missy. You've got to fuck me... right now!"
Jennifer demanded.


Robert Somers made good time traveling home. It was a
few minutes after midnight when he pulled into the drive
at the rear of his house. It wasn't the first time he'd
come home late from work, or some rendezvous with a
girlfriend. He closed the door to his car as quietly as
possible and entered the house through the back door
into the kitchen.

The house was quiet and dark except for some s**ttered
nightlights. Helen hated a completely darkened home. He
put his briefcase on the kitchen counter and took a
drink of water from the faucet. Then, like he'd done a
thousand times before, he went to check on his k**s.

He'd perfected the art of moving in near silence down
the hallway on the k**'s side of the house. He saw a
crack of light from under Missy's door. Oh yeah,
Jennifer was here tonight, he remembered. The girls
would probably be up for hours yet, and then sl**p until
noon. He passed her door and went on to Donnie's room.
It was empty. Robert did some mental calculations.
Donnie had most likely gone to a late movie. It really
wasn't time for him to be home yet.

He crept back to Missy's door and stopped. He couldn't
help but wonder what the girls were up to. He heard some
murmurs and then very clearly he heard Jennifer say, "Oh
shit, Missy. You've got to fuck me...right now!"


Missy drew Jennifer's nighty over her head and tossed it
to the floor. She was so envious of Jen's full breasts.
She kissed and fondled the upturned nipples until they
were hard and slick with spit.

Mmm...fuck me," Jennifer moaned.

Missy pulled back Jen's heavy blonde hair and kissed the
shell of her ear. "Oh, I am," she promised. Jennifer lay
back on the bed as Missy pulled off her cute panties.
Missy tickled the inside of her friend's thighs with her
finger tips.

"Oh god, I'm so fucking hot," Jennifer said, forgetting
to keep her voice down.

"Mmm...I love your pussy," Missy said from between the
girl's thighs. Like her own pussy, Jennifer's was
hairless and ready for bikini season. Without
hesitating, she dove on the girl's slit, splitting it
with her tongue and licking upwards across Jen's clit.

Jennifer grabbed a pillow and stuffed it under her head.
The sight of Missy lapping at her pussy made her spread
her legs wider. She reached down and pulled her friend's
head tight against her leaking cunt.

Missy couldn't believe how much she was enjoying this.
She licked Jen's clit and then stabbed her tongue up the
girl's pussy and then went back to her clit, this time
taking it between her lips and sucking on it so she
could tongue it some more. She even loved the feel and
smell of Jen's love juices. She lapped them up. She
moved her hands up to Jen's tits.

Jennifer felt her hot sexual desire building. Missy's
tongue and lips were heaven on her clit. Missy's hands
kneaded her heavy tits and her fingers squeezed Jen's
nipples, sending trembling waves of erotic heat through
her body.

"Eat me...oh fuck, EAT ME!" Jennifer cried as Missy hit
a particularly sensitive spot.

Missy eagerly complied and Jennifer's thighs quivered in
orgasm. The girl wrapped her legs around Missy's head
and rode her to higher and higher waves of passion.


Robert froze in place. What the hell were they playing
at in there? He looked down at the old fashioned door
knob on his daughter's door. Below it was a keyhole, one
very handy to look through. Well, It was his house and
damn it, he had every right, he told himself. As quietly
as ever he went to his knees and peered inside.

He didn't have to wonder what was going on for very
long. Across the room, he could very plainly see his
daughter muff diving on her girlfriend – their neighbor
– little Jennifer. He was shocked, horrified and very
aroused. His dick began to straighten out like a fire
hose filling with water. Was his daughter a lesbian, or
was this simply adolescent exploration? Whichever, it
was damned hot girl on girl action. Without taking his
eye from the keyhole he unzipped his pants. Robert
fought his big cock into the open. He was proud of his
eight full, thick inches. It was as hard as it had ever
been, even with chemical aid.

He felt shame at being a voyeur, but he couldn't take
his eyes off the girls. He began to stroke. He could see
Missy's short, dark and tousled hair as her head bobbed
between Jennifer's legs. Missy had a cute butt and long
slim legs.

Robert dragged his gaze from his daughter's form to
concentrate on Jennifer. At least he wasn't related to
her. Damn, the little girl he'd watch grow up had filled
out in spectacular fashion. With those tits and that ass
and those good looks and that mane of blonde hair, she
could grace the centerfold of any men's magazine. Robert
stroked faster.

Fuck, she was the fantasy that men jerked off to come to
life right here in his home. He rocked back from the
door and frantically beat his meat. He clenched his
teeth so as not to make a sound and cupped his free hand
in front of his cock-head. Shot after shot of hot cum
leapt from his dick. Two weeks of pent up sexual
frustration and tension were relieved. Cum overfilled
his palm and a few drops hit the floor.

Robert stared blankly at the door as he caught his
breath. He hadn't cum like that in ages. He had to
stifle a moan as he stood. His knees weren't used to
this. He walked to the kitchen, feeling like a fool with
his dick in one hand and the other hand coated in semen.
He cleaned up with a couple of paper towels and buried
the evidence deep in the garbage. Then he made his way
to his bedroom. He pissed, washed his hands, undressed
and slipped into his side of the king-sized bed.

Helen said sl**pily, "Everything okay?"

Robert could never get into the bed without waking
Helen. "Fine," he said. "The girl's are still up and
Donnie isn't in yet. Go back to sl**p."

"Mmmph," Helen said as she rolled over.

Robert wondered if he'd ever get to sl**p that night.
What was he going to do about Missy and Jennifer? He
sighed, tried to relax his muscles...and was snoring
peacefully less than a minute later.

Chapter 3

Thirty minutes later it was Donnie's turn to enter the
house through the kitchen door. He didn't bother trying
to be quiet as he walked down the hallway. In fact, he
made sure to clear his throat as he passed Missy's door.
He could see light from beneath the door. At least the
girl's hadn't gone to sl**p yet. He wondered if Missy's
plan to get the shy, reluctant Jennifer to join in their
games was going to work.

He took a long piss in the bathroom, washed up and
brushed his teeth. He was ready for bed – in both senses
of the word. He went back to his room and undressed down
to his boxers. He sighed. If Jennifer wasn't here, he
and Missy could be getting it on about now. Was he going
to have to settle for an old fashioned wank off?

He heard sounds in the hall, and then he heard the
bathroom door close. He waited as the toilet flushed,
and then he waited some more. At last the bathroom door
opened. He watched his own door in expectation and tried
to look mildly surprised when it opened and the two
girls walked in.

Missy was in front. He didn't know that she even had the
nighty that she was wearing. Her erect nipples dimpled
the material swelled by her pert tits. She was pulling
Jennifer by the hand. Donnie's eyes popped open when he
saw her. Her tits swelled above the cups of her
lingerie. It looked as if she had been poured into it.
She looked excited and nervous as she stole glances at

"Hey, want some company?" Missy asked as if Donnie
hadn't half expected them. She and Jen had taken the
time to dress and primp. The look on Donnie's face made
it worth the trouble.

"Sure, come on in," Donnie said. He patted the bed on
either side of where he sat.

Missy plopped down, shoulder to shoulder, on his left.
Jennifer sat down more gingerly, keeping a few inches
between her and him. "Show Jennifer your cock," Missy

Jennifer gasped and Donnie exclaimed, "Missy!"

"I told her all about it...about how I jerked you off
and stuff," Missy said. "And I even told her about how
you like her," she added as if revealing a dark secret.

"I do," Donnie said to Jen as he put his hand on her
thigh. He could feel her leg tremble at his touch.
Meanwhile his cock was making its presence known in his
underwear. He looked into Jen's eyes and kissed her.

Missy, sat back against the headboard. Oh this is so
hot, she thought.

Donnie thrust his tongue into Jen's mouth, and she
responded with a moan and some tongue action of her own.
He kneaded her firm tits and kissed the soft skin where
they mounded above the cups of her nighty. His cock was
rigid steel and begging to be played with. Donnie took
Jen's hand and placed it on his erection. "Pull it out,"
he told her.

Jennifer tugged on the material of Donnie's shorts, but
she got his cock pulled through the slit in his shorts
quickly enough. "Oh my god," she gasped. "It's even
bigger than Missy said it was." She stroked its length
several times. She couldn't get fingers completely
around the hot piece of teen meat.

Then, completely to the surprise of both Donnie and
Missy she bent down and took his cock-head in her mouth.
She wasn't the virgin that her shyness would lead others
to believe. There had been a boy she'd met a few months
ago – one her parents would have thoroughly disapproved
of. He had taught her some amazing things.

Donnie couldn't believe that quiet little –well, not so
little anymore – Jennifer was enthusiastically and
skillfully sucking his dick. Her long, ash blonde hair
tickled his legs as her head bobbed up and down. It felt
as if she was sucking sexual heat from his balls right
to the tip of his dick.

Oh shit, I'm ready to cum too soon, ran through his
mind. But there was no denying Jennifer's lips and
tongue. Her fantastic suck demanded a huge load and he
felt a warmth spread through his loins. He heard a
mewling sound from his right. He turned his head to see
Missy finger fucking her pussy as fast as she could
possibly move her hand. She had removed her nighty, and
her free hand pawed at her tits. The sight put Donnie
over the edge. With a deep throated growl from its
owner, his cock erupted.

Missy felt the first stream of hot cum hit the roof of
her mouth. She'd learned that when his cock-head
expanded, like Donnie's was doing now, it was at its
most sensitive. So she sucked even harder. She was
rewarded with more of the creamy cum – much more than
her secret boyfriend had ever produced. Even better, she
had Donnie doubled over in pleasure as inarticulate
gasps and groans escaped his lips.

Donnie flopped back on the bed as Missy finally released
his cock. He couldn't believe the fantastic head that
he'd just received, and he couldn't believe that he was
still hard. He opened his eyes to the sight of Jennifer
peeling off her nighty. God, she was fantastic – a
beautiful face, softly curled hair and there was no sag
at all to her incredible breasts. He sat up, grabbed her
around the waist and pulled her down beside him.

"Aaa...Donnie," she yelped as she bounced on her back.

In a flash, his head darted between her legs. He used
his thumbs to peel back her labia and thrust his tongue
in her pussy as far as it could go. He massaged her clit
with his finger as he swabbed her pussy with his probing
tongue. She was already remarkably wet. No doubt thanks
to whatever she and Missy had been doing. Anyway, the
girl was more than ready for cock.

Jennifer would have been content to have Donnie eat her
out for a while. But then she saw his sculpted torso
loom over her. She saw the fiery lust in his eyes and
knew that he wasn't in the mood to give more head. He
nestled the head of his magnificent cock between her
pussy lips and pushed. Missy's previous experience
hadn't prepared her for this. Donnie's cock plunged deep
and touched her in places that had never been touched.
At the same time, the width of his wonderful dick spread
her lips wider and wider.

" fucking fucking deep," she moaned.
If his cock looked big, that was nothing compared to how
it felt. She spread her knees and wrapped her legs
around his waist, u*********sly urging him to fill her

Donnie slowly withdrew his cock and just before it would
have slipped out, he sent it tunneling back into
Jennifer's oh so gloriously tight pussy. He smiled down
at the girl and said, "You've got to have the tightest
pussy in the world."

Jen chuckled, but then she bit her lower lip as his cock
filled her to bursting once more. "Oh Donnie, fuck me,"
she begged him. Donnie was more than happy to oblige. He
began to make his strokes faster and harder.

Missy had cum twice while watching the hot teen couple
get it on just a few feet away. It was neat that her
b*****r and her best friend were getting it on so well.
But she was beginning to feel a little left out. She lay
down beside Jennifer and said, "He's fucking you good,
isn't he?"

"Uh's unbelievable," Jennifer said. "You've
fucked him too, haven't you?"

"Oh yeah," Missy said. She kissed her friend while her
b*****r stabbed her with his hard rod. Missy played with
Jen's full breasts as the girl shuddered through an
orgasm. She looked up at Donnie just in time to see his
back arch.

"Aggghh..." he grunted as he sent a hot load of teen boy
cream into Jen's snatch.

"My turn," Missy said as she pushed her b*****r to the
side. He perched against the headboard just as she had a
few minutes before.

Missy went down on Jen's cunt. It was messy to say the
least. There was a heady mixture of Donnie's cum and
even if Jen wasn't a squirter, she was leaking copious
amounts of pussy juice.

Missy licked and sucked until she had cleaned out Jen's
cunt. Then she kissed her way upward until the two teens
were swapping tongues. They rolled around on the bed,
kissing and fondling tits and riding one another's

Donnie was taking it all in. No wonder Missy had been
fingering her pussy so hard just a few minutes before.
He stroked his cock back to full hardness – not that it
needed much encouragement.

The girls' thighs were wet with pussy juice. They humped
their clits until they both came. "Shit, I never dreamed
we could do it like that," Jennifer giggled into Missy's

"Me neither," said Missy. She tweaked her friend's
nipple. "Are you still horny?"

"I can't believe it, but I am," Jen said.

"Me too," said Missy. "I want to eat you."

"Let me do you," Jen insisted.

"Oh fuck, just do each other," Donnie said. He made a
twisting motion with his hands to show what he meant.

"Oh yeah," said Missy. She immediately turned so that
her face was above Jen's pussy. "Mmmm... this'll be
nice," she said taking a long swipe at Jen's clit.

Jen put her hands on Missy's butt and pulled her pussy
within range of her questing tongue. She sucked Missy's
clit between her lips and flicked her tongue over the
turgid nub of sex. In only seconds her friend was
leaking pussy juices into her mouth.

"Oh shit, I'm getting ready to cum," Missy groaned. She
worked even harder at Jen's cunt, trying to touch every
inch of her pussy walls, trying to give her the same
pleasure that she felt.

Donnie slowly stroked his cock. This girl on girl action
had him as hard as ever. He couldn't believe that he had
two beautiful girls in bed with him; ones that were hot
and horny and eager for his dick.

The girls hit their orgasms at the same time. Missy
buried her face in Jen's snatch and sucked at her clit
and tongued fuck as hard as she could. She ground her
pussy on Jen's face. Her cunt contracted and she knew
that Jen was getting pussy juice smeared all over her
pretty face. "AHHH..OHHHhhhh..." she gasped out.

The girls separated and Donnie saw his chance to rejoin
the fun. It was Missy's turn to get banged so he
positioned himself behind her and pulled her hips upward
until she was on her knees. He eased his rock hard dick
into her wet, wet pussy and began a nice fuck stroke.

"Oh my god, Donnie," she cried. "You're so fucking fucking big." She buried her face in the bed
clothes and babbled on and on about her b*****r, the big

Jennifer got on her knees and came to Donnie's side.
"You're fucking your s****r good aren't you?" she said,
nuzzling his ear.

"You know it," he said, never breaking the rhythm of his
masterful strokes.

Jennifer kissed him; her tongue swirled in his mouth. "I
want your big dick in me," she told him. "My pussy's hot
and tight for you."

"Mmmm...just as soon as Missy gets off," he told her
with a wink.

Jennifer licked her lips. Missy was her best friend, but
she didn't want Donnie's cock to explode before she
could use it. She reached down and wrapped her fingers
around the base of his cock as best she could. She had
some idea of stifling his orgasm, but when her fingers
bumped against Missy's pussy, she got another idea. She
lifted her finger so that it ran over Missy's clit with
each fuck stroke.

"mmmMMMMEEEEEEEEEeeee..." Miss shrieked into the
accumulation of sheets, blankets and pillows around her
head. It was a good thing her voice was muffled,
otherwise her parents, and probably the neighbors would
have come running. It went on for a full minute before
Missy quieted and collapsed.

Jennifer flopped onto her back and spread her legs in
invitation. "You seem to be free," she said, grinning at

"Yes, I think I can fit you in," Donnie said, going
along with her banter. The head of his steely cock
worked against her pussy lips. "Or maybe that's you
fitting me in," he muttered. Suddenly, his cock-head
punched through and he sent it surging through her pussy
canal. "Oh yeah, so tight and hot."

", yes," Jennifer exclaimed as Donnie
pounded her. She loved the way his cock made her pussy
sing. After shagging Jen on her back for a couple of
minutes, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled up
until he was on his knees and she was impaled on his
monster fuck pole. She threw her arms around his neck
and pillowed her big tits against his chest. She could
feel her nipples scr****g across his skin with each
stroke. She held on through one orgasm after another.
She loved this – loved it, loved it, loved it. Sex with
her first lover had been okay. She had cum, but this –
sex with her friends - was simply awesome. Donnie and
Missy could send her mind and body into another realm
where there was nothing but pussy tingling pleasure.

Donnie shagged Jennifer until it seemed as if she was
cumming continuously. She alternated snorting hot air
into his ear and making soft, high pitched keening
sounds. He felt like a master cocksman, making her cum
so much. But the pressure in his balls wasn't to be
denied, and besides, his legs were beginning to ache. He
laid Jennifer onto her back and once more buried his
cock in her clinging pussy.

"Oh shit, oh fuck...I'm cumming so good," he groaned.
His cock jerked and spat out what felt like gallons of
hot teen cream. The hot stuff washed back over his shaft
and leak down his balls. When his dick finally stopped
spurting, he lay down, face up, between the two girls.

Donnie covered his eyes with his arm. It seemed that
pussy heaven could be somewhat exhausting. He wondered
if they were all going to sl**p in this arrangement when
he heard a giggle, and then he felt a hand on his cock-
shaft, and then he felt a pair of lips on his cock-head
– complete with a tongue drilling into his cum-slit.
He'd cum three times in about an hour, but is cock was
filling out, growing rigid with lust once more. He
reached to both sides of his sculpted torso and filled
his hands with soft breasts.


Robert Somers slowly paced through his front yard, head
down, hands in his back pockets. It was nearly noon on a
Saturday. Robert was dressed for a day off. He was
wearing tan cargo shorts, a white tee shirt and canvas
slip on shoes. He looked like a man obsessed in
examining his grass for an encroachment of weeds.

His mind wasn't on his lawn however. Ten minutes ago he
had glanced across the street to see Jennifer Allison
pass by her picture window wearing nothing but her bra
and panties. To be honest, she may have been in a
bikini. Since the other night, Jennifer had been on his
mind. Images of the teen beauty danced in his head. He'd
love to see her in a bikini – maybe she was sunbathing
in the Allison's backyard.

Robert looked thoughtfully back at his house. Missy and
Helen had gone to the mall. Donnie had mentioned that he
was going to visit a friend in the neighborhood. Robert
returned his gaze to the Allison home. Rick, Jen's dad,
would be at work right now, seeing as how it was a busy
Saturday at Charles'Mart.

Robert frowned in thought. He couldn't get the picture
of Jen and Missy out of his head. They weren't in love
or anything like that, were they? Weren't they just a
couple of hot chicks pleasuring each other on a slow
night? He rolled his eyes; he didn't know which was
worse. Both scenarios made his dick tingle.

Robert found himself ringing the Allison's doorbell. He
barely remembered crossing the street and going up the
walkway to the door. No one answered. Now what? Just go
back home? Walk around the Allison home, hoping to find
Jen in a skimpy bikini? He was half hard just imaging
it. He...

The door opened. "Hi, Mr. Somers," Jennifer said. She
wasn't in a swimsuit, nor her bra and panties, but
something almost as enticing. She was wearing a
sleeveless, pink crop top that obviously didn't have a
bra underneath. There was about an acre of bare skin
below her top and then a pair of hip hugging shorts that
stopped soon after they began. There was no doubt as to
the length of Jen's legs.

"Hi, Jennifer, I was wondering if we could talk," Robert
said with a pleasant smile. He was pleased with calm
voice and manner.

"Uh...well, it's not..." Jennifer said.

"It won't take but a minute," Robert said. He put his
palm on the door above the girl's head and pushed the
door wider. He slipped inside.

"Oh, if it's just for a sec'," Jennifer said as she had
to step aside.

Robert looked around the Allison living room. Angela,
Jennifer's mother, had never been the neatest of
housekeepers and truth be told, the place looked the
same. But not bad for a man who worked long hours and
his teenage daughter. Robert sat on a sofa and patted
the cushion next to him. "Please, sit down." Jennifer
sat and crossed her tanned legs. She swept her hair back
and rested her hands in her lap. Of course her movements
made her unfettered breasts bobble around in her top.

Robert realized that the shy Jennifer he knew was
growing into her amazing body. She seemed much more self
possessed than she had just a few weeks ago. His dick
liked that; it swelled larger. He drew in a deep breath
and exhaled slowly; he wasn't exactly sure where to
begin. "Uhhh...I know that you and Missy have been very
good friends... very, very good friends."

Jen nodded in the way that says yes, but what of it?

"And I know that sometimes girls can be...ummm...too
close, let's say," Robert said.

Jen frowned. "So you don't want me to see Missy
anymore?" she said, clearly becoming upset.

"Oh no, no," Robert said. He patted her knee and left
his comforting, and very warm, hand there. "I mean that
you should be cultivating other friendships... uh, let's
say the company of boys."

"Boys?" said Jennifer, still wondering what he was
getting at.

"Youngish human males?" Robert said with a smile. "I
mean, you have to know that they're very much attracted
to someone who's as beautiful as you. Even us old guys
would give you more than one look." Look my ass, thought
Robert. One glance at you and us old guys would like to
give you every inch of cock that we could muster.

Jen blinked her eyes in surprise. Oh shit, she thought
as she realized what he meant. Did he really know fully
about her and Missy's relationship?

Robert saw her hesitation. Moving on instinct that had
served him well with a dozen young women over the years,
he moved closer to Jen and slid his hand up her smooth
thigh. "Being with a man can be very exciting," he said
smoothly and gently.

Jen found herself becoming excited. No matter why he was
doing it, the mature and handsome Mr. Somers was coming
on to her. "Really?" she said innocently; as if she
hadn't been thoroughly fucked by this man's son.

Robert's hand gently caressed Jennifer's knee. "Let me
show you," he said. When she didn't protest he uncrossed
her legs and let his fingers dance up her leg and play
along the inside of her wonderfully soft thighs. He went
to his knees before her and deftly undid the button of
her shorts. In a second, he had her shorts off. He was
surprised to see that she wore no panties, but the sight
of her pussy slit drove any thought from his mind. He
immediately began to rain kisses on her inner thigh and

"Oh, Mr. Somers, that feels so good," Jennifer said. The
man was good. His lips on her clit sent shivers through
her body.

She loves it, Robert told himself. He was determined to
show her how well an experienced man could make her
feel. He sank his finger into her pussy. Already, she
was surprisingly wet. He swirled his tongue around her
clit as he fingered the bump of her g-spot. He was good
at this. He could bring Mia out of one of her angry
moods to a full blown orgasm in five minutes. Jennifer
didn't take that long.

Her back arched and her head whipped back and forth.
"Ohhh... ahhhhh," Jen wailed. "I'm cumming, OH MY GOD,

Robert was sure that he had rocked her world, and now he
was going to be sure that she rocked his. He stood and
unzipped his pants; in a moment, his cock was on
display. He loved the way Jennifer's eyes widened at the
sight of his thick eight inches. He hadn't been this
hard since the night he'd watched her and Missy play.

"Do you like it?" he asked.

"Uh huh," Jen said.

"Play with it," Robert said, pushing his hip forward.

Jennifer lifted her hand and rubbed up and down the
length of his cock. "Mmm...that's nice, baby," he said.
"Why don't you kiss it?"

"Kiss it?" Jennifer said innocently.

"Just like you kiss...uh... Missy," he said.

"Oh," said Jennifer, so he really did know. In the heat
of the moment, she reckoned that somehow playing around
with Mr. Somers would negate any concerns he had about
her and Missy. She leaned forward and gave the head of
his pecker a big, almost comic smooch.

"More," Robert said, "have some fun with it." Jennifer
licked his cock a few times and then she suddenly locked
her lips around the head. She took almost three inches
of his man meat into her mouth and began to bob her head
back and forth. At the same time, she jerked her hand
along the length of his stalk.

Robert closed his eyes in bliss. This girl is a natural
born cocksucker, he thought. If he wasn't careful, she
was going to bring him off in a heartbeat. He put his
hands on her head and regretfully withdrew his cock from
her vacuum of a mouth. "That's wonderful, honey," he
told her, "but let's do something else."

"Wasn't I doing it right?" Jennifer asked as if she
didn't know that she had been giving him great head.

"Very right," said Robert. "Here, set upright on the
edge of the sofa." She did as he asked, and then he
reached down and pulled off her top. Her magnificent
breasts came into view. For their size, they defied
gravity the way they sat high on her chest. "My god, you
have some great tits, girl." He tweaked her hard nipples
between thumb and forefinger, and then he smiled as
Jennifer shivered.

"Let me show you something that's fun," he said. He took
his cock-head and painted her cleavage with his pre-cum.
The stuff was steadily leaking from his rigid dick. "Now
put your hands on the sides of your breasts and trap my
cock in between."

"Like this?" Jennifer asked. She fanned her fingers wide
and pushed her tits together.

"Mmmm...that's it... good girl," Robert said. He began
to titty fuck her. His sensitive cock-head felt like
heaven as it slid up and down between her cum slick
tits. Jennifer ground her tits together, giving him
extra friction to enjoy. She licked his cum slit as he
thrust it above the twin bubbles of her fine breasts.
"Oh, Jennifer, you are fantastic," he gushed.

"You're fucking my tits, Mr. Somers," Jen said.

Robert thrust faster. He could feel his sap rising.
Jennifer looked so young, so fantastic with her sandy
blonde hair falling over her shoulders. She looked so
eager to milk the cum from his cock, too. "Oh,, I'm going to shoot."

"Shoot off all over my big titties, Mr. Somers,"
Jennifer told him with a taunt in her voice.

"Ohhhhh, yeah...YES...YES... FUCK YES," Robert grunted.
His first shot of cum streaked all the way to Jennifer's
chin. The second string slopped over onto her right
breast. The rest of his cum flowed in decreasingly
powerful pulses from his cum-slit and filled her

Robert took a deep breath and stepped back. "Jennifer,
that was just great. You are so beautiful and amazing."

With her forefinger, Jen rubbed at the ribbon of cum
that sat atop her breast. She put the finger in her
mouth and sucked on it like a c***d sucking at a sticky
sweet. "Mmmm...nice," she said with a smile.

"Oh, baby, we can have some more fun. If you'll use that
talented mouth of yours on little Robert here, then I
can show you what it's really all about." Robert gave
her an encouraging grin. He waggled his half hard dick
in her face. He knew that she could suck him hard in no
time at all.

"Gee, I don't know, Mr. Somers," Jen said. She craned
her head to look at a hanging pendulum wall clock across
the room behind Robert. "Sometimes Daddy comes home for
lunch." With perfect timing, the clock began to chime
the noon hour.

"Oh...well... I guess I'd better go then." With painful
rapidity, Robert stuffed his wilted cock back into his
shorts. "We, uh...should keep this between us,

"Yes, sir, I won't say a word," Jennifer assured him.

"And that thing I said about boys," Robert said as he
edged toward the door, "you'll keep that in mind, won't

Jen swiped up a finger full of cum and let it drip back
onto her breast. "I sure will," she said.

Robert opened the front door. He stuck his head out and
looked around guiltily. "Okay, see you later," he said
as he closed the door and left.

Jennifer, holding her top against her tits to stop any
flow of cum, jumped up and locked the door behind him.
She went to the picture window and closed the curtains.
Then, in a sing-song voice she called, "You can come out

Donnie's head appeared from around the corner of an
interior doorway. When he saw that the coast was clear,
he stepped into the room. He was naked and his half hard
cock swung from side to side as he walked. He looked
astonished and concerned. "What the hell?" he said.

"I guess your dad thinks Missy and I are lesbians," she
said with a grin. "I think he thinks he's showed me how
great you guys are."

Donnie made a derisive snort and walked into the
kitchen. He opened the fridge and withdrew a bottle of
water. Twisting the cap off, he took a long swallow.
Jennifer sensed his bad mood and followed him. "Hey,"
she said, "I'll admit I sort of teased him along – it
won't happen again."

Donnie shook his head. "You didn't do anything wrong. In
fact that 'am I doing it right' business was kind of

"So you're pissed because he came over – and came over
my tits," she asked, hoping to draw him out.

Donnie sighed and said, "Yeah, well... actually, it was
something that happened at work the other day." He took
a drink and stopped to gather his thoughts. "I usually
work what they call the front end; I move carts, help
carry out stuff – sometimes I stock shelves."

Jennifer nodded.

"Well, the other day some guys called in sick, so they
had me go to receiving to help unload a truck. I worked
a couple of hours, and then lunch time came around. I
usually eat in the break room, but it was a nice day, so
I went back to the receiving bay and ate there with the
other guys in the open air." Donnie took a sip of water
and settled his bare butt against the kitchen counter.
"So the talk turned to gossip – you know - who got
hired, who got fired, who got promoted and so forth and
so on."

Jennifer crossed her arms under her considerable breasts
and said, "Uh huh."

"So this one guy, he's near my age," Donnie continued,
"said that he had a cousin named Mia. They had graduated
from school together and they had gone to work for
Charles'Mart at the same time, only she became a cashier
while he had to take a lower paying job in receiving."
Another sip of water. "This Mia is there only a few
weeks and she gets promoted to a position at the
district office, plus a raise of course."

Jennifer shrugged. "Maybe she's smart, maybe she
deserved it."

Donnie waved the bottle of water. "No there's more to
it. You're supposed to work at Charles'Mart for at least
six months before you change jobs. And Mia gets two
different raises and has three different jobs in less
than six months."

Jennifer said, "Okay," in a tone that meant get on with

"Ah, well, the big kicker is that the guy telling the
story says that his cousin gets all this because she's
dating the district manager. And he said 'dating' only
because there were a couple of women on the crew. His
tone said 'fucking the district manager.'"

"Oh," said Jennifer. "Well, I could be some
other guy at the district office – how does he know it's

"That's what someone else on the crew said," Donnie
said, interrupting her. "But the cousin had seen them
together, and by the time he'd finished describing my
dad and talking about what kind of car he drove... It's
my father alright."

"I guess there's no hope they were just joking with
you," Jennifer said.

Donnie shook his head. "No, I never tell anyone my
father's the district manager. I mean, some people at
work know, but no one in that crowd did."

Jennifer hugged him. "I'm sorry you're father's fooling
around...on your mother I mean. I don't really count
what we did..." Her voice trailed off as she realized
the hole she was digging.

Donnie put his hands on her shoulders and kissed her
forehead. "Hey, I don't blame you." The stood like that
for several seconds. "Does your dad really come home for
lunch sometimes?" he asked.

Jennifer laughed into his chest and said, "He never,
ever comes home for lunch." She looked up into his eyes.
"I think we could use a shower." She and Donnie had had
a couple of hot fucks before Robert Somers had showed
up. She was feeling yucky from the dried sweat and cum
on her statuesque body.

The Allisons had a nice, spacious tub and shower
combination. Jennifer wrapped her arms around Donnie,
pillowing her considerable tits against his back, as he
adjusted the spray to a comfortable temperature and
volume. When they stepped inside the shower, Jennifer
slipped on a pair of bath gloves. She poured liquid soap
on the gloves.

"What are the gloves for?" Donnie asked.

"You'll see," Jennifer said. "Now turn around." She
began at his neck and worked her way down, giving
Donnie's muscled frame a good rub.

"Ow...that's kind of rough," he said.

"Don't be a baby; it's supposed to feel like that. It's
exfoliating your skin. You'll feel nice and tingly all
over when I'm done," she said.

"No doubt because my poor skin will be raw and oozing
bl**d... hey," Donnie jumped when Jen grabbed his hard
muscled ass and massaged his butt cheeks. She wrapped
her arms around his torso and rubbed the gloves over the
well defined muscles of his chest. She leaned against
his back, rubbing her body all over his and getting some
clit action against that great ass of his. "This is
nice," he said, "but you're not going to use those
gloves on my cock, are you."

Jennifer laughed. "No, I guess I'd better not." She
dropped the gloves and poured a generous amount of soap
into her palm. He was already fully erect, but she gave
him a good stroking anyway. She carefully soaped up his
balls and the light thatch of hair at his groin. By the
time she was done, Donnie's cock was leaking a steady
stream of pre-cum. That gave her an inspiration. "I want
to try something," she said.

She turned so that now her back was to his front. "Now
bend your knees," she told him, "and stick your cock
between my legs."

"Oh, okay," Donnie said as he got the idea. In a second,
Jennifer looked as if she was sporting a stiffy.

"Oh look, I'm a horny little boy with a hard-on,
whatever should I do?" she said archly. She wrapped her
fingers, at least as much as she was able to, around
Donnie's exposed cock and stroked. "I guess I could jerk
my weenie," she said in a wondering tone. She ran her
finger up the cum-tube, making a long dollop of pre-cum
fall to the floor of the tub. "Ohhh... I'm cumming," she
said, and then she made of series of grunts like Donnie
did sometimes when he came.

Jennifer felt his cock slip back and free of her thighs.
"Well hell, if you're just going to make fun of it," he

Jennifer turned and laughed. She had brought him out of
his funk and she wanted to keep him that way, at least
for a while. She poured liquid soap along the top of her
pert teen tits and said, "Now it's your turn."

"Mmm...yes," she said as he took her breasts in his
hands and lovingly fondled the big orbs. He massaged her
breasts and shoulders, the muscles of her back and her
ass with his soapy hands. He knelt and kneaded the
muscles of her thighs, making sure that his hands
accidentally on purpose gave her pussy mound its share
of attention. By the time he was finished, she was weak
with desire.

They rinsed, stepped from the shower and fought over the
same big bath towel as they dried off. Giggling
maniacally, Jennifer said, "You can't fuck me until I'm

Donnie grabbed his cock like a fearsome club and
growled, "I'll screw you right now, girl."

"Noooo..." she screamed in mock horror as she ran from
the bath.

Jennifer bounced onto her bed and lay on her back. She
adjusted a pillow under her head and spread her legs.
She had time to diddle her clit for a few seconds before
Donnie made his appearance. He was all pink and smelled
of shower soap, and still massively erect. "Oh baby, I'm
so ready for you," she said.

To her surprise, Donnie went down on her instead of
immediately ravaging her pussy with his club of a dick.
He brought her to a wonderful orgasm using his lips and
fingers. Then, before she could really come off that
high, he used the prodigious amount of pre-cum leaking
from his slit to lube up his cock. In one long, strong
stroke he filled her love channel.

"Oh my god, ohmygod..." moaned Jennifer. He'd never felt
so big. She thought that her pussy was going to burst
from his assault, but only in a good way. Six strokes
into their fuck and she was cumming again. A dozen
strokes later and she felt Donnie filling her with his
hot teen cum. But his strokes didn't falter and neither
did his cock. He stayed amazingly hard.

Jennifer had used the same canopied bed since she was a
little girl. The cloth of the canopy rippled with their
sexual rhythm: its wooden construction moaned and
creaked, adding its sounds to the moans and groans of
the two teen lovers. "Oh Donnie, I've never cum so
much," Jen gasped between orgasms.

Donnie's face screwed up in a mask of passion. "Oh shit,
I'm CUMMING AGAIN," he gasped as if he couldn't believe
it." That set off Jennifer once more. Her pussy exploded
in wave after wave of passion until she passed out from
the sheer pleasure.

Jennifer awoke to the feel of Donnie spooned against her
back. She looked at the clock radio beside her bed.
They'd been asl**p for an hour. She leisurely turned
over to face her lover. Donnie's eyes popped open.
"Hey," he said with a smile.

"Hi, yourself," she smiled back. Donnie lifted his arm
and looked at his watch. "When do you have to go to
work?" she asked.

"Not for a couple of hours," he said.

"Oh," was all she got out before Donnie rolled on top of
her. He was hard as ever and he slipped his rampant cock
into her freshly fucked cunt. He surged in and out of
her pussy with long, powerful strokes – not the like the
frantic jackhammer approach he'd used earlier.

Jennifer couldn't believe it. It was like he had hit
some permanent on switch in her pussy. It clenched and
released his cock in a series of quick orgasms. "Uh, uh,
uh, uh," she moaned in time with his strokes. Her body
shook as if she were plugged into an electrical outlet
and her eyes rolled back in her head.

Donnie paused. "Are you alright?" he asked her.

She slapped him on the shoulder. "Yes!" she cried. "For
god's sake don't stop. More... MORE!"

"Well okay then," Donnie said with a smile. He was proud
of the way his mighty cock was performing. It felt as if
her pussy was milking at his dick. He reared back on his
knees and pulled Jen's ass upward. He shagged her good
as Jen grabbed at her tits.

Abruptly, she locked her legs around his waist and sat
up onto his lap. She threw her arms around his neck and
pressed the hard nipples of her massive tits into his
chest. Her hot breath roared in his ear. She bounced up
and down on his cock groaning, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me," with every stroke. Finally she had another massive
orgasm that seemed to last forever. "Oh, Donnie, I love
you, I love you," she gasped into his ear. He came in a
series of mind shattering blasts of cum.

Chapter 4

Missy approached the door to the Turkleton household.
She had her math book and a thin spiral notebook in the
crook of her arm. She had decided to take Jennifer's
advice about using a tutor. She was confident that she
could have figured out things on her own, but her
parents were more than willing to pay for help with
schoolwork. It helped that Jennifer had assured her
several times that Ned was no longer nerdish. She was
wearing a sleeveless, fuchsia top that gathered up her
breasts and shoved their tops above the square cut
bodice. The top was skin tight and ended just above her
white hip hugging shorts, also tight on her shapely

She rang the doorbell and it was answered shortly by
Ned. Missy hardly recognized the guy. Gone was the pudgy
guy with awful, spiky hair that was full of product.
Also gone were the black, horn rimmed glasses. The new
Ned was slim and trim. There were no glasses. His hair
was a sun streaked light brown and he'd let it grow over
his ears, but it was neatly styled. He was wearing a
pair of nylon basketball shorts and an oversized tee
shirt. Missy was pleasantly surprised.

"Hi, I'm Missy," she said.

"Hey, Missy, come on in," he said as he stepped back.
"My classroom," he said, making air quotes with his
fingers, "is downstairs."

They walked through the rear of the living room and into
a hallway. Ned opened a door and they descended a flight
of steps into a workshop. Tools were s**ttered around
and everything was covered in a fine layer of wood dust.
"Dad's a great carpenter," Ned said, "but he's kind of

"I see," Missy said, trying to sound uncritical.

Ned opened another door, and they entered a room that
took up the rest of the space of the full basement.
"This is nice," Missy said as she looked around. There
was a wet bar in one corner; behind it sat a
refrigerator and shelves stocked with foodstuffs. In
another corner it looked as if a bathroom had been
walled off. A sizeable flat-screen television hung on a
wall and a comfortable, if a bit shabby, sofa and chairs
were arranged before it. In another corner was a workout
machine. It was a marvel of weights and cables, with
bars to pull and push.

"Do you workout?" Missy asked, nodding at the machine.

"Uh, yeah, I try to do something every day," Ned said.

Missy thought that he was being modest. She could only
see the muscles of his calves and forearms, but they
looked cut and well developed to her.

"We can work over here," he said. There was a desk close
to the long wall opposite the TV. Behind the desk, a
couple of whiteboards had been hung. In front of the
desk was a long table with several folding chairs
s**ttered around it. They sat in a couple of chairs next
to one another. "So what seems to be the problem?" he

Missy opened her math book to the chapter where she was
having trouble. "Pretty much anything after here," she
said, pointing to a page.

Ned nodded. "Okay, give me a minute to refresh my
memory." Missy watched Ned as he scanned the pages. He
was instantly engrossed in the math.

He's kind of cute, she thought. Intense, but cute.

After five minutes of reading and making notes, Ned
stood and went to one of the whiteboards. Taking a
marker, he drew the axis of a graph on the board.
"Okay," he said, "it's all about recognizing how
functions relate to their graphical representations."

Thirty minutes later, Missy was at the whiteboard. "So
this function," she said, pointing to an equation,
"means that this line," she pointed to a line on a
graph, "will infinitely approach zero, or this axis."

"I think you're getting there," Ned said.
"You're a good teacher," Missy said. Actually, she'd had
that 'oh, now I get it' moment in her head about fifteen
minutes ago. But she'd continued to ask questions and
feign confusion. She really did think that he was a good
teacher. He was willing to explain things from a
different perspective when the first approach didn't
work. He didn't just give the same lecture more slowly
and in a louder voice.

"Thanks," he said. "Why don't we take a break? You want
a soda?"

"Sure, anything diet," she responded. As Ned went to the
refrigerator behind the bar, Missy wandered across the
room to the sofa. There was a coffee table there. It was
full to overflowing with car, outdoor and woodworking
magazines. "I guess your mom doesn't spend a lot of time
down here," Missy said.

Ned came to her and handed her a diet cola still in the
can. "No, she says it my responsibility."

"Can we sit here?" she asked.

"Oh, sure," Ned said.

Missy hesitated just long enough so that when they hit
the sofa, she was right by his side. In fact, the sofa
cushions sagged in a conspiracy to throw them together.
"So," she said after a sip, "our school is pretty big,
but I'm surprised that we haven't met before. I mean, I
knew who you were, but it was my friend Jennifer who
told me that you tutored. "

Ned took a hefty swig of soda, suppressed a belch and
said, "Oh but we have met."

"Really?" Missy said. "Where... when."

"It was just before Christmas your freshman year. I was
a sophomore, of course. You came into the library in a
huge panic about a paper you'd totally put off until the
last minute."

Missy nodded. "Yeah, I remember."

Ned nodded too. "I was shelving some books that I'd been
reading...and I guess you thought I was one of the
student you asked me about where to find a
book. So, long story short, for the rest of the period I
helped you find quotes and make citations." He looked
down and seemed to examine the top of his soda can. He
made circles around the top with his forefinger. He said
hesitantly, "When the bell rang, you thanked me and
kissed me on the cheek."

Missy's eyes opened in amazement. "That was you?" she
said. She remembered a fat guy with acne and a buzz cut
who squinted a lot. She didn't remember the kiss, though
she doubted that Ned was lying about it. She could be an
emotional kisser.

"Yeah, well... after that, I let my hair grow some and I
had to start wearing glasses – contacts now," he said
pointing to his eyes. "I guess that's why you never
spoke to me in the halls, you probably didn't recognize

Missy winced. As a matter of fact, she had noticed his
changes, but she had avoided eye contact with him after
that day in the library. And later, he must have faded
into the background with the rest of the students she
didn't know or care about. She put her hand on his knee.
"I'm sorry," she said. "I was just being your basic
teenage girl snob. Here, let me give you a real thank
you." She leaned over and gave him a kiss on the corner
of his mouth. Then she put a finger to his chin and
turned his face to hers. "And here's for helping today."
She kissed him full on the lips.

It quickly became clear that Ned hadn't had much
practice at the art of kissing. At first he was too
stiff; his lips were locked like a couple of boards
clamped together. Missy used her fingers to purse his
lips and encourage him to loosen up. He got the idea and
put his mouth in a more receptive shape, but his lips
were still about as soft as glass. Missy broke off the
kiss and sat back.

"Wow," Ned said breathlessly, "that was awesome."

Missy thought it was the worse kiss she'd had since she
had been twelve years old, and she'd been locked in a
closet for two minutes with Darryl Queen during a
birthday party game one afternoon; she'd emerge with a
bruised lip and spittle over half her face.

But it was pretty obvious that Ned had enjoyed the
experience. In fact, he'd enjoyed it so much that his
shorts had an astounding bulge.

"Yes, it is awesome," Missy said, looking down at his

"Oh shit!" cried Ned. He clamped a hand on his cock and
pushed it between his legs. He hunched over and shoved
his knees together, looking like a little boy trying not
to pee in his pants.

"Oh no, no, no..." chanted Missy. "That cat's already
out of the bag." She took his wrist and pulled his arm
to his side with little resistance. Then she pushed the
other arm away. "And now the knees," she said, pushing
them apart.

"Are you sure?" asked Ned even as his stiffy made a
whiffing sound against his shorts as it swiftly sprang
back to attention.

"Oh yeah," Missy said. The leg of his shorts was so
voluminous she could easily pull the hem back toward his
groin. Now his cock bulge was hidden only by a thin pair
of boxers. His cock-head strained against the cotton
material and a wet spot appeared as some pre-cum
escaped. Missy was delighted that she'd made him so hot
so fast. The idea emboldened her. "Pull it out," she
told him.

"Are...are you sure?" Ned asked.

Missy rolled her eyes. "Here's a hint. If a girl wants
to play with your dick, then she probably thinks it's

"Oh," was all Ned could think to say. He squirmed around
and tugged until his cock appeared through the slit in
his shorts.

Missy's eyes widened. "Oh my god, Ned," she said, "your's just huge!"

In truth, she thought that it probably wasn't as long as
Donnie's, but she decided that it might be thicker. It
would be a close call. She gripped it just as she'd done
Donnie's. Her thumb was on the sensitive skin just below
the head. She began to jack his throbbing member.

"Uh, Missy," Ned said, sounding alarmed.

"Relax, enjoy it," Missy said. She liked being the

"No...I...uh...oh, uhhhhhhhhhh," Ned cried out. His cock

A pencil thick shot of cum leapt from the tip of Ned's
cock and landed on his shirt. Missy was surprised that
he had cum so fast, but she continued to jerk his
throbbing dick as she counted ten more shots of teen-
cum, just as strong, followed the first one. Streaks of
the white cream landed all over the front of his tee
shirt. Finally, a couple of lesser squirts fell onto her
fingers and ended the spectacular display.

"Wow, Ned, that was really something," Missy told him.
"Why don't you take off that shirt?"

"Hmm?" was all the depleted Ned could manage to say, but
he swept his tee-shirt over his head revealing his
chest. He worked out all right. Ned had an eight pack
and nicely defined pecs. Where Donnie had a V-shaped
torso, Ned was slimmer, more boyish.

Missy took the tee shirt and cleaned off her hand where
some of Ned's hot cum had landed. It was like pudding.
She cleaned off the head of his dick; there was still
some cum leaking from his slit. His cock hadn't softened
at all. "Ned, you're still hard." She giggled and said,
"What's the matter, you haven't cum in a month?"

" I..." he said; his voice trailing

"Sometimes you have to jack off a bunch to lose your
hard-on?" she finished for him. He nodded. "Sounds like
a problem most guys would love to have," she said.

"You don't understand. I was dating this girl about six
months ago. Sometimes she would just look at my cock and
I would pop like a firecracker. So I started to
masturbate before dates... you know, to take the edge
off. But the more I did it, the more I had to do it.
Sometimes, I had a sore dick before I even started the
date. In the end, it really didn't help though. She
broke up with me, and I... I really liked her," he
finished in a mumble.

"Awww," Missy said in sympathy, "I think you're a sweet
guy – maybe a little rough around the edges when it
comes to kissing, but a sweet guy." A sweet guy with a
body and a dick to die for, she thought. I bet that girl
was afraid of his monster penis – and six months ago
perhaps he wasn't the hunk he is now.

Missy saw Ned's cock jump. A pearl of pre-cum appeared
from the slit and oozed down his cock shaft. "Looks like
you're ready to go again," she said as she captured the
clear liquid on her fingertip and swirled it around his

"Yeah, I guess so," he said. He looked hopefully at
Missy, afraid to come out and ask anything of her.

Damn I'm horny, thought Missy. I'm practically gushing
in my shorts. Well, there's a big ol' hard cock here, no
point in letting it go to waste. She stood up.

"Are you leaving?" he asked, clearly afraid that she
might. He moved as if to stand.

Missy put out her hand to stop him. "No chance of that,"
she said. She undid the button of her shorts and pulled
down the zipper. She had to swish her hips from one side
to the other in order to peel the shorts off her ass.
Ned's eyes drank in the sight. "You like that, huh?" she
asked as she gave him an extra bump and grind.

Ned stroked his cock and a big load of pre-cum washed
over the head. "Oh yes," he said. His eyes locked onto
her pussy mound and the downy strip of hair she'd left

Missy straddled his hips. She brushed away his hand and
grasped his steel hard cock shaft. She used his hard,
slick cock-head like a dildo. She rubbed it back and
forth over her clit and down her pussy lips. Soon,
everything was slick and gooey with Ned's pre-cum. The
stuff was really flowing.

Missy ever so slowly eased her pussy lips over the
swelling knob of his cock-head. "Have you fucked?" she
asked him.

"Once..." he said.

"About six months ago," she finished for him. He nodded.

"Just relax," she told him. "Maybe we can cure your
need to masturbate so much." She slowly rolled her hips
forward, engulfing six or eight inches of his wide-
bodied cock. "Mmmm, you're really stretching my pussy,"
she said. She rolled her hips back until only his cock-
head remained to stretch her vaginal lips.

She felt Ned squirm beneath her. She thumped the hard
muscle of his shoulder. "Don't move," she said firmly,
and he relaxed back into the sofa cushion. She rocked
forward and then back again, two seconds forward and two
seconds back.

"Missy, Missy, Missy this is unbelievable," he moaned.

Missy smiled; she knew that the velvety lining of her
pussy was constantly stimulating every inch of his
massive dick. Of course the reverse was also true. Just
like Donnie's cock, Ned's was giving her cunt what it
craved. But she was determined to draw this out and give
him a fuck to remember. Minute after minute she
maintained the slow pace.

"Missy, I can't stand it," Ned groaned. His head rolled
from side to side and he looked as if he was in agony.
He pushed his hips upward to get some more movement.

"No!" Missy said sternly. She thought it was funny. Ned
could have rolled her over and screwed her into the
floor if he wanted to, but he was willing to let her
take charge. She liked that.

With a supreme effort of will, Missy slow-fucked Ned for
several minutes. His breath grew ragged and he broke out
in a sweat. Suddenly, his body became as tense as a
bowstring. His back arched and his mouth opened in a
soundless scream. Missy felt his entire body vibrate as
his cock swelled and ejected a thick stream of cum.

"HUH...HUH...HUH," Ned cried in time with his
ejaculations as they streamed into Missy cunt.
Eventually, overwhelming her stretched pussy, his teen
cream poured back over his massive cock and down his

It seemed as if he might cum until his body ran out of
fluids, but finally Ned relaxed back onto the sofa.
Missy gave him all of ten seconds to recover. His
marvelous cock was still hard and she was intent on
using it. She stretched high on his body until her tits
were in his face. "Grab my ass, Ned."

"What?" he slurred, pretty much dazed from the most
amazing sexual experience of his life.

"Hold my ass in both of your hands," Missy said,
enunciating each word slowly and carefully.

Ned did as he was told. It took a few seconds, but
eventually he was holding the tight flesh of her butt
cheeks in both hands. "Okay, Ned, it's time to cut
loose. Fuck me, fuck me hard and fast."

Ned sent his still hard cock upward into her cum slick
pussy. He was too slow at first. But when he realized
that Missy wasn't going to slow him down, he built up
speed like a locomotive, going faster and faster; not
that he wasn't derailed every now and then when his cock
would slip the tracks and go careening across one of her
compact ass cheeks. Missy was quick to get him back into
play by grabbing his big throbber - it was like trying
to maneuver the cum coated barrel of a bat – and
position it back where it belonged.


Donnie entered his home through the kitchen door. He was
just in time to witness his mother take something from
the oven. She had asked him to come home straight from
work so that they could have a dinner together alone.
His father was at a business conference in Las Vegas;
Donnie wasn't sure where Missy was.

"Hi," he said, "that smells good." He went to the
counter where Helen had set an aluminum cooking pan, its
contents were bubbling. "Oh good, lasagna." His mother
had promised to cook one of his favorites.

"Hey, honey," Helen said. She was looking good in a blue
and rose colored halter dress. It had a deep neckline
that revealed the curve of her full breasts. "Why don't
you freshen up while I put the rolls in the oven? I'm

"Me too," said Donnie. His shift at Charles'Mart hadn't
ended until eight. It was going to be almost nine when
they sat down to eat.

Donnie took a quick shower and donned a clean pair of
shorts and a tee shirt. It was nice to be fresh and cool
once more after sweating in a hot asphalt parking lot
all afternoon. He walked barefoot into the living room.
His mother had already set the table. There was the
lasagna as well as a garden salad. He sat as Helen
brought in a basket of rolls. She disappeared into the
kitchen once more and reappeared with two glasses and a
bottle of wine. She filled one of the glasses and put it
next to her plate, and then, much to Donnie's surprise,
she half filled the other glass and put it before him.
Donnie pointedly looked at the glass and then at his

She softly snorted and said, "I know your father sneaks
you beers now and again. Just make sure that you drink
plenty of water with that."

Donnie laughed. "I thought that was a secret between me
and him."

"Your father doesn't keep secrets as well as he'd like,"
Helen said quietly. She sat and took a long sip of wine.
She gestured to Donnie that he should help himself to
the lasagna.

Donnie took a generous portion of the lasagna and just
enough salad to keep his mother from fussing. Helen took
mostly salad and only a taste of the meaty lasagna.
There was a good reason that she had kept her figure
into her late thirties.

They ate and talked about nothing in particular. Donnie
noticed that his mother kept topping off her glass of
wine. He'd had some cheap wine before, but it had been
sweet and cold, obviously something you drank to get
high. The dinner wine wasn't like that stuff at all. It
wasn't sweet – drier, he thought was the correct term,
and it had a more complex taste. But that was secondary
to the fact that it warmed his tummy and made his groin

"Where's Missy?" he asked at one point.

"One of her friends, Ruth Jameson, is having a stay over
party," Helen said.

"Mmm," Donnie said with a nod. He could just imagine
Missy and five or six other girls sitting around
scantily clad, maybe sharing some illicitly gained
alcohol, maybe some kissing and giggling, then more
kissing and less giggling. Damn, he was going to be hard
as a rock in a few seconds. And didn't his Mom look good

"...and then they bought the house anyway," his mother
was saying.

"Ah," Donnie said. Yes, better to get his mind on real

"I'll get the dessert," Helen said, arising from the
table after they'd finished off the main part of the

She returned from the kitchen with two dessert plates of
cheesecake topped with cherry sauce, another of Donnie's
favorites. She had a sliver of a serving for herself,
whereas Donnie's practically filled his plate. She was
also carrying another bottle of wine. She added some to
her glass and then shrugged and filled Donnie's glass to
the halfway point once more. He'd never seen his mother
d***k, and she wasn't d***k now, but he could see the
effect of the wine in her hazel eyes and the way she was
beginning to enunciate her words carefully.

He was down to the last bites of the cheesecake when
Helen said, "I wanted us to have some time alone because
I have to tell you about some decisions I've made."

"Oh?" he said, clearly worried. When his mother talked
about her decisions, it meant that something big had
happened or was about to happen.

Helen waved her wine glass in the air; the liquid
sloshed about but didn't spill. "Don't worry, you
haven't done anything wrong. In fact, I'm hoping for
your help and understanding."

"Okay," Donnie said. "So what's up?"

Helen took a full gulp of wine. She said, "I got an
anonymous e-mail the other day. It said that your father
was having an affair with a woman at work."

"Wha...uhh," Donnie started to say, but Helen put up her

"Please, let me get through this; it isn't easy."

"Okay," Donnie said weakly.

Helen drank more wine, but only a sip. "Your father and
I haven't been in love for years. Oh we get along all
right. We've tried to present a united front to you and
Missy, and we don't argue over money; neither one of us
has a problem staying on a budget. Of course it helps
that we both have good paying jobs.

"Anyway...there's a whole underground of gossip that
goes on between Charles'Mart employees and their
spouses. I've stayed away from it; after all it's all
ninety-nine percent crap – people speculating without
facts and others telling lies to screw over a fellow
employee." She took another sip. "But I have a friend
who knows how to cut through the bullshit – pardon my
language." Another sip. "She did some research for me
and found out that Robert has been seeing a young woman,
and I mean she's barely out of high school. He's been
seeing her for a while."

Helen waved her wine glass once more. This time a dash
of wine slopped over the edge and onto her fingers. She
put the glass down and picked up her napkin. As she
wiped her finger she said, "I know your father's no
saint. There have been other women over the years, but
this is just stupid. I mean screwing someone at work?
Come on, she could sue Robert in a heartbeat. He could
lose his career. And... and I won't have it."

Helen had wound the napkin so tightly around her hand
her fingertips were dark red. "I am not going to be the
wife who soldiers on while her husband risks everything
for some... some young piece of ass! Hell, he's with her
right now – in Vegas. I checked!" She took a deep
breath, put down the napkin and took another sip of

"So," she continued in a flatter tone, "I took steps. I
went to see an attorney last week. With his advice I've
moved some assets around. I rented an apartment across
town. Tomorrow, someone is coming to change the locks on
the doors, and movers are coming. We're going to box up
at least most of your father's things and take them to
the apartment.

"At the same time, my attorney is going to have someone
serve papers on Robert – divorce papers. He's also
carrying a letter saying pretty much what I've just told
you." Helen finished off her wine. She put the glass
down and nervously spun the glass in her fingers. She
looked plaintively into Donnie's eyes.

Donnie was stunned. He was pale and he wondered if his
supper was going to stay down. He looked up at his
mother. "I...I don't know what to say."

"I know this was a lot to throw at you," Helen said,
"but I was hoping for your understanding... and even for
your support?" She rushed on. "With Missy I mean –
she'll be upset and..."

"I sent the e-mail," Donnie blurted.

"You sent it?" Helen asked, astounded.

Donnie nodded. He told her about the day at work where
the Charles'Mart employees had talked about his father.
He finished with, "I thought that you and Dad might have
a big fight at worse. I didn't..."

Helen stood and walked around the table. She moved
slowly; she wasn't quite as steady on her feet as she
normally was. When she reached Donnie's side, she hugged
him, cradling his head on her breast. "Oh honey, you
didn't do anything wrong. It would have all happened
anyway. It was just a matter of time." They hugged for a
long minute, and then Helen split the remaining wine
between their glasses. "Come on; let's go into the
living room."

The Somers' living room wasn't all that large. A
sectional couch was set against one wall and faced an
entertainment center on the opposite wall. A wide, low,
slightly beaten up table acted as footstool, magazine
rack and work space. On both ends of the sofa were
sections that also doubled as recliners. As they entered
the room, Donnie realized that was how his f****y had
lived their lives. His parents each had had their own
recliner. He and Missy had spent many evenings doing
their homework at that old table while their parents
occupied opposite ends of the room, sharing little but
their k**s and a television.

Helen maneuvered a couple of old magazines into place on
the table to act as coasters and placed the wine
glasses. Donnie sat squarely in front of the TV, like he
always did; even though it wasn't on tonight. Helen sat
next to him, shoulder to shoulder. She picked up her
glass and sipped. Donnie did the same.

"Donnie," Helen said, "I'm not out to screw over your
father. We'll split everything equi-equab... evenly. No
custody battles – at least as far as I'm concerned. You
and Missy can live where you want. I..."

"It's okay, Mom," Donnie said. He took a deep drink of
the wine and put the glass back on the table. His head
swam; that stuff was more potent than he realized. "I'm
on your side. I haven't been able to talk Missy into
anything since she was ten, but I'll try to make her
understand." He and his father weren't all that close.
Robert had never taught him a sport, and it was always
his mother who came school events or little league
games. Except for the awful episode with the stolen car,
Donnie could hardly remember any conversations between
him and his father.

Helen polished off her wine and put the glass down. With
a deep sigh, she settled back and snuggled against
Donnie's side. She slid her arm under his and rested her
hand on his thigh and leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Oh thank goodness," she said. "You don't know how much
of a weight that is off my mind."

Donnie glanced at his mother's form. She had sat
carelessly; the hem of her dress was halfway up her
thighs. Her sun dress gapped open revealing most of her
left breast. He couldn't believe how firm and nicely
shaped it was. Missy was right; she'd be lucky to end up
with tits like their mother's. Full C-cups he decided –
maybe even D's. His dick began to harden, and Donnie
didn't care. He felt warm and fuzzy from the wine and a
nice stiffy seemed to be just the thing right now. His
eyelids drifted closed.

Helen loved the feel of her son. There was a pleasant
dichotomy between his soft skin and the hard muscles
underneath. Plus, he smelled good from his masculine
body wash and fresh clothing. She shifted her head on
his shoulder and inhaled his maleness...and saw his
erection. She could actually see his big cock moving in
his shorts. Helen felt a rush of heat in her loins. She
shouldn't have had so much wine – it had a tendency to
make her horny.

Helen tried to cut her eyes around far enough to see if
Donnie was awake. His breathing was deep and regular,
and she thought his eyes were closed. Before she knew
what she was doing, her hand, which had been on her
son's thigh, lifted and hovered over his cloth covered
hard-on. She wanted to grab that expression of manly
power and have her way with it – or maybe it with her.
But she couldn't do that, could she? She'd just touch
it...maybe see if her fingers would wrap around it. That
would be all right – if he felt anything, he'd think it
was a dream.

Her hand lowered to the tip of his cock. She ran her
finger over the head and then down his shaft until the
tented fabric of his shorts took her fingertip out of
contact. Donnie didn't react. She repeated her trick
with her finger. Still, Donnie didn't respond. She took
her forefinger and thumb and outlined his cock-head.
Damn, the thing was wide. She could just imagine this
man-c***d's horse-cock splitting her pussy lips. She
shivered deliciously; she could feel her pussy getting
wet with lust.

Helen bit her lower lip. This was awful. She was tipsy
and horny and she badly needed cock. Damn Robert anyway.
Why couldn't he have stayed faithful? She was still good
looking; she still had a good – no by god, a great
figure. At one point, she and Robert couldn't get enough
of one another. Their lives had been built around hot
fucks – any time, any place. It was hard to believe that
their passion had all gone away.

She felt Donnie stir. She looked down and saw that, lost
in her memories of hot sex with Robert, she had
inadvertently begun to jerk off her son. Donnie's hand
moved and she was scared that he was going to knock her
hand away. But he didn't, in fact he put his hand on
hers and encouraged her along.

"Oh Mom, that feels so good," he murmured.

Helen heard the catch in his voice. His breathing became
shallower and erratic. He was hot for her hand job. "Do
you like that?" she whispered in his ear.

"'s great," he said. A dark spot appeared on
his shorts at the tip of his dick. The spot spread, he
was leaking pre-cum already.

Helen shifted her hand so that she could properly
masturbate her son. She knew she shouldn't, but he was
willing and she was eager. The fabric of his shorts
slipped over the fabric of his underwear. She wanted to
see his naked, rampant cock in all its glory, but she
didn't want to break the mood.

"God, your cock is so thick," she said. Her fingers
bumped back and forth over the flare of his cock-head;
for sure her fingers couldn't encircle it.

"Yeah, big," Donnie agreed. He began to move his hips to
meet the stroke of her fingers.

"Do you want it faster?" Helen asked her son.

"Uh huh," Donnie said.

"Like this? Is this how you like it?" Helen asked as she
doubled her speed.

"Yes, Mom, yes that's it," Donnie moaned. He thrust his
hips upward and held them there as Helen did all the

"Cum for mama, baby," she cooed in his ear.

"Yeah...fuck yeah...right there," Donnie cried.

Helen felt her son's cock jerk... and jerk and jerk and
jerk. The stain on his shorts spread, and then cum
leaked through both layers of clothing. "So much cum,"
she said with awe. Her fingers grew squishy as she
continued to jerk and Donnie continued to pour out his
load of teen-cum.

Donnie relaxed back onto the sofa when his cock stopped
spewing. "Thanks, Mom," was all that he could think to
say. He turned his head and kissed her on the cheek. She
looked at him. It was the same look he had seen on the
lust infused faces of Missy and Jennifer – it meant that
she wanted more. So he gave her a kiss on the lips.

Helen felt her son's lips on hers. They were lips that
knew what they were doing and they were eager. Donnie
wasn't acting like a man who, once he'd dropped his
load, was ready for a snack and television. Hell, Donnie
wasn't even going soft. She moaned softly and opened her
lips. Their tongues touched and she could have sworn
that some kind of energy slipped in to tingle at her
nipples and pussy.

Donnie felt his mother's hand still clasped to his
throbbing cock. He grew bolder; he cupped her breast in
his hand and thumbed her nipple through the fabric of
her dress. She moaned and tongued him harder and deeper.
She liked it and that spurred him to be the aggressor.
He untied the bow that kept the straps of his mother's
dress in place. He pulled down the short zipper at the
small of her back and proceeded to undress his mother.

"Honey," Helen protested weakly, but she didn't do
anything to stop him. He was a man on a mission. In a
few seconds, she was nude except for her panties. Thank
god she hadn't worn her granny panties. The ones she had
on were a blue, bikini style.

"You are so beautiful," Donnie said. He was standing
before her now, his cock obscenely tented the front of
his plainly wet shorts. He pulled off his tee shirt and
then shorts and underwear. With a sodden thump, he
tossed them on top of his mother's dress. He went to his
knees and spread her legs. With a sharp tug by his hands
and a yelp from his mom, her panties were out of the
way. Her glistening pussy lips were full and inviting.
She was hot and he wanted desperately to make her

Helen felt her son's lips on her pussy. His tongue went
from the bottom to the top of her pussy where it laved
across her clit. Stimulating waves began to wash through
her body. The slightest touch from Donnie's tongue on
her sensitive pussy lips made her body quake in
reaction. He sucked on her sex button for a few seconds
and then licked it again. Amazing thrills shot through
her cunt. "Oooooohhh, yessss," she moaned. Where had he
learned this? Was he some sort of natural lover? Or had
he been banging girls with his magnificent cock for a
while now?

Donnie's quick tongue soon made coherent thinking
impossible. All Helen cared about was wonderful feeling
inside her. The warmth inside her cunt began to turn
into a raging fire that threatened to consume her. She
screamed out, "UUUHHHH! OOOHHHH!" when her son's long
tongue finally parted her cunt lips and rammed like a
mini-cock into her slick pussy. "Oooooohhhhhh ...
ooohhh, honey! Your mouth ...your breath ... so warm ...
ohh, yes! Lick it like that."

Donnie stuffed his tongue as hard and fast as he could
into his mom's cunt. The flood of her vaginal juices
washed against his lips. She ground her desire-soaked
cunt into his face as she circled her naked loins
against his mouth.

"Oooohhh, keep it up, keep it up! Fuck it! Oh, shit!
Fuck it...harder!"

Donnie heard his mother moan and then cry out as an
orgasm ripped through her overheated cunt. He felt the
walls of her pussy convulse and quiver as erotic tides
of sex swept through his mother's body. He stood, his
cock quivering with every beat of his heart; pre-cum
leaked from its tip in a steady stream.

Helen lay on the sofa gaping in awe at her son's giant,
lust-stiffened cock. Her naked body jerked in convulsive
anticipation. She knew that they shouldn't be doing this
but despite the mind bending orgasm she'd just
experienced, she was excited and the thought of what he
was about to do made the fire in her pussy burn even
brighter. She stared at the tip of his throbbing penis,
pre-cum leaking from it as if he hadn't had an orgasm in
a month. She had to have it even though the thing looked
as if it might split her apart. She turned on the sofa
and spread her legs so as to give her son easy access.
"Fuck me, Donnie," she said quietly.

The sofa cushions sagged as Donnie climbed between her
legs. Helen reached out and wrapped her hand around his
thick, fleshy cock, feeling the bl**d pounding hotly
through it. She guided it into the passion drenched
opening of her full pussy lips. She moved the thick
cock-head back and forth to part the moist slit of her
vagina, and when it made contact with her clitoris, she
felt a naked shock of pleasure surge through her body.

Shifting his hips forward, Donnie pressed his lust
swollen cock-head against the tightly restricting mouth
of his mother's desire moistened cunt; she was
surprisingly tight. Suddenly, Donnie felt the warmth of
wet cunt flesh around the head of his throbbing cock. It
was like a blanket of soft velvet, and it stirred the
pressure in his balls. He eased forward into his
mother's well lubricated fuck channel.

"Donnie...your cock is so big! I love it, baby, I love
it," Helen cried out. Inside her pussy was a hard,
throbbing and vibrant cock. Any thoughts of i****t were
being driven away by carnal lust. Her son's cock stroked
back and forth along her cunt, creating the most intense
friction she could possibly imagine. Donnie's dick was
long and wide and he was giving her every single inch of
it he could. He moved forward with a slow but powerful
stroke. Helen's soft vaginal lips were spread wide to
take her son's surging cock. His fucking in and out of
her cunt made her burn with desire for him. Helen bucked
up to meet his every forward thrust. She felt his dick
smash through her cunt, igniting fires of passion deep
inside her. Her clit began to tingle, and then flare
with the messages of delight that spread like lightening
through her body; she came again.

Donnie felt his mother's waves of orgasm convulse around
his plunging cock, making her pussy even tighter.
Squirts of hot vaginal juices surged around his cock and
flowed onto the sofa. They were going to make an awful
mess, but he didn't care. He had his dick in a hot cunt,
and he was making it dance to his tune, and he wasn't
going to stop for anything. Donnie began to pound his
mother's pussy relentlessly.

"Ohhhhh...oh, uhhhhh...oh shit... awwww Fuck me, FUCK
ME, DONNIE!" Helen begged her son. She was popping off
orgasms like firecrackers.

Donnie grinned; he was giving his mother all she could
handle and more. But he couldn't keep it up forever. He
had a hot load of cum churning in his balls and he was
going to lose it right now. "I'm gonna cum, Mom...I'm
going to cum," he said through clenched teeth.

"DO IT...DO IT!" Helen cried. "FILL MY PUSSY!"

"Awwww...yeah... yeah... yeah...fuck yeah..." Donnie
chanted. Every word was punctuated by a hot stream of
teen cum. The milky flow overwhelmed Helen's pussy and
began to pump out with every stroke of Donnie's massive

Donnie gave his mother one last lingering kiss and fell
back onto another section of the couch. Helen sighed a
deep sigh of contentment. "That was wonderful," she told
Donnie. She glanced between her legs and saw the
aftermath of their lovemaking. "Oh dear," she said with
dismay. The homemaker in her kicked in and she walked
quickly to the kitchen. She giggled as she used paper
towels to clean the mix of thick teen cum and her own
pussy juices off her inner thighs. She armed herself
with cloth towels, paper towels and fabric cleaner, and
then with her firm tits jiggling as she moved, she
strode back into the living room.

Donnie lay with an arm flung over his eyes, his muscled
torso glistening with sweat. He looked spent. Well, no
wonder, he'd worked eight hours, been jacked off, and
then thoroughly fucked a woman. Most men would be
snoring by now, but Donnie looked as if he were simply
taking a breather. His cock didn't look tired. True, it
was sort of canted over at the two
o'clock position, but it still looked mostly hard.
Helen suddenly had an inspiration.

"Honey," she said as she dabbed and wiped and sprayed
fabric cleaner, "I'd like to do something."

Donnie moved his arm enough to look at her with one eye.
"What's that?" he asked, sounding intrigued.

"Why don't you go take a shower, put on some nice casual
clothes, and we'll go out?" she said.

He moved his arm again, this time to look at his watch.
"Where would we go at this time of night?"

Helen smiled and said, "Where we're going, I think
things are just heating up."

In the end, it was an hour later when Helen and Donnie
were in her Lexus SUV. Helen was wearing another halter
dress; this one was done in sky blue silk. She had
reapplied her makeup and she was wearing four inch
heels. She had rejected Donnie's first wardrobe: jean
shorts and a tee. Now he was wearing khaki slacks and an
oxford shirt in a color that complimented her dress.

Helen pulled a business card from her purse and from it
typed an address into her car's GPS. "Where are we
going?" Donnie asked.

Helen put the car in gear and pulled out of the drive.
She said, "I sold a house to a lady who runs a special
night spot. I thought we'd check it out."

"What makes it so special?" Donnie asked.

"You'll see," Helen said with a sly smile. She knew that
she shouldn't be driving; she'd d***k too much wine. But
she knew to drive with the utmost concentration, and
besides, there wasn't much traffic to worry about.

It was just a couple of minutes before midnight when
Helen steered the Lexus into a spacious parking lot. The
building that fronted the lot had a very utilitarian
look to it. Helen recognized it as being an old
supermarket. The chain of stores that had built it had
moved on to bigger and better facilities and this store
had been sold off. There were about twenty cars in the
lot, most of them as upscale or more than her Lexus.

Helen and Donnie saw a sign on the glass door as they
approached. It read: W R Club – Members Only. They
entered into what was obviously a receiving area. There
were several comfortable looking chairs arranged around
a low table. Next to a door into the interior was a
high, horseshoe shaped counter. A large black man with a
shaved head and one diamond earring nodded at them. "Can
I help you?" his voice rumbled.

"We don't have a reservation or anything," Helen said,
sounding unsure. "But, Ms. Trask said to drop in
anytime." She held out the business card that she'd
taken the address from earlier.

The black man smiled and nodded. "Please, have a seat,
I'll tell her that you're here."

"Thank you," Helen said. She and Donnie turned to the
offered chairs as the man picked up a phone and spoke
softly into the receiver.

They had barely settled into their chairs, when the
interior door opened and a woman energetically strode
in. She wasn't much over five feet tall, looked to be in
her forties and she was thin with short blonde hair.
"Helen, it's good to see you," she said, offering her

"Hello," Helen said as she shook the woman's hand. "I
hope we haven't come at an inconvenient time."

"Not at all," she said, "we have a live band tonight,
and they're about to begin their first set." She glanced
at Donnie.

"This is my...friend, Donnie," Helen said. "Donnie, this
is Marjory Trask."

"Call me Marjory," the woman said.

"Nice to meet you," Donnie said. He shook hands with
Marjory, who was giving him an appreciative look.

" too," she said. She turned to Helen and
said, "Let's get you a membership card." They went to
the desk. She paid the princely sum of one dollar, and
in a minute the black man handed Helen an embossed
plastic card with her name on it.

"Now that you're legal, let's go in," Marjory said. She
led the way through the interior door. They walked down
a short hallway and emerged into a spacious dining room.
The lighting was dim – very dim. Each table was an oasis
of light. There were no conventional chairs, or at least
very few of them. High-backed semicircular booth type
seating surrounded each table. Each table was capable of
seating four, but a couple could have plenty of room and
privacy. All of the seats faced the front of the room
where a quartet was setting up to play. Between them and
the dining area was a dance floor.

Marjory stopped at a table and gestured for them to sit.
"Here we are," she said. When Helen and Donnie had slid
to the center of the booth, she perched at the edge of
the seat. "Here's a little secret to the lighting," she
said as if passing on something dark and mysterious. She
put her hand on the switch to the low lamp that set in
the center of the table. "When this lamp is bright like
this, it means that you're here and come on over if you
know me." She switched the light to a dim glow. "This
means you want to be alone, but you need some light to
function." She turned the light off and said, "This
means that you don't even want the staff to come by."
She turned the light to its dim output. She had a sly
smile on her lips. "We want everyone to be discrete and
to enjoy themselves," she said.

"I understand," Helen said. "You have a beautiful place

"Oh thank you," Marjory said brightly. "Now listen,
anything you want is on me tonight." When Helen looked
as if she was going to protest, Marjory held up her hand
and said, "When you come back," she glance significantly
at Donnie, "and I think you will, just give Jackson, the
man at the desk out front, a credit card number. That
way, you're in, you're out, very easy."

Helen laughed. "Okay, I understand." The two women
talked houses and real estate for a few minutes and then
Marjory left.

A waiter dressed black pants and shoes and a white shirt
with a loosely tied black tie came and took their drink
orders. Helen ordered wine for herself and a soda for

"So, did you notice anything unusual about the place?"
Helen asked when the waiter left.

"The layout is kind of funky," Donnie said.

Helen shook her head. "No, it's more about the

Donnie looked to one side and then the other, but he
couldn't really see anything because of the arrangement
of the booths. "I'm going to the restroom," he

"Over there," Helen said, inclining her head. She'd seen
the sign when they'd followed Marjory to the table.

He was gone several minutes during which the band began
to play. There was a guy on keyboards, two guitar
players and a sleek female singer dressed in a red gown.
She began to sing something soft and low. Couples began
to drift toward the dance floor.

When Donnie returned and settled back beside his mother
he said, "Wow, that's the cleanest public men's room
I've ever seen."

Helen chuckled and said, "A sure sign of how well run a
place is."

"And I see what you mean by the clientele," Donnie said
with a grin. "It's full of cougars and milfs."

Helen said, "Cougars I understand, but milfs?"

Even in the dim light of the room, it was evident that
Donnie's face reddened. "'s a term from the

"And?" Helen encouraged.

"It's an acronym for mom's I'd like to fuck," he
finished quietly.

Helen laughed in surprise and shook her head. She slid
over next to her son and put her hand in his lap. She
found the bulge of his cock and gave it a squeeze –
several, in fact. "Does that make me a milf?" she asked.

Donnie put his hand over his mom's and encouraged her.
"I bet there're a lot of guys in here who would give up
their date for you."

"'re sweet," Helen said. His cock was filling
out nicely under her ministrations. She took his hand in
hers and began to pull Donnie to the edge of the booth.
"Let's dance."

"Like this?" Donnie asked, glancing at his crotch.

"Especially like that," she said. Hand in hand they went
to the dance floor.

Helen overlapped her wrists behind Donnie's neck. His
hands went to the small of her back. "Lower," she
whispered in his ear and he responded by putting his
hands practically on her ass.

"How's that?" he asked with a grin.

"Better," she said. Helen snuggled into her son's arms.
Her breasts pressed against his chest, his cock strained
against her tummy. It was hard to believe that only a
bit over a year ago she had struggled to teach him the
simple box step for a school dance. Not that they were
doing anything fancy now. They clung to one another for
the length of the song, swaying in place to the music.
Then the band swung into an up tempo song. Three of the
couples on the floor jumped into swooping ballroom

"I think we're in over our heads," Donnie said.

"I think so too," Helen agreed.

They made their way back to the booth where they sat
shoulder to shoulder. The waiter appeared at their table
and asked if they'd like to order. Helen perused the
menu and told him, "We'd like to share an order of the
chocolate mud slide with some decaf coffee."

"Did you see the note that it takes about twenty minutes
to prepare?" he asked.

"That'll be fine," Helen told him.

As the waiter left, Donnie said, "Wow, two desserts in
one evening?"

"I'll just have a bite," she told her son as she
searched out his cock. "I'm more interested in how we'll
fill the twenty minutes." He was still thoroughly hard.
She reached over and turned out the lamp so they could
have some privacy. She gave a Donnie a tonsil-swabbing
kiss that left them both breathless.

"Pull the table closer," she told Donnie.

He tugged at the table until the table cloth covered
their laps. His mother immediately assaulted his pants.
She undid his belt and then unbuttoned and unzipped his
pants. "Mom, what are you doing?" he hissed.

"You know very well what I'm doing," she said with an
evil grin. "It's probably what several other women in
here are doing. Now lift your ass."

A few seconds later, Donnie's very large, very stiff
cock was pushing at the table cloth, staining it with
pre-cum. Helen lifted away that flimsy impediment,
leaned over and fitted her luscious lips over the head
of her son's leaking cock.

"Mom, oh shit Mom what are you doing?" Donnie half
whispered, half moaned.

Helen's mind barely registered her son's words. She was
tipsy – okay she was about half d***k, and she was
sucking on the biggest cock she'd ever known or heard
about, and she was doing it in public, and said cock
belonged to her handsome son. The sheer sexiness of the
whole thing made her pussy quiver and gush with a mini-
orgasm. She was making a mess of her panties. She sucked
and licked and tongued her son's magnificent cock until
she thought he was on the verge of eruption, then she
lifted her head and began to jerk him off.

"Oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT," Donnie hissed out in a
strained whisper.

Helen took her napkin and clamped it over the head of
his cock just as her son's first jet of sperm leapt from
its cum-slit. She held the cloth in place as it became
soaked in her son's teen juices. She swore that she
could feel the napkin thrum every time he shot another
wad of cum.

A few minutes later, Donnie was zipped up and
presentable once more. Helen discretely slipped the cum
soaked napkin into her purse. She glanced around, half
expecting to see some steely-eyed glares of disapproval,
and found herself disappointed that she didn't.

She switched their table light back to its lower level
and a minute later the waiter arrived with their
dessert. "Our mudslide," he intoned as he sat the plate
before Helen and Donnie. "It's a hard frozen center of
vanilla ice cream surrounded by hot fudge cake with
white chocolate icing and topped," he said as he
practically drowned the dessert in a dark brown liquid,
"with hot chocolate sauce." He place spoons on either
side of the plate. "The idea is to eat it before the ice
cream melts and the whole thing slides sideways. I hope
you enjoy it," he finished with a smile.

Helen said, "I'm sure we will." The waiter moved on as
she took a spoonful of her second rich dessert of the
night. "Mmmm...somehow sex and chocolate seem to go

Donnie took a bite from the other side of the small
mountain of chocolaty goodness. "I think you're right,"
he said with a grin.

Helen savored another mouthful of dessert and then put
down her spoon. "Eat up," she said, "you're going to
need the calories before this night is over."


Missy's Journal, September 15:

Wow, I haven't written anything in here since spring.
That's not good for someone who thinks she might want to
be a writer, but I've been kind of busy – to say the
least. I won't try to cover everything that's happened
since my last entry because that would take, like wow,
around twenty-five thousand words.

I was highly pissed when Mom and Donnie told me about
Dad. There they were, ganging up on me, telling me that
my Daddy was sl**ping around on Mom. I slammed doors and
broke stuff for two weeks – some of those ceramic cats
were pretty ugly to begin with; I'm glad they're history
– the cats that is. But then Donnie talked me off the
ledge. I've never been able to stay mad at him for long.
Dad and I had this long-ass conversation. I was just as
pissed at him, but he's been bending over backwards and
jumping through hoops to please me. Ha! I guess that
means he's been doing back flips through hoops.

Anyway, the upshot is that we're spending more time
together than ever. I got my learner's permit and we've
driven all over town so that I can get in my practice.
We've made so many stops for ice cream that I think I've
gained a couple of pounds – maybe it'll go to my boobs!
Dad says that if I ace my driver's test he'll give me
his Explorer to drive. I know. It's a tank, but he says
that he'll do all the maintenance; all I have to do is
put gas in it. So Dad's been sweet, but kind of
clueless. He pretends that this Mia person is never in
his apartment, but I can smell her scent when I'm there.
And she leaves tampon covers in the bathroom trash for
goodness sake!

Donnie has gone back to military school. If he's good,
doesn't get any demerits I think he calls it, then he'll
get to come home for Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring
break. I know he'll want to – come home I mean – because
he and Jennifer are really into each other. She's
talking LOVE and hints that I shouldn't be fooling
around with my b*****r anymore. Well, that's easy since
I've got Ned – more about him later.

Actually, Donnie and I stopped doing it. That's okay,
but I swear it wasn't because he was being faithful to
Jennifer. I think he picked up another girlfriend. He's
started to leave for work early and come home late and I
know that he wasn't using that time to see Jen. I
couldn't drag any details out of him, but whoever
(whomever?) he's been screwing was wearing him out.
Between Jennifer and that new girl, I don't think he
would have had any energy for me anyway.

I can't remember Mom being any happier than she has been
since the divorce. It kind of pisses me off. She walks
around with this half smile all the time while she hums
old rock songs. She gave me a long lecture about how I
shouldn't play her and Dad against one another. But when
Dad promised me a car, she decided that my allowance
should go up to pay for the gas. And then Dad slipped me
some money, saying that it didn't make any sense for me
to drive around if I didn't have any spending money. So
I just smile gratefully and keep my mouth shut. It's

Speaking of something sweet – that's Ned. He can't do
enough for me, especially in bed. He's a teen guy of
course, i.e., a penis that happens to have a body
attached to it. But he's been trainable. Once I take the
edge off his considerable sexual appetite, he's quite
happy to give me all the foreplay and oral that I want –
not to mention his very nice cock. I told Jennifer that
he complains about being pussy whipped.

Jennifer said, "Listen, you don't have him pussy
whipped. You've got him bound and gagged and tied to a
chair and beaten black and blue with a big ol' pussy
bat." Maybe she's right, but come on; I keep his big
balls drained. I don't think he's going anywhere.

Another note about Mom: Rick Allison, Jen's father, took
Mom out for lunch the other day. Wouldn't it be nice if
they got together?

So, Mr. Journal, that's where things stand. Until next
time, Missy out.

The End

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